Sunday, August 31, 2003

I am afraid that I have to do a horrible chore tomorrow. My Cocker Spaniel, Mariah, has a tumor that has grown like wildfire, and today she is walking very slowly, and all hunched up. I can not afford chemo and surgery for a dog that is 11 1/2 years old. I am told that their life span is only 12-13 years. She has been such a good dog and we have been through a lot together. She is a fantastic traveling companion. And she is a great watch dog. I will miss her terribly. We'll have to see how she is tomorrow. Maybe she is just constipated. I do not want her to suffer, and she looks like she is not at all well, even though she has not once uttered a whine. I CAN put her out of her suffering, I COULD NOT put my Mother out of hers. It just seems to me that there is something terribly wrong with a world that is kinder to their pets than to their parents. One simple little shot and she will be at peace, Mom suffered for so many weeks. 'tain't right!!

Saturday, August 30, 2003

I just read CRITTERCHICK'sblog about trying to win the lottery. Oh I would Kill the ass-hole. DEAD! Really DEAD! I don't think there would be a jury in the land who would find you guilty of 1st degree murder, maybe manslaughter. and with a much reduced sentence. Our state lotto today is 39 million. Oh how many lives I could change with 39 million. first I would give 10% to the neonatal ward at CHILDRENS HOSPITAL in Seattle. I have no agenda to do that other than thanking the Lord that I have never had to use it. Once that was done....PARTY!!!! I think I would take a loooong trip; a cruise to ALaska and then rent a humvee in Anchorage and drive down the Alcan. I wouldn't even care what season it was, however right now would be an ideal time. School back in session, and vacationers off the roads.

Then once I was back home I would find a nice quiet piece of land to build my dream home on. GOtta have a view of the water. and definately out of the flight path of NAS Whidbey!!! of course I would also find a great lawyer and accountant to help me. I know there will be all kinds of people and organizations who would immediately want a piece of my loot. I think I would just refer them to my great accountant and after one year then I would decide who I would donate to. (To whom I would donate?) hey with 39 million I don't have to be grammatically correct. I can have my secretary do that.

Enough with the day dreams...

I just got my 4th call today from 866-559-1025. I have gotten to the point that I will not answer a number I do not recognize or that will not ID themselves. It has to be a telemarketer. So I remember google, and go in and type in the number and query google. YEP its a telemarketer and from the sounds of the blog I read, A pretty unethical one too. I just registered with "do not call " so starting Oct 1st if they call me it costs them!!! LOTS!!! :-)

(Oh don't you just MELT at the sound of Sam Elliotts voice? He can come talk to me all night long!!! wouldn't have to touch, just talk, that would be enough to do it. (wonderful shudder))

I was supposed to go in to the Playhouse and touch up the set for ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, but I am home alone, Donna went to Ellensburg to see her husband, and Bob has a funeral to go to today so He wont be over, so I can stay in my muumuu all day long, nap if I want to, play music if I want to, AS LOUD AS I WANT TO!!! So I am playing hooky from painting, and I am gonna take my playbook and script from GODSPELL out on the deck plug in the cd player and play the soundtrack and immerse my self in my play which goes into Auditions in a little over a month!! so catch ya'll later.

So, I bitch about being a ++ size woman, and here I sit on my coleman camp chair, cause the dr chair was too hard, eating Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream. It was my second choice. I really wanted B&J's Coffe for a change ice is soooo good. Ah well, nothing wrong with chocolate either. Yummmmmm

I fixed a real Pacific Northwest dinner tonite. Bob actually caught a salmon, so I grilled that, made a mango salsa out of the over ripe mangos, (OH MAN!!!) Stopped along the road and got ears of corn fresh picked, a salad and sour dough garlic bread. The only thing missing was the blackberry cobbler, that would have made it perfect. We have Himalayian Blackberries Every where, and they are so sweet and good. Unfortunately it is the KUDZU of the PAC NW. It starts growing and will cover everything in two years. It is Hell to get rid of too. Just as soon as I had all of the food on the table on the deck, (I grilled everything) The fog started rolling in, and it chilled way down, We toughed it out, and enjoyed the dinner.

