Sunday, October 31, 2004

WHOO_HOO!!! Im Back!!

Yes! I figured out how to get my picture back in the header! I posted it as a new post, and then copied and pasted the code into the old place card, and then deleted the original post. Ya hoo.

I am sitting here waiting for the paint to dry in the dining room, so I can put a 2nd coat on it. It is the color of yellow of my blog!! and Donna is gonna paint the ceiling sky blue. It actually looks good! Really warms the place up too.

AHHHHGGGHHHHh More little brats ringing my doorbell....DONNA!!!!!......DONNA!!!!! come get these kids.(I hate halloween any more.) I am such a curmudgeon! DOnna says I am probably known as the crazy cat lady. so?

Saturday, October 30, 2004


Well I have tried for two hours to open both my site and Brendas, only to have tagboard stop me and pop up a stupid ad. I am taking tagboard down. I have a feeling it was free for a month and now they want $$$$ which I do not have!! so bye bye tagboard. (at least until I figure out how to stop the frigging pop-ups) I have not been able to get to Brenda at all. Bummer!

OH WAIT!!! Today is November 1st!!! Whoot, Whoot!!! I get to turn the heat on and build a FIRE!!!!! Yes!!!!!! WARMTH!!!

A real Halloween Story...

As days become shorter and night longer, fog rolls in from the water, blanketing Whidbey Island each night with a fuzzy gray blanket just about headlight high. The moon sends it’s full brightness down to shine through the fog and illuminate the white wisps. The coyotes are restless, howling in the dark looking for a kill to feed their young. The wind howls its mournful sound through the baring trees, scooting the dry leaves ahead of it like a mama hen shooing her chicks back home. My headlights illuminate something large moving in the bushes ahead. What it is I cannot see, but I am not slowing way down I will just pass through cautiously. I am alone and I am afraid of the dark, so If I turn the lights on high beam, and turn the radio up full blast I will scare whatever is out there away, and make it safely home once again. It’s a little creepy out there, which means Halloween and the haunting season is close at hand.

It’s amazing how many stories of haunted places there are on North and Central Whidbey Island. So many, in fact, that the area caught the attention of well-known paranormal researcher and author Jeff Davis of Vancouver, Wash. He came to Oak Harbor to investigate strange Things at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station’s Seaplane Base and has included several Whidbey haunted spots in his four books, which include the “Haunted Tour Guide to the Pacific Northwest.” He was visiting several places around the area, and was on the afternoon TV talk show. Phyllis called and told me to turn it on quick. I then told her the story…

One of his most in-depth stories is of the so-called “lurker” at the Navy Exchange building on the Seaplane Base. This is the very Building that for most of my career I worked in. The building originally was an aircraft hangar for the PBY seaplanes. During one of the night shifts, a member of an aircrew was hit by a propeller and killed inside the hangar about 50 years ago. The man’s ghost supposedly lurks around the building.

When I was a Fairly Young woman, I was promoted to Supervisor, along with 5 other women. We were the ones who opened and closed the building, turned the lights on and unlocked all the doors. There were Chain doors that separated the hard side from the soft side of the store, and closed at 500PM. The minimart side stayed open until 900pm.

As I mentioned above, I was afraid of the dark, so when I had to be the one to come in and open the store and turn on the lights, I would hum and whistle and generally make a lot of noise to scare away the boogey man. I had to walk through the clothing depts. To get to the door that went up to the employee lounge. It was in the refurbished TOWER part of the hanger, so the doors opened into a tall stairwell. I always opened the door, and yelled good morning, and unlocked it and then went on my business.

One day right after the first of the year, I was pre-occupied with making sure that all areas were ready for the yearly inventory, and I was not making any noise, I hit the crash bar on the double doors, and I felt an ice cold wind whoosh out the door with a loud spooky sigh. The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up. I was terrified, and shook, but then I got my wits back and said “I’m Sorry!! I didn’t mean to scare you, it’s just me. Good morning.” The wind turned warm and whooshed back up the stairs, and there was a calm sigh with it. The hair on my neck lay back down, and I made sure I hurried back to the occupied area.

The shoe room also was “haunted” by the “ghost” We made great fun of it, but it was real.

Today in The Whidbey News Times there was this Article talking about several people Who reported weird occurrences at the Exchange. The janitor said he saw a man in coveralls in a storage area and chased him up onto scaffolding. “When he was cornered, the man backed into the shadows and disappeared. He was just gone.”

Others reported seeing a rack of clothes “ruffle as someone was walking past, but there was nobody there” or repeatedly smelling a very strong odor of popcorn in the store when they come in early in the morning, Davis said. He was also told of a large pad lock that would mysteriously fall open, just as people turned their backs.

It was an eerie place to work. “We heard all kinds of moans and high quivering when the wind came through the cracks . I decided if they didn’t bother me, I wouldn’t bother them.

A woman who worked in the children’s department told about mysterious happenings. She came to work in the morning a few times to find complete baby outfits, very well organized, laid out expertly on the floor. Or in the morning there would be things like baby clothes in the shoe department.

Popcorn was stashed by the ladies who worked in Shoes. They would buy big bags of popped popcorn, and nibble on it all day. They told about how the popcorn would disappear, no matter how well they hid it. One day they bought a bag of cheese popcorn and when they came in the next day it was scattered all over the shoe room. Evidently he did not like the cheese-flavored popcorn.

When I got back this last time, my “office” was in the space that used to be the storeroom for shoes, and I mentioned that I had not felt or heard the Ghost since I had been back. I was told that several people were afraid to work back there because of the GHOST!!

He kept his distance, until one day just before I retired. I was sitting with my back to my desk working at the computer desk. I had a big heavy 3-hole punch sitting on my desk. I was talking to Ingrid and typing when the punch flew through the air and landed on the floor right between us. I looked at her she looked at me and we both nodded to “him” and said well, obviously you are BAAAACK!!! He left us alone after that, just wanted us to know that he was indeed still there.

This is a true story…

Thursday, October 28, 2004

OKTOBERFEST more again


I do not have time today to delete and copy these into one, so be sure you look at all the pictures.

These two are from in front of the little mall store that they built out of an out Evinrude Motor Boating shop. It was an old run down greasy building, and it was refurbed into a mini-mall. it has The HoneyBear shop, a Dutch Kitsch shop, an upscale gourmet restaurant, and a mini-pub/brewery, along with a candy store and the visitors center. A good use of a once ugly building. All of this is right on the Waterfront, right across the street from the Dock, and what was once a boat launch.

