Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!!

I was up until 300 this morning and woke up bright eyed and bushy-tailed at 645! I know I will crash before midnight, but I'm retired...I CAN!!! :)

I was awake before the birds even. I laid there watching the local news and waiting for TODAY to come on. I noticed my breath in the window, so I lay there blowing smoke rings into the cold air, and trying to keep Loki from licking my face. It was most definitely his morning for lovin!! I noticed where the sun starts showing through the naked alders out back, and it is way down behind the house three doors down. By the Summer Solstice it will be way over there <------, and be showing his face way before 430AM! as it stands right now we have 8 hours of daylight, by summer we will have 5.5 hours of darkness. One of the wonderful things about living in the northern latitudes. You really get to appreciate the sun.

I have been trying to change my blog again, but I can not get Hello to work, to post a picture. It just sits there. SO you may have to look at ChristMoose for a bit yet. While I am at it, if any of you know of a site where I can get a new cartoon lady like I normally have up, please let me know. I want to update, but not to MAXINE. I want a sexy, sassy, 60ish characature. I cant find a site.

I am sitting here waiting for the DISH man to come put my new dish in, and hook up my three free sets! And a free DVR!!! My cable company was Millenium digital media, and it was so lame! the only reason I kept it for so long was for the Canadian Channel they carried. CBUT out of Vancouver CBC. I really like to watch THE NATIONAL at 10:00. GIves you a whole new persective on the news. ANd who can resist THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES! Guess I will have to learn to live without it now. THe MDM company has pulled off most of my favorite channels, and went up on their price for basic cable, ANd did not have DSL, so BYE BYE!!! for only 10 dollars more a month, I can get 180 channels, several movie channels, and BBC!! COOL! any of you on DISH?

Well let me try Hello again, so I can get ChristMOOSE put to bed for another year.

You all stay safe, and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

This and that....

THere has been so much going on in the world this week, and all of it warrants a long long post. I don't have time to tell you how badly I feel about it all. I also dont want to alienate some of you with my feelings on certain events. I try so hard to keep my political views to myself as much as possible, but enough seeps through to let you know where I stand. I will say that I think that the world needs to either stop expecting the US Of A to be the world's savior, or get behind us all the way in everything we do. QUit bitching about how much we DO or how much we DONT do. My GOD people!


OK, I was going to go into a real rant yesterday, and deleted most of it and then just signed off and didnt post. I will leave what I did write, but I really dont want to get in to it all right now. My mind just cant deal with it right now.

I will say that the Tsunami has eclipsed everything and it is just uncomprehensible...all of the humanity gone. With no warning! It really puts into perspective just really how insignificant we are. Mama Nature does her own thing...I did hear that Osama Bin Laden was secretly vacationing on Phuket and was on the beach and was swept away when the Tsunami hit. WOuld that not be justice? Would that not be GOD speaking?

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


All of you who have been reading me for awhile know how I love to feed the birds. I will do anything to attract new species to my feeders. I finally have 3 different species of Woodpeckers that are coming to the suet feeder now. Downey, Hairy and A Northern Flicker.

This morning while making coffee I heard a loud bang on the dining room window, and when I raised the shade, three Northern Flickers flew away from the ground below the window, but one did not...


I was broken hearted! I hope that this one is not the one that I have worked so hard to attract. I picked him up and brought him to the railing, but it was evident that he was dead, and not just stunned, His tongue was hanging out, and his eyes were non-reactive and half open.

northern flicker

they are so beautifully colored, a blush of red on their cheeks and a hint of Orange on the edges of their wings. The black and gray and white spotted body is so intricate. What a waste! And I will not let ugly orange kitty from across the street eat him either.

I am so SAD! :(

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Christmas Cats...

My Brother Mike is finally well enough to get out of the house. He looks dreadful though! So pale, so wan. He has really had a bad go of the flu or something. He missed Christmas altogether. Today he brought over my Christmas Present. He made me a Cat tree out of scraps from around the house, and rug samples from the furniture store where SHerry works.


I was not sure the cats would use it so I went out back where there was a nice fresh patch of catnip growing wild, and picked some. I should not have worried, because as soon as I brought the stuff in Loki was on the top shelf. He smelled the catnip oil and immediately went into ecstasy! He is such a drug whore. He rolled on it, and ate it, and purred and scratched at it, and would not let Chitters up on the top for anything! Loki weighs a good 18 lbs and is almost as big as the shelf. I was afraid it would tip over, but it did not.

Chitters tried, but stayed on the bottom shelf. I went and layed down on the couch to wait for the phone man who never came, and when I woke up Loki and Chitters were asleep on the top shelf, Ethel was asleep on the bottom shelf, and Sadie was asleep on the arm of the sofa. I guess you would say this is another do-nothing day huh?

It is now 530 and I have been waiting for verizon to come install my jack in the office since noon. THey gave me a 12-4 time frame. PHFFFTTTT!!! I wonder if I pay my bill that way if they will let me slide? I am assuming they will be here first thing in the morning, and I have lunch plans. ah well.

Better go pick more catnip...

Monday, December 27, 2004

Guess What I did Today....


Absolutely NOTHING!!! I woke up at 730, got up and DOnna was already gone for the week, made a pot of coffee, did my blogwalk in less than 1 hour, cause everybody was either sleeping or gone! I fixed something to eat, and went back to bed, and SLept, and slept, and slept some more.

Loki had the right idea, so I just went with it. DOnt you love his method of Urban renewal? gets in the way just lay on top of it and move it out of the way...he loves to sleep under the tree.

I think I will go take a nice soaky bath, and go to bed and read a little, maybe take a glass of baileys to sip...ahhhhhhh!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2004


For the past 10 months I have been sorting through some old albums that my Dad left here when he died, looking for material to include in a scrapbook for my brother and sister. One of the dilemmas that I ran into was who gets which pictures? And whose memories are the right ones? Most of these pictures were of friends of Dad's and friends of Mom's long before they were married, so they really meant nothing to the family. I sorted through them all many times looking for pieces of history.

As I was gathering these pictures all together, I decided that was what I would make my Brother and Sister for Christmas. We are sposed to give hand made gifts, because some of us are not well off, and cant afford Expensive gifts. Besides the handmade ones are fun and creative. I made each of them an heirloom scrapbook. I bought a flatbed scanner that also scans slides and negatives, and started scanning away.

At first I was printing out all of the pictures in a 5X7 format, but decided that would be too uniform, so I scanned some as 8X 10 some as 3X5 some as wallet prints and some as 4X6. I started working on this project in February of last year, and spent at LEAST 2-3 hours a day making these books. I am not a "busy" scraper, but a clean tidy one. I like the picture and some journaling, and I like the pictures mounted, but I do not do a lot of embellishing. I do use stickers, but hardly any of the raffia, or brads, or rub-ons., YET!


I decided that I would make these albums as a way of preserving our family history, as Dad and Mom were both gone, and I had no idea who came when. I got on line, and with the help of CarolC and Dave I got some websites and started researching. I ran into brick walls everywhere. They all want MONEY to tell you that you did indeed have a grandfather. I did find one site that had a listing of all the people in the family during a census, and that helped close a gap or two. I have a lot more research to do, yet, but that can all be done as I get the money to do so, and then the pages can be made and inserted.

It was fun going back through the years and reliving my parents lives. I tried to journal what I remember them telling me about certain events. And I left a space for Phyllis and Mike to do the same. One thing that Phyllis and I have discovered, is that even though we both lived through the exact same event, we remember it entirely different.

I cut out postings from my blog and pasted them into and around the pictures also. So during the past year when I would go on a trip down memory lane, that is what I was doing. It was so very hard to keep this a secret from Phyllis, because she reads this site and yours too. I emailed a few of you for help and received it. I thank You.

Mikes was the first one, and it was nice, but Phyllis' is nicer. I was able to spend more time on hers as she lived through more time with Mom and Dad than Mike did. I also am going to make one for myself. Of course It will be even NICER! :)
I was not sure how much to include, and when to end it, SO I included more on each one of them in their own respective books. I also decided to end it as we each left home and formed our own lives. It took me most of the year to get these two books compiled, but now I feel like I have made a difference.

This was a labor of Love. For my parents, for my Siblings and for the lives that we each shared. Our lives were by no means easy, we went without things a lot of times, but we were never hungry, cold, or unloved. Hopefully in the years that follow, My children and Mikes son will be able to add to these Scrapbooks, and pass them down through the generations. Just think, in 5 more generations, or 6 or 7, some one will be looking through the books and see the pictures and compare them to themselves and see where the resemblances are. I look Exactly like my Mom, and Grandmother. I would love to have seen a picture of my Great grandmother on Moms side. I wonder if I looked like her?

Silent Night....

I Adore Christmas Night, after Dinner is over, and everyone has gone home, the presents are all unwrapped, the house is clean again (sorta,) and it is sooooo quiet! I don't even turn on the TV all day except to get the news. I turn on classic King FM and listen to Classic Christmas Music all day! In fact it is on right now.

Donna is in her room, she spent the day with her in-laws. (teehee) the tree lights are still on, the dishwasher is running the last load of prime rib dinner right into the septic tank, and I am finally getting a chance to sit her and blog a bit.

last night was spent at Phyllis' house, where we opened our hand made gifts. I am getting (not finished yet) a lap robe from her in the most luscious purple chenille yarn. Yummmy. My Sister In Law made me a wood tote, 'cause Sadie chewed my other two up when she was cutting teeth. (for you non-wood burners, it is a piece of tapestry or canvas with wooden dowels in both end for handles and you fill it with wood to carry it in from the yard. Save your clothes. GREAT Item! My Nephew came over and stacked my wood pile. Bob brought me a cord of free wood, from a salvage job him and a friend did, and he split it but left it in the front yard. So Galen and sherry came over and stacked it for me, and then he raked the leaves out of the front yard! Whoot!!

