Tuesday, November 29, 2005

sassy critters...


Weatherman says we are s’posed to have 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow. First snow of the year if in fact we do get it. We usually get all excited and phffftttt, Nothing. If we do get a snow it is usually gone in a day or two. Big snows mean its gonna rain right on top of it, because the cold air from the gulf of Alaska has met the pineapple express laden with lots of rain from Hawaii, right over the Puget Sound region. The two combine at first and dump snow, and then the Pineapple express warms up the frigid Alaskan air, and it all turns to rain, and melts it all into mud puddles. Nasty ugly dirty mud puddles. The road sand that the Dept of Transportation has diligently dumped on all of the major hiways and main arterial roads, to help with traction, is mostly dirty grit, and it gets all over your car. And all over your windshield, and generally makes for icky driving until it all dries up and blows over to the side of the road.

So this morning after I finished my afghan, I got dressed, and planned my day. Bob came over just at the right time, so I had him help me load up the wood box, and make sure I had enough close to the house so that I would not freeze if the power goes out. Then I went into the Farmer’s supply store, (Cenex) and bought bird seed, and bunny litter, and sunflower seeds for Lola, then off to pay my car insurance, and off to the scrapbook store to lay in supplies for the big snow.

I got home, and watched the news, and then as I was sitting here at the computer, Sadie ran up and jumped at my lap with her front feet, then headed to the office door, and barked, and then did it again very urgently, so I knew she had to pottie bad. I got up and started towards the back door, and she was not following so I went back and sat down. Again she came in and jumped at my legs and barked like “come on! Come On!!” so I followed her, and she ran right to the rug in front of the woodstove sat in front of it and barked as if to say “ok, Mom build the damn FIRE!!!” I did, Sadie and four cats are now stacked like cord wood all in a row, asleep in front of a nice cozy fire, while I am now in the office working on the computer.

Damn sassy critters!

UPDATE: Wrote this last night, and as usual, no snow!! It was dumping big time big flakes at 230 this morning, but I guess It switched to rain after I went back to sleep. Now there is nothing. Just wet and cold and sun breaks.

Monday, November 28, 2005

I'm DONE!!


YAY!!!! I'm Finished with it!!!! My mother started this afghan the year before she died, and did not finish it. She did the aquares in the middle. Donna, started a pink afghan about 10 years ago, got bored with it and gave all the squares to me. I took the beige yarn and finished Donna's squares, and then hooked them all on to Mom's portion. I was bound and determined that I would finish it. And this morning I finally DID!! got all the fringe hooked on about 30 minutes ago.

It feels really good to have a project actually finished!! As you can tell, we are a multi-generational bunch of procrastinators. I have made several afghans in my life, but have always given them away, so this one is staying right here!! I can think of nothing better than to be sitting by the wood stove wrapped in something that was made by the hands of two women that I loved most in my life!! My Mom and my Daughter!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH Big sigh of relief here........

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday Morning...

I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 730 this morning. Went to sleep around 330! must have been all that sleeping that I did yesterday!

I went into the show last night, and met another blogger-friend, Fran from Northwest notes She and her husband take off on weekends, and either backpack or hike around the pacific northwest, and they decided that they wanted to come see the show, and stay at a bed and breakfast in Coupeville. There are plenty of them here! It was wonderful meeting her for the first time. Her husband Tom is exactly like I pictured him and she is smaller than I thought she would be. You know how you picture someone in your mind...I had her tall and thin, nope, she's short and lean. An adorable little pixie! She is an avid gardener, and writes about her yard and learning how to ride a scooter. I am so glad we got to meet. Now that the ice has been bromaybe on one of their jaunts they can stop in and have coffee. THey both bike ride all over the place, and even do the Chilly Hilly which is a bike ride on Bainbridge Island in February. Lots of Hills, and Lots of Chilly weather! She's got guts, that girl!!


I kept hearing a thump, thud, flop on the side of my house this morning, so I got up to see what was going on, and all the cats were in the office window looking down. HMMMMMMM so I go to the window slowly and peek down, and there on top of the dog house, right under a suet feeder sits Lola. I am out of sunflower seeds and bird feed, so she has been eating her way through the suet blocks that I make. The only ones she has not gotten to yet are the ones hanging from the eaves. Give her a day or two and she'll have those too. GUess I better stop today and get more feed, I don't want to entice her under the nice warm house!!! Although I fear it is too late.

It snowed last night, and melted before we woke up. DARN! it started about 300 and was gone by 630! Right now we have all the clouds you can think of, and blue sky too! we have the strangest weather. THe sun is even peeking through the alders and shining on the under side of the clouds. Makes for a beautiful morning even though it is chilly out.

Things to do and places to go, so I have to get busy....

Friday, November 25, 2005

BURRRRRRRP! Oh Excuse ME!...