The entire Front Street is old Victorian turn of the 20th Century style, and all are on the historic Register.

I will get more pictures When The Greening happens. (December)


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

More Scarecrows....

To confuse you even further, Especially Shara who posted a comment midstream here, I still do not have my FTP figured out, and until that time, I am using HELLO and BLOGGERBOT from . In order for me to do that and post these pictures all in one post, I have to publish 1 picture, then publish another picture, then go in and copy and paste the codes into word, then go back delete the two posts and post and publish the REAL one. So if you come back tomorrow and see more than you saw today, that is why.

So now on with the show....

water dept

This one was sponsored by the Town Water Dept. I almost missed him because I thought it was a real guy when I went by the first time. DUH


This is in front of the little courtyard of businesses that has the new bakery, nursery, a bank, pizza and the Vet.

THe town council has said that since the town is considered a historical district, that any new construction MUST fit the theme of the Victorian Houses. It makes for a really quaint little town.

What kind of blogger are you?

I was over at a new blog, and found this little quiz. OK, so i havent posted a quiz in a long time, I miss Wanda. She had them all the time.

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

And this is true! I blog for ME. It started as a diary of my retired life and has evolved into a story of everything that is going on around me. I have met so many people that I never ever would have before. Blogging is becoming a major part of my life. I am constantly thinking of things to blog about, and pictures to post. I Love it!!


Brenda just emailed and said she still can't get into blogger. My Sister couldn't either, but For some reason I got right in. HMMMMMM

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

OctoberFest in Coupeville

In a small town such as Coupeville, There is not a whole lot to do. The area is mainly left over farms, from the era when it was all farmland. There used to be several huge dairy farms, and several Turkey Farms, Squash, Corn, Rye, Winterwheat, etc.

Oak Harbor became the seat of business, and Coupeville evolved into a bedroom. They are nine miles apart, but a century apart in attitude.

About 10 years ago, new money moved in and started renovating the old buildings along the waterfront, and with that came more tourists, and they settled in to the quaint town, and built more houses and made more money, and the Farmers sold their land, and the old farmers died off.


Now the Historical Society is trying very hard to maintain the quaint old time look, and feel of this place. We used to harvest Squash in huge amounts, so they started the Squash festival, and there were several farmers who donated time and squash.

cooke paerk

These eventually went out of business along with all but 1 of the dairys and now there is no more squash. However, that did not stop the Historical Society, they got together, and the townfolk evolved the event into Octoberfest. It is a weekend in October, that usually is the end of the Farmers Market for the year. Along with that there is the Giant Pumpkin growing contest and several other fun but quaint things to do.


Every Business that wishes to, puts a Scarecrow theme out in front of a business, and the tourists then vote on the best one.


These are usually themed to correspond to the business that sponsors it. They become quite creative. One year the local “Establilshment” had a customer throw a drunk through the bar window, so that year, it put a broken window pane and a scarecrow coming through it in front of the Bar. It was great! Although the Kid who went through the window did not think so.


These stay up through the Homecoming game, and Halloween, at which time the Corn stalks come down and the Christmas decorations go up.

If you ever are up this way during the Month of October, stop by, it really is a fun thing to see.

Clean fun , very little expense, and what is really great about it all is that they are left on the street, for almost a month, and nobody trashes them. Wouldn’t happen in Oak Harbor.

I will post some more tomorrow. IF this works.

Cross your fingers, here I go…

Monday, October 25, 2004



This is my Brother's Salmon Crested Cockatoo. He got her from a friend who had her for years. She is soooooo nasty. She hates women, and adores Mike. She will sit on his shoulder for hours. and goes with him everywhere. If she goes outside, she MAY fly up to the tree tops, but all Mike has to do is move so she cant see him, and she is right there.

She pulls out her feathers. We dont know why. She's got some issues I guess. That bird hates women. You go near her cage and she will spread her ugly naked wings and nod and swing side to side and HISSSSSSS at you until you leave.

We were Bird sitting one weekend, and she started talking,. She will call Mike, say hello and then she will go "ah-oh-ah-ah- AH-AH-OH OHOHOHOHO AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Just liek she is having an orgasm. Weird bird.

THey have two peach faced love birds, a cockateil and some other exotic bird. Donna was excercising one of the cockatiels and it fly into the wall, fell to the floor and WHAMMMM!!!! Zorro the Baby Ferrett was on that bird like a goose on bugs! Dead Bird, Happy Ferrett, Hysterical Daughter, and all I could do was pee my pants laughing....I am so sick.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Sunday evening....

I spent the better part of last night trying to get some room on my hard drive. I have an 80 gig hard drive, but it is partitioned into both c and d drives. being the idiot that I am when it comes to technology, I figured it would all even out, when one was full it would automatically fill up the other. NOT!! SO I have moved my many MB of My Documents over to D drive, I have moved all of my Pictures over to D drive, I have freed up about 2 gig of c drive which is only 16 %. I did a defrag, which took most of the night, and then turned it off to sleep for awhile. I also tried to fix my laptop, which is 3 years old but has less than 100 hrs on it total.
(I retired right after I bought it) It crashed with a fatal error in ****DLL or something like that. So I pulled the battery out and let it go really dead. Then I dug out the restore disks and started over on it. Success!!! for two screens, then frozen again. THe only way I can turn it off and on is to take the battery out.

So I will take the laptop which is now way out of warranty down to the local wizard and see if he can fix it to work right again. then once I have that up and working, I will see what he will charge me to make this one go fast again. right now every time I switch URLS It kicks me off line, and redials. I SO HATE DIAL-UP!!!! I wish I lived closer to civilization so I could get DSL!! GRRRRRRRRR

Now I have the Dining room all cleared out ready to start painting, so bob can get the floor done, and I slapped on a 2ft sq swatch of pale lemon yellow, and it is way too bright. I need to tone it down. I am thinking maybe a touch of green or maybe just dilute it with flat white. I am such a color nerd too. I LOVE bright colors, but I am not an interior decorator at all. Donna wants a really pale yellow with a sky blue ceiling. I just might let her do it. I have a friend who says that there is not a wall in her house that is the same color. GADS! I wish I was that confident. Hell it took me 6 different pints of paint all marching down the side of the house just to decide the TRIM color, and this was 3 years AFTER I painted the body of the house. Yep like I said....

So what are your color choices? Are you very conservative or do you go for it? Pictures?

Saturday, October 23, 2004

a Sunday Funny!!

There was a tradesman, a painter called Wayne, who was very interested in making a penny where he could, so he often would thin down paint to make it go a wee bit further.

