Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dr. Report...

Last Friday I went to get an MRI on my Lumbar spine. I have been in pain for over 10 years, constantly getting worse. I have asked several times for something to relieve the pain, but get ignored. Last Thursday I went in a yelled at my Dr, and told him to either find out what is wrong with my back or give me enough drugs to tolerate it. I can no longer walk all the way around the grocery store with out pain radiating down my left side and my leg collapsing. I am ok sitting for awhile, and I am in no pain in the Pool. So I swim 2 hrs at a time three days a week. He realized that I have been trying, so he referred me to the MRI. I came home the next day with films in hand. So being the WONDERFUL Dr that I am....(NOT) I looked at them, and then compared them to normal MRIs on line. (did you know there are TONS of pictures of lumbar spines?) I thought they looked scary, so I called and asked when I should bring them in. I get a call left on my answering machine, from the Dr, that there is INDEED an abnormality in my Lumbar Spine, and he is referring me to a Neurologist for evaluation and possible surgery! HALLELUJAH! At least now he knows and I know that I am not making this pain up.

I have this wonderful new mower that I have been trying to use to get my grass down to a workable level, however I mow 50 feet and then sit and rest my back, then mow some more and rest, Today I actually got the front 1/3 of the back yard down to where it should be. So now Sadie has a place to pottie without getting lost in the foot high grass and dandelions which have taken over my back yard.

Now I am sitting here updating my blog, and hoping that the pain goes away long enough for me to get in the car and drive to the pool. I'm telling you...PAIN!!!!
When Did I get so OLD? I thought Sciatica was an OLD PERSON'S ailment. Didn't they have Carter's little pills for that? Humph!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good pot o'beans!

I, Like the rest of the country had a baked Ham for Easter dinner. Actually it was Saturday, because that is when the family gathered. I cooked it, and there was not much to slice off after dinner, so I stuck it in the fridge and then later in the week I made a pot of pinto beans. I reached in the cupboard for the bag of beans that I ALWAYS have on hand, only to find that I had just half a bag. I shrugged, threw the bone, the beans an onion, garlic and a swig of Mrs. Wright's Liquid smoke, turned on the crock pot and walked away. THe next day I had a great pot of bean SOUP, but not many beans. I ate a few bowls, and stuck the rest into the fridge. Sunday I stopped by Prairie Center, got a few needs and several bags of beans to have on hand. I came home threw a bag of small white beans into the crock pot and set it for 10 hours. It turned into a good batch of beans, I ate some and then Yesterday I thought...HMMMMM it is so thick I wonder what would happen if I tried to make baked beans in a crock pot.

I threw in a cup of brown sugar, a big squirt of mustard, MORE Mrs. Wright's, and all the molasses I had left (1/4 cup), and about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar stirred it all in and heated it up. Last night I came home from swimming and OHMIGAWD!!!! It was wonderful!! B&M Boston Baked Beans has NOTHING on me!!! No oven, no long baking, just use the crock pot and there it is!!!

I have grown up eating beans and cornbread for dinner. Only Mom used salt pork, not Ham. and I LOVE the cornbread soaked with the bean juice, piled high with ham and beans. YUMMY!! and Baked Beans with Polish Sausage on the side!! damn, it is time for lunch.

Monday, April 20, 2009


When I first started blogging over 6 years ago, I had a follower, "The Fairy" that sent me a book that she really wanted me to read. "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" By Alexander McCall Smith. I read it and fell in love with Mma. It takes place in Botswana, Africa and is very innocent and naive at first. Then you realize that she uses her innocence to her benefit, and solves cases.

I went on to read almost all of the series, (I have missed two books, I don't know how!) and thought it would make a good TV series. WELL! HBO did too, and they made a TV movie of the first book, and then they are presenting a series based on the books written. I watched episode #3 last night. (HBO Sunday Night) I Loved it just as much as the first one.

I encourage all of you to get the books and read them and then follow along on the series, and escape to an Africa that you probably have never known. I got a map of Africa, and keep it by my bed, so that when I am reading, I can follow along and know where she is. Great Geography lessons too.