Well we ate, we ate very well. Once again we had too much food! Next year remind me to cook a smaller Turkey. I cooked a 23# one this year, and we did not even go through one half of that. Phyllis brought a ham over too, and that was too much. SO next year, I will cook a small turkey, and she can bring a small ham, And I wont cook dressing from scratch, 'cause I always make waaaaay too much and end up feeding the birds! I will make a pan of stove top stuffing, it is really good, and easy! Phyllis made her Sweet potato Casserole, and she can bring that next year also. And the mashed potatoes were just right. The gravies were not very good, because I blanked out and was going on remote while making them.

My SIL Sherry is the pie baker in the family, so she brought a pumpkin and a pecan, coulda used more of the pecan!

Donna called first thing in the morning to tell me Little Miss Till-Till (Tilly) says Happy Turkey Day Grandma. She is finally all settled in, and Bill and Her are actually living in the same house and happily! (who'd a thunk!) It seems odd to have her happily married, she has been with him for 14 years, and married for 10! Strange...But Hey, when you hardly ever live in the same house at the same time when do you have time to argue? She has a job, he has a job, and they are both close to where they live. Do you suppose there MIGHT be time for a GRANDCHILD? nah....She has a 24 year old step-son, so I told her she will probably be a grandmother before I will.

Tim called just as we were sitting down to dinner!! Now mind you, Tim NEVER calls. THe last time I heard from him was August! He lives the next Island over, but the Ferry costs a fortune and is full of tourists, so it is very hard to visit back and forth. He is still with Sandy, and still working very hard. It was great to hear from him too.

So it was just us old farts, and Mike's son Galen, who will never miss a free meal. He is such a cutie, and working hard at two jobs and getting some classes under his belt for his nursing degree. He is so skinny, but man can he pack it away! I forgot how much a young man can eat!!! Galen is 27. We told him he better slow down because as soon as he hits 30 the fat will find him!!!

I am up and writting this post at 615, because I woke up and my back was just trying really hard to spasm, so I said screw it and got up. Amazing how fast the internet is at this hour!! Almost Fun! Just Almost.

So here I sit, with a dishwasher full of clean dishes, a cupboard full of dirty pans, and no coffee made. There is a piece of pie calling my name, and a nice comfy chair waiting for me in the living room, So I will go work on my Afghan for a bit, and before the Seattle Macy's Christmas PArade starts on channel 5, I will probably be sound asleep in comfy chair, with two cats on my lap purring contentedly.

I hope you all had as nice a Thanksgiving, or plain old THursday as we did. Now go fix yourself a turkey sandwich and be sure you put some cranberry sauce on it...makes your hair curly!!! ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I remembered!!!!....

I actually remembered to take the turkey out of the freezer this afternoon, I usually have to thaw it under running water, because I am usually so busy at work getting ready for BLACK FRIDAY that I forget it. I must say it is rather nice, not to have to worry about having enough sale merchandise to make it from 500AM until Noon, when it goes back off sale. (yeah RIGHT!) It was usually really lame stuff, and people would line up at 400 am just so they would be the first ones in line to get wrapping paper for 50cents a roll. AND UGLY paper at that! I swear, you advertise SALE, and SOMEONE will buy it. I am so GLAD to not have to do that crap anymore. I actually have my house clean, the dishes all done, and all I have to do tomorrow is get the few things I need for my part of the meal.

I have been watching FOOD NETWORK all week, and I discovered something, on my own, and now everyone is doing it!! I do not stuff my Turkey, and I cook at fast and high, the past three I have cooked have been soooo moist!! And now all the chefs are saying to cook it for 2 hours at 425 and it will be done. Take it out BEFORE the temp reaches 180 degrees, as it will continue to cook for 30 minutes just resting.

I need to clear up something. I posted that I had to dig through pockets for some money because this month I am hurting. Please do not worry!! I just had several unexpected things happen this month, and my retirement pay just did not cover it all. Donna moved out, and even though I knew it was coming, I did not plan for it. My own fault. I screwed up. And I had car repair bills that I was not counting on. I will be fine, I promise, I just have to get caught up and then I will be able to make it. I have been broke before, and I will be again. Just remember that when you retire, you have all this time to do all things you wanted to do when you did retire, only now you wont have the money to do it with!! HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Ya'll drive safe on your trip over the river and through the woods tomorrow now. And don't overeat!! OH YEAH!!! The parades are on too!! WHOOT!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

OH YUM!!!!!

I am rummaging through pockets and drawers and purses looking for loose change and I found 20.00!! Whoot!!! SO I run to Prairie Center to get a package of sugar free popcicles. On the way back to the cash register I pass the freezer with the specials in it. ANd there they were on sale for only 2.99. Dreyers Ice cream limited edition. THere was Pumpkin, and peppermint and one I had not heard of...EGGNOG! ok, I splurged. I bought it. I ate it. It's really really GOOD too! and I don't even feel bad because I splurged when I am so broke. tough! I needed it. And I did IT! Yummy!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Thanksgiving week...