As it happened, he got away with this for some time, but eventually the Baptist Church decided to do a big restoration job on the painting of one of their biggest buildings. Wayne put in a bid, and because his price was so low, he got the job.

And so he set to erecting the trestles and setting up the planks, and buying the paint and, yes, I am sorry to say, thinning it down with turpentine.

Well, Wayne was up on the scaffolding, painting away, the job nearly completed whe n suddenly there was a horrendous clap of thunder, and the sky opened, the rain poured down, washing the thinned paint from all over the church and knocking Wayne clear off the scaffold to land on the lawn among the gravestones, surrounded by telltale puddles of the thinned and useless paint.
Wayne was no fool. He knew this was a judgment from the Almighty, so he got on his knees and cried: "Oh, God! Forgive me! What should I do?"

And from the thunder, a mighty voice spoke...

"Repaint! Repaint! And thin no more!"

I'm Sorry, but I thought it was needed!!! LOLOLOLOL
I HATE TECHNOLOGY!!! I have spent the better part of 2 hours trying to send three emails to Rusty. Each has a picture attached just 1. The biggest one is 1.2 MB so it should go. My DAMN dial-up keeps kicking me off before it finishes sending.

Last night I used my LAPTOP to post a blog with because DOnna was on this on, so I went to save it and the battery died! ok. it was saved in the system before it died, and today I just copied it onto a floppy to use to get it over here and I be damned, if the A drive isnt messed up, or the floppy is bad one or the other.

Why do I continue to do this shit!!!! ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Technical moment please...

I have technical problems as you all know. My Modem seems to be the culprit, as I have replaced the telephone line, I have contacted the telephone company who says (naturally) that it is the SERVERS problem. I have contacted the SERVER (Isomedia) who says it is the VERIIZON problem. So I have come to the conclusion that it MUST be ME! Not that I really think it is, but it is the last piece of the puzzle. So I will run down tomorrow or Monday and see if the Navy Exchange has a new improved, Fast, razzle, dazzle modem, that I can easily install in to my 2 year old wonderfully fitted Sony Vaio does everything COmputer.

Meanwhile, Let's see what comes spilling out of my brain today. Now mind you, I am doing this straight into Blogger, so I will have to copy it before I publish. (Not that I think BLOGGER will lose anything.) PHHFFTTT!!

Yesterday I was working, so I did not get much blogging time. Cant do that at work. Janice says not to, so I dont even connect to the internet. (DAMN)

But Wednesday morning, I was sitting here blogwalking when I heard my Stellar Jay screeching in the woods. I ran out and put fresh peanuts out for him, came back in and watched. He showed up, swalled a peanut whole, put one into his beak and flew off into the canopy. He showed up again and repeated this several times. THEN he started flying down to the grass and burying the peanuts, shells and all into the deep grass. (How does he remember where he puts them? Sticky notes in the nest?)
He kept this up for about two hours. Busily stuffing peanuts into his bill and flying off with them to store for the winter.

During this didplay, a flicker flew up to the posts on the deck and started pecking away at them. Now I have seen flickers in the apple trees, but never before in my yard. She then moved over to the suet cake and started getting a beak full and hammering it into the posts. About this time I hear LOLA!!!! she did not come into the yard, but stayed back in the alders, giving something hell the whole time. I am hoping that soon she will find the safe way into the yard again, and start stuffing her face.

Judging by the way the wild critters are stashing bird seed, suet and peanuts, we must be in for a Heck of a cold snap.

Speaking of which, I just watched the noon news and there is cold unstable air coming down from the Gulf of Alaska and due to hit here this afternoon. A front moved through last night, and woke Sadie up with the trees creaking and branches snapping, so at 530 this morning, I had to take her out to pee, and make sure that the yard was safe. (Dogs do that you know, that is their JOB!) Once she had decided that all was at it should be, She came in and I put her back in her pen.

I crawled back into bed, and lay there listening to the windchimes sing their symphony right outside on the pussy willow bush, and the Alders napping away, and the wind blowing the rain in on my face. I fell asleep, and woke up at 1130 this morning feeling guilty that I had slept so long. I felt really good, and then decided that what the heck. I am retired. I have nothing to do today except house work. ( which is LOOONNNGGG Overdue) So if I want to sleep to noon, I can!!

Bob came over just as I sat down and turned on the computer, so He had coffee with me still in my PJ's, and said you sound pretty chipper today. Amazing what happens when you are fully rested huh?

Oh Christ! I forgot to shoot my insulin and take my pills, so I will go do that right now....

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


You all have heard me talk about how much I enjoy my first cup of coffee in the morning. OH WAIT....IM IN BLOGGER Let me go to word and do this...

Anyway, As I was saying….You all know how much I enjoy my first cup of coffee in the morning. Now morning is just a word that explains the moment my feet actually hit the floor and head into the office. It may be early afternoon or it may be very early in the morning. It all depends on how long I have been up the night before. I am not a lay in bed all day person. 8 hours of sleep and I need my coffee.

Yesterday I got up, around 1030, (up late scrapbooking) and while the coffee was making, I came in here to blog. I started my post, and heard a loud KER-PLOW!!!! Coming from the kitchen. Sounded like a muffled explosion. I jumped up and ran in to see what was going on and there was steam and hot water blowing out of the lid to the water reservoir in my coffeepot. I know I shut the lid, so the explosion, must have opened it. Water was pulsing out all over the cupboard! None going into the pot at all. The grounds were still dry! Just pumping out in pulses just like Mt St Helens! OH NO!! What now!! I have an old aluminum percolater that I use when camping, but do you think I can find it? NOPE!

So I put on my thinking cap and said … I just need to get this hot water from the reservoir into the grounds, and then Ill be fine. So I take a ladle and try to ladle it out and into the grounds, Nope don’t work. SO I think again, and come up with turning the very hot machine over, and pouring out the water into my 2 qt pyrex measure. NOPE. Burned my little fingers. I go get a towel, pour the water into the measure, and then take the ground basket and set it on top of the pot and pour the water into it.

What a mess. The filter went limp, and all of the grounds went into the basket, and plugged the hole. Also, the coffee was not going into the pot. AH HA!!! The pot has to interface with the little lever to let the water down. SO I pick up the basket, and hold the little lever down with my thumb and wait for the brewed coffee to fill the pot. Pour, hold, drain, unplug hole again, pour, hold drain…etc.