I have got to clean this cage. I did finally change the cat box...It's rough with four cats. I think I will make a concerted effort to clean house tomorrow, I say this tonite, but things may change tomorrow...i'm out of chocolate...GRRRRRRRRR

Friday, August 29, 2003

I have GOT to get a more comfortable chair for my 'puter desk. I am using an old dining room chair, and it is hard on my bony butt!! you would think that a ++ size woman would have plenty of padding down there, but I am shaped like an apple, and have no Meat on my ass. I have bird legs. I look like a marshmallow on toothpicks. I guess I should head to Office Max and see what they have to offer. I really miss my office chair. But not enough to go back to work!

Yesterday on the way through Coupeville heading to the Playhouse I noticed a fog bank hanging low over the Straight. You could see the Olymics, and Pt. Townsend, but the fog was white like a blanket laying over the water. It reached up when it hit land and kind of clamped it's hand over the the trees. then slid on down the sides of the woods, and hung really low and creeped over the fields. Fog is really neat to watch. I especially love it at night. I can lay here on the bed with my head at the window, feeling the coolness creep in. And then off in the distance a very low booooop! Boooop! The fog horn on Admiralty head letting the ships in the shipping lanes know where the shoals are. Often you can hear a far off fog horn blare, and then little bit later, a louder blare and then louder as the ship feels its way through the narrowest part of the straight. once through, the blares get lower and lower as it continues on its way. I can just imagine what it must have been like before electronics and radar. THey must have literally felt their way around the turn and down the Sound to Seattle. When I was a young lass, We lived on the West side of the Island and I could hear the horns from Smith Island, Partridge Point and Pt Townsend. so it sounded like BOOP, boop, boop........................BOOP, boop, boop.....................BOOP,boop,boop. I loved laying in my bed and listening to them. They would put me right to sleep. To this day, when I hear them, I relax and feel like all is right in the world. BOOP,boop,boop.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

CLOUDS!!!! and FOG!!! now if they would only drop some of their moisture!!! I dont ever remember going this long without rain. Yeah when I was stationed in Fallon, Nevada (shudder) we went awhile with no rain, but then we would get gully washers, and I do mean gully washers. It was amazing to me to see rain that hard, gather that fast and flood everything so completely. I was in Wally-World one bright sunny day, and heard thunder. then it sounded like B-B's hitting the metal roof. I paid for my purchase and went outside...WHOA!! It was raining so hard you couldn't see across the parking lot. All the desert people were standing in the doorway not moving, waitinf for the rain to subside. Pshaw say I, it's only water, Im used to it, Im from Washington state, land of the perpetual mossy yard. I find my car, but I and my purchase were soaked to the skin. I drive slowly through the now accumulating water on the parking lot and find my way back to US 50 and headed West. HA!!!! I nervously laughed while driving because I could not see ANYTHING!!! I knew that I should be getting close to my turn, but who knew? You couldnt stop, someone would hit you, you couldnt pull over, you might fall into a canal, so you had to keep on keeping on. I will say that was probably the dumbest thing I had done in awhile. I did find my turn, and prayed that there was nothing coming and headed across traffic and across the Carson RIver to my own road. Once off the hiway, it was better, but the "MIGHTY" Carson River which was usually only 10 feet wide and 1/2 " deep was actually a raging river!!! Since I only lived 1/2 mile from the river I was hoping that the old timers were right, it would not flood where I was. It didn't. But I have not seen rain like that Ever, nor Since. But I would love to see some like that right now, right here. We are so dry, I will wake up and smell woodsmoke and PRAY that it is some weirdo who thinks they are cold and have a fire in their fireplace instead of some teenager camping in the woods. If a fire got started here right now, It would go forever!!! I guess what I have been trying to say is WE NEED RAIN ! And LOTS of it, and a long lots of it. Now all of you remind me in January that I actually said this. Because once it does start again, it prolly wont stop until next summer. And I will un doubtedly Bitch about it. I have a very short memory.

Oh GOODY!!! The jets are flying again. No TV for me tonite! I dont mind them as long as I know they are going to fly. I will just go to bed and read. It is when I settle in to watch something and they start that I get upset. So I will sit there with my remote in hand, volume UP.............VOLUME down. THey are a necessary part of living and working on a Navy Base though. Actually I live just over the trees from the field. They line up on my house, bounce on the roof, over the trees and then practice their landing and take offs.

