Friday, October 30, 2009

My 3 Angels

THe latest Play on the boards is the Christmas show, My THree Angels. I went last night to get pictures for the scrapbook. It was very funny, and well done.

Fil Baca, Fred Conley, and Jim Ortuba played the convicts, and they were all great!
The story takes place in the early 20th century in French Guianna, in a prison town. The convicts all run free, and do handiman chores for the shopkeepers and the townspeople. Needless to say they mettle where they should not and trouble ensues. It all works out great, and everyone leaves happy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I have three more posters done. I am surprised that there were not many pictures taken for these productions. Even the scrapbooks have none. But we had a fire about 40 years ago, so maybe they all got ruined then.

As you can tell, refurbishing them adds a little more life to the already worn pictures. The originals were not behind glass, so they are badly spotted with fly spatter, and water drops. I try to save as much of the originals as I can. I scan them and use the copies on the new poster, and put the originals on the back for posterity!

Now on to round one of Camelot! (we did it more than once!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009


After a summer of nearly no rain at all, and a fall of nearly no rain at all, we are getting all of it at once. We have a front moving in from the Ocean, that is bring tons of rain! We are in flood watch! ON an ISLAND!! weird huh? right now it is ouring rain, and the fog is really getting thick. I know that most of you do not equate fog and rain but here in the pacific Northwest, it is very common! I just ran out during a 10 minute pause in the rain, and filled up the feeders, and suet blocks! Those birds sure get greedy when the weather turns bad! Maybe they know something we don't! I can hear a squirrel in the alders, but so far, it has not come back into the yard! I have not seen the little red squirrels (lola) in almost 6 months. DOnt know if it is kids, dogs, cats, or owls keeping them away, but I miss them. Maybe when all the leaves fall off the trees, they will be able to see the feeders again and come back. Right now I have a flock of doves pigging out! must be 25-30 of them! and the woodpeckers have returned! both the Northern Flickers and the Downey woodpeckers. I have heard the Piliated one fly over, but so far he has not partaken of my hospitality. The Hairy woodpecker should be here soon too.

BAck to my bedroom window to watch the power of nature. AHHHHHHH relaxing!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Restoration in Progress...

One of the jobs I volunteer to do for the Playhouse is Historian. I keep a photo album of all the shows, and make sure that the lobby posters are stored safely. During my last show, I spent some time up in the balcony and noticed that the Belfry was wet. There is a leak somewhere, that can not be located. So I got all the lobby posters out of there, and brought them and the albums home with me for safekeeping until I can convince someone to build me a cabinet to put them in.

I was looking thought them and noticed that a lot of the older ones are falling apart. Te pictures have paint splattered on them, and they are all of various sizes. All of our posters are 2X3 so they can all be interchanged in frames.

This was the oldest one we have. BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE from 1973. I decided that I would reconstruct it, and the really bad ones, and put them all on standard size cardboard. The picture below is the next oldest one we have. ANASTASIA from 1978.

It too was falling apart. THe pictures were torn, and falling off. I scanned the pictures into my computer, and then used photoshop to retouch them somewhat. NOT like new, but better. Then I used my wonderful new machine THE CRICKET and cut out details to glue on the new poster.

Quite a change huh? I even made the pictures bigger so they can be seen better. So now I need to try and talk the board out of enough money to frame 8 of them, so we can put them in the main staircase going up to the auditorium. This will be an all winter project I am sure, but not all of them need to be rebuilt, just repaired.