Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gorgeous moon!

I was driving back from the playhouse tonight and noticed an orange glow over the trees on the otherside of the bay. It was not quite dark,and I thought it was a fire or something. Just as I rounded the corner in San De Fuca, I saw it again, and it was higher in the sky, and only partly covered by a cloud. The full moon was bright orange and glowing like it was Autumn! I know it must happen a lot, but I dont recall ever seeing an orange full moon other than in the fall. It was gorgeous! It made a wide Orange path on the water of the cove, and just sat there glowing!

I got all of Act 1 Set with light cues today. I am so tired! THis show is really doing a job on me and I dont know why? I am tired all the time, and HURT like mad. Maybe that is what is causing the tiredness. When you are in pain all the time, it really wears on you. Someone who has not been in pain just does not understand how much it invades your being.

Got off track there for a minute or so...ANYWAY, tonight was Press night, and we actually had about 20 people there! Hopefully we will receive good press, and sell out. THe cast out did themselves, and it actually looks like a great show. It is so funny! old balding men playing little boys! and WELL!! THe tunes are really catchy and stay with you for quite a while. Good ear worms!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

summer finally??? or not....

Our weather has been so weird! It is almost June, and we have only had 1 day that we could really call warm! Last night it got down to 38 F!!! BRRRRR I was going to take the electric blanket off the bed and wash it and zip it up for the season, but I used it last night!! My feet were FROZEN! I slept so good though! Woke up at 800 with Schroeder having wrapped his hind feet around a hair roller in my hair, and he was attacking it!! Back feet kicking at it, and front feet hanging on while he chewed at it, OUCH!! He is a little devil!

I spent all day at the theater, getting the lights plotted and ready to set cues. I still have to find someoneto hang the lights I need though, as I do not do ladders, especially ones that are 20 feet tall! uh-uh, not me! I am so unsteady on my feet, and I lose my balance easily, so I try real hard to stay flat footed on the ground.
Tomorrow I will work on a few cues, but then I have to go to the pool. I wont get a lot done on the lights. I really should skip swimming, but I just do not want to get into that habit at all. It is just too easy to make it just one more skip, and soon you aren't going any more at all.

Tomorrow we are supposed to hit the high 80's F! and then Thursday even warmer! Today was really really nice, but there was a a cool wind blowing in off the strait and tonight it is cool also. I have a feeling we are gonna get HOT and stay that way up through September, and then get cold again. It is hard to believe that Spring is almost over!

Time to let Sadie In for the night and put the BEAST away for the evening. HAve a good Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Copied from ANJI....

My blog is worth $23,146.14.
How much is your blog worth?

Now if only I could GET that much for my blog...That would surely help out the money crunch!

I spent two hours in the pool tonight. I got there an hour early, and since it was a holiday, there was no swim team, so I got to go in and work out early. Then we had our regular class. Needless to say, I am tired, and my legs and ass hurt. I found some Tylenol#3 in the medicine cabinet, so I am on my way to a painfree evening.

Tomorrow I get to go in to the playhouse and start getting the lights all set the way Rusty wants them. Things are really starting to come together, and we filmed the commercial tonight. Thursday is the Press Night, If any of them show up, and then next week is Hell Week. Live audiences...and then we open! I sure hope we can gather a good crowd. We really need a sell out!!

Schroeder is getting really sassy, and has this house standing on it's head. He has Ethyl and Lint COWED! and Loki just adores him. Sadie still thinks he is a squirrel, so I have to watch her around him.

Hope you all had a safe weekend, and are looking forward to the good weather we are expecting to have.

Friday, May 25, 2007


No matter how clean you think you keep your house, get a kitten, preferably a fuzzy long haired one, and turn it loose in your house. It will scurry hither and yon under sofa and table, and dresser and into closets long thought to be empty. It will find things you thought you had thrown away ages ago, It will also find things under the bed that you would rather not have found! The kitten can be combed out and all the little dust bunnies and loose threads will then be gathered and easily thrown away. HINT....throw them in a covered can, or they will be found and scattered yet again.

I took some petrified Cat Barf away from Schroeder yesterday. God only knows who, or how long ago ago it was deposited. I have no idea where it was either. But he found it. And in the bathroom there were 5 toilet paper rolls minus the toilet paper of course. I dont know where he found those either.

I have scratches all over my feet and my arms from Kitten play time. He got his first ride in the carrier yesterday, to go see the Vet. He yelled at the top of his voice clear through Coupeville, and into the Vet's Office. The Dr, came right out, and said "Goodness" He is one nice cat!" He thought I got a really good animal, and said there must be some Maine COon in him because his ears and paws have tufts of fur.

He is ruling the house. Even Sadie is cowed by him. Lint still refuses to have anything to do with him, but Loki things he was brought into the house for him alone. He Mothers him, and plays with him and cleans him, and plays and talks with him. SO CUTE!!

I tried to get a picture of Schroeder and Loki together, but they are both too fast! I'll keep trying though.

Monday, May 21, 2007


I got the lights turned on the set for the first time tonight, and it does not appear like I will have to add too many spots! COOL!! THis is a rehearsal picture of the cast and set, minus costumes. It is going to be a really cool play! Adults playing kids! FUNNY!!!!