I finally got enough for one cup full of by now luke warm coffee. It was AWFUL!!! I had so wanted a good hot cup. By this time it was close to 100 and I said SCREW IT, fixed a sandwich, drank a glass of milk, and blogged on. Only to have Blogger lose my post!! Not a good day.

I had to go into town for a meeting on INSPECTING CAROL (I am designing the lighting) and then stoped by the drug store to get a new pot. They don’t have them anymore. SO on to Albertsons. Nope, no coffeepot that I want, only the really cheapo proctor silex one. SO it was a bomb all day.

I got home as Chemystery was putzing in the kitchen wondering what I had done to the coffee pot. (yes, I walked away from the mess) as I was explaining, it dawned on me that I had an extra unit in the garage. In the get-rid-of-this-shit pile. I had unpacked it from my move back from Nevada, and the basket had been crushed, so I had to buy a new pot. So I still had the working unit, and the working basket from the now blown up pot, so putting this and that together, I now have a working coffee pot again. YES!!!!

It is amazing is it not, what little wonders will make your day? A freshly Brewed cup of Strong French Roast Starbucks freshly ground coffee, with coffeemate and sweet and low. All in a nice Laurel Burch coffee Mug. HEAVEN!!!!!!!
I spent over an hour this morning talking about my search on the interner for my ancestors, what luck I have had and how hard it really is. I hit spell checker and lost the whole damn thing. When I get my creative juices flowing, I dont stop to think, I just write. I know better, I know I should NEVER compose in the body of blogger as it is such a pisser some times.

so...I decided tonight, I would post this funny, and then tomorrow MAYBE I'll surprise you with something worthwhile. MAybe. maybe not.

This is funny.

This is a true story, (sure).

An elderly Florida lady did her shopping and, upon returning to her car,
found four males in the act of leaving with her vehicle. She dropped her
shopping bags and drew her handgun, proceeding to scream at the top of
her voice, "I have a gun, and I know how to use it! Get out of the car!"

The four men didn't wait for a second invitation. They got out and ran
like mad. The lady, somewhat shaken, then proceeded to load her shopping
bags into the back of the car and got into driver's seat. She was so shaken
that she could not get her key into the ignition. She tried and tried, and then
it dawned on her why.

A few minutes later, she found her own car parked four or five spaces
farther down. She loaded her bags into the car and drove to the police
station.. The sergeant to whom she told the story couldn't stop

He pointed to the other end of the counter, where four pale men were
reporting a car jacking by a mad, elderly woman described as white,less
than five feet tall, glasses, curly white hair, and carrying a large handgun.

No charges were filed. If you're going to have a Senior Moment, make it a memorable one!

Monday, October 18, 2004


I HATE BLOGGER!!!!!!!!!!

I should not have the problems I have had. I just lost ANOTHER Post. This happens every Fucking day!!!!


Sunday, October 17, 2004

Busy Weekend

I woke up yesterday morning flat on my back, with my arms and legs splayed out all over the bed. I layed there for a minute with my eyes closed, and realized that I did not hurt ANYWHERE. My first thought was WOW, how cool is this? My second thought was OHMIGAWD! I must be dead!!! About that time I heard DOnna connect on the computer, and thought Well, I might as well just lay here, she'll be on for awhile. So I just did not move, It felt so good to not hurt! I went back to sleep for about 15 minutes and woke up with Loki licking my face and purring. Sadie was still asleep, I was comfortable, DOnna was on the computer, and Loki was giving me lovin' What a great morning.

After I finally hauled my sorry carcass out of bed, and got dressed, I fixed a cup of coffee and kicked Donna off, came in here to blogwalk, and in walked Bob. Ok. No computer time today.

Bob has decided that we will get the house done by Thanksgiving. (WHA.....????) Now mind you, he does not live here, I did not ask him to hurry this along, but he has set a deadline. COOL!!! We went down yesterday and ordered the baseboards for the floors, got the paint for the ceiling, (wanted to get the paint for the walls, but the PX was out of it, so I will get that today at ACE. DOnna has informed me that she LOVES to paint. (since when? the trim has needed finishing outside for 5 years!) So with both DOnna and Bob on board, I just may have a finished house by Christmas.

I am not counting on anything though, You see, Bob has been building his house for the 21 years we have known each other. He is living in it, but it is still not finished. Never will Be. His garden and Chicken coop is still not finished, and the owls are slowly weeding down his chickens, from the original 12 to 8. When they are gone, he will not replace them, I know him. Too much work. So why all of a sudden does he have this urge to get my floors finished? I have not harped, whined, begged, or complained about it. We put the floor down almost three years ago, whats the hurry. (rolls eyes here)

I came home and worked on a project for the playhouse, And then went to bed. It was a full day. The whole time I am working I am thinking of what I should write about in my blog. I have several projects in the works, but they all are going to require some more tweaking yet before I publish. I am sorry folks, but today as Special K says you get BEANS....ya want a hamhock in them?

Friday, October 15, 2004


Reading everybody from down South yesterday, I wondered why you all were so cold, and we were sweltering in a gorgeous Fall day, with highs into the 70's. The Sun was out, and the sky was clear.

Today, I woke up and it was almost black outside, and it was 845! Hmmmmm Fog! And clouds! And COLD! The high today is not sposed to get much above 50 today. I am looking out the window at the Alders, and the leaves are falling just like rain. You can almost see through the trees!

I am dressed in my cords and a heavy sweater. Of course I have no shoes on, so my feet are freezing. And I have the window open so I can get fresh air. It is very dark out, but so far no rain. The wind is just a zephur, barely stirring the leaves. I got up made a pot of coffee and sat here drinking two hot cups full. Nice morning.

It seems that Fall has fell really. The weather man says the rain is coming down from the Gulf, so I expect Winter is about to set in. We don't have winters here like most people would think. Ours are just wet and windy and gray and chilly. We rarely get down to freezing and hardly ever have snow. It hovers around high 30's to low 50's until March or so. There will be an occaisional really nice spring day, usually in Late January, followed by a really cold snap, then the bulbs will all pop up and spring will be here.

My Banshee Bird made his appearance really early last night, around 10:00, and then went away. It has me baffled! Sadie hears it from far off, and wakes me up barking at it! One of these days she will see it, and it will scare her! The cats hear it growl and run. They are the smart ones. Lint took a flying leap onto the back porch last night. Wanted in FAST! Funny!

Gads, it is 230 in the afternoon, and looks like it is sunset out there! Dark and damp, and chilly!!! I guess I better start thinking about cleaning the area around the fireplace, It is almost Nov 1!!

Any of you have snow yet?