Donna gave me two books on bird sounds and how to identify them COOL! And a book on how to keep from getting dementia! (Bitch!! ;) ) Santa came and filled our Stockings, and we all got really cool stuff like nite shirts and nail polish and SEE's Bon-Bons and FUDGE no nuts raisins only.

Today I cooked Prime Rib for the family. Mike was sick in bed, so Sherry and Galen and Phyllis and Bob and I were the only ones here. Tim called, he will be here tomorrow morning first thing. (we shall see, the Ferry ran aground tonite, so it may be a mute point now) He is bringing his "friend" over, SO I will get to meet Sandy. There is plenty of Roast left, so I'm sure he will avail himself of the opportunity to raid Mom's Ice box. It will be good to see both of my Kids together for the second time in a year! How cool is that?

Bob was twitching because I hid the Remote. (on purpose) and he had to endure listening to music all day. He likes classical music, and knows it very well, but there is something about the TV that forces him to pick up the remote and surf. The Messiah in it's entirety was played, so I handed the book of Music that I had that had all the choral parts and told him to follow along if he could. He did! For the whole 2 hours and 22 minutes he read the music note by note and part by part with the recording. He has never read music in his life, but he was able to keep up. I would love to be able to teach him how to read music, but I have forgotten most of what I learned.

I have on my new nite shirt, Sadie is in bed, the kitchen is clean, the living room is fairly straight, Donna is in her room and I am about to crash myself, So I hope you all had a Safe and Happy Christmas, I will see you all tomorrow morning. Don't wake me up...I've had a long day....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Friday, December 24, 2004

Not a creature was stiring...

I built a fire, and finished wrapping all the gifts, turned on the halogen lights to read the Gourmet magazine that came this afternoon, and fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up with a cat asleep in front of my face, on the cushion, one asleep on my legs, Sadie and Ethel asleep in front of the fire and Loki asleep under the tree. Bea was asleep in her cage, and it is just a dreary dark quiet easy to sleep in day! I dont have anything pressing until I go over to Phyllis' this evening at 700 so It felt good to take a cat nap...pun intended.


I am hoping the somewhat predicted snow mixed with rain will turn into just snow. I would so like to have a white Christmas. 12% of the years have had one. Odds are against it though. Ah well. THe tree is lit, now I am just waiting for Donna to get home, and Bob to come over.

I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas, and a safe Holiday commute. It is nasty where most of you are, so stay VERY SAFE!!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

I'm DONE!!!

The shopping is done, the fudge is made, Im NOT baking…I don’t need it, so screw it! I remembered to take the Prime Rib Roast out of the freezer for Saturday’s dinner, I remembered to stop at Albertson’s and get the last minute fixings. I was going to make a batch of fudge again tonight, HOWEVER it seems that the bag of chocolate chips I THOUGHT I had in the cupboard has mysteriously disappeared!! (DONNA!!!!????) I always make two or three batches, one with nuts cause I like nuts and one with raisins cause Donna likes it with raisins no nuts,. And one with both for those that don’t care. Amazing isn’t it that the one batch I did get made is the one with the Raisins no nuts?

I finally have my Dept 56 village out, it is under the tree, not with snow because the cats would probably use it as litter, so I just put the village out and plug it in. Maybe this next year I will try to get a platform display area built for it. With plug-ins close to each house so the cords won’t show. I have 1 or 2 from several different villages, so now I need to decide if I want the Dickens Village, the Snow Village or Santa’s Candy Village. I think I want the snow village, as it is more contemporary, but I like them all, so MY TOWN will have all kinds of buildings, just like a real city!.


I need to wrap the few presents I did buy and get Phyllis’ stocking stuffers wrapped and ready for Santa to pick up and deliver to her house. (Don’t tell her, but I stuff her sock each year, as Santa has so many things to do, so I get it ready and hang it on the door knob and when he flies over he swoops down grabs it and delivers it to her house, She has never caught on. SO SHHHHHHHHHH!!)

The weatherman has just told us about all the nasty snow and ice ya’ll are getting all around the country. Washington State is I guess, the only place that ISN’T. The High sitting right off our coast is breaking down which will allow the pineapple express loaded with moisture to go on up and over the Northern part of it, which MIGHT bring some flakes to us by Christmas Morning. It will probably dump it all in Canada, and on Vancouver Island, and by the time it gets here it will be warm enough to turn to rain. It has only snowed for Christmas 17 times in 105 years! L L As Long as CJ gets her white Christmas, I can live without it.

Well I have last minute wrapping to do, and I need to run the dust mop twice around the room and get one more load of washing into the dryer. SO I had better sign off for tonight and I will check in on you all tomorrow morning. For you all on the other side of this big blue ball…MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I almost finished shopping today. I say almost because I thought I was finished and I dumped everything out on the bed to sort through it all and forgot my nephew. and I thought I had stocking stuffers for Phyllis, but I didn't I twice as much for Bob as I planned. I hate being disorganised! I am though the WORST one for organization. I want to be so badly, but I just cant. It is not in me! So tomorrow, while I planned to do nothing but bake and wrap, I will be down to (GAG!!!) Wwwwwwwww (oh just SAY IT!) WAL-MART (I just got struck by a blot from on high) and picking up something for Phyllis and DOnna for their stockings, and hopefully something for the nephew.

I was feeling so good driving into Mt Vernon today, Traffic was not too bad, and I found a spot right by the door to the store I wanted to go into, and then I walked right up to the register and got what I could not find, because it was an order only. SO I got that and will wrap the receipt and when it comes in Bob can go down and get it himself! yay for that.

I was listening to the station that has Christmas music 24/7 and was singing my heart out, and when I hit the really loud high notes, Sadie would look over at me and she would throw her head back and howwwwwllllll too. We were having so much fun singing in traffic, until I looked over and there was a man in the next car over looking at me and Sadie and laughing. I did not expect to be a public spectacle.
LOLOLOL What the Hell...we sang some more. Sadie does this really good, she sits in the front seat, sits up so she can see out and throws her head back so that her nose is pointing up and out she howls. It is so funny!! She really sings good to THE FIRST NOEL...especially when I try to sing descant. You see I am a Tenor, and anythong over an f is almost too high for me.

I headed home, and the traffic from the Junction to Mt Vernon, clear down to the Swinomish bridge was stop and go. BOTH LANES!! All headed to the Island!! I can just envision this island sinking one day. From the Casino all the way into the Bridge at Deception Pass the traffic ran smoothly, so It got much better driving.

I went on base and filled up the car with gas, reached into my pocket and found my long lost debit card!! I had lost it three weeks ago, and called and cancelled it, got a new one and was terrified that someone had access to my account. DUH. Right where I put it. I have only qworn this coat three times, so I did not think to check the pockets of it. Sure glad I know who had it though.

So Tomorrow I will FINSIH my damn shopping, start my damned baking, and wrap presents. THen on Friday I can run the dust mop quickly through the house, scrub out the toilet, empty the cat box and dishwasher ( love how those two go together?) ( I did that just for KAT) :) and bathe Sadie cause she stinks!

So How about you are you ready for Christmas? Phffffttttt...

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Three things...

Ok Leslie, Brenda and Wanda. I did it!!

Three names you go by:

Mary Lou

Three screen names you have:

Whidbey Dreamer

Three things you like about yourself:

I am loyal to a fault
I have a wicked sense of humor
I am a great mom. (Right Kids? Uh…Kids?)

Three things you hate/dislike about yourself:

I am soooo out of shape (read that as fat)
I am not healthy
I am a Type A personality

Three parts of your heritage:


Three things that scare you:

Losing a child or anyone that I love

Three of your everyday essentials:


Three things you are wearing right now:

Does it have to be THREE?
A sweatshirt from the play I Do! I Do!
White undies
Blue cords

Three of your favorite bands/artists at the moment:

Seattle Symphany
Harry Connick Jr.
Pink Martini (If you have not heard of them, find them and’ll be hooked.)

Three of your favorite songs at present:

Silent Night
Ave Maria

Three new things you want to try in the next 12 months:

To finish all my scrapbooks before I forget who they were
To get my Physical health back together
Excersing every day

Three things you want in a relationship (love is a given):

Touching (not necessarily sex)

Three physical things about the opposite sex (or same) that appeal to you:

Good teeth
Big and strong
Nice BUNS!

Three things you just can’t do:

Bake a great pie
Make really good soup

Three of your favorite hobbies:

Scrap booking

Three careers you are considering:

been there done that…but if I was starting over..
Scientist of Natural World

Three places you’d like to go on vacation:

Scotland (by way of Norway and Sweden and Netherlands and Belgium)
Alaska (by way of Canada…)
South Africa by way of (Europe)

Three kids’ names:

Three things you want to do before you die:

Meet all of my blogging friends
be healthy again
Write a bestseller!

Three people you’d like to see take this quiz now:

I’ll steal Brenda’s answer!

Everyone who reads this
Everyone who reads this
Everyone who reads this

Monday, December 20, 2004

Longest Night...