I find it hard to believe that it is already Thanksgiving Week again. It seems just like last week that we were talking about the plans we all had for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, my house is clean, and I am not smack in the middle of producing a show. (I am, but it is almost over) Things are going to be kinda low key this year. Donna is still finding her own kitchen, and will be eating at her In-Laws this year. Tim is....Well Tim is not here. And probably will not be. SO it will just be Phyllis, Mike and his family wife sherry and son Galen, and Me and Bob. That is all. No big celebration, just dinner.

I am so broke, but Bob bought the turkey, Phyllis is bringing a ham. And the sweet potatoes (in which form, I am never sure) Mike et al are bringing the pies, cause sherry can make pie crust, I can not! And I have a bag of potatoes so we have dinner covered. I have two bags of cranberries in the freezer so I will make my own sauce this year. (can you imagine, cranberry sauce with no rings on it from the can?) so we will have turkey, and gravy and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes and ham, and green beans and stuffing. I think I can scrounge up enough money for two bags of stuffing mix, and I can make cornbread too. Hey we will feast for sure.

Right now we are all socked in with fog and they say it will stay this way until Friday. The airport may be canceling flights. I can not imagine having to try and catch a flight anywhere during the holidays. I pity those that will be stuck in airports around the world.


Have you ever wondered why it is that when ever you leave a pair of colored socks in a pair of white pants, and throw them in the washer that they are ALWAYS RED? yep, did it. Yesterday, so now I have a pink sweater, 5 pairs of pinkish undies and a pair of mottled pink white cotton slacks. Now mind you I don't have any red socks, but I surmise they were kicked off of Donna's feet during a hot flash, and were all bundled up in the white mattress pad that I threw in with my laundry. Yeah, the socks are still Red too. AH well, No one but me sees the undies, and I only wear the white slacks around the house. So I guess that is a good thing.

My computer seems to be on the mend, after the all night defrag. I also took the tagboard down, as that seems to have had some "lurkers" that were slowing things way down too. After the first of the year I think I am going to get my own domain, rename my blog, maybe, and then BUY a zonkboard. I would put up a cute little chalk board like Kimmotions but I am not as smart as she is.

I am crocheting like crazy trying to finish this afghan, so I may not be posting much this week. On the otherhand, I have absolutely NO money, so I can not go anywhere or do anything, so I may be posting MORE!! Guess It will all depend on my mood and creative juices huh?

You all have a fine week! For those of us here in the US, If you are not in Retail Enjoy your short week. For the rest of you, Well, Drive safe please.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


The Stupid Quiz said I am "Fairly Smart!" How stupid are you? Click here to find out!

YES, I defragged last night, and I am flying now!!! CRAp dial up aside, (It still kicks me off) I seem to be fixed, And I took down the tagboard, ONly 3 of you ever used it anyway. ;)

It is time to lighten up and maybe have a good laugh.

I stole this from Maria

Two fellas from rural Minnesota walked into a pet shop in Minneapolis. They head to the bird section and Sven says to Ole, “Dat’s dem.”
The owner comes over and asks if he can help them.
“Yeah, we’ll take four of dem dere little budgies in dat cage up dere,” says Sven.
The owner puts the budgies in a paper bag. Ole and Sven pay for the birds, leave the shop and get into Sven’s pick-up and drive to the top of the big cliffs by a lake. At the cliffs, Sven looks down at the
100-foot drop and says: “Dis looks like a grand place.”
He takes two birds out of the bag, puts them on his shoulders and jumps off the cliff. Ole watches as Sven falls all the way to the bottom, killing himself stone dead.
Looking down at the remains of his best pal, Ole shakes his head and says: “Dis budgie jumping is too dangerous for me.”
BUT WAIT!!!! There’s MORE!
Moments later, Knut arrives up at the cliffs. He’s been to the pet shop too and walks up to the edge of the cliff carrying another paper bag in one hand and a shotgun in the other.
“Hey, Ole. Watch dis,” Knut says. He takes a parrot from the bag and throws himself over the edge of the
cliff. Ole watches as half way down, Knut takes the gun and shoots the parrot. Knut continues to plummet down and down until he hits the bottom and breaks every bone in his body. Ole shakes his head and says, “And I’m never trying dat parrotshooting either.”
BUT WAIT!!!! There’s MORE!
Ole is just getting over the shock of losing two friends when Lars appears. He’s also been to the pet shop and is carrying a paper bag out of which he pulls a chicken. Lars grasps the chicken by the legs holds it over his head and hurls himself off the cliff and disappears down and down until he hits a rock
and breaks his spine. Once more, Ole shakes his head…..
“First der was Sven with his budgie jumping…. den Knut
parrotshooting…. and now Lars is hengliding!”