DO it. you know you want to. ;)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

back problems

after 7 long painful years of yelling at my dr, He FINALLY said ok, we will get an mri on your lumbaer spine region and see what is going on. I am pain free in the water, and stay in for more that two hours three time a week. I went down to Lynwood on the mainland, and had to look for it. Fouind it right away. went in crawled into the tube and layed there for 45 minutes while they took 4 sheets of pictures.

I went on line to see if any there look like mine, and there are some. So Now I am going to yell for surgery to get this crap fixed! I have sat on my ever widening ass for 7 years, and I am tired of this. THere is something pinching my sciatic neverv and now it runs clear down my leg into my ankle and big toes. ARRRRRGGGHHH Really hard to walk when your legs wont move! I NEED to get out and walk.. every day! 3 miles everyday, i Need to hike along a sandy beach. I need to hike trough the high mountain forest. I need to just get away for awhile. So next week I take the films back to him and then start the nexdt step. This pain is horrible. SHould have heard me yelling as I waas pushing the mower this afternoon! OOPS@

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Not only has the weather been just lousy as hell, and my mental state has been busy with dying brother, but even the flowers are late this year. In The Skagit Valley they have a tulip festival every April, and the Tulips have not opened yet!! Tulips in my yard are just now starting to open. THe plum trees next door are loaded with blossoms finally, and the crab apple tree is getting a tinge of pink...By Now we would have had an explosion of color, But it looks like if the weather holds like it is today, we might have a spring after all.

Yesterday it snowed in some areas...REALLY!!

I have a horrible allergic reaction to the tree pollen, and with spring so late, they are all pollenating at once. NICE!! My grass has grown almost a foot, and my lawn mower just got here yesterday. Now I am waiting for the grass to dry out enough to cut it.

I bought an electric lawnmower. A Neuton! totally electric, with no cord! it is run by a replacable battery that you just pull out and plug into the wall and voila. No gas to buy, no pollutants to fill the air and very little noise! Now let's see if this puppy can cut! (and see if I can push it!)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Michael Murray Brett Sept 12 1955-April 8 2009

My baby brother finally left this world about an hour ago. He fought a long hard battle with Colo-rectal cancer. The past two months he has been in a hospice Enso House, and they are there strictly to take care of the dying, and to allow them to pass from this world in as peaceful a setting as possible.

The past week he has been semi-concious, but he had his eye-lids only half open. He was cold and gettign a blue tint to him, his eyes were sunk way back into his skull, and he could not speak. It was horrible watching him try to leave, and not being able to. This has been a very hard transition for him and for the whole family. I hope none of you ever have to go through that.

Do your families a favor and go out and get a colonoscopy. DO IT! NOW!!! catch it before it is too late! If you smoke, STOP!!! and next time the Combined Federal Campaign comes your way, donate to the American Cancer SOciety, and let's get a cure for all cancers!

I will write more in the morning,. RIght now by brain is very tired. I may just sleep all day! Thank you all for being here for me.

Friday, April 03, 2009

still hanging on...

All he is doing now is sleeping. He only gets out of bed to go to the bathroom, which isnt often as he isnt taking any nourishment in. He is getting weaker and weaker by the day, and is starting to hallucinate. He sees little people walking around, and sees people walking in the fields. He called Sherry today and did not know who Rocky his dog was. So technically it should not be much longer.

Sherry sold Tim Mike's Truck, and he now has good reliable transportation, which is great! His old van finally gave up the ghost! (THANK YOU LORD)

I wish I had better news to report, but there just aint none lately. We are all worn out. TIred, allergies, stress.WE KNOW THAT THE lORD HAS HIS REASON WHY HE IS LETTING mIKE LIVE SO LONG, bUT WE SURE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS UNLESS IT IS PUNISHMENT FOR SOMETHING HE DID. It is beyond my ken!

Herman, Tim said you found him on facebook. He is thrilled that you have kept up with him, and wish him good will. It means a lot to him. Thank You. You are such a kind man!