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Scare Tactics

Well It seems that the US Senate had a Terrorism debrief the other day, about the threats that MAY be Creditable in and around the Capitol in and around Election Day. Because of that Debrief, the good Senator from Minnesota, after leaving the meeting, went straight to his office and told his staff to go home until after the elections, as he did not want anyone getting hurt.

While on the surface this seems to be a nice thing to do, I find it extremely unsettling that our LEADERS are leaving the nest and running for cover. Now I dont even remember this dudes name, nor which party he is from, but I do not think it should make a difference.

We have been told that in order for Al Quaeda (?) to win, they have to scare the American people so badly that they will interupt their way of life. This Senator, just told them they won!

I can not believe this! I want to believe that nothing has changed. I want to believe that there are no threats any more. I am not that naive.

I will however continue to life my life normally. unafraid, but more aware of my surroundings. I will not panic, I will not refuse to take the bridge or the ferries, I will not run and hide every time that I see a man with olive skin and a turban, and I will not vote for any Senator that sends that message. I wish I lived in Minnesota, he would be GONE!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Spotted OWL?

Ok, SO I am sitting here last night listening to bird calls trying to identify said Bird noise. I am at OWL PAGES and when I hit the play button, Sadie went NUTS!!! I played it again, and she wanted that BIRD!! now what is so odd about this whole thing is that the Spottes endangered, and only nests in old growth timber. We are clear cut and regrowth Alder. SO what is a spotted owl doing here? I opened BARRED owl which is a close relation and the call sounds like the BARRED owl, but the Screech sounds like a spotted owl. I suppose it is possible that there are two different birds out there making noises. The screech is sposedly a female calling cry.

I saw a program on the news about the Spotted and Barred owls, and the naturalist said that in some areas, they have cross-bred, and were called sparred owls. I wonder if they call like a Barred and screech like a spotted? I sure would like to know for sure. I am a member of Audubon Washington State, so Maybe I should swallow my pride and ask for help? I hate to think it is a Spotted and have it turn out to be something totally different.

That would make our woods untouchable!! teehee!! I am so afraid that someone will buy the acreage and cut down all the trees, and there would go my wildlife.

Sadie sure does like that noise...used it to catch her and put her to bed last night. Im such a shit...

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Don't you just HATE having to come up with a title everyday? I know, I can turn it off...but sometimes I want one.

I have a bird in the woods, that night...sounds like a woman, and no it is not a peacock. I THINK it is a barred Owl. because right after you hear the banshee scream, the barred owl starts it's call. Now this particular scream starts with a kinda of low throaty bark, then a loud SCREECH! this goes on for a few minutes. It brings you right awake really fast, because it does at f irst sound just like a woman.

About 645 this morning, the thing started in. Well, that started Sadie off. She wanted our of her pen in the bathroom, and she wanted that bird! she barked and she yelled, and she tried to jump out, but It was not time to go out yet, and If I had let her up, she would have waked up the whole neighborhood!! (not that any were still asleep after the bird) The bird had to know that he was creating a problem inside the house, because he moved to the peach tree and kept it right up! It was still very dark out, and I could not get a glimpse of it.

Sadie finally made it out of the pen, and Donna shooed her out, and she hit the grass about 15 feet off the porch. A flying leap, and she was barking as she hit the ground. She succeeded in chasing the bird away. Then it switched to its
'who-cooks-for-you-ahhh' call, and she kept on barking at it.

I wish I could see this dern bird, so I could identify it. I KNOW that the barred owl gives the call I typed up there, but in all the bird books and in all the sound bites I have bookmarked, there is nothing like the noise I hear at night. My brother who lives about 1/4 mile away, hears it in his woods too. He is the one that calls it a banshee. The books all say they can emit a low barking sound. Well they have not heard my bird!!

I heard Lola in the woods yesterday, but she has not been back in the yard or on the feeder tray in almost 6 months now. I miss her. I have Leslie's backyard on my desktop, and everytime I turn on the puter, I see her black squirrel with the long tail and wished that Lola would learn that she does not need to worry about Sadie, She is faster, and can climb where Sadie can not.

I got a call from the Tax man yesterday. I filed an extention because I had the SS# on all of my W-2's wrong. So I called and got the correct ones, and forgot to file!!! Totally spaced it! Im surprised the IRS has not been here with handcuffs, to lock up my sorry ass. Oh WAIT! They owe ME money! heheheh....

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Rocky Mountain High...

eagle on Adak

I was sitting here blogwalking with the television right beside me tuned to PBS. There is a Documentary on about John Denver, and his love of the wilderness. He was interfacing with a Golden Eagle, and the awe that shown on his face was wonderous. I know that feeling. very well.

This program was wonderful...John's Music is so very haunting. Especially the ones he wrote in his later years. I love the Calypso, and All of his wilderness songs.

In the song Rocky Mountain High there is a line:

You know you'd be a poor man if you never saw an eagle fly.

Losing John to a stupid Airplane accident was a waste. He had so much talent, and you just wanted to fall into that smile of his. I sat transfixed watching him once again play with the dolphins, and swim with the whales, and soar with the Eagles, and fish with the Grizzlies. His love of the wild comes through and sings to my heart also.

I have been fascinated with Eagles for many years. The Bald Eagle winters right here in Puget Sound. We can drive up the Skagit River to Rockport and stand on the bank of the river and see them sitting in the naked alder trees. You can watch them catch fish, you can set up your camera and take pictures to your hearts content.

When I was stationed on Adak, the eagles there were as thick as crows, sitting on every telephone pole. You would walk out on the Tundra and there they would be. I have hundreds of pictures of eagles, all taken on the fly.

When ever I take a drive, I am always on the lookout for birds, Eagles especially, and am amazed at how many there are out there. The Wildlife Protection Act helped bring them back from the edge of extinction. Soon with luck, they will be everywhere again, and the songs that John sang will remind people of the beautiful land we live in, and the wonderful wildlife we have around us.

I wish we could've had him a little longer too.

Stupid Hello!

I am beginning to HATE Blogger and Hello...I have been trying for 45 GOD DAMNED minutes to post a Damn picture, and it keeps losing it! Does anybody else have this problem? WHy Me?

Saturday's post (late, Thanks to BLOGGER :( )

Legend of The Bridge of The Gods Subject to Storytellers Fancy

Sometimes you see the story of how the natural rock bridge spanning the Columbia River at the "Cascades" came to be destroyed (or created, and then destroyed) abbreviated on cafe placemats, misrepresented on postcards, or romanticized by local chamber of commerce publications. The most common of all starts, "Once upon a time there was this beautiful mountain named Loowit, (the spelling is in dispute) otherwise known today as Mount St. Helens."