Once again I have been sitting here for almost 50 minutes just trying to get blogger to open my edit posts so that I could get something written. This is just so frustrating. I really dont think it is Blogger at all, I think I have a very very sick computer. That would be my luck. I cant afford another one, and I certainly cant afford to have John come out here at 50-75.00 an hour to fix it. I think I have a spyware thingie going on, because all of a sudden about a week ago, things just skidded to a halt! I will connect at 115.2 (how I dont know when I only have a 56.6 modem.) but anyway I will connect and then FREEZE I can blogwalk, but everytime I try to go to someplace secure, POW!! Off I go, and then I can only connect at 52.0! huh? THis is all greek to me. I thought it might be something DOnna had installed, so I uninstalled all of her email and ISP-Q (OH MY!!) and got about a gigabyte freed up. I then was doing pretty good, but when it started to freeze yesterday I did a system restore and all of her files popped back. I think I need something that will scan my drives and get rid of all the superfluous shit, and give me a clean, fast, functioning computer!

I want to win the lotto so I can get my Lap top upgraded, and take everything off of it except windows XP and microsoft office. THat way I can use it just for blogging , and keep this one for all the creating I do. Photos etc.

DAMN but I hate being stoopid!! What I think is really frustrating is I am not Stupid, Actually I am fairly intelligent, and logical, and can actually be a grown up person when I have to be. I just HATE being helpless and BROKE! GRRRRR

Tonight was absolutely gorgeous out. THe moon was coming up behind Mt Baker as I was driving into Oak Harbor, and it was shining through the haze and fog and actually sending out reddish orange light, diffused by the clouds, so that it looked like the mountain was erupting. I knew it was not because Our volcanoes just erupt pahoehoe lava (thick and viscous and black) and not the fiery red aa Lava that looks like shooting embers. (impressed yet?) When I was driving home, the stars were out, the moon was bright overhead, but the temperature inversion was making fog form upside down! (from the sky downward) and it was all bright like a lit blanket. Almost made the ground look like it was covered with snow. It is sposed to freeze tonight, and all the fog will turn into black ice and make for a very slippery road bed. Glad I do not have to go anywhere.

Donna is sposed to be over here tomorrow to finish cleaning her room and gathering her gear and finish moving out. I doubt that she will though, She has everything of value, the rest is just stuff, and you know how kids have a tendency to leave things in a royal mess when they move out. Especially my GARAGE!!!

Well Let me see if I can get this posted in less than an hour. cross your fingers..

Friday, November 18, 2005

Big Stretch...

Well Here I am sleepless North of Seattle again!! I was doing pretty good this week, I would go to bed about 1130, and read until the Tylenol PM kicked in and then I waould sleep a good 7-8 hours and wake right up rested. SO Tonight I decided I was sleepy enough I did not need to take the sleep-aid, turned out my light, snuggled down into the warm covers and slept like a baby for 1.5 hours and now I am wide awake. I HATE that!

I am trying to post a picture of Lola that I took yesterday morning. She has found the suet feeders that I have hanging off the deck uprights, and it was so funny watching her antics while trying to decide which was the most efficient route to take. She would run around the railing until she found the right upright and then climb it and STRETCH over to the feeder and just hang that way while she worked a sunflower seed out of the suet. Then she would fall and start all over again. She finally went across the top, and down the wire, and ate from the top. That worked real well, until Sadie discovered that Lola was RIGHT THERE, and ran up barking and away lola flew. I swear she had wings! There is a flying squirrel, but Lola is not one of them, She is a Douglas Squirell. I filled the feeder trays before I left this evening, and when I got home around 930, I let Sadie out to pottie and off flew a big barred owl. He was jusrt sitting there on top of the deck railing, watching the rats and mice and voles that feed there at night. Lint goes out every evening and kills one or the other of them, and the owl swoops down and takes the carcass away. Cool huh? Who needs exterminators, I have Lint and the woods full of owls.

I tried for over an hour to post this early this morning, and finally gave up. I got it now though, I think. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with my computer, it is soooooo SLOOOOOOWWWWWWWW. and getting worse. I run PC-Cillin and find nothing, and if I try to download something, it either takes HOURS, or my server kicks me off.

I need a fairy godmother who is a computer geek!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dark dreary day...

We have had the ugliest sky today. Not quite clouds, not quite fog, just YUCK!!! and no wind, so the air is not moving at all. There is a temperature inversion which means that warm air aloft has trapped the cool stagnant air at sea level. It was chilly, so just as I had a good roaring fire going in the wood stove, and settled down to watch the evening news, the weatherman came on and said that there was a burn ban on because of all the gunk in the air. If you only heat with wood, you can still burn, but if you have any other source of heat you will get a 4000 fine. I let the fire burn out. dont have 4000. But I had all the windows closed and it got really warm in this house with just the three logs I started with.

I LOVE my Lopi stove. I can heat the whole house for four hours on three pieces of wood. I have a 1400 SF house too. I do keep my bedroom window opened a bit year round, and that helps draw the heat back to that part of the house.