Winter Solstice has always (in my grown up years) meant Peace. It is the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. It is the beginning of the sun heading North and the days getting longer and longer. It is also the season that gets colder and colder. For some reason, this has held a special place for me. The nights are usually crisp and clear, and the stars are twinkling very loudly, Singing to me to come out and look up! As I stand out there in the blue darkness looking at the universe, my breath leaves my body in a warm cloud, creating a white trail over my head.

I have every single Winter Solstice album that Windham Hill has produced, and this is the time that I play every one of them, a marathon of peaceful music. Navy Blue and White are the colors of this season, the Navy blue of the sky and the white of the stars, the Navy blue of the shadows of the trees cast on the white snow, the Navy blue of my skin as I stand out there in the COLD, and the white of the frozen flesh on my nose.

Winter Solstice

Tonite marks the longest night of the year. Tonite marks the longest night in 10,000 years! How do they know that? Was someone around to time it 10,000 years ago? Was there time back then?

On Adak, there is a legend that on this night the single men all run outside NUDE at midnight and jump up and down and yell HOODY HOO! HOODY HOO!!! To scare away the darkness and bring the sun back. It must work, because the Sun always does come back. The Druids would paint their bodies blue and wear mud hats, and dance in the nude. Maybe it is because the blue paint covers up the Navy Blue of their skin.

Right now, the air is cold and crisp, and I was out on my deck cleaning all the rabbit poop and litter off of it. I had forgotten I had the bag of litter box leavings in a sack on the deck, and Sadie tore it up and ate bunny poop. So now it will freeze tonight and while I am sitting inside listening to Winter Solstice albums, the Auroras will show there talents by dancing with their white lights across the Navy blue sky and my sister will call me to go look. I will forget that I had just shot water all over the deck, and it is now a solid sheet of ice, and I will run out to look, and slip and fall, and lay there until my skin turns Navy Blue, and the deck turns white with ice.

God I LOVE it!!

Sunday, December 19, 2004


Yesterday it was the darkest dreariest day. The fog started rolling in under the thick clouds making it seem even darker. I woke up with a horrendous backache, couldn’t sleep kept waking up every hour. I finally got out of bed and came in to blogwalk, and was hurting so much I could hardly sit still. I got up went in and took a long hot shower and let it pelt on my lower back. It felt really good, and then I slathered on some Icy Hot and got dressed. I was able to function the rest of the day.

I looked out the window about 500 and could barely see across the road. The fog was coming right up the Strait and smacking right into me. Shortly thereafter Phyllis called and wanted to meet me in Oak Harbor for dinner, so I told her to take care in the fog, and I left. It was so bad that I had problems seeing the road, and getting out of the Cove, and up onto the highway was difficult. No fog lines or white lines on the developments roads. Once on the highway, I could at least see the middle line, and the fog lines, but could not see far ahead in the pea soup. So being the cautious driver that I am I slowed way down in case there were deer out. They don’t have taillights ya know, and other than Rudolph who is resting right now, they don’t have headlights either.

Soon right on my butt was a truck. I am doing 40 in a 55 zone and can’t see 50 feet ahead of me and he wants to pass me. I pulled over for him to do so, and he started to go around me and right in front of him coming out of the fog was a set of headlights. He pulled back in right away and backed off from my butt. And followed me the rest of the way into town. Hope it taught him a lesson. You may know the roads, and where they turn, but you don’t always know what is on them.

think snow

I came home, took a hot bath with Epsom salts and smelly stuff, and then some icy hot and flannel PJS and went to bed. I slept like a baby until 1030 this morning. Feel pretty good today.

Phyllis mentioned going to see the lights up Engle road. Well I did on the way home last night, and she was right they were spectacular even through the thick fog! There is something so ephemeral about Christmas lights through the fog. So NOT there while being there. If you get my drift. You can see the essence of them but can not see the actual things that they are on.

Today the morning broke with the sun blaring right in my face. And the wind whipping about 30MPH. And WARM It is about 55 out there. A front is moving through and cleared out all of the yuck in the air. Now it will start to get colder. It is going to rain, and then clear up again, so no snow for Christmas! BOO!! But that is fine, as long as It goes to Dixon, Mo. I talked to CJ today and she is really hoping for a White Christmas. Let’s all put our positive thing caps on and wish her lots and lots of SNOW!! She goes in Tomorrow and Tues for Chemo and then no more until after the New Year. SO COME ON WEATHER GODS, SNOW FOR CJ!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

December 18, 1919 Dad was born.

Wilton W. Brett December 18, 1919 - Nov 7, 1996

Today My Dad would have been 85. He died in 1996 from an embolism in his heart. He had Diabetes, and was on Kidney Dialysis. He was a very Strong man with a wicked sense of Humor. He instilled in us our love of the Natural Beauty around us. He was a career Navy Man, retired from that and went to work for CIvil Service on Base as a Firefighter. He was also a volunteer firefighter for COupeville. Dad was known by people from Baja California to Adak, Ak., and always had a wise crack for everything.

He married Mom in 1943 and stayed with her until she died in 1993. They would have been married 50 years had she lived another 7 months. It was not easy living with her, but his sense of loyalty was strong. And he stood by her through hell and high water.

When we were little, we would always put our tree up on this day, as a commemoration of Dad's Birthday, but mainly so the tree would not die before Christmas!! I do not follow that same tradtion, as my kids always wanted it up right after Thanksgiving. But every year when I get my tree, and start cussing at putting the lights on it, I think of my Dad, Cussing at his lights too. I miss him!! Very Much. (SNIFF) The old fart...

Friday, December 17, 2004

Christmas Lights...

One of the things that I have always LOVED about Christmas is the lights! When we were young, we had the big lights on the house and the medium lights on the tree. (There were no twinkle or mini lights yet. We are talking LONG, LONG AGO!) When one light burnt out they all went out, so the thing to do was to make sure that you always had a stash of good working replacement bulbs. Then when the string went out, you would start at the bottom by the plug and take the first bulb out and replace it with the good one, and just keep on right up the string until the bad bulb was discovered. Heaven help you if there were more than 1 bulb on the string out.

Later as we grew older, the bulbs became clear glass, and they were wired singly so that when one went out the rest stayed on. That was a miracle. I liked to putz with the tree when I was little. Rearrange the ornaments, add more icicles, (hanging tinsel) which in those days were really aluminum foil cut into thin strips and hung ever so carefully over each branch. Once on the tree it was there forever. You did not re use it.

Later the White Twinkle lights came out, and then the multi lights. And they blinked off and on together, one string at a time, so either the whole tree stayed lit or one string at a time blinked on and off. I hated that. I have always been partial to the multi colored lights. The non-twinkling ones. As I grew and got my own decorations, I invested in the lights that we know today as mini lights. All different colors and steady burning. I have found that the fuses are becoming more standard now, as are the bulbs that are replaced. It is much easier to fix the lights on the tree.

We would take one night (sometimes Christmas eve) and drive around looking at all the lights on the houses, and the way they were strung around the windows and the edge of the roof. There were not a lot of extra-lighted decorations, just strings, and what we could do with those strings was magical.

Tonight Bob and I had our usual Friday Night Date night, and we are both BROKE, so when he asked what we are doing tonight, he was hoping I would say stay home and watch TV. FOOLED HIM!!! JJ

I said we are going to go look at lights. KOMO TV had several houses on the news, and one of them was on reservation road, so we went to see it. You could see the glow in the night sky miles before you got there.

xmas lights

This house was GORGEOUS! It had every tree trunk wrapped in colored rope lights, (another miracle invention) and every bush draped in colored netting lights. And several inflatable figures all tastefully done. I tried getting pictures, but cars kept driving by, so I only got a few clear ones.

Town Hall

We drove through Oak Harbor looking at the lights in the “city” and then came on back along Madrona Way into Coupeville. Coupeville is a small old Victorian town, and is kept historical looking by the town historical committee. The Cook Park was all lit, and so was the Rec Hall. And the Town Hall. It is so peaceful seeing these lights outlining the businesses on Front Street with out all of the commercial neon signing vying for room in your minds eye.

Front Street

Cook park

Coming home along the water, the fog was low and the lights were blurred by it making it seem so surreal. Kinda out of focus. Like my pictures…

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Christmas 1953

One of the things that I remember when I think back about Santa Claus is wondering which doll of the many I wanted, that I would get. Being raised as a Navy Brat in the 50’s, we did not have much money at all. Our clothes were hand made or hand-me-downs, and a lot of the time our toys were hand me downs also. One year I wanted a ‘Walking Doll’ very badly. I wanted her more than anything I had ever remember wanting. I knew the chance of getting her was very slim, as I knew money was tight. I think I was 7 that year.

All of my friends in Brownies had a doll that walked. When they walked, their head would turn from side to side and their eyes would turn also. Some of the dolls that Mom pointed out in the stores were nice, also, but I wanted THIS one. She had dark rooted hair, and stood about 20 “ tall. All the dolls that Mom pointed out were the smaller ones like I already had. She said that way the clothes would all fit each other. Nope it didn’t sway me. I wanted THAT one.

I don’t remember ever sitting on Santa’s lap and telling him exactly which doll I wanted but I know I wrote a letter to him.

Christmas Eve Night I went to sleep, quivering with anticipation waiting for Santa to come and leave my doll. I just KNEW she would be under the tree. Phyllis was sleeping soundly and I so wanted to run out and look at the tree, but I knew I could not.