I need to get my big fat arse up off this chair and go do something useful like find quotes from caterers for the fundraiser at the Playhouse. catch ya all later...have a nice one, and pray for rain!!!
I now have TWO Lola's at the feeder. (Lola is a Douglas Squirrel, sex unknown) Lola was there yesterday, and I got a really good look at her. Yep It's a her. She has 6 little pink titties on her tummy all bursting with milk. She sat there for an hour chomping on sunflower seeds, and looking very glad to be away from her babies for a while. I know that there are at least 4 different ones, as I have seen them all at once either screaming on the fence at the ones on the feeder, or screaming on the ground at the ones on the fence, or growling on the feeder at the ones on the ground and the fence. OH and there is Sal! Big Cahunas, definately NOT a Lola. So now I am still wondering if they will be bringing their babies to the feeder, or if they will be really smart, and kick their little asses out the door to fend for themselves.

Rehersal tonight went really well. THe woman playing Aunt Abby is a cold fish though. She looks right through me, and does things her way. Oh well. The rest of the cast listens to me, and I get along with them all, so maybe she is just shy. (read that BITCH) shame on me. I still have to get the light cues programed in before Thursday night. THe Press from all over is invited to attend, so we gotta look reasonably professional.

Came home tonite and Most Darling Daughter Donna had brought me a steak!!! I have been craving a really good rib steak, but the price of Beef right now is AWFUL, So I don't buy it. But She did!!! :-) good girl. Steak at midnight...yum.

I have tried cutting down on my Caffeine intake. I tried only one cup of coffe. Nah, that didn't work, so I bought Decaf...why even bother. SO I mixed the decaf with the regular and it is just right. Still gives me the caffeine rush I need every morning, But not enough to make my heart race, or my blood sugar jump so high. So I can tell the Dr that I have cut my caffeine consumption in half and not be lying!! cool huh?

Have not heard from Errant Son in awhile. He must be doing ok. No calls to come visit him in jail, no requests for money. Wow, do you suppose he actually has his act together? NAH..............not Tim...

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Well I have tried everyway possible, and I still can't get a picture to appear here. Gotta learn more. back to the help file....

Which VW Are You?

by Auto Glass America

Whoo-hoo!! I'm A VW Rabbit Truck!! yep, that's me alright!!! Actually used to drive a VW Rabbit. Deisel powered, Got 49 MPG. Unfortunately I also had a 16 yr old Son who just got his license. Went through 3 clutches, an engine and a transmission in less than a year. "It wasn't me Mom!" Yeah right, how come that car worked FINE until the day you started driving it alone? Could it be the speed shifting? could it be the speeding? The hot-rodding? NUH-UH!!! I really loved that car. It was bright Red and was the first brand new car I bought in my own name. (after husband) only problem was it had absolutely NO guts! couldn't merge very fast on the Interstate, had to give yourself lots of room, chug, chug, chug, but then it got up to speed and ran like the wind until the first hill, then chug, chug, chug. I did a LOT of right lane driving!! Washington has lots of hills, and mountains. hardly any flat land. When that glacier melted, it dumped lots of rocks in piles. Then Nature took over, and covered it all with trees.

gotta back soon!!!

Monday, August 25, 2003

I just spent a nice 45 minutes snuggling with Bea Bunny. She and I sat at the window seat and watched the birds while I combed out her long fur. She has become a much calmer bunny since her "surgery". She has discovered dried bamama chips. oh MAN!! I walk towards her cage in the evening and she is on her back feet sniffing at the top of the cage wanting her 'nana chips. She is so cute. I give her "bunny Bon-Bons" about once a week. I will go out to deadhead my roses and bring in the blossoms that are spent. SHE LOVES THEM!! I was wanting a tooth-purr today, but alas, she was not willing to give one. Spose I better go get ready for rehersal... I have to tape the commercial for the Playhouse tonight. UGH...
I just read Brenda's blogand I can really relate. She laid down to take a nap, and woke up 3 hrs later. I Have all the time in the world, and I feel so very guilty when I do take a nap that extends longer than an hour. Why? I'm 57 years old, raised a family, worked my butt off for the Navy Exchange for 37 years, earned an adequate retirement, and I feel guilty when I want to sleep? Whats up with that? I'm sitting here right now so damn tired, at 330 in the afternoon, wanting to take a nap, but I haven't done ANYTHING today, so I think if I do I will be a lazy slob. I have no energy, I can't breathe very well, I really want to take a weekend or a few days and go someplace and just sleep. With no guilt, and no interuptions. Of course the masseur that looks like Sam Elliott or Harrison Ford would be allowed to interupt my sleep. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
I have GOT to learn how to make this blog pretty. Put in Pictures, list my favorite blogs, etc. Add a spot for comments so I can know if there really IS any one out there reading this.

