Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something makes the head go around….

I have what I think is Vertigo,  I wake up and try to sit up and my head starts spinning.  I also have bubbles popping like soap suds in my right ear.  I have been to the Dr. and he sees nothing, so now I have an appointment with an audiologist next Friday to see what is going on.  I was told I have rocks in my head.  I know, I know…and yes, you DO have tiny little rocks in your inner ear, that when they get moved around, need to be repositioned.  It is called an Epley maneuver.  But I don’t want to do it myself in case I get really off kilter and can not get up.  There does not appear to be an inner ear infection, HOWEVER when I take an anti histamine, the problem eases up.  So maybe there is an allergy connection, after all it is SPRING!  or so the calendar says…..