On Christmas Morning, we were told that we had to wait for Mom and Dad to wake up before we could go out and see what we had gotten from Santa. Naturally, It was too early, and we had to wait anxiously for them to decide to wake up. I tiptoed in to peek around the corner, and saw that there were quite a few things under the tree, but I could not see what all was there. I could see that our stockings, so carefully hung by the cardboard fireplace, were full and stretched down almost to the floor. Mom made our socks, and all three of them were exactly alike. Dads, Phyllis Ann’s and mine. All were hand knitted with our names on the top.

Finally after much pestering Mom and Dad got out of bed and we got to go in to see what we had gotten. We had to do it systematically, and not in a rush. There were packages from the Aunts, and Grandparents, and A few packages from Friends of the family. All covering what Santa had shoved under the tree.

After a quick look I did not see my doll, so I knew that once again I was not going to get exactly what I wanted, but I knew I would get others that I would like. I don’t even remember what Phyllis Ann got that year, all I can remember was the disappointment of not getting the Walking Doll, mixed with anticipation of what I did get.

We opened presents one at a time, so Mom could record who got what and we could write thank you cards later that day. Dad was passing out presents, Mom was recording and Phyllis Ann got to open the first one. Then It was my turn, and them Dad’s and then Mom’s. And then back to Phyllis and me, etc. Until all the presents were opened and we could see what all was in our Stockings.

Dad and us kids picked up the wrapping paper and put it in the trash, and Mom handed us down our stockings. We were allowed to go at them together because it was really hard to mix up what Santa brought with what Santa brought. ;) There were always Candy Canes in the top, a color book, and a new box of crayons, a set of jacks, and maybe a jump rope. The toe always had an apple and a tangerine and some Christmas candy. The filled raspberry kind, (Because that is what Dad liked) It was a nice Christmas, and we had to get ready to go to Sunday School and then over to Aunt Margie’s for Dinner.

We were finishing the clean up and my Dad said well what do we have stuck back here? And out he comes from behind the Christmas tree with my Doll! My Rebecca!! My Beautiful Walking Doll. With Rooted Hair, and a pretty dress. Along with her dress, she had a beautiful purple corduroy coat and Beret with a white rabbit skin collar and a white muff. I had just learned about Rebecca in Sunday school and I had liked the name, So that is what I named my Doll. Mom had hand made the clothes from left overs in her scrap box. I will always remember that Christmas and that Doll. My Rebecca! For the life of me I can’t remember anything else that year. But I do remember the Magic…

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


xmas 1948 redone

John Strain took my Xmas 1948 photo from down below and reworked it in Photoshop. I tried and so Did Vanessa, but he did it right. GOOD JOB JOHN!!! Now tell me how you did it!

Yay! It's HUMP day...

Oh Man, I have tried all day to post, and I keep getting kicked off. So I will do it off line and then try tomorrow. I am getting a line into my office installed on Dec 28. I asked to have an extension put in, but was told they don’t do that. (HUH?) They can put a line in or they can put a jack in, but not an extension. SOOOOO what are they going to do? Just put in a jack and no line? How do I get the line installed? I do not want a 2nd phone line. Which is what the lady was trying to get me to take. Nope.

It has gotten to the point that the service reps are now salesmen; they don’t want to help unless they can sell you something. SHIT! All I want is a damn phone line with the same number that I already have installed in my office. I have one that I put in, but I want THEM to do it so that I will know that it is done correctly. Right now it is hung out the window, up over a nail, and around the house to the box. Inside it is wired by me to the jack, which is just hanging on the wire, not in the wall at all. It is all wrapped with sealing tape to keep it secure. It has worked for me for 9 years. In several houses.

I ran in to town today to display the poster for OKLAHOMA! that I finally got constructed. And As I was driving in, it dawned on me that I do not see the seasons pass as I once did. I am trying to save gas, so I only go in once a week or so, and usually at night. I went in today early afternoon, and saw all the stores decorated with the signs in their windows 50-75% off! That usually does not happen until after Christmas.

I ran in to several people I knew and they said that sales are way off at the store. (teehee, I don’t CARE!) I would normally been pushing and pushing and trying to wring that last dime out of people before Christmas, but not any more. Carmel said I looked GREAT! And when I poohed her she said No really you have no stress marks on your forehead!
(BEEEEEEEG Grin here!) The only stress I have left is making a few more presents, and some goodies, and Im as done as Im gonna be! Im not worrying about it anymore.

I used to always expect the BEST Christmas ever, and got disappointed a lot, but not now. I just want to relax and enjoy the feeling of the season. If the Kids are home, that would be WONDERFUL, but I don’t expect them to be, so I wont be let down.

One thing that I really want is WINTER WEATHER. Snow, Cold, Blizzard! Freezing, Wind. And then on My Birthday, it can all go away and start warming up for spring. It just feels like it should be Over by the end of January, and on to a slow warming of SPRING.

Only 27 days until my Birthday!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Let There BE......

I have not been able to sleep lately. I wake up about every 90 minutes, wide eyed and bushy tailed. I am keeping a crossword book beside the bed and when I wake up I flip on the light and start a puzzle. After about 20 minutes, I am writing all cock-eyed, and wake myself up snorffing with my nose right on the book. I turn out the light and go back to sleep only to repeat this process at least 3 times a night.

Last night I went into bed fairly early, 11:30, and read until I got sleepy, then flipped out the light. I woke up 90 min later with leg cramps, and a backache, and thought CRAP here I go again! So I remembered the Excedrin PM in the bathroom. I got up took 2 of those suckers and fell back to sleep after about 20 minutes. Slept like a baby until 830 when the phone rang.

It was Bob, Telling me he and Ron were on their way over to give me my Christmas Present. ??????? Huh??????? So I got up, got dressed and waited for them. About 1100 they drove up, and walked in, yelling MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


Ok folks, I have to admit; I am very picky about Christmas! When I was little, I knew EVERYTHING I was getting, I peeked! And I knew I would still be surprised on Christmas morning. So since I have become an adult, and live alone, there are no presents under the tree, so I don’t want to know until Christmas what I am getting.

Bob is world famous for the most useful gifts. We have been dating for over 20 years, and I am always amazed at what his mind wraps around for a Christmas present. The first year we were dating, I got a gift certificate for a pair of new glasses. That was very practical, as I was BROKE, and my glasses were too. Then I got a used PC the next Christmas, and the one after that I got a cord of wood. All cut, split and delivered. I did have to stack it though.

And then there was the Ice Cream maker, the Pasta maker, and of course you can’t forget the Fan for the woodstove that I got last year. Romance is NOT in this boy’s vocabulary. AT ALL! None, Zip, NADA!! So every year, it is a joke between the women in this family, what ‘wonderful’ gift he will come up with next. Oh yeah, I forgot the Tune up for the truck, and the Oil change for the car. 2 separate years. I just KNOW that if he didn’t think he would get it over his head, he would get me a composting toilet! He’s just that kind of guy. PRACTICAL!! THOUGHTFUL!! Never cheap!

Oh how I would love a beautiful necklace, or a ring, a right-hand ring of course, would not want to kill the guy; a bottle of cologne, a pretty bauble of some sort. But not from Bob. Nope. Practical.

My Living room is very dark, it is 20x30 and I have to arrange the furniture in the middle, which is nice, except that all of the outlets are on the wall, and I have extension cords running everywhere. Today I got lit!

I got for Christmas my very own 4-bulb halogen track light, installed on the ceiling right down the middle of the room. It is GREAT! Aimed right at each place that people sit. At first I was leary of it as It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but this afternoon I laid down on the couch to read a magazine. I got on my tummy, and put my glasses on and opened the magazine and I COULD SEE THE PAGE!! WHOOT!!! Sadie jumped on my back, Lint lay on my legs, and Tyler the visiting black cat wanted to curl up in my face. (He lost) The lights are very bright as halogen can be, but they also put out a very small amount of heat, and we all took advantage of it and took a nap. I woke up after it was dark out, and the living room was flooded with light! It is going to be WONDERFUL! My eyes are getting weaker and weaker and I need the light to see. So as practical as it is to have Track lighting, It is a wonderful present. Really.

BUT WAHHHHHHH!!!!!! It is 10 days left before Christmas and I wont have anything to open!!!!!! SNIff... :(

Monday, December 13, 2004

My first memory of Christmas...1948

What is your very first memory of Christmas? Mine is a foggy memory of the Christmas before Phyllis was born. I was 2 about to turn 3 in the next few weeks. Phyllis was born in February.

Dad had gotten orders from SandPoint Naval Air Station in Seattle, Wa to Honolulu, T.H. Mom and I flew Naval Air Transport from Seattle to San Diego to stay with my Aunt and Uncle who raised my mother. They were like Grandparents to me. Mom was a good 20+ years younger than her sister. I remember the plane, and sitting on my knees coloring in a book on the seat, while my mother was crying. Dad got to come back and sit behind us for a few minutes, but he was crewman on the plane, so he had things to do. I remember eating an orange and even though I know windows don't open on planes, (even in 1948?) I have a very vivid memory of opening the porthole and throwing the peels out of the plane. Mom cried some more, and Dad was with her telling her everything was alright. (turns out we had lost an engine and had to make an emergency landing, and Mom was afraid we were going to crash.)

I remember getting off the plane and my Aunt running out on the field to meet us and she was crying too, and then everybody was happy. We went back to the house, and we stayed there until after My sister was born. That Christmas I remember getting my "Sleepyhead" doll. It was a stuffed blue plush baby with a plastic sleepy face. I know that I loved that doll, and it had to stay with aunt Margie. Every time I went to Her house, I ran to the bottom drawer and pulled it out.