Leslie aka CRITTERCHICKread me on Friday, 'cause she mentioned me. WHOO-HOO!!Thanks Les!! If there IS anyone out there, who would like to clue me in on how to add comments to this feel free!!! is my email. I am sorta computer literate, but not really, so keep it simple. I like step by step instructions. My daughter the Bio-chemist spouts "read the manual MOM!" I gotta be Shown how to do something, and then I can do it. I wasn't born with a computer chip in my back side like she was. Hey, since I am retired now, and not entirely BROKE, (YET,) Maybe I should take a web design class at Skagit Valley College!

(Egads, I just reread the past few blogs, and found all the typos that I missed when I posted! I have got to edit before I publish and post huh? )

I am watching the TODAY show, and they are showing fashions for full figured women. They all look really sharp. Now why am I afraid to dress like that? I am sooooooo inhibited!! My Daughter isn't! She wears what she likes, and looks good. I don't always like her taste, but she always looks good.

We got the cast selected for OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS last night, so one more thing down and off my plate, ARSENIC AND OLD LACE opens Friday Sept 5, then I can devote time to OTRATTW, and get the Fundraiser over with. Next season, I am gonna stick to just two shows a season.

I can not get my brain wrapped around any one thing this morning. I have a lot to blog about, but can not focus. I shall return...maybe...yeah.

Friday, August 22, 2003

I can NOT believe that I fell back to sleep this morning and slept until 130!! Then I got up really tired and just vegged all day. Didnt even get out of my nitegown until 600!!

I put up 41 pints of peaches yesterday, so today I wiped off the outside of all the jars, and made pretty labels for them, labeled them all, and stood back and admired the work I did.

The forests all around us are tinder dry, and brush fires are starting everywhere. It wouldnt take much for the whole island to just erupt into Flames. The Sheriff has posted a total Burn Ban. No camp fires in campgrounds, no burning brush, no burning of any kind. Meanwhile I have a huge pile of brush that I need to get rid of. After trimming the Wisteria, I piled it all up and was waiting for the rain to hit, so I could burn it...not now!! Guess I'll have to take it to the dump. I wonder if they charge for yard waste? They compost it all, so they should be paying ME!! huh!

I dreamt about two of the cutest kittens you ever saw last night. I do not need any more cats, I have 4 already, but these kittens were so real!! and so beautiful!!! Kittens are my most favorite thing in the whole wide world!! I love them from the time they are born and still wet from amniotic fluid, until they are 6 months old. By then they are teenagers, and Lord knows what they are like!!! shudder!!!

Whoo!! Gas is 2.01 a gallon in town!!! Aren't we glad we fought a war to keep oil prices and gas prices DOWN!!!?? phhffftttt...

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I got the Iris transplanted yesterday, and weeded the rest of the garden. Felt good to get dirty again. I still need to get the back end of the deck area planted though.

I bought 25 pounds of peaches yesterday, and 4 cases of jars. I called Bob and he will be over this afternoon to help me peel and can the peaches. I might try some spiced peaches this year too. I just LOVE to can. It makes you feel so self-sufficient!! I like sitting back after everything is done, and looking at all you have put up, to eat the rest of the year! Must be the pioneer in me.

Rehersal last night went really really well. We still need to cut some time off the length of the run though. Of course it might help if all of the cast members could be there all at the same time. We have never had a full cast . The flu or some bug has been making it's way through everybody one at a time. At least it will be before the show starts! Last show I did, which was RUMORS, we took on of the players out by ambulance just minutes before curtain! That was a real challenge!!! We made it though and the audience was absolutely WONDERFUL about the stand in and the use of the script!!