I sat and watched tv most of the evening, I am really getting into E-Ring. LOVE that MAn!! PURRRRRR! and then CSI NY and Gary Sinese...Mighty fine TV tonight. I almost finished the squares on the multi-generational afghan, my fingers are really sore, but I am determined to get all of these unfinished projects done in the coming year. The quilt will have to wait until payday so I can get the batting. ANd then It will be finished also. YES!!!! THen I can finish MY own creation.

I am finishing Rusty's Director's GIft tomorrow, and then I will have to take it in and have the cast sign it. then get it framed, and that project is done too.
Damn, I am almost getting good!!! Scares me...

Uh-oh!! there is a warning at the bottom of this that could not connect to Blogger.com. Saving and publishing may fail. Guess I better copy this into word huh...Stupid BLOGGER. NO It is probably my CRAP dial-up!!!

Missing her...

As much as I wanted her to get a place of her own and start her life like she should, I miss her! I have no one to talk to. There is only so far you can go with the animals. I talk to myself, and I always have, Bob only comes over on Friday Evenings, Phyllis has to work, and she is so busy, it is hard to get time with her. Mike is working at night and sleeps days, and TIm....well, Let's just say he lives 45 miles away, and I have not seen him in a year!

I am dead ass broke, so I cant go into town. I need to wait until payday to go anywhere. And dont have any money to spend if I did get there. I am starting to think I dont like retirement. ALl this time to do things, but no money left to do them with. I started to finish the multi generational quilt, and got the top finished, but now I don't have any money for the batting!! GRRRRR So now I am finishing the multi generational afghan, but My hand hurts so bad from Arthritis that I can only finish 6 squares a day.

I have cleaned the house! the dishes are all done, and I do not use many, so that is finished, the washing is all done. and put away, and I started in on Donna's room. She left it a wreck, thinking she would come back and clean it out but she has not had the time. (hmmmmm)

Donna and I have a very close relationship for a mother and daughter, although there are some things she wont tell me, and I DONT WANT TO KNOW EITHER. TMI for me. She is 38 and a very liberated woman. (EEK) and too smart for her own good. I honestly do not know where she got it from. She amazes me, and always has. I really miss her.
I call to talk, and she sees it is me, and wont answer, she thinks I am butting into her life, and I truely am not. I just want to talk to her and be involved some what in her life.

SIGH!!! I guess I need to adopt another puppy!! that will keep me really busy for a year or so. A little black and white cocker puppy about 6 weeks old. That way Sadie can raise it and it wont get bigger than her! :)

I think I will toddle my arse off to bed, and rest while I can, tomorrow I have to struggle with the lawn mower and see how far I can go before my back gives out again.
(Gosh, You'd think that since my SOn in Law only lives 40 miles away now, and this side of the mountains that he would take pity on me and come mow it for me. WOuldnt ya? Too bad he doesnt read this!! or maybe it IS a good thing.

Monday, November 14, 2005



Leslie was the first person to read my blog, and a great friendship has formed from the ethernet! We are almost like twins, except for looks, and age, and height, and weight, and hair color. Well we THINK alike anyway!! We have never met, but We will one day. Great Friendships are hard to find.

Happy Birthday Dear Leslie, May you get everything you wished for!


Stolen from Wanda...

Your Power Color Is Magenta

At Your Highest:

You energize yourself and push others to suceed.

At Your Lowest:

You feel frustrated and totally overwhelmed.

In Love:

You are suprised by who you attract. You're a love magnet.

How You're Attractive:

Open and free spirited, people want to explore the world with you.

Your Eternal Question:

"What is my next source of inspiration?"

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Anybody have a really GREAT recipe for fruitcake? The kind you soak in Brandy or Rum? how about an Irish Whiskey Cake? I need to make a big fruit cake this year, but I cant find a recipe that sounds right. I need a really good one. not dry, but loaded with booze!!

And a good Bourbon Ball recipe.

It felt like winter all day today, and I just stayed in and putzed on the computer all day, and then remembered that I had a party to attend this afternoon at 500. But I remembered this at 800, so I lose! SORRY RUSTY!!!!!!! :(

I was cold all day, so I put on my fleecey warm socks and my landsend slippers, and a sweater and built a fire and actually crocheted some more on my Mother/daughter/granddaughter afghan. Mom made some of it, and gave it too me, and DOnna made parts of another out of the dame colors, and gave the pieces to me, and I am putting it all together with a different stitch. It will be really pretty if I ever get it done. (Yes, ANOTHER unfinished project, but if you read far enough back, you will find it listed as one of the originals)

ANyway, If any of you have a great fruitcake recipe, would you share it? PLEASE???

(Bill, I promise I wont send you any,)

Monkey Business...


I am soooo Upset!! It seems that last night, after I left Monkey in the office snuggled up with Knot Head, that he decided to pull some pranks. The above picture is what I found on my computer when I got up this morning. Now I asked who did it, and no one is talking. It certainly looks like we have a monkey doing some 'business' here. I had a long talk with him and he promised that he would NEVER tell storied again, that the truth and honesty is what counts. I told him that I would have thought it was funny if he had confessed to being bored, but to LIE!!!! tsk tsk tsk!!!