I also remember the people. All were dressed up, and we ate a big dinner on Christmas Eve. We also got to open 1 present that night, the rest were left for Christmas Morning. My Aunt Margie always got us a new nightgown or robe for Christmas, So that is the present I got to open.

I remember I sat on Mr Elo's cane and broke it. He was very old, must have been in his 80's then. He was my Uncles father, so He would have been no relation to me. Even though he felt like a great grandfather.

I remember that I had to sit on a San Diego phone book to reach the table, and I had to practice perfect manners. The grown ups were all dressed up in shirts and ties and party dresses and I had on a full blue organza dress, and my long blonde hair was in two braids. I always felt in awe of sitting at that big table, with the fine dishes and the special napkins and tablecloth, and the Silver. The very special set of silver that my daughter has now.

I know that I had to go to bed right after dinner, because Santa was coming, and I heard laughter and singing and Bells. Then the house got quiet and I heard Jingle Bells just before I fell asleep.


Sunday, December 12, 2004

Northern Flicker...

I am soundly sleeping just at daybreak this morning, It was a clear cold night, so I had the covers pulled up to my chin and my nose poked out breathing in the cold crisp air. It smelled so heavenly! I slowly became aware of the world around me, and was listening to the coo-ing of the doves as they pecked at the cracked corn on the feeder. Then I heard a loud KEE-YAR! KEE-YAR! And before I could even identify to my slowly awakening brain what it was, 4 cats ran right over the top of me, feet in my face, and crashed into the window.

OK, Says I, Must be a bird at the suet. So I pulled Tyler's back foot out of my mouth, Loki's front foot out of my eye and slowly rolled over to see what all the fuss was about. What I have learned, that the cats haven't, is that if you move SLOWLY and QUIETLY you can see the bird longer. All I got to see was the feeder rocking very fast back and forth and the tail end of something that flew over the roofline.

I shooed the felines away, got up did my business and crawled back in to bed. This time on my stomach with my chin on the window sill. And Watched. Soon a very brightly colored Northern Flicker Flew back over to the suet feeder and started pecking away at it. He was about 10" from my face, and very pretty. They are ever so softly colored red on the sides of their face/head, and a black stripe across their throat. The rest of them is a mottled tan and black and white, so I guess you could say it is mostly light tan, They are a big bird about 8-10". Normally they stay in the woods, and you can hear them coming over to the apple tree in Leigh's yard, but they stay away from the feeders. Lately, I have been putting the really cheap suet blocks out. Only .79 cents, but they are full of peanuts and cracked corn and sunflower seeds, and the woodpeckers LOVE them.

Yesterday Harriet and Harry, the "Hairy woodpeckers", were both at the feeder, along with the flicker female. IM not sure what to call her. Maybe Gracie, because they are kinda gray. We'll see.

The Christmas bird count is going on this week I believe, so maybe I should call in my numbers, and see if they will take them. I do have quite a lot of different birds this year.

I also have a varied Thrush that comes over and pecks at the frozen apples left on the top of leighs tree. Right out my dining room window, so the cats are all perched there right now. (says she looking around at Tippy perched on the PC Box, staring down at me. And Ethel sitting in the office window staring at the feeder, and Loki sitting right down there on the floor staring at me 'cause he's too fat to jump up on the desk. SO that leaves Lint, Tyler and Chitters sitting in the dining room window.) Ok, Ok I lied...

Friday, December 10, 2004

Freaky Friday...

I woke up early this morning flat on my back with my hands up on the window sill. I could not move my left arm andwhen I looked over at it, Tyler the black "Bilbo type" cat was curled up by my ear silently purring and sleeping on my arm. He is such a love. I will miss him when he goes home.

Got up, fixed coffee and started blogwalking. SOmething has a hold on me and I kept falling asleep at the computer, so I said screw this and headed back to bed. I had just gotten to sleep when Bob came over to help put up the outside lights. While he was here I showed him my very crooked tree in its huge stand. He crawled under and tried to put it straight. We know that it should have more screw things on the bottom too but it does not. He went out and found some old cedar shingles and shimmed the tree up with them, and it seems to work. We shall see. I think next year I will get another tree stand.

I scrapbooked a few more pages from the pictures I had taken this year, and journaled some. And then the phone rang...TIM!!!!!!!

He called to tell me he took the settlement from GEICO INS. and now has all his fines paid, got his drivers license back, bought a cheap car, rented a house, has utilities in his name, Car insurance paid for 6 months in advance and has a phone and a cell phone!! He has a job that will last through the winter! (WHOOT) and actually has medical and dental insurance too. It sounds like he is actually getting his life back on track. OH THANK YOU LORD!!!! He even asked me what I wanted for Christmas. When I told him "My Son home for Christmas dinner" he hemmed and hawed and said well maybe. some things never change!!! :(

I am trying so hard not to get sick, but i dont think it is working. I have a scratchy throat and a stuffy nose. I just had a shot of drambuie on crushed ice, and I am warm all under, so I will go get my shower and get to bed.

Hope you all are having a nice Holiday season so far. I still have to finish shopping. ARRGGHH!!!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Singles ad...

Best Singles Ad Ever Written

This has to be one of the best singles ads ever printed. It is reported to have been listed in The Atlanta Journal.

SINGLE BLACK FEMALE seeks male companionship, ethnicity unimportant. I'm a very good looking girl who LOVES to play. I love long walks in the woods, riding in your pickup truck, hunting, camping and fishing trips, cozy winter nights lying by the fire. Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand. I'll be at the front door when you get home from work, wearing only what nature gave me. Call (404) 875-6420 and ask for Daisy, I'll be waiting...

Over 15,000 men found themselves talking to the Atlanta Humane Society about an 8-week-old black Labrador retriever. (Men are so easy).

Reindeer Dog?


By Eric Berto

Had it sported a red nose, it could have flown off the cliff. But, instead, crews from North Whidbey Fire and Rescue had to rappel down an embankment Tuesday morning to pull Hunter, an 11-month-old Great Dane decorated for Christmas, to safety from a hillside in Deception Pass State Park, just below the south parking lot. The 110-pound dog was dressed in antlers and bells so it could have its picture taken for Christmas cards, said the dog’s owner, Marta Brock. “I was taking Christmas card pictures and they took off,” she said. “They were looking all cute and (stuff) too.” The other dog, Natty, quickly returned to Brock, but Hunter was off down the hill, where he got stuck on an outcropping and was unable to get back up. It took a team of approximately 10 firefighters almost an hour to lower firefighter Keith Scruggs down the 30 feet of hillside to the massive puppy. Once at the dog, Scuggs attached a harness around it and the crew helped them both to the top. His antlers were still intact, and the bells jingled all the way — to safety. Scuggs said rescuing a dog is different from a human, because a person is generally strapped down or able to help. “The dog, he was helping, but he was trying to go faster than I could go,” he said. Once safely at the top, Brock ran to the dog, which she had rescued from a shelter, to check it for injuries. Hunter appeared to be unharmed in his adventure, save for a couple of broken nails. He wagged his tail with an audible thump against the protective gear of his rescuers. His bells clanged and his antlers hung limp, like they were exhausted, off his broad shoulders. He sat up and put his paws on top of Brock’s shoulders, towering over his owner. On the trail back to the parking lot, Hunter, anxious to get back to being a puppy, tried to go back down the hill, but Brock was not letting go this time. Brock said she was on her way home to Olympia from a trip to Canada. Her 911 call was routed to the Canadian emergency center. So she called the only number she could find at the park — the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce. “I’m just very, very happy to have him back,” Brock said. But she is not sure if the Christmas pictures turned out well.

Phyllis and I saw all the emergency vehicles as we went through Deception Pass, And we figured it was probably another jumper. Little did we realize it was a four footed jumper. I certainly hope she got pictures of the dog being rescued by the firefighter, and the dog still had his antlers on. Now THAT would be a Christmas card.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Mary Elizabeth Jo Murray Brett

Mary Jo

Today my Mother would have been 81 years old. She died 1n 1993 of a GI bleed, complications from Alcoholism, and a masectomy. She died peacefully in her sleep, but it was a rough go.

She was soooo talented. A very out going gregarious flamboyant person, who never met a stranger. She grew up in a priviledged home raised by her older sister.

Mom met and married Dad, a life long career sailor during WW-II and they stayed married until she died.

Mom had high expectations and was bitterly disappointed that her life was not more in keeping with her upbringing.

She did however raise us in a warm loving home, and we never knew she was unhappy until we were grown. She lived a life of depression, before it was fashionable, and handled it they only way she knew how. She drank. Pity that!

I miss her. Still.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Storms a coming...(really?)

Yep once again, the weatherman is predicting a huge storm system marching in from the pacific. They are calling it the Pineapple Express, because it is tracking in from Hawaii, and the winds are expected to be warm and forceful. 50 MPH gusts, and tons of rain. Along with all this rain down here at Sea level comes FLOODING of all the rivers, and lots of snow in the mountains. This is a normal Wet December pattern. Now whether or not it really will be as bad as predicted is another story. I am going to assume NOT! But it could surprise us and be right on target.

Phyllis and I went in to COSTCO for our monthly load up. Starbucks French Roast beans are 15.00 for a BIG honking bag. SO I got a bag. I could have spent a fortune, but I stuck to my list except for a Christmas Present that I bought for Bob.

When I got home, I was so tired from lack of sleep last night, that I layed down to take a nap, and got a nose bleed. I went through almost a box of Kleenex trying to get it to stop. It just would not. Dad used to get these and we would have to take him into the emergency room and have his nose cauterized. Now that just not sound pleasant at all, so I kept trying to stem the flow. I was just about at the point that I was gonna call Mike and have him take me in to the hospital, when it stopped. This is the forth Nose bleed and by far the worst in several weeks. I do not know if my membranes are just really dried out or whether something else is going on. I will watch it.

