Sunday, October 24, 2010


I just love this picture of Owen. We put this hat on his head and it looks like he is saying''WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING!

My wonderful daughter,OBE, came home this weekend, and among otherthings, managed to finish hooking up my home internet,and got my laptop,working on line, while I lay on mu tummy all snug in my bed! I have been wanting to get this done for years, and now I am aable to. WHOO-HOO! Donna, you rock!

I went up to see Owen and of course his wonderful family too, this weekend. Donna went up with me, and we spoiled Owen rotten. He is the happiest baby I have seen in ages. He has gained 6 0z in three weeks, and already smiles at his Mimi! hard to tell he smiles though from these pictures!

I Took him up his first pumpkin, and it was three times as big as he was. Unfortunately I did not get pictures of him with it. I held him on my lap and tickled his tummy and he grinned! I think I am going to enjoy this granda bit!

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Boys

edt/nz said that he liked to read about my cats. Alright then. The Big monster is Schroeder, he is two and a half, and still growing. He must weigh close to 20 lbs! He is also the Biggest sissy-boy you can imagine. When anyone or anything makes a noise that he does not recognize he growls and runs under my bed. He has completely torn the gauze off of the bottom of the box springs, and used to crawl up there and hide. I turned the be3d over a few months ago, and finished cutting the gauze off, and then vaccuumed all the cat hair up. What a mess. He is a Lover though. He will get right in my face when I am laying on my stomach in bed reading a book. He curls up right on the book and then purrs and head butts me. Such a love, such a WUSS!!

The little Yellow cat is Wills, officially named Wilson, because there is a pattern on the top of his head that looks like the volleyball on CASTAWAY! He talks. He talks, and purrs at the same time, he follows me everywhere, and meows constantly. He is also the biggest brute you have ever met! He beats up Schroeder, he terrorizes Sadie, he climbs my leg. He is getting calmer now, but when he was a baby he ruled the roost. He came from my son's home where he was used to three full grown St Bernards. He looks at Sadie and I know he is thinking. PHHHH...You have no idea what a dog is! He hides around corner and jumps and tackles Sadie as she comes around the door. He tackles Schroeder, and Rocky my Brother's dog that I take care of during the day. Nothing phases him. He is fearless. He is also taking the place of Loki. HE sleeps right beside me and purrs all night long. All I have to do is reach out in the night and there is a little yellow head under my hand, just waiting to comfort me.

I am looking for a female, but I will take my time, and when it is right, she will appear, and then I will have another fur baby to love!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Owen Wesley Pierce

I do not have any grandchildren...or I didnt until Tim married Mistie in July, and she came with her 17 year old daughter. AND a Great-Grandson-to-be!

My Son is over the moon with this little doll! As I am! As we ALL are!

Proud Momma and Daddy with little Owen. DId I say Little? oops! 9lbs.3 Oz! and 21" long.

So this little fellow is the first baby in our family, and Tim is the proudest grand father I have ever seen. You would think it was HIS baby! He is already planning fishing trips, and spoiling him rotten. Nana is so excited also, and I am ecstatic! I have not been around a baby in 39 years! so Even though I am kinda down the totem pole in ranking, I am a very proud Mimi! I held him for over 30 minutes, and then he pooped, so back to Dad he went! Hey this is fun!