According to what may be the authentic legend, Tah-one-lat-clah , or "fire mountain" was inhabited by an old crone named Loowit. Long before Europeans appeared on the scene, native tribes could cross the Columbia dry-shod. But when the tribes became greedy and quarrelsome, "Coyote" took steps that eventually led to the bridges destruction. First he caused all the fires in lodges to go out. Only the fire maintained by Loowit remained burning so that all her neighbors came to her to re-light their campfires. When the Great Spirit asked Loowit to name her reward for peaceful sharing, she coyly suggested her transformation to, "youth and beauty."And so it came to be. But, once the transformation was complete, she inadvertently rekindled the fires of war. This now lovely young lady attracted the attention of two great chiefs --Pahtoe who ruled over the north side of the Columbia, and Wyeast, who led the Multnomah people south of the river.

Pahtoe and Wyeast fought for beautiful Loowits’ favor, causing the earth to rumble by hurling molten rock at each other. Angered at the great chiefs destructiveness, Creator separated the rivals by causing the bridge to fall. The most popular version of the tale is that Great Spirit changed the principals of the love triangle into mountains. Wyeast became the lofty symbol of Portland, Oregon, Mount Hood, and Pahtoe became Adams, the hidden-one, often mistaken for St. Helens, or Rainier when viewed from afar.

The young and beautiful Loowit became St. Helens. The winner differs according to what tribe the legend comes through. If you are not of the Cowlitz tribe, living in the shadow of Loowit, but say Klickatat tribe, then the ending has a different twist. It goes like this from the eastern tribes: They (Pahtoe and Wyeast are brothers in this version), continued to fight until Pahato, the larger of the two defeated Wyeast. It was decided that Squaw Mountain (Loowit) should take her place by the side of the victor. Because it was Wyeast she truly loved, her heart was broken. She laid herself down by the feet of Pahtoe, falling into a deep sleep from which she has never awakened. (Old Legend, and she has awakened with a BANG!)

She is now known as the Sleeping Beauty (near Trout Lake), and she lies where she fell. It is said that Pahtoe once had a straight head like Wyeast, but when he realized the fate of his bride, he dropped his head in shame, never to raise it again.In the destruction of the Bridge of the Gods its fragments created a great rapid called by Europeans the Cascades (thus also giving name to the mountain range the river cut through on its way to reach the Pacific), that required a lock to navigate by steamboats -at where else but?- Cascade Locks.

Perhaps as additional punishment, for the younger, more incautious Wyeast and Loowit, they got stuck with names of British dignitaries! Admiral Hood was a favorite of Captain Vancouver. It is interesting to Americans to note that the only blot on Lord Samuel Hood record was his failure in 1781 to relieve land troops under General Cornwallis at Yorktown. The St. Helens link is a bit more bizarre. Baron St. Helens was England's ambassador to Spain in 1790 when the Nootka affair erupted
( Spain and England squabbling over what is now Vancouver Island, B.C.) prompted England to prepare for war. An English ship had been seized, but St Helens alone backed Spain down. Vancouver on H.M.S. Discovery upon sighting a snowcapped mountain from sea, to honor the diplomatic hero, named it Mt. St. Helens.

Pahtoe was tagged to be the first of the "Presidential Range." It is not known for sure which President Adams, either, though son John Quincy's diplomatic efforts for the area suggest the later. Just as Lewis and Clark mistook Pahtoe for St. Helens, a Boston schoolmaster turned map maker first applied the name Adams to Mt. Hood. For These and asundered reasons, many local residents feel the names should revert back to the Indian ones, just as Mt. McKinley park was recently renamed Denali, for the native "Great One".There is another question to be disputed. Did the 1980 eruption of Loowit have something to do with a sequel in a never ending drama? A curious fact is that a US Geological Survey Bulletin issued in the years before St. Helens eruption that blasted 2,300 feet off the summit, considered Mt. Hood to be to most likely to have volcanic activity in the near future. The still-steaming lava dome of Crater Rock on Hood was created only 250 years ago, and light gray pumice fragments were being scattered by intermittent eruptions up until the 1860’s.

Underlying the legends lie an impressive number of geologic features that confirm that there actually was a bridge that fell down. No, not something carved out of sandstone as in Arches National Monument in Moab Utah. It really was more of a rock dam, that kept being undercut by the current sweeping through. The Columbia River Gorge walls are made up of basalt flows 1,500 feet thick, laying on top or an older, more easily eroded layers, which itself are tilted to the south. Possibly triggered by an earthquake during the Holocene time ( 10,000 to 12,000 years ago) there was a series of events that led to an ice age flood racing through the river canyon. When the softer strata on Table Mountain and Greenleaf Peak was washed away, the top heavy basalt came sliding down to create a dam over 200 feet high, until this too was destroyed by huge earthquakes associated with the volcanoes eruptions in circa 1500-1650 AD. That was the "Bridge of the Gods."Being that 300 plus years in geologic time is just seconds in the history of the world, perhaps you had better visit "Our Lady" before she decides that being a "sleeping beauty" is boring. In this age of female liberation, who knows what could happen next?

This Was taken from a book of Northwest Legends, and as you can tell was written before the 1980 BLOW OUT! This morning, the scientists were saying that the Earthquakes have almost stopped again, and the camps differ on what will happen next. Some are saying that the Magma is right under the lava dome, and will start extruding molten lava soon,and continue the re-building.

Others say that the magma is still far down in the plumbing system of the mountain, and is stopped by a plug in her throat, and what we are seeing is the ice melting and causing steam eruptions, and old ash from within.

Only time will tell. Today she is venting from one opening only, and has been sending out steam for 3 hours now.

My feeling on the mountain is that she will blow violently again. Soon. KEWL!!!!!!!

Friday, October 08, 2004

No Pilgrims, but a bunch of WILD Frenchmen

I was over at CRITTERCHICKS place this morning, and VALKYRIE asked just what Canadian THanksgiving was. Got me thinking, Ok, why DO they celebrate it? Is it because the Pilgrims made it through a hard year intact? Why is it in October? I googled CANADIAN THANKSGIVING and got a whole page of links. Since I am really stoopid and did not write it down, (I always forget that part) It was the 2nd one down. The first one would not load. Anyway, here is what I cut and pasted from that site...