The tree is still standing, and I am surprised. Tip and Tyler and Loki and Sadie love to play hide and seek under its branches. I just know it will tip one of these days.

Oh I scored a 300 sheet pack of card stock 12 x 12 in 20 different colors for 7.99!!! Since I usually pay .50 a sheet, I thought this was really a good deal. So look forward to some really colorful birthday cards folks!!

Sadie is whining to come in out of the rain, and it is time to corral her and put her in her pen for the night, so I will sign off too and go chase my dreams...

Oh Christmas Tree...

Oh Christmas tree….

Well The tree is finally up, The Blog is changed, The house is clean, the only thing left is the outside lights. This has been a real challenge, but as of right now, I am still in a really great mood. (SO FAR)

Trust me it has been tough. I knew that asking Bob to go out and help me cut my own tree again this year would bring a dirty look and a non committal grunt, So I hop in my trusty Mazda SUV (Yeah Yeah I know, But I like it) and head for Oak Harbor. I really try to combine all my chores into one day or two a week, so I wont go broke buying gas. I planned the trip out so I would not have the tree on the car while I went through the drive through at the bank, making my deposit. I also had to run into the Pharmacy, and the Farmers Supply store for Bird seed. Got everything done and then went to the Lions Club lot for my tree. Lookied at the first tree and it was perfect. 6’ tall and a nice Frasier Fir. Cost 50.00!!! Yike. So I look at the branches, and they were kinda limp, and my ornaments get heavy so I went to the Camden Fir section and the 2nd tree was PERFECT. So I had them tie it on the top of the car, and headed home.

I forgot I had to make the house payment at the bank in Coupeville, so I ran through it’s drive thru and scratched the window with a branch. OOPS. AH well, She laughed. I then headed over to Prarie Center and got kitty litter, a box of crab boil and meat for the weekend. Bob was due over and Donna was due home. Bob was bringing 25 lbs of fresh crab over, so I knew dinner would be easy.

I brought out the newspapers and covered the table with them. Made a cole slaw, and garlic bread, got out the big canner, and waited for Bob. In he walks with a huge burlap bag full of live wiggling crab, and drops it in the middle of the kitchen floor. Immediately there are 6 cats all circling the sack and trying to figure out if it was etible or would it eat them. Bob reached in and grabbed the first one out of the sack and the cats went running. We boiled them, cleaned them and pigged out. Each of us had one crab and there were 8 of these suckers, so we put them in the freezer. Oh I love a meal like that. Eating with your hands, ripping the legs off the body, cracking the shell with pliers, and sucking the the meat out makes you feel so FERAL!! GRRRROOWWLLLL!

Anyway, Donna did not make it home, she was staying in Everett. I fell asleep on the couch and Bob woke me up when he was going home. I had wanted to have him help me get the tree in the stand and secure. AH well, It was still on the car and getting rained on.

I woke up Late Saturday Morning, and standing in the corner right inside the door is the tree, leaning up against the wall. He evidently brought it in before he left. SO now it was getting dried out and I knew I had to get it in water.

I get out all the decorations out of the Christmas Closet. (yep, I have one.) and hauled out the tree stand. The tree was not heavy so I plopped it in the stand and then got on my sore knees and laid on the floor under the tree while I tightened the screws. I had two cats on top of me watching me, Loki staring at me from under the tree, and Sadie licking my ears. About this time the tree fell. I caught it before it broke out the window, propped it up with my hand, and then stood back up to re position it. 3 more times this happens and I am starting to get really PISSED!!! Im yelling at the cats, they run, Im yelling at Sadie, and she pees. And I’m trying to get the freaking tree off of me. I finally decide to wait until Donna comes home. I stood the tree against the wall in the honking big stand and watered it. Bob calls, He cant come over, he is putting in a hot water heater and Ron and Him will take all day to do that. (don’t ask) Donna calls, She is staying in Everett again. SO I call My sweet dear Sister. She isn’t home. I leave a message, and she does not call back. I am now behind schedule, as tomorrow was clean house day.

I finally get ahold of Phyllis and ask if she would come hold the tree up for me, She said she could not as she was tired, and out of breath. I hung up and threw a fit. (yep I do!)

Then clamed right down and told myself it would get done the next day. SO I am calmly sitting there at midnight finishing addressing Christmas Cards, and up she walks. She felt guilty and came to help ((TEEE HEEE!!))) and we got it up and secure, and tied to the wall. There are six cats and a dog in this house, no way was I gonna leave it. She went home, and I went to bed.

I got the lights on it the next day, and just left it that way until tonight. I finally got all the ornaments on tonight and it looks real pretty. I hate to do the lights, My son always did that, and I really miss him at times like this. I got out the favored ornaments, and put them on first. Timmy’s gold reindeer, with his name on it. Donnas green Christmas egg with glitter on it. (an original Leggs Egg) and the smuckers jelly lid with a picture of santa claus inside it, and the paperclip and felt ice skates. Always bring back the memories.

So now I am going to try to post this wonderful entry and see if it kicks me off. At least this time I wrote it in Word first!!! (getting smarter) I need to get on to bed as Phyllis and I are making a speed run into Burlington tomorrow. See ya…

Monday, December 06, 2004

Monday Blahs...

Well Not really blahs, more like ARRGGHHHHHSSSS's! I have something major still going on with my posting. It is either the phone line (gonna cost 95$ just to find out whats wrong or not!) the Modem (its only 2 years old, It should not be going bad already) or the server. (Isomedia says it isnt them, its the phone line.) Now if you will remember back a few months ago, I started having this problem when my server GALAXYNET got bought out by ISOMEDIA. DOes anybody but ME see a connection (no pun intended) here? All weekend I have tried to post, only to be kicked off everytime I tried to publish. I am in the middle of playing with my blog colors, and since I am such a novice at this, I need to preview to make sure It changed in the right places. Every single time I changed pages, I had to reconnect!!

I am so tired of technical problems. I want a computer that will not crash or freeze up, a phone line that will never get static, or a phone company that will put in either cable or DSL out here. AND a server that will fix my FTP or tell me what I am doing wrong. I HATE being frustrated.

DOnna's MIL fell and broke her hip over Thanksgiving, and since she lives alone, and close to where Donna works, Donna is house/cat sitting for "Lucy" the blue point cross-eyed siamese cat. It is only a 20 minute commute from there to SNBL in Everett where Donna works, and no Ferry fares. This will save her 2 hours a day commute time and over 150.00 for the months ferry fare.

The only thing wrong with this is she isnt HERE! I miss her! we get along so well. THat is to say, I can bitch moan and complain and she just smiles and takes it. Except for the "DREADED MONTHLY BITCH" thing. THen I run and hide. Seriously, I miss her being here. The cats dont talk human, and I get really tired of talking cat. It is embarrasing when I am out in public and I answer a question with "MEOOOOW!" done that more than once.

She should find out by the end of the week if she has been accepted to Grad-school at Montana State in Missoula, Mt. Her Mentor is there, and wants her in the Doctorate program, so she applied and should find out soon. She will start in January if its a go. I am so proud of her, She went back to school on her own and worked her way through 6 years of school to finish her BS. Now going back and getting her Masters and then her Doctorate will put her in the catbird seat for a position that will pay pretty well. She was just going to get her Masters, but the Prof said she stood a better chance of getting accepted if they knew she was going to go for the whole ball of wax.

Montana is just a spit away from Calgary!! so I can go see The Canucks and lay over at Donna's!! How cool is that?

I have a lots more to talk about today, but I want to see if I can this posted without throwing the whole thing out the window. I shalll return...

Friday, December 03, 2004

Family Resemblances

When I saw Leslie's portrait the other day, I just KNEW she was my long lost Sister!!! Phyllis and I always felt that there was something missing but we never knew what.

ANd there is most definately a FAMILY RESEMBLANCE!

Me 1987

Dad 1987

mom 1987

phyllis 1987

Now be real forgiving people, these family pictures were taken in 1987 when both Phyllis and I were over 100 #'s thinner. and 17 years younger! (ACK)

Mom and Dada are both gone now, and their Birthdays are both coming up. We had fun as a family! Dad was a sick sick man, and poor Mom put up with it, especially when she saw that us kids all inheirited his sense of humor! Poor thing, She never had a chance. I dont know where Mike was.

OH I REMEMBER!! That was the year that he swiped Mom's 1/2 gallon of rum and left early. OOPS!!! LOLOL

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Self Portrait look quick...

Ok, here is the picture Donna promised. I got my hair cut this evening, and went over to Phyllis' to have her take a picture but none turned out right. SO I came home, and took this one myself in the bathroom mirror. I look like I am doing contortions, because I am! I am trying to get enough of me in the lens to work, and not get the cat, who was walking back and forth in front of the mirror.

THis is actually a pretty fair assessment of me. Double chin, big boobs and all.

self portrait

I have already told Phyllis that to be prepared because I was going to get pictures of us both to post at CHristmas.

I am going to post the Family resemblance pictures tomorrow, so you can see why Phyllis and I think Leslie is our long-lost sister!! LOLOLOLOLOL

Have a good evening. Oh and you people on the OTHER side of this big round ball...Happy Friday!

Son in Snow...

