Friday, December 17, 2010


And you thought it was cold where you live. This was on the TODAY show this morning,. a lighthouse in Cleveland Ohio was sprayed with lake waves and then frozen in ice. WHooo I sure would hate to have to deice that porch!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Coupeville Christmas Parade


I sat for an hour in 28F weather waiting for the parade. It was small and full of those things that you would expect to see in a small town, the dog club, the sherriffs possee, the tracktor pulling a flat bed full of boys and girls, the middle school band, and the firetrucks with santa. After the parade every one gathered on the corner of the old highway and main st and sang carols while they lit the city park. It was very nice, and got me right into the spirit, so I stopped ion the local red apple store and got some cookie stuff and listened to some old fart tell how hokey and stupid it was. We dont have a Macy's parade for sure, but for our little historical town, I thought we did guite well. I sent him on his way OUT of down to someplace he might like better. We dont need any more grumps in this town! Especially this time of the year.