This coming up weekend will be very full. Friday I have to be there for setting the light cues, and Sat and Sun is painting the set for "Arsenic...." and then Auditions for Over The River And Through The Woods. Whew!! Arsenic opens Sept 5th and then I can devote my time to OTRATTW. Once that gets running, then I get to spend my time and energy solely on GODSPELL> I am so worried that I won't do something right. ARRGH

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Well I hope I didn't ruin the Wisteria. My neighbor is getting tired of it trying to take over his gutters, and I agree that it has grown out of hand. It is a real mess this time of the year. Winter it is a great spot for the chickadees to eat their sunflower seeds; Spring it is just gorgeous with its grape cluster like flowers, and oh the aroma!!! and then the leaves come out and it is a fabulous spot for the squirrels and the birds to play hide and seek in. But Fall? A ROYAL PAIN. THe vines are really trying to take over the world. they have to be cut back. So This weekend, I went out armed with my lopers and gloves and started chopping away. The roots have spread out just under the grass and starting to grow way out in the middle of the yard. The real challenge here was finding out which root it was, and cut it at the source. Whoo what a mess. I just decided to go under and cut off all roots that looked like they were heading North, East or West and see what happens. I might just end up with the very small original plant. I doubt it. It has been growing for 10 years, and I don't think anything would kill it. Guess We'll see come next spring.

My Zuccini plants have taken off like a rocket!! I was very concerned that the rabbits had killed all hopes of zuccini this year. I planted 8 plants, and now I think I may have over done it. I have quite a few baby zukes growing. Zuccini bread this fall!!! yeay!!!

Today I had planned on transplanting the Iris corms that I got from the farmer down the road. He had big tubs of corms sitting on the side of the orad signed FREE, so I grabbed a ton of them. So I need to get them in the ground before they die. I think I will put them at the end of the deck, to cover the ugly underside. I know they will take over the yard if I am not careful, but that would just be less lawn to mow.

I went ahead and picked all the peaches off the tree, as they were ripe on one side and rock hard on the other. Last year they rotted on the green side before they ever got ripe. We tasted one of them and they were good, so I picked the tree, and hope that they will ripen on the counter. I made jam out of the ripe ones , and it is really good!!

Albertson's has tree ripe peaches on sale for 1.00 a pound, I think I will go get some and can them. I love peaches. In all my spare time, I can do this. I think I will recruit Bob to help. Hmmm what a good idea...

Sunday, August 17, 2003

My Life is getting really complicated! It must be, as I have not had time to blog (read this as not having time to Think about what I want to blog) That coupled with feeling like SHIT all week and rehersals to attend. ARRGGHHH. I have over extented myself. (IM JUST A GIRL WHO CANT SAY NO) I love being involved with the theater, what I dont like is the distance I have to drive to get there. 20 miles in, 20 miles out, and traffic.

It is summer and every damn tourist in the state feels like they have missed Washington if they dont drive their big Motorhomes up Whidbey Island. It took me, I'm NOT joking!, 15 minutes to get on the highway Friday. Ferry traffic was coming from the south, and they were all trailers or motorhomes all doing about 40MPH. Once I found a break in the traffic, I too headed North, at 40 MPH with no where to pass,( as if it would do me any good to pass anyway) and wanting to very badly.

Yesterday I decided I would go the back way into town, and pick up the highway at the stop light. That at least releived me of the frustration of having to wait 15 minutes for traffic to clear. It only took me 5. Then I was right behind the traffic doing 40 MPH that had already been on the highway. GRRRRR I hate Summer!!! For those of you who dont understand....Speed limit is 55 MPH in most places. Lots of curves, no passing zones. Whidbey has become the short cut from Seattle to Victoria BC. zip up I-5 to Mukilteo, drive on the ferry, meander up State Routes 525 and 20 over Deception Pass. and then another island and another ferry and you're in Canada.

