Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

Last night was a full dress rehearsal, complete with the band. I still do not have the lights set the way they need to be, but I will have before next week. It is getting to be so funny!! These ladies are veterans, and the more comfortable they get the funnier they get. You dont want to blink or you will miss something! here are a few more pictures to entice you to buy your tickets now!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am still chasing all of those wacky Nuns around town...Lord only knows what they will be up to NEXT!! The show is in production now, and will open on June 5! Get your tickets early, it is expected to be a sell-out!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Long Hard time is over!

In 2000, I was stationed in Fallon, Nevada, as GM of a retail store on base. It was a long way from home, but I drove it every 6 months just to see green again. In the Spring of 2000, I was heading home, to just spend time with my daughter, in Ellensburg. I called Tim on Orcas Island to tell him I would be there, to come over and meet us. WELL!!! I was informed that he was in jail...MY BABY!! I was shocked, but refused to put up any money for bail, as I knew he was financially unstable, and in fact had told both of my kids when they left the nest, that they knew right from wrong, and if they got in trouble it was on their own nickel. He knew that and knew not to call for bail money. Imagine his surprise when I went to visit him. oh YEAH! anyway, you all know the stress I was under and the problems I had getting stationed back here. DOwn Grade, lost money the whole works, but at least I could see him once in awhile. He was sent to Prison for 36 months with time off for good behavior. He waas transferred to a minimum security prison on the Olympic Peninnsula. He got the job of his dreams with the DEPT of NATURAL RESOURCES, fighting fires, and cleaning camp sites in the National FOrest. He did his time, jumped through all the hoops, got the rehab, and was released to work release, where he found a great job. He left that program after 6 months, and was on 1 year of probation. Yesterday we were all sitting around the table, eating Prime rib, and he announced that he is no longer on probation, that he has a letter from the DOC stating that he is fully rehabed and needs no further supervision!

YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! My baby boy finally has his head on straight! Only took him 37 years!

Saturday, May 09, 2009


I spent the afternoon running around town following a bunch of wacky Nuns. They are due to arrive at the Playhouse June 5th for a four week stay. You see These guys are hard to pin down. They are so full of energy, and so GLAD to be alive after escaping to a BINGO hall, while Sister Julia...(Child of God)poisoned the rest of the convent with her Vichyssoise soup that was tainted with botulism. 52 of their Oder died, and they only had enough money to bury 48 of the sisters, so the other four were stored in the convent freezer....until the Health Dept caught wind of it, and demanded that they too be buried. The Little Sisters of Hoboken are putting on a fund raiser at the Mt. St. Helen's school, and the fun begins! There is Reverend mother (Mary K Hallen), Sister Robert Anne (Sue Riney) Sister Hubert (Allenda Jenkins) Sister Leo (Elizabeth Booth) and of course Sister Amnesia (K. Sandra O'Brien). Rusty Hendrix Directs this zany Musical and naturally I am producing it.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


I woke up this morning in horrible pain again, per the course, and just lay there on my back listening to the birds. There was something going on in the alders as there was a lot of cawing and loud chipping coming from beyond the fence. I just figured they were all glad to finally see a semi-dri day, so I went about my morning ablutions. Yogurt, coffee, crochet, the VIEW and the News. The dogs were going nuts barking too, so I finally got up to see what was what.

The dogs came in, Lint came in, and the birds were fluttering around the suet feeder, but there was still something in the woods. I stood in my nitegown at the edge of the back deck and looked as far as I could through the jungle that used to be my back yard, and right there on the edge of the Alders sitting on a branch was a Barred Owl. I talked Barred owl talk to him, and he just sat there with his eyes closed sleeping away. The Birds do NOT like him there, as he is as apt to eat them as mice or rats. He obviously isnt very hungary, as just now a chickadee flew right into his face, and he just sat there grooming himself. I sure wish he would scare away the starlings though...they are greedy little bastards, and devour a suet block in 15 minutes. The owl just sits there...keeping watch on the ground for the rats that Live under my house...yeah I know, dont feed the birds, but Hey...It is one of my only real pleasures. And if you think about it, I am feeding the owls too. :)