Today he had to stay in the house all day, so I made sure he had peanuts and a nice group of kitties to play with. Sadie and I had things to do, so when we got home, we gave him lots of attention, and promised him that he would get to meet Phyllis tomorrow.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Monkey and Knot head

While I was trying to get my livingroom floor dustmopped, I looked over at the fireplace, and Monkey had chased off 3 of the cats presumably to get closer to the fire. You see it is a rather cold ugly night out there. Sadie immediatly snuck up to see just what kind of cat I had brought home now! He proceeded to turn his back to her, jump over me and hightail it into the Office where he snuggled up to Knot-Head, and made a life long friend. THe only one that has every snuggled up to Knot head is Tippy, the SIamese Cat I care for when DOttie is on vacation. Tippy rubs up against him and purrs, And I would imagine that if Monkeys could Mr. Nutt would be too, jusging by the grin on his face. He is sooo not want to go back to Yorkshire.

warming backside

Monkey at the Fire...

Mr. nut and the gang

Today was a cold and really drippey day in the Pacific Northwest, Monkey P. Nutt decided that even though the rest of us were up at the crack of doawn, he really wanted to stay all snuggled in his box/bed. I will let him skate until tomorrow.

Bob and I went window shopping at the outlet mall. I had no money, so could not buy a thing. THe Mikasa store was a real challenge. I could spend TONS of money in there! walked out empth handed and went to Michael's craft store. I forgot that I was NEVER gonna take Bob in there again!!! He just embarrasses me so much. He goes down an aisle, (not with me) and then I can hear him hooting all over the store. Laughing at some gizmo or another, and talking to me over the fixtures, YUK YUK YUK what do you use this for? YUK YUK YUK usually followed by a very rude crass remark with adult undertones. OH GOD!!! I am glad Monkey stayed home, he would have surely left and gone back to Yorkshire on the next plane.

While we were parking, the sky opened up and it literally DUMPED wet cold white stuff all over us. I cant really call it snow, too hard, but not hail, too soft, not rain, too solid and not snow too wet. just STUFF! which piled up on the roads and windows.

We came home and I built a fire while Bob played the STUPIDest DVD...Robots! unreal!!! After I had the fire built, and was trying to get my back popped in again, I looked at the throw rug in front of the stove. Yep there was 4 cats and Monkey all laid out like they were waiting to pass on. The picture is very bad, because my flash is not working correctly. It is way overexposed...but there is Monkey, and 4 cats all laying in front of the fire. Sadie had not butted in yet.
He will get to meet Phyllis tomorrow, SHe can take him to church and introduce him to her Pastor.

Have to go see what the ruckus is all about. THere are loud outside voices coming from the Fireplace area. Must be fighting over the warn rug. tsk tsk tsk.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mr. Nut has entered the Bldg...

Yes, indeed, Mr. Monkey P. Nutt has arrived in the good ol' U.S. of A. for the second time, and he arrived in style. He came in an insulated carton, because it gets really cold up in the Northern Lattitudes. He had a big grin on his face as I opened the box with the only thing I had handy, a pair of cuticle nippers! He is such a good house guest, he came complete with hostess Christmas presents!! (He said they were from him, but I think he is confused, I think they are really from Bilbo. THe kitties immediately jumped into the box on the bed, and started rooting around in it before I even had him out of it.

Chitters took off with a ziplock bag in his teeth, followed closely by Loki trying to get it away from him. I finally rescued it, afraid it was one of Monkey's goodie bags that he gets to take home to England. It wasn't. It was for the kitties from Bilbo, They had so much fun drooling all over the plastic bag, that I just left it that way. There are teeth marks all over the bag, and Sadie opened it for them. SO the blanket toy, Sadie has claimed, and the meeces are all over the floor.

Mr. Nutt does NOT like the rain. I offered to take him out to meet Lola over a peanut or two, but he would rather just stay in his box/bed and rest for a few hours. Travelling is very tiring ya know. Even MAtt Lauer is tired after all of his stops. He is getting his rest so He can go see Little Shop Of Horrors tonight. (I hope Audrey II has already been fed!! :0 )

Im on that fence with Brenda...

I was just over at WHATS UP DOWN SOUTH and Brenda posted a quiz...ya'll know I cant pass up a quiz.
Ok Wanda, you can laugh if you want....

Your Political Profile

Overall: 45% Conservative, 55% Liberal
Social Issues: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

How Liberal / Conservative Are You?

You can quit now....Uh Wanda, WANDA, WANDA!!! You Can QUIT LAUGHING NOW!!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

just stuff...

On the tool bar of the Blogger post box, there is an icon that says add image. It doesnt work! I tried last night and the photo is off in cyberspace somewhere! So tonight I used Hello/Picasa and TA-DA!! It's there. So much for neat new stuff that is sposed to make your life easier!

