Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well Much to my dismay, I have had to add comment moderation to all comments, which means that your comments will not show up until I say they can. Which in my case may be several days. If I have to go further I will then ask for word verification Which I HATE! or turn on the doo-hickey that says you have to register. All becasue I do not think that my blog should subject all of you to having to read crap that others put on there. ARRRRRRGHHHHH!!! Thank you for sticking with me.

Now on to putting away the crap I bought at COSTCO today! I hate this part of shopping. i want to pay for it and have it magically appear at home and put in it's proper place...Isn't there an App for that?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Next on stage....


Amanda McCartney from Anacortes is one of the featured women in the WWII story The Cover Of Life. This poignant story is about three women who are married to brothers who have all joined different branches of the Military. Sybil, the Modern one, (Amanda McCartney) is the oldest, and the most worldly.

Tood (Lisa Datin) is the youngest and the one who is most likely to move on.

Weetsie (Michelle Hunter) is the third sister, and wants more than anything to be exactly like Aunt Ola. They all are sent home to live with Aunt Ola (Mary K Hallen) the brothers mother in Sterlington, LA.

Adie Mae MacGough (Judy Hendrix) is the local reporter who sees a story in the women, and forwards her report on to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Eventually Life Magazine gets wind of the story and sends their ace Reporter Kate Miller (Cynthia Cleppang) to Louisiana to interview the girls. The Husbands are all over seas, and only one, Tommy (Fernando Durran), is seen in the Play. Kate befriends Tood, and learns the secrets and the joys and sadness of being left behind while the boys go off to war.

This production, Directed by Rusty Hendrix is not for young children, but is sure to pull everyone into the story, and no one will leave with a dry-eye.
Tickets are now on sale at The Whidbey Playhouse box office, by calling 360-678-2237, or in person during box office hours Tues-Friday 11-3, Wed and Thurs until 6PM. The Playhouse is located at 730 SE Midway Blvd, Oak Harbor. Tickets are Reservation only, and all seats are 16.00. Check out our website
Ok, Donna, Is this better?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What did I forget?

I have had the strangest things happen to me in the past several days. My Calendar is chock-a-block full, and I just turned the page a few days ago. But already I have so much scheduled, that I have to look every single day to figure out where I am supposed to be when!

Lately, I have gotten off a day or two, looking at the calendar, knowing where I am supposed to be and what time I am supposed to be there, only to find out that I was on the wrong day. And in some cases, WEEK! I have no idea what causes this, and I am not at all fond of it.

I think it is tied in to just being really really tired! I need some time to ME! And that may be to just lay in bed all day, or read a book, or listen to absolutely NOTHING!

I forgot to take Sadie in for her hair appointment. I was up in time, I just looked at the wrong day. I think that it is .... Well SHIT!! I forgot what I was going to write!


Monday, January 11, 2010


It is the first of January, 2 weeks into WINTER, and we are the only part of the whole continent(with the exception of Mexico) that is having balmy weather! It is gray and drippy, but it is 50-60 F. We are expecting High winds, which is not so unusual for us, but the balmy weather sure is. We had about 3 weeks of cold freezing weather in November, but no snow! The rest of the country however has had it and then some! We were out trimming the low branches off of the crab apple tree, and the dogwood tree, and they are absolutely LOADED with buds! We may just have another fruit filled summer. Either that or the frost and wind will hit in April just as they are blooming, and kill all the fruit as they are born! Last year we had so much that one of the plum trees actually broke in two parts. Several branches broke on the peach trees. Year before last, NO FRUIT at all! I would kinda like it to meet in the middle. Not so much that I feel it is being wasted if I dont put it all up, but enough so that I can have fresh fruit! I guess I am just not ever happy huh? ;)

Bob just came over and handed me my mail. In the middle of the mail was an envelope with no writing on it. ?? in the envelope was a birthday card with 400.00 in it! WHOOT!! He is buying my swim pass for this year! I told him it was only 309. and he grabbed back 100.00. Now if it is in an envelope and you get it as a gift, shouldn't it ALL be yours? LOLOL He is also loaning me the money to get my brakes fixed. So I am a truly happy girl today! OLD, but Happy!

Funny, I just dont feel like I am 64! The body says I am, but the mind says I am about 20-25! Am I regressing? Maybe I am just a young soul! ANyway. I am off to finish some work for the Playhouse, and then to Swim for 2 hours. (I hope the Lap Nazi isn't there today!)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Packing it away

Christmas is gone from my house. Packed away and put away into the Christmas closet for another year. I had a big tree this year, and Bob decorated it, so I had 7 strings of lights and all the ornaments in the closet on the tree. Every year I pull out the Christmas egg, the smuckers jelly lid with a picture of Santa glued in the top, the felt and paperclip ice skates, and the little god reindeer with Timmy written across it. Every year when the kids come home they head right for the tree to find their ornaments. I put Timmy up in its usual spot in front and up high, and Timmy Pat could not find it. I told him it was there and had probably slipped down a branch or two. He was here yesterday, and looked for it again, still could not find it. So today I methodically took every ornament off, put them in their boxes and then took each string on=f lights down, looking all the while for Timmy. I could not find it at all. I then decided that since it has been on my tree for over 33 years that I MUST find it. I very methodically cut each branch off the tree and piled it right beside me on the floor, I got down to the bare trunk and still no gold Timmy!!! Now I was starting to panic, even called Tim to make sure he had not pocketed it for his own house and he promised me he had not,
By this time it is midnight, and I was tired, but knew I had to find it before I went to bed or I would not sleep. I went down to the garage, and dumped what little cord wood was still in it out of the wheelbarrow and tugged the empty wheel barrow up the stairs into the house. I sat right beside it and picked up every branch, cutting them into smaller pieces, all the while searching for a glint of gold, I finally got down to the last few branches and still no Timmy. I picked up the last branch remaining on the floor, the very first branch I cut off the tree. And there hanging on the tiny branch was the little gold reindeer named Timmy. I called Tim and told him it was found and he was very pleased!
I finished putting away everything Christmas and got it all stowed back into the closet for another year. I might even get around to taking the boxes of my Christmas village, down to the garage this weekend; they have been sitting in the hall for a year, right where I left them when I took everything down last year. Bob will be over tomorrow to take down the outside lights.
It takes so long to get everything out and ready, and then you are so busy you can’t sit and relax and enjoy it, and then before you know it, it is all over again. Maybe I should think about leaving it up for a whole year. The neighbors would REALLY start wondering about me then!