I have a great crop of Peaches ready to be picked. Unfortunately I cant reach them. Ladder is too short, tree is too tall. I pickad all the ones I could reach, and plan on putting up a batch of Peach preserves this afternoon. They smell soooo good. There is nothing that smells more like Summer than fresh peaches. I have a Peach Yankee Candle that smells just like that and it makes my mouth water when I light it.(Drool)

I am pet sitting. I now am responsible for three dogs, 4 cats a bunny and a fish. I live in a zoo!! The dogs are being really good though. They for the most part are staying outside. Even Donnas big Wuss Bandit. He usually sits under my window and whines. He is sleeping in the sun on the deck today. Last night was fun though. 3 cats and two dogs ON my bed, 1 dog right where I would step on him when I get up to pee in the middle of the night. Which I did three times. Dog didnt learn...Dont know where cat # 4 spent the night. Bea-Bunny slept in her cage. I didnt sleep...

Monday, August 11, 2003

We walked the Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival Yesterday. I remember when it first started some 30 odd years ago. It was a side bar to the Sportsman Clubs' salmon Bar B Q. The Indians would come and build their alder fires in the city park, and the sportsmen would catch the fish for the indians to cook. They stuck alder sticks through the fillets, and stuck them in the ground around the big fire. When they had smoked and cured properly then we all ate until we popped!! THEN we walked through the 20 or so booths that were set up. Rules were you had to sell only HANDMADE by YOU items. Well the salmon Bar BQ is long gone, the Sportsmen are no longer involved, the artsy craftsy people have take over the town. Literally!! they close down the roads and spread the 250 or so booths up and down the streets. Anything is sold there now. Mostly handcrafted, but not by the sellers. There was a lot of yard art whimsy, but it was all very expensive. The only thing I bought was a coffee cup made of pottery, and a small bar of lemon grass soap. Was rather disappointed. Maybe it was because I had seen it all many times before. Nothing new.

Half of the cast was out sick today so we only ran through act 1 once. Those that were there were perfect!. This was the first time off book with prompt, and they had it nailed!!! I was so proud of them all. We will see who all shows up tomorrow. Let's get the illness out of the way now, we dont want to have to replace the cast like we did with RUMORS!

The Jets are flying again tonite. Must be getting ready for another Squadron to go overseas. Liberia is heating up, but I heard that we were starting to beef up the Sea of Japan, to see what North Korea is up to. Dear Lord, Why must it always be US? We couldn't get it right in Iraq, even though we did get rid of Hussein, We still have yooung men dying over there. Why dont we hear about the Iraqui casualties? Now that we are there I think we need to kick ass and get it right. I was dead set against us going, But now that we are there, we really need to do it right this time...

Friday, August 08, 2003

Well I am Broke NOW!! I took the car in for it's 60000 mile check up, this is where they replace the timing belt. 767.00!!!! I almost shit a brick. I knew it was gonna be spendy, but the last time I had a timing belt changed they had to replace the whole engine and it only cost me 700 for the whole thing!! Shudder!!! Well the car is better than new now they said. LORDY I should think so. Bob came and picked me up at the Mazda dealer, and we drove to Fir Island to get some fruit. Only got blueberries, the rest was really spendy. I had to kill time until 5:00 PM so we just putzed around. Saw some really neat old farms. We took only least used roads, and shared them with tractors. Going only 15-30 MPH, and followed the dikes of the Skagit river.

Came back to the Island and killed time sitting in parks, trying not to spend money. A really nice day, bought me lunch, and talked a lot. Got my car back and headed home. Friday is my night for Bob, but I guess since he spent so much time with me today, he thought that was enough. He headed back to his house and said See ya tomorrow. Ah Well, now I can take my bra off and scratch.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Guys just haven't got a CLUE! :-)

Thursday, August 07, 2003

I woke up with an unGODLY migraine headache!! (are there any OTHER kinds of Migraines besides headaches?) went back to sleep with my head buried under my pillow and woke up at 1230 when the playhouse called wondering where I was for my 1200 meeting. Shit. I had to re schedule. I am still in pain. Didnt take my insulin or my pills untill 200 really late, so I need to cut back on my evening dosage. I am gaining weight, 25 ponds since I retired! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a treadmill. I will not get out in the early mornig to walk, I know me, but I would walk here in the house while I watched the TODAY Show, or did email (Laptop). I guess I should put myself back in debt and go look at SEARS and get a really good Proform. Donna would use it too.

I bought a scale, I HATE IT!! I hate myself! I hate my clothes, I need a new body. I need to feel good again. Physically and Mentally.