I did A big fat nothing today! It was COLD and damp out side, so no yard work got done. Bob brought over two turkeys he got at the commissary on Base. One for this Month's family get together and the other one because it was smaller and only 39 cents a pound! I may send him back for another one in December. No wait!! He buys the Prime Rib Roast in December! It is tradition! Besides, He can afford it and I cant! :)

I am sitting here tonight doing a crossword puzzle and It hit me that I am sposed to be somewhere. I called Rusty, and she said NOPE! so I must be wrong again. I have been gone so much the past 6 months that it feels like I am forgetting something when I stay home for two nights in a row! I'm not at all sure I like this. I may have to find something else to do...

Busy bee...

I have been so busy the past few days. I have been putzing around the house trying to get it back to being MY house! Donna did not mess things up, in fact she helped out quite a bit, BUT I am a night owl, and she is not. She likes her privacy and QUIET time, so just when I was getting my second wind, it was time to hibernate in my bedroom and watch TV so I would not bother her. Needless to say, my house was always a wreck!.

I am a creature of habit. Did not ever think I was, But man I sure am now. I wake up, and no matter the time, the TV goes on, and I go back to sleep for an hour or so, then get up make a pot of coffee, and watch TODAY. I used to then go right into Martha, but the Network screwed that all up and now we have stupid TYRA. Martha is on during the TODAY show, on an auxiliary network. NBC is KING 5 and it's affiliate non-network is KONG 6-16! (cute huh) If they would take TYRA and switch it with Martha, then things would be fine in my world. Her new show is really quite good. And I think she is liking it too, she laughs and has fun with her guests. GOOD FOR HER!! Yesterday I discovered my DVR. And I set it to record Martha every day. SO now I can watch it when Stupid TYRA is on! Cool huh?

that is quite the tool! I like NCIS, COMMANDER IN CHIEF and THE AMAZING RACE on Tues, but I cant watch them all, because CIC and TAR are on at the same time. SO! I set the DVR to record CIC and I went into the bedroom to watch NCIS and TAR! At 11:00 I watched the news and then watched CIC!!!! I think I like DISH NETWORK!~! If only they had internet on it's satellite!! Ah well.

I have cleaned my bedroom and bathroom, and have taken out all the trash, cleaned off the dining room table, (don't ask) and washed all of the dishes and cleaned the countertops! Tomorrow I will do the livingroom floors and the kitchen floors, and then I MIGHT start in on the office. IF it is dry again tomorrow, I really need to get out there and mow the lawn. With all the rain and no freeze, (Close) the grass is growing so fast you can watch it get taller!! All of the leaves are now off the Maple tree out front, SO I need to mow them up and get them off the porch and empty the dead plants from the flower pots and get them ready for the winter.

I don't have to put my Christmas lights up this year, because I never took them down LAST year! Just unplugged them. (GRIN) I want to clean off both porches, and then start in on donnish room. I had just painted it before she moved in, so It just needs to be cleaned and the rug removed. (puppies, ya know, and NOT all mine. The rugs were all trashed when I moved back in)

I think It is time to go take a nice long hot soaky bath and reeeeellllaaaaaxxx! Ya'll be quiet in the morning ok? I think I will sleep in until at least 730!! Gotta get up and see WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MATT LAUER!

Monday, November 07, 2005


We have been having a fair share of wet and stormy weather the past week or so. It rained like we have not seen it rain in a long long time. Yesterday we got over 1" of rain. Very unusual for us. We only get 17" a year, the problem is that it mists all the time. SO you think it really is raining and it isnt. Along with the rain we have had wind, 40-50 MPH winds up in our neck of the sound, and less by Seattle. It has been unusually dark out during the day also, Good days for staying in bed all hunkered down with a good book!

Donna came and picked Tilly up and took another load of her stuff home with her. It was so nice last night to sleep in a bed with out the dog pushing me off. Sadie is missing Tilly big time. THey fought all the time, but at least Sadie had some one to play with. I must need another puppy huh?

right now it is getting COLD out there, the temp is almost to 32 degrees, and already black ice warnings have gone out. The passes are getting FEET of snow, and the ski resorts that went wanting last year, are opening already. ANd several passes have closed!!

Now we usually close the North Cascades highway around the 1st of December, and it stays closed until March or April. But this year it closed last week, and they said it will remain closed for the year, as there is just too much snow on the pass now. Snoqualmie Pass, which is our MAJOR E-W Interstate route, has been closed for two days because of a rock slide. so that leaves only US2 which goes over Stevens Pass, (1 lane each direction) US 12 which goes over White Pass, and the columbia gorge which is I 82. Needless to say the truckers are really in trouble. It will take them several hours to drive around to the other passes and back to I-90 again. And with the cost of fuel up this week, there are some hurting trucking firms. I heard just now that they opened 1 lane in both directions over I-90, so traffic can start moving again. according to the news there is over 5 million dollars worth of goods transported EVERY DAY over that pass. Whew!! No wonder they are scared.

