Friday, July 26, 2013

Dry July

It is drier than a popcorn fart out there today!  I may have to turn on the drip irrigation system on my garden