We went through act 1 tonight and tomorrow is act 2. THen We will be putting it all together to run as a whole show. No prompts, no books, no stopping. This becomes brutal now, but they have to get their lines down without help, so we throw them in the deep end of the pool! tee hee!

I need to go wash the clorine out of my hair, because I really DID get into the deep end of the pool during aquarobics. I LOVE them!!! no pain for 1 hour!! ahhhhhh!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Anybody seen my Q?

Schroeder has decided that I am "all Right" and he follows me everywhere! He climbs my robe to sit on my shoulder when I am in the kitchen, he climbs my pant legs when I am sitting at the computer and he climbs the bedspread to sit on my laptop while I lay on my tummy to blogwalk. He also has learned that if you hook your little front claws under the key tops, Mommy can't lift you up so fast to move you before you publish something she has been working on. When You do this, the key tops pop off!! and then Mommie yells really loud!

I was missing my Z until yesterday morning when I found it under the bed. Tonight I am missing my Q. THe only thing there is a little white smooshie thingamajig that I can push down and get the q to print. AH well, I guess I will move the bed again tomorrow and see if I can find the missing key top!

Kittens are really a lot of fun though. THe whole world is brand new and they love to look at everything. He eats like a little pig too! and he has stuck his head into my milk glass and helped himself to all he could reach. (Little SHIT)

I am laying here tonight under my electric blanket, trying to get warm. It has been such a cold spring, that I just realized that May is almost over, and we will be into June before long! Usually we have a wet April with a few nice days then May is usually Hot and dry, and then June is wet and cool, and then summer starts out with hot and dry until mid Sept. But I dont know what the weather will be like this year. It has been so bizzarre! all of the spring flowers popped out all at once, and very bountiful too. THe grass has grown a foot in a week!

My SIL came over yesterday to mow my yard and borrow the mower to mow hers, and she got mine done and then the mower quit on her! Poor thing! I sure do appreciate her doing it though! I just cant get out there and push that mower more than 50 feet. I sure hope this aquarobics does the trick, and gets my legs and core strong enough to get out and walk again. I feel like a cripple! I technically am not, but I sure cant get very far with out being in excruciating pain! I almost did not make it through the grocery store today. This just SUCKS!

We are starting to come together on YOURE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN, a few more music and dance rehearsals and then we will be doing straight run throughs. I will be taking candid shots during the runthroughs and then getting the head shots and bios ready for the lobby. Meanwhile, this week I need to get the audition poster out for A CHORUS LINE. (Whew) You all dont even want to see my house right now!! too busy and too hurt to clean!

Well the laptop held up through this post, so let's cross our fingers and see if it will publish!! I sooooo need a new fast computer.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kitten on keyboard

I had forgotten how much work and joy that a baby anything can bring into a house. Especially a baby Kitten! The whole world is brand spanking new and they have no fear of anything! (except Ethel, who hisses and growls at him, so he leaves her alone)

Schroeder has left a mark on my legs, my hands and my nose. His sharp little claws are like razors, and he has no qualms about using them either!

Yesterday he got his little body underneath the line of dressers in my bedroom, and could not find his way out. It is a tight squeeze under there, and a tight squeeze getting back out. But MAN his voice sure didnt sound squeezed! He yelled so loud that even Sadie was trying to figure out how to get him out. I took the bottom drawer out, but these dressers have a bottom on them, so that didn't work. I finally tipped one back against the wall and propped it up with a shoe until I could get him to come to me then dragged him out. Sheesh.

I keep him sequestered in the hall bathroom, so that he can eat his kitten chow and Loki wont scarf it down first! Bob went in to pee, and all I heard was YEOW!!! it seems that Schroeder decided to climb up his pant leg while he was doing his business. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Oh GAWD!! I am surely being entertained.

Ya'll gotta get a kitten!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I cant post!

FOr some reason or another I am unable to post pictures. I tried for over an hour this morning, just to post 1 picture! and tonight the same thing, NO CAN DO! This morning everytime I published it lost everything I wrote, so until I figure this out..


SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!! Blogger is being a BASTARD!!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Isn't he adorable? His name is Schroeder after the character in the play we are doing. Rusty and Judy decided that I needed a kitten and they put their heads together and Judy found the litter and of course you know what a sucker I am! So He came home tonight. He is 6 weeks old, and likes to ride on my shoulder!

Ethel took one look and sniffed and hissed and now she is hiding in the garage, Loki wants to play, but the baby just hisses. ANd Sadie thinks he is a squirrel and wants to Eat him. oops! Lint on the other hand took one look, looked at me as if to say Oh SHIT! Not ANOTHER one! What can I say...I need some vice, right? I dont drink, smoke or "anything else".

He is in the hall bathroom and there are 4 noses all aimed under the door trying to smell, and he is on the far side of the room behind the toilet. But they all know he is in there. OH!! I hear kitty growling, Ethel must be being bitchy! She is 14, and Lint is 16 or 17 we think, And Loki is the baby at 7 so it's time to shake up this crew. Besides, I needed something to fill Chitters'space.