Errant Son emailed me today, He had a fully loaded AK-47 pointed at him at work the other night. I heard the call on the scanner, but NEVER assumed it was my son!!! Lord keep him safe. I hope he has cleaned up his lifestyle. Really sounds like it huh? (groan)

I have to direct Act III tonite, so I hope my head is better by then. WOrking on THE DOCK BRIEF for September's Fundraiser, Blocking OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS and getting ready for Auditions mid August, then I will be Directing Act I of that, and then I will be full time working on Auditions, and rehersals for GODSPELL, my very first Director position. GOd, I will Never be as good as Rusty is, I watch her and wonder why I am even here. It just comes naturally to her. But then Ill be she couldnt set a plan-o-gram or set a section of Health and Beauty aids either. Bet it's more fun Directing...

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I'm losing it!!! I got up early, made the coffee and sat down to watch Katie Matt Ann and Al, about 845, It hit me OHMIGOD it's TRASH day!!! I jumped up got dressed, had the can dragged all the way to the street, momentarily giving Donna bad thoughts because she didn/t remember it either. (She will call on her way to work, when she passes garbage on the street, and tell me MOM I forgot about the trash. Then I get it out.) I straightened up and grabbed my back and looked down the street and noticed there were NO OTHER cans out. Hmmmm Says I, this is WEDNESDAY is it not? duh.......NO!!!!!! so I drug the can back to the garage, and prayed that no one saw the Weird old lady down the street.

The weather has cooled dramatically!!! The fog is doing it's August thing, and forming over the water at night, then creeping over the land mass just before dawn, then waiting for the sun to rise high enough to either burn it off or move it back over the ocean to wait until night fall again. IT really cools things down. We have had no rain at all for over a month, and the evergreens are starting to become everbrown. nobody's grass is green, it is all brown or dead. It has been a good year for blackberries though. They are in early. I already have 4 big bags of them in the freezer waiting for time to process them.

"Lola" has had babies, or i think she has, her little tummy has titties on it, that are plainly visible, I wish she would bring them over to the feeder so I can see what baby squirrels look like.

Gotta run....

Sunday, August 03, 2003

What a fruitful day!! I got out and split a big bag of kindling, been trying to get that done for almost 4 months. Just did it!!! Then I picked a big bunch of red plums off of Lea's plum tree. (yes I did ask first) So once the wood was split and the plums picked I moved inside and made a batch of blueberry jam. then 2 batches of plum jam, baked a blackberry cobbler and poached a Salmon for dinner. I am WOMAN hear me ROAR!!! I am waiting for the tomatoes and pears and apples to come in. Then I will can tomatoes, and pears, and make more applesauce for Donna!!! She loves my applesauce, so it shall be!

Getting Bea fixed did not do much for her disposition. At least not yet. She nibbled on me some this morning, and bit Donna on her boob. Still a bitchy bunny!!! Maybe I oughta show her a recipe for rabbit fricasee? Bet she'd improve then...

Saturday, August 02, 2003

I was wool gathering on my way to work Friday morning. I drove without seeing, paying attention to the road, but not seeing what was around me. Half way to Oak Harbor, I woke up, and realized what I was doing. That was sooooo unlike me. I am usually the one who notices the deer standing in the fields, the coyotes hiding in the corn, The birds, The level of the lakes etc. Once I realized that I was ignoring that around me, I again started looking. Every thing is soooo dry this month. Absolutely no rain in July. IN WASHINGTON!!! Dry!!! Anyway, I looked out across Hastie lake and noticed that the fence posts that march right across the middle of the shallow lake were almost on high ground. THe lake is that low. On one of the posts half way across the lake I caught a glimpse of white, and looked again. It was a bald eagle just sitting there. Staring out across the Lake. How many other cars have driven by that location? How many other drivers were not looking at what they were passing? How many others missed the opportunity to say that they saw a bald eagle sitting on a post in the middle of a lake? Maybe the Bald Eagle isn't a threatened species. Maybe people just haven't seen them because they weren't looking?...hmmm

I was reading one of my favorite Blogs this morning, and Colin mentioned that he was relaxing by spiting a bucket of kindling. Reminded me that I have a living room closet full of dry cedar shingles, that have been sitting there waiting for a nice relaxing day to split them. That day just might be today...can't think of anything better!