Tim was born in Virginia, and up until this point had lived in Either California or Virginia. He had not had much exposure to snow at all. We had lived in Washington for about 2 years, when this cold snap hit. This was the week between Christmas and New Years, which is when the snow and cold usually hits. THe weather man had predicted snow, and TIm wanted it to snow a lot.

I suggested that we get our coats on and go out and do a snow dance. Donna and Jim just looked at me like I was nuts, but Tim and I went out into the front yard and started our ritualistic snow dance. I got tired after about 10 monutes but told Tim that in order for it to work, He needed to keep on doing it until it started to fall.

I went in and started fixing Supper. About 10 minutes later Tim rushes in all excited, "MOM! IT WORKED!!! IT'S SNOWING!" Being the sceptic that I am, I had to go see for myself, and sure enough, it was starting to snow!

Timmy In the Snow

It snowed all that night and most of the next day, and TIm made a snowman, and another snow "Something" and then was working on this snow ball fort when I snapped the picture of him.

He was so cold, and his cheeks were so red from the biting wind, but there was no way I was gonna get that little boy to come in out of the cold. I just let him play as long as he wanted to.

When It snows here, it usually is gone the next day, but this year the weather turned into an Arctic Blast, and everything froze. THe pipes, the streets, the snow, everything. School was out for WInter Break, so all the streets had kids and sleds on them. I have never seen a little boy play so hard, and have so much fun as he did that year.

When ever I come across this picture, I remember the way he looked all wide-eyed with wonder when he came running in to tell me "MOM! IT WORKED" Little Boys never doubt their Mothers wisdom. It is only when they grow into men that they forget. Pity that...

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bye Bye November...

Wow, It is hard to believe that November has gone already! This has been the fastest year!!

I went out on some errands today, and was all agog at the Christmas decorations up already!! Duh! I guess I had better get my tree tomorrow after work. I think I will go with another shorter one again this year. I usually get the biggest, widest tree I can find, and then have to end up cutting the bottom limbs off to fit it in the stand, or the top off to fit it in the room. Last year, Bob talked me into getting a shorter thinner one, because of the Puppy. Good idea, but she Never went near it, except to bark at it. Big Brave Cocker Spaniel!!

On my way home, it was just starting to get dark, it was only 400 but it was a dark drizzly gray day, and the clouds were really thick, so no sunlight shone through. As I was coming up my street, there was a young lad walking on the side of the road. I saw him, and not knowing what they will do, I generally give them a wide berth! The young boy was about 9 years old. He saw me and waved, and then started to run right at the car. I slammed on the brakes, and started shaking. I put the window down and chewed him out royally for scaring me like that. "NEVER EVER run towards a moving car, I was Scared to DEATH I was gonna hit you" the poor kid got a shocked look on his face hung his head and slowly walked on home. I was getting groceries out of the car and saw that he was the kid across the street. I do not know them, but know that there are about 3 or 4 children over there. As I walked up the steps, I thought of my son, and how he was at that age, and I started to tear up. I called across the street and asked him if he was ok, and he said "yeah...."
I asked if he knew why I was so upset, and he said " yeah....." We talked a little and I could see that he was not upset any longer, and I think he thought I was some one else.

Then I felt much better, ran in and turned on the TV just in time for Oprah! OH GOD!! Should not have done that!!! It was a really good one!!! She made Christmas for a woman and her 9 children. That woman is someone special. I wish she thought I was! Anyway, I was fine until they showed the kids in the front row, and two of the youngest girls were crying with joy and wonder. That set me off. I called Phyllis, and she didn't even say hello, just said "I have to go to work tomorrow, I cant stand staying here and bawling!" We both laughed at the fact that we were both sentimental suckers. Getting old is terrible! I used to NEVER cry at sad movies, or animal movies, or homecomings or anything. Well I do now!!!!! Hormones!! Bah!!!!

Monday, November 29, 2004

This and That...Leftovers

No I do not mean Turkey! I am about ready to get my Christmas Cards in the mail, and there are several of you out there that have not sent me your snail mail addresses. If you dont want to that is fine! I truely do understand, but if you have just forgotten, you better get on the ball, so I can get it made. Cindra from Readand purple haze, CJ, I need your NEW address. TX Oceanlover (dave) I dont have yours either. And Shara. Any body out there lurking that wants a card, better use the email and let me know. dreamer (at) galaxynet (dot) com take away the parentheses and the spaces. IF Sally can figure it out, anybody can! ( ;) )

It has come to my attention that there are some people out there that read me but did not know they could comment. OF COURSE you can! just click on the word comments at the end of the post, and let us know you are there. I found out the Rhonda has been reading me for about a year, and just last night commented, so she will be popping in and out occaisionally. WELCOME Rhonda!!

Phyllis has been under the weather for awhile as you know, and today she back to the Doctor and was told she has a virus....AGAIN!!! She gets anything that decides it needs a home. I think she needs to start wearing a mask at work, and keeping all those bugs OUTSIDE!! She just cant get her body well.

Our decks have been nice and slick the past three nights, but both of us are very conscious about the ice, and either wear socks that will stick to the frost, or throw a rug out. It can get really brutal.

I am sitting here yawning and thinking that I need to take a hot soaky bath with some epsom salts and go to bed early. Did anyone besides me watch the Show
The Christmas Carol, The Musical with Kelsey Grammer? It was fantastic! He plays a curmudgeon so well.

I think he would be a perfect Jim Quilleran in THe Cat WHo mysteries. If you have not read these wonderful books, do your self a favor and get book # 1 THe Cat Who Could Read Backwards, by Lillian Jackson Braun, and read all 24 of them. They are really cute, not deep, and you will like the mystery and the Siamese cats KoKo and Yum Yum.

THat bath sounds really good............SPLASH!!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Hot Turkey Sandwiches...

I was contemplating how I was going to have my two meals of turkey today, as I have been having turkey sandwiches for lunch and heated up left overs for dinner. I pulled everything out of the fridge and looked at it and thought...HOT TURKEY SANDWICHES! I have not had one in 45 years or so!!!

We lived in San Diego, California when I was little, and every so often Mom would take me shopping with her. I remember getting dressed up. she always wore a dress back then. When we would get off the bus we would walk several blocks up the street to the store, and then when we got hungry, We would walk down the street to Kresge's Dime store. We would walk in through the big double doors and past the wooden Bunkers that held the merchandise. a five and dime I think it was called, because everything in it ended in a five or a zero. ANyway, we would walk clear through the store to the very back where the Lunch counter was. We would walk into the area, and scootch up to the high round stools at the counter.

This counter had a metal hook under it for you to hang your shopping bags on. I always thought that was really cool. THe waitress, dressed in a mint green dress with a crisp white apron and pointy hat, and white shoes would bring us the menu. There was a child menu for the children, that could be used as a mask, and of course the big adult menu. The childrens menu had really neat stuff like PB&J sandwiches, and grilled cheese, and cocoa.

Mom had a Hot turkey sandwich, and I did too. They were on bread, with mayonaise spread on them, and then turkey then hot gravy. The pieces of bread were cut diagnolly and placed on either side of the scoop of mashed potatoes and gravy. It was always so good. I think they were .15 cents each. (Shush! :( ) I would eat mine all gone and Mom would ask if I wanted a soda, I took a small green river. That for you un educated, is green lime syrup mixed with soda water. GOOD STUFF!
I drank my green river, and then Mom would leave anickel on the table for a tip and we would get down off the stool, and head back to the bus stop.

This memory has been hiding in the back of my mind for all these years, and never surfaced until today. As I took the first bite of the bread and gravy this came flooding back as fresh and new as if it happened just yesterday. It was a really good memory. It also was a really good Hot turkey Sandwich!! only I did not have the mashed potatoes today, just another piece of bread.


Saturday, November 27, 2004

Winters night...

Yeah I know, it technically is still Fall, but tonight, It looks like winter. I took a long afternoon nap and woke up at 730 tonite. I walked into the dark living room and saw that the neighbors across the street had put up their Christmas lights. The shades were still up on my windows, and I just stood there looking out at them.

I went out to get the mail and this mornings paper, and as I was walking back from the street, I saw the almost full moon just coming over the top of the naked alders out back. I stood there looking over my roof at the moon and the star that I could see. It was a very bright moon which blocked out most of the starlight. I thought as I stood there drinking in the moonlight and breathing out the fog that formed in the cold air. It was beautiful. The dark navy blue of the night, and the bright pearly white of the moonlight, and across the street the blue of the Christmas lights.

There was no sound, not even Sadie barking. It was just still, and dark, and peaceful. A glimpse of what the world should be like. Almost an ending, and then a beginning, a rebirth, a starting over. I don't know why I felt that, but it was very much there. I have a really good feeling about the future. I told Bob just yesterday that I was really looking forward to this Christmas. Not for material things, but for the Holiday season. I'm looking forward to putting the lights up.
decorating the tree, sending out Christmas cards, receiving Christmas Cards, attending the Christmas concerts, listening to the Christmas Music, and spending time with the family.

Maybe it's because the house is fairly clean, The Living area is DONE, (Almost) and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is also the first Christmas Season in YEARS! And I mean at least 38 of them, that I have had nothing on my calendar. NOTHING. I'm not doing a play right now, and I'm not working. I can actually enjoy the season. Watch the Holiday movies, bake a batch or two of cookies at my leisure, and just BE.

Looking at that bright full moon gave me hope. Hope for my future, hope for the World's future, and hope that this feeling grows and extends beyond just me, and on to others.

The wolves just down the street are howling, and they just make the whole scenario seem perfect! Cold blue night, bright pearl moonlight, Natures primeval howl, and the cold Fall/Winter late November weather. AHHHHHHHHH Peace...