I Know, I KNOW!! I'm bad. But I did not take his sister, and she was even CUTER! She needs a home, Carole, ya want one?

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Widdle Wabbits

A precious little girl walks into a pet shop and asks, in the
little lisp, between two missing teeth, "Excuthe me, mithter, do you
widdle wabbits?"

As the shopkeeper's heart melts, he gets
down on his knees so that he's on her level and asks,
"Do you want a widdle white wabbit, or a thoft and
fuwwy bwack wabbit, or maybe one like that cute
widdle bwown wabbit over there?"

She, in turn, blushes, rocks on her heels, puts her
hands on her knees, leans forward and says, in a tiny
quiet voice, "I don't think my python weally gives a thit.

I have had hamsters, and gerbils, and parakeets, and bunnies and puppies and kittens and frogs and even a dead sea urchin, but thankfully we have never had a python! My brother Mike had a garter snake once but it "disappeared" ;)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gee!! (grin)

GARSH!! Thanks everybody….Nothing like a call for a hug, to bring lurking friends out of the woodwork! ;) edt…

I had several phone calls, and in retrospect it was just a BAD Day! My computer kept kicking me off line, and I could not blogwalk. And I am so tired of being in pain! I have spent the good part of the past week on my stomach on the floor or in bed, trying to ease the pain in my back. So thank you all for all the hugs! I will be fine. Maybe.

This morning I had a rare gift from Mother Nature! I peeked over the window sill, and saw Lola for the first time in AGES!! She was trying real hard to get up the courage to climb down the wisteria and run over to the feeder. Just as she decided to do so, a flock of birds flew to the feeder, and in that flock were about 10 goldfinch males, and 3 Evening Grosbeaks!!! I had never seen them before, even though they are plentiful on the island. 2 males and 1 female! So Now I have added another species to my life-list!

I hope that all of you in the path of these horrible tornadoes are being careful and staying safe. I just can’t imagine living where you have to fear those monsters. I LOVE a good thunder storm, but ours are not accompanied by tornadoes. Yet. We have nasty winds in the fall and winter, but we built sturdy enough to survive them. I also live up high so I don’t have to worry about high tides, or tsunamis either. About the only thing we have no control of is Earthquakes, and NOBODY knows when they are gonna hit. I have insurance for them, and we are pretty stable, sorta. And our volcanoes have been listed as the most dangerous ones in the country, but they don’t move, we know exactly where they are, and we may get ashed, but not badly, as the prevailing wind goes East and we live West.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spring fever?

I am so COLD today! It got down to 36 last night, and right now it is only 48 BRRRRR.!!! I came home from a great work out at aquarobics, and ate dinner, and then every bit of energy just drained right out of me. I took a hot bath with epsom salts and went to bed early. I slept until 1030 this morning, and woke up with Sadie really really wanting to go outside. SHe was dancing a jig in her pen and whining big time. Poor baby! ANd she had to wait while I went first.

I put her out and then went back to bed to wake up, and I just couldn't! I dozed with my eyes shut, but my brain awake and listened to the birds and the planes fly overhead.

I got up finally, and came in and watched TODAY that I had recorded, and had a sandwich, and then started shivering again. I want to go some place really warm, and just lay there in the sun and soak it all up. I never thought I would ever say that!

Tonight, I am sitting here watching the birds all stuff themselves like there is no tomorrow, emptying the feeder that I filled this afternoon. Hungry little buggers.

I think I am going to go to bed early again tonight, as I feel like someone is sitting on my chest, and I just have no energy. I can breath just fine, but I ache. cant get sick. I have too much to do!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bird watching...and being watched

Today as I was driving back from town, I stopped by the pond to talk to the resident geese. There were only three of them there today, but they all walked up to the car and were whistling at me and talking. Suddenly they all three turned their noses straight up into the air and spread their wings and honkeed like there was an intruder somewhere.

I then saw a Great Blue Heron just over the bank of the pond, take off, and drop his fish.

Just as he took off, and the geese were fully honking, Mr. Eagle flew down and grabbed the fish right away from the Heron, and flew back up to the top of the trees.

I saw a woman walking towards us with a cell phone in her ear and walking her little squeek toy dog, and I said "DID YOU SEE THAT?" she just said huh? and looked at me funny. She had no idea what she had missed by keeping her ear to that cell phone, while out walking.

Soon another woman came around the curve walking her big dog and she was all agog. DID YOU SEE THAT? she said, so we talked about the wonder of the place we live, and how cool it was to be sitting in one spot and see all of that happen.

I got home and was talking to Rusty, and saw the prettiest little bird. I THINK it is a Golden Crowned Kinglet, because of the white slash over its eye, but it was colored more like a ruby crowned kinglet. Hard to say for certain. The ruby crown has a hidden patch of red feathers on the top of his head, but it is more olive than the golden, and has a half arch over and under its eye. So on the slash alone, I am claiming golden crowned kinglet for my life-list!


Th gold finch are back in droves also. and they are really early for us. I ususally do not have them until July when the thistle blooms. I was also reading that the Juncoes leave every year, but mine stay here year around. I wonder why?

Anyone got a clue?