Wednesday, September 08, 2010


The Show that opens our 48th season is CHICAGO! The Bob Fosse, Ebb,musical that takes place in Chi-town during the 1920's! The dancing in this show is fantastic, the harmony great, and the story very dark. Foxy ROxie Hart is accused of murdering her lover, and sleazy Billy Flynn the money-mad lawyer concocts a story to get her off. DOes He do It? Does Velma Kelly get off for murdering her husband and sister for doing the Banana Split? Does Amos Hart take pity on his Pregnant wife?

Tickets are on sale now at The Whidbey Playhouse 360-679-2237 Reserved seating only.

All Photos by ME!!!

Friday, September 03, 2010


THIS IS TO ASK ABOUT MY FRIENDS IN NEW ZEALAND.... edt are you and yours OK? I dont know how to get ahold of you other than this. Keewee, is your daughter safe? Please let me know. I am thinking of you all.