Friday, November 26, 2004

And a good time was had by all

I got up at 700 to watch the Today show, and the Macy's Parade in New York. My Daughter kept looking asconce ( is that a word) at me, because I LOVE me some PARADES!!!! I jumped up during the commercials and finished sweeping the floor.

I now know why I leave my house messy. When it is clean, the least little bit of fuzz shows up. I kept the dust mop handy all day. I put the Turkey in the oven at noon, and settled in to watch the Annual DOg Show. Dinner was scheduled for 4:00

The annual FEAST went down beautifully! My Brother Mike, his wife Sherry and their son Galen (Scotty) came from 3 blocks away. My Sister came from 7 miles away, and Bob came from 11 miles away.

Tim, My Son who lives two islands up, Did NOT make it and my Daughter Donna had to go see her Husband and his family and his Mother who just had a hip replacement a few days ago.

But the 6 cats, one dog, 1 rabbit a Fish and the 6 of us humans feasted well.

The Brett's

Phyllis was not feeling well, but she put on a good front, and brought a spiral ham, a sweet potato casserole, and the cranberry relish.

Phyllis and Sherry

one of the highlights of the day for Bob and Mike was playing with my christmas present from last year...a fan for the woodstove. (Bob is so freaking PRACTICAL!)

Bob and Mike PLAYING

Mike was not sure how it worked, since it only runs on heat, so they grabbed, kicked all the pots off the cook stove (too hot for a wood fire) and turned on the burner. Then they set the fan on the hot burner until it started generating enough electricity or heat power or what ever to make it spin.

The toy

Other than the fact that I got this as my one and only gift from Bob last year, (bastard :( ) it is a great item. COsts about 35.00 and you just set it on the top of the woodstove, and when it heats up, it causes (magic to me) the blades to spin. You set it on the back of the stove, and it blows all the heat out into the room. It really does work, and helps the flow of the air.

I fixed the Turkey, rolls, mashed potatoes, and two gravies, one with eggs and giblets in a white sauce, and the turkey gravy. Sherry brought the pies and a pumpkin cheesecake.

Needless to say, there was waaaaaayyyyyy too much food. There alwyas is. I think next year, I am going to go for a 10 # Turkey, along with Phyllis' Ham. THat way there will be just a few left overs. Nothing like eating Turkey dinner for a week...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving !

When my Kids were little, we were stationed away from family and could never make it home for the Holidays. So we made our own.

One Halloween of 1976, Donna went dressed as Martha Washington, complete with curl cap and apron. Keeping with the bicentennial ya know!

That year Tim also made an Indian vest out of a large grocery sack, and colored it all different colors. He had cut the bottom to look like fringe, and he cut arm holes and head holes and cut it up the front so he could wear it.

Jim was home from a Carrier Qualification, and we were living in Navy Housing in Alameda, and naturally I had to work late on Wednesday night getting ready for the Day After Thanksgiving Sale at the Navy Exchange. I got home late, and then had to stay up baking cornbread for the stuffing, and prepping the Bird for the oven. Dinner naturally had to be set around a football game. Or two, or three, As Jim lived for Sports!

I finally got the table ready and the dinner on the table. We all were called to come in and eat, and in walked my Kids with their costumes on from Halloween. Donna in her Martha Washington outfit, and Tim in his Indian Vest. I took pictures, but for the life of me I don’t know where they are. I will always remember that Thanksgiving as one of our more memorable ones. Far away from family and friends, but making our own memories. Some thing to be really Thankful for.

I am hoping that all of your memories are being made as memorable and happy ones this Thanksgiving Holiday. And all of you Foreigners out there too. Make good memories, and have a good Thursday wherever you are.


Smoke (cough) gets in your (Choke).....

Choke! Cough! Gasp! Cough!!

I am sitting here blogwalking and my eyes started watering, and I was coughing, and I needed another cup of coffee. I get up and walk into the Living Room, and it is filled with smoke. I do not have a fire in the wood stove, so I headed for the kitchen. Yep!! the stove!

Now before I go into any more details, I must tell you I am NOT Martha Stewart! My Sister in Law even offered to clean my house before Thanksgiving, as a Christmas present. Not wanting to appear like my MOTHER, I told her it was already clean because of all the painting I have done. Last night I was on the kitchen floor, on my Butt, scrubbing the front of the cabinets, and under the fridge, because I dont want her to think I lied.

This morning, I looked at the oven!! ARRGGHHHH!!! It has not been cleaned in a year. Not since New Years last year! I have a self-cleaning oven, all I have to do is flip a lever, and hit a button and voila, it is clean. Well I never remember to do that. So this morning I did! and all the crap that was on the bottom of the oven caught fire and sent heavy smoke out the top of the stove, through the vent.

I am now sitting here with all the doors and windows open, the fan in the dining room on, and the candles all burning. The smoke is almost all cleared out. Sadie is not sure what is going on, she is right under the desk, laying on my feet and sneezing.

THe cats are hiding in the garage, and I am sitting here admitting to the world that I have (had) a dirty oven. It will be clean, with nothing to do but wipe out the ash when it cools enough to open and unlock.

Magic!! or at least it is sposed to be. WHat I am wondering is why the Smoke alarms did not go off. The shower steam sets it off, and sometimes the candles set it off, but a smoke filled living room did not? Hrmmmmmmmm.....


You Are the Stuffing

You're complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together.
People miss you if you're gone - but they're not sure why.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I am sitting here half way through my blogwalking, still unable to connect to blogger to post. I was just gonna compose in it, and keep it short. Silly me. The dashboard opens but I can not get into post. GRRR !!!! I hope all of you people out there with cable and DSL are very appreciative of what you have. It feels like there is a blockage or something in the line. Kinda like the shower drain when it is full of hair. SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWWW!!!!! Wish there was some way to pour Drain-O down the phone line.

I wanted to post a picture of Tom today too, but since I can’t get on, it might not get posted. Tom is a wild Turkey that lived in the trees where I lived in Fallon, Nevada.
We lived about 1/10th of a mile from the Carson River, and the Turkeys and Peacocks were thriving there. They would find their way over to the farm next door, and eventually to my yard.

Tom showed up in my yard early one spring with a harem of three hens. Chitters was in the window above my bed and started growling. Since he only growls at things he doesn’t understand, like earthquakes, I peeked over the windowsill. I saw Tom and being the animal lover that I am, I Gobbled at him. Gobble gobble gobble,. He stopped dead in his tracks and up went his tail and out puffed his feathers. Gobble Gobble Gobble he answered back. We did this for a few minutes, and then I went back to sleep.


Every Saturday morning for as long as I lived there, he would come over to my house at 800 in the morning and peck on the wall right under my window. I would Gobble Gobble Gobble and he would fluff up and gobble back. I don’t know whether he was challenging me or trying to get me into his harem!

I would walk over to the farm on some days, and visit, and Tom would be following the farmer around pecking at his pocket. Then he would get a peanut. Peck the pocket, get a peanut, He was so cool!! The hens laid and hatched baby Turkeys but they never survived the coyotes. When I left, it was just Tom. He was too tough to eat, so he was the neighborhood pet. I was always afraid that some crazy hunter would drive by and shoot him, but they never did. Tom may be living still.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday Blahs....

It is a grey and drippy morning, and so dark that I actually rolled over to go back to sleep thinking it was still real early. It is actually 8:00! A front moved through, and the temperature warmed up a bit. It froze for two nights, and Last night for the first time this year we actually had a fire in the woodstove.

I do not use the electric wall heater at all, and just heat with the stove. My daughter kept complaining that she was cold, and I just tell her to put on a sweater. I have a very warm internal heater. I am RARELY cold. I sleep with my head right at the open window year around, and am perfectly comfortable. As long as my feet and my boobs are warm, Im fine!

The rest of the family however...complains wildly. I have been remodeling/painting the Living/great room, and everything was piled in front of the wood stove, so we could not light it off. Yesterday it was really chilly, and I, in that rare moment,was cold too. DOnna jumped at the chance to build a fire. I offered, but she was so excited at the thought of being able to take her mittens and muffler off in the house, that she wanted to do it.

The Fireplace is a very small Lopi stove, and two logs is all that will fit in it at one time, and once it was lit, it heated the house right up. It was so funny! The door makes a squeak when it opens, and at that noise, and the sound of the crackle of the kindling, POOF!!! there were 4 cats and a dog all spread out right in front of the fire! Instantaneously!

the gang

After about 2 hours, Donna came in dressed only in her PJ's and sat down and said , "It feels so good to finally be WARM! My muscles are actually relaxing again." She exagerates greatly!

I keep the bedroom window open year round as I said earlier, for fresh air, but it also draws the heat through the house and warms up my bedroom. Last night It was so warm that I had to turn off the blankey and kick the covers off of me so that I could cool down enough to sleep. I didn't even have "Ethel the Heater Cat" In bed with me last night, she was spread out in front of the still warm stove!

I also am taking care of Dottie's two kitties again, and they are still at the spitting at the other cats stage. The baby did crawl up and curl up ON my book last night, and started purring. UNTIL Sadie, the little Bitch that she is, Barked, and then Tyler was hanging from the ceiling with all 20 claws! He is a baby Bilbo, and all I could see was two orange eyes!! He and Sadie will get along in about a week. Now Tippy the Older Siamese may never accept Sadie. She sat in the window all night and growled.

Yes folks, I do live in a zoo...Life with me is never dull.