A Canadian Thanksgiving

The Canadian Thanksgiving makes an interesting counterpoint to the holiday celebrated by its southern neighbor. As mentioned earlier, the first North American thanksgiving event occurred in Newfoundland in 1578. In the 1600s, Samuel de Champlain and the French Settlers who came with him established an “Order of Good Cheer.“ This group would hold huge celebrations marking the harvests and other events, sharing their food with Native American neighbours.

The First Canadian Thanksgiving
The first Canadian Thanksgiving was celebrated on April 15, 1872 in thanks for the recovery of the future King Edward VII from a serious illness. The next Thanksgiving didn’t occur until 1879 when it was celebrated on a Thursday in November.

Setting a Date
Much like the United States, Canada seemed to have a difficult time deciding when a day of Thanksgiving should occur. From 1879 to 1898 it was celebrated on a Thursday in November; from 1899 to 1907 on a Thursday in October (except in 1901 and 1904 when it was celebrated on a Thursday in November); from 1908 to 1921 on a Monday in October; and between 1922 and 1930 the Armistice Day Act declared that Thanksgiving would be celebrated on Armistice Day, the Monday of November 11. In 1931 the Act was amended and the old practice of Parliament declaring a day of Thanksgiving each year was resumed.

On January 31, 1957 Parliament issued a proclamation to fix permanently the second Monday in October as "a day of general Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed.“

Much like the United States’ Thanksgiving Day, the Canadian celebration includes parades and festive meals, often including turkey and all the “fixins.“ Yet, again, at the heart of the celebration is the idea of giving thanks for the goodness of the season past

So Leslie, write this down....2nd MONDAY IN OCTOBER....ALWAYS!!! we all know. Thanks for asking the questions the rest of us just take for granted.

But Pumpkins aren't even all harvested yet...??

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Mama is hopping again!

Old Mother Nature has pulled another fast one on the insignificant blip called mankind. With all of the monitoring of Mt St Helens and all of the money spent on updated equipment, and the amount of studying that these scientists have had to do, they still are playing guessing games.

Last weekend, they stated that the Mountain would NOT erupt to the extent it did in 1980. Then the earthquakes increased and became harmonic tremor, which is magma moving up the throat of the mountain. They then raised the alert level to a 3 which means eruption eminent, and they evacuated the area within 8 miles.

On Tuesday night, the mountain burped, and the earthquakes stopped. Almost entirely. So on Wednesday the dropped the alert back to a 2, and said that the Lava Dome in the crater had risen 100 feet above what it had been. The 500 foot deep glacier that had been forming there, was melting fast. A lahar warning was issued, and in the middle of the night one hit

A Lahar is a mixture of hot water, and mud, that comes from the crater or the sides of it, and flows down hill very rapidly. In 1980 it was the violent landslide/lahar that caused the most damage, and killed the most people.

The Army corps of Engineers created and built a Dam on the Toutle River, that supposedly would hold back any mud/lahar that would come down the mountain.

Today, the scientists are saying that all bets are off now. As the earthquakes have started again, and the Harmonic Tremors have been identified, and now they are saying that the eruption that will come from the mountain could very likely be as big as the 1980 eruption. The landslide would not be, but the ash cloud would be.

they just don't know any more. It erupted again this afternoon, but it was just ash and steam.

As soon as the molten Magma hits the air, it becomes lava, and starts the earth building process that it has done for 10's of thousands of years. It will not be the explosive aa lava that the Hawaiian volcanoes emit, but it will be the viscous pahoehoe lava, thick and slow, that will cool on the outside and hopefully continue to build the peak of the mountain back to the lovely perfectly formed cone that it was until May 1980.

UPDATE: as I am typing this, the news just said that the "Loaf" next to the Lava dome is what has grown, not the dome itself, and that the magma is pushing the ground up, so therefore they are expecting a big BOOM and straight up blast, as high and as ashy as the 1980, but not as destructive because it will go up instead of out.

So fascinating! And so humbling! I have said it before, but when you are standing next to the forces of nature like that and know that it will be gone someday and will rebuild even better, I feel so very very insignificant. How dare I think that I am someone who can make a difference in the GRAND scheme of things. In my everyday life, yes, but in the timeline of human kind? Blip....Blip....Blip

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I Live...I think...

OH MIGAWD!! I was sitting here blogwalking, and drinking my first cup of coffee, when all of a sudden I started shaking, I was soooo chilled! It was NOT that cold out, so I did not think anything of it, and just shut the window. Cant turn on the heat until Nov 1!! I could not quit shaking. When the goosebumps had goosebumps and my teeth literally started chattering, I knew something was wrong. I got off line and went into bed, and piled on the blankets, and shivered until about 300 when I woke up. I have no idea what time I fell asleep, but I got warm. I took my temp and it was 101. yikes! I NEVER have a fever. SO I called Phyllis and told her to put a sick-o post on the blog, and then called the daughter and asked her to stop at the store and buy some juice on the way home. I then jumped in a hot shower and put on freash clean pj's and sweat pants. I stayed in bed. Donna came home and brought me juice, and 7-up and RICE PUDDING!! I LOVE rice pudding, and it went down and stayed there.

Right now every muscle in my body hurts. I think I over did it by shaking all day. It hurts to lay in bed, and it hurts to sit in this chair, I just plain HURT! Maybe I shook some weight off too! I know I slept really restless, the covers were all up around my neck, and the blankets were on the floor.

THe Mountain is still Burping. It actually broke through the crater floor yesterday, and sent out a plume of ash and steam. The scientists still think this is a precursor to the main event. Looked pretty impressive to me!! At least the ash went away from populated areas.

Stay healthy out there folks...GET YOUR FLU SHOTS

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mary Lou is Sicky-Poo!

Yep, Now she has it!
She called me this afternoon sounding all sicky like! She said it hit her all of a sudden and she shook all afternoon! Yep! It hit me last Thursday at 4:00, and lasted until yesterday. So she will be out of commission for at least today.
I didn't give it to her, OOOOPS! Maybe I did! She was over here Sunday afternoon!
Anyway, you can leave her all sorts of weird remarks now!
Have fun y'all!!

Monday, October 04, 2004

the cats...loki,lint,chitters, ethel Posted by Hello

Going clockwise from Loki The big Orange one. He is the baby, hes only 4 years old, and is a replacement for Rudy who was the love of my life, he died of kidney failure, and I was so broken up, I was hysterical in the vets office, and Loki's mom was in getting a pre-delivery checkup, her owner knew where I worked, and brought Loki in when He was 10 days old and said he was mine. Had been mine since the minute she saw him. I did not even know the lady, but turns out her Husband was the OPS Boss for NAS Fallon, and I went to Dept Head meetings with him.