We are expecting more rain again tomorrow, but forcasted as of yet.

I have spent 3 days putzing around the house and getting it ready for Mr. Nut's visit. He will be staying here, because Phyllis does not have an extra room. And it just so happens I do now! I have been doing little odd jobs that I have been putting off for a long time, and things are starting to take shape. JUst one step at a time, and the house should be clean again.

I cooked a turkey on Saturday to make room for the three turkeys Bob is buying when the price is cheap. This one was 39 cents a pound for a total of 6.35!! dont mind eating turkey at that price! This bird was over a year old, and needed to be cooked. It was delicious!! none of the other fixings, just the turkey. so juicy! and I made a big pot of soup from the carcass. Now I hope I can replicate it come Thanksgiving.

I may or may not be posting daily, as I have a honey-do list that needs to get done, and since I live alone....
Ya'll have a great week.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Skipping rocks...

skipping rocks

Did you ever stand on a beach or a river bank and watch as your Dad or big brother looked down for a long time, finally picking up a rock and throw it into the water in such a way that it actually bounced off the water?

My Dad would skip stones all the time. When I was a little girl, he would do it, and I was in awe! I thought he was magic to get a rock to bounce on water. He would get me to try, not telling me his secret, and I would, only to be disappointed because mine would sink. JUST LIKE A ROCK! His would skip, JUST LIKE MAGIC.

It wasn't until years later, when I was on a beach with some other kids and one of the boys picked up a rock and bounced it magically just like Dad used to do!! I told him my Dad could do that too, and he said. "anybody can, you just have to find the right rock." He then showed me how to find the right rock, and showed me how to hold it and then throw it.

that summer, I spent every day at the beach across from my house skipping rocks with my friends. We would look for the right rocks, and then see who could skip them the farthest, fastest, most bounces, curved etc. I got quite good at it. I would look all morning for the flattest rock. Had to be flat, but still had to be small enough to fit in my hand just right and also big enough to have the heft to go the farthest. Several times I would stand at High tide and skip the rock, and then note where it landed, and go retrieve it at low tide.

To skip a stone, you have to have a flat rock, that would fit between your index finger and thumb, and touch the skin above your thumb. Then you had to curl the rest of your fingers into your palm, hold the rock top up, and lean over to the right side and do a side arm throw flicking your wrist just as you brought your arm forward and released the rock. The secret was all in the wrist action, much like throwing a curve ball or a slider.

I showed my young son how to skip rocks when he was about 8 years old. He thought I was magic too, but I just did not have the heart to tease him like my Dad did me. I showed him how to do it, and watched with wonder as the son I raised skipped his first rock. It was not a long skip at that time, but a skip it was, and the thrill that showed on that little boys face as he turned to me and said...I DID IT MOM!!!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Feels like WINTER...

fall bounty

We are sitting here waiting for the biggest storm of the season to slam into us either late tonight or tomorrow. Winds up to 50 MPH are expected in Admiralty inlet...Yep, that is where I sit...right above it! I was not planning to even get dressed today, it was just that kind of day for slugging in your pj's. Unfortunately 4 cats that live here had other ideas. It seems they have been having a hay day eating cat food. And they are out! I am going to have to put a stop to that! they are all getting lazy and chubby except for Chitters who is getting skinnier. So I got dressed and headed into prairie Center for groceries. I stopped by Phyllis' to pick up something, and then went on to the store.

As I got out of my car to walk across the parking lot, The wind came in right off the prairie and smacked me in the face, and I swear the wind chill factor had to be close to freezing. It even SMELLED like snow. I would not be surprised to see a dusting down at sea level in a few more weeks. The earliest we have had snow of any amount here was in 1985 I think, Nov 19, and there was 19 inches on the ground!! It was quite a dump for us. We will be getting colder and colder as this month goes on. And waiting for the storm to hit just brings it back that I need to bring in some wood before it all gets wet and will not burn.

The big grey squirrels have been tearing up the fence line running back and forth with nuts in their mouth. I think they are stocking up and storing up for the winter. Must be gonna be a hard one.

Hey up there!!! Did it all melt, or is it cold too? And ya'll down there, enjoy your warm fall weather as we get rained on and wet and cold and freeze!! Time to get out the electric blankets...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

staff LSOH

This is the staff that worked on LSOH! Rusty the Director is in the front. I am in the back...

Tonight was our final dress rehearsal, and it went FINE!! Rusty and I went over the light cues before the show, and everything worked great. I still am not thrilled with the way the plant eats it's dinner, but it will work. Until something else is figured out.

Tomorrow I will be playing on the computer all day, getting the headshots and Bios done for the Lobby wall. ANd then, folks, I am done until April!! Whoot!!! Rusty and I are sooooooo tired, working these shows back to back. We will be videotaping this one also, so get your names on the list quick!!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday. I may not be by until Thursday. Lots to do!! Everybody wish Bilbo good health!!! His Mommie is very worried about him.