Lint is in the window, he is a manx wanna be, and my sons cat. He is 13 years old and the oldest. I inheirited him when Tim was sent to jail. (gee thanks) I put almost 200 dollars into him getting him healthy again, and he is a character,. He talks to you, talks to the neighbors, gets along with Sadie and takes her out to pottie.

Chitters is the grey tabby with the feather tail, on the scanner. He is only 9 years old, and my love. He chose me at the pound, when I took a litter I was fostering back in to release. He grabbed my pant leg and would not let go. He was fat and purred constantly. I was a sucker. I took him.

Ethel is the old lady of the group, she is 12. I fostered her and her sister when they were 10 days old. Their Mother was feral, and was hit by a car and killed. An older sibling, took the babies into where it knew they could get fed, as there was a lady who was feeding the feral cats. She called the shelter and they called me. I was a sucker I took them both until they were old enough and then I kept Ethel. Ethel was named for ms. Merman, because she yells so LOUD!!! Ethel is a bitch, she hides under my bed when any body but me is in the house. (SHE LOVES ME!)

playhouse Posted by Hello

This is The Whidbey Playhouse. It is an old Dutch Reform Church and My house used to sit in the back where the parking lot is now. the old Oak trees were still there. It is too small now, but is all we can afford.

This and that

On opening BLOGGER I saw the comment they had, Ask your friends what three pictures they would like to see you post. I think that is a pretty good idea, so. What three pictures would you like to see posted on here? Remember, I cant get too close to St Helens! but I have all kinds of places and things I can snap.


It is soooooo foggy right now. I painted the porch yesterday, and was gonna finish it today, but the paint isnt dry yet, so guess I will wait until the next Sunny day.

Mt St Helens hiccuped again, and the scientists are saying that the lave dome has risen 50-100 feet this weekend. So with that in mind, they have closed the road up, and are evacuating people down wind. And there are HUNDREDS of idiots bypasssing the roadblocks and going up forest service roads to get a good view. Bet if it blows like last time, there will be more than 57 dead!! It is all a terrorist plot, you see, Afghanistan is directly on the other side of the world from us, and Bin Laden has dug a tunnel all the way through the earth and he is trying to come out through the vent in Mt St Helens. He has all the weapons of mass destruction with him, and he plans to set them off.

(This was a JOKE folks!!!) I had to say that because you never know who is reading this, and may take it as truth, God knows they take all other kinds of stupidity as truth. Hey! Maybe I can get a job writting for the National Enquirer! LOLOLOL

Well let's see if Blogger will allow me to post THIS one now. GRRRRRRRRRR

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Science 101

As you all may know, I am a science junky...I dont know very much officially, but I do read National Geographic, Discover, and Scientific American magazines. I did not take chemistry like my daughter, but I always wished I had. Today I was reading and gound out that a new scientific element has been found. What a coup!

A New Element!

The heaviest element known to science was recently discovered by physicists. The element, tentatively named Administratum, has no protons or electrons and thus has an atomic number of 0. However it does have: 1 neutron, 125 assistant neutrons, 75 vice-neutrons, and 111 assistant vice-neutrons This gives it an atomic mass of 312.

The 312 particles are held together by a force that involves the continuous exchange of meson-like particles called morons.

Since it has no electrons, Administratum is inert. However, it can be detected chemically as it impedes every action with which it comes in contact.

According to the discoverers, a minute amount of Administratum causes one reaction to take four days to complete when it would have normally occurred in less than one second. Administratum has a normal half-life of approximately three years, at which time it does not actually decay but instead undergoes a reorganization in which assistant neutrons, vice neutrons, and assistant vice-neutrons exchange places. Some studies have shown that atomic mass actually increases after each reorganization.

Research at other laboratories indicates that Administratum occurs naturally in the atmosphere. It tends to concentrate at certain points such as government agencies, large corporations, and universities, and can usually be found in the newest, best appointed, and best maintained buildings.

Scientists point out that Administratum is known to be toxic at any level of concentration and can easily destroy any productive reaction where it is allowed to accumulate. Attempts are being made to determine how. Administratum can be controlled to prevent irreversible damage, but results to date are not promising.

I was half way through reading it with CHEMYSTERY reading over my shoulder, when she started laughing. THEN I got it. DUH!!


Bob came over this Morning, and we painted the trim on the house. I painted it in 2001 but the trim was not decided until last spring. So now It has the first coat on it, and it needs one more, wonder how many years it'll be before we get that done? 5 years to paint a house isn't too awfully bad is it?

Any way. My poor arthritic hands and knees are yelling at me. SO I think I will go soak in some Epsom salts and lavender. I am soooo sore! I still have to paint both the front and back decks, but that can wait a bit.

The Mountain is getting ready to do something different. They think that the Magma is forcing it's way up into the throat of the volcano. The earthquakes are showing harmonic tremors which means that the magma is on the move. Looking at the earthquake sites, it shows Mt St Helens but right in the middle of the list is one for Mt Adams, which is about 50 miles due east of Mt St Helens. HMMMMMMM could the Pretty Lady be waking up? Actually Indian Lore has Adams as a man, and Mt Hood as a man and they both fought over the pretty lady Mt St Helens. Then the lava flowed, and the great river was blocked so it backed up and flooded into the vast wasteland they call Eastern Washington. (all dry desert!!) I think I will look up the real story and post it on here. That might be interesting to some of you. Maybe not, but I will anyway.

Ichiro is up to 269 tonight. whoot!!

Friday, October 01, 2004


WHOOT!!!!!!!!! ICHIRO DID IT!!!! Broke a record for base hits in a season that has been held for 86 years!!! George SIsler's Family was right behind the plate, in the boxes, cheering him on. WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!

(I wish I knew how to make bigger fonts!)

WHOOT!!!! What a day, the Mountain blows and Ichiro Breaks a record.


She BLOWS!!! Posted by Hello

As you can tell, Mt St Helens just burped! The scientists are saying this is exactly what they were expecting. The news cast was looking and talking about it just as it went BUUUUURRRRRRPPPPPP!!! Lots of Ash, but no mudslides. This is a good thing. it relieved the pressure. The clacier on the backside of the lava dome had several 6 ft wide cracks in it, and that is where the geologists said it would go! Man they are getting good!! I so want to be a geologist!! or a volcanologist, or a botanist, or a biologist. oh hell.

Volcano Cam

Ok, Over on the sidebar just under FRIENDS is the link for Mt St Helens webcam. I just cant figure out how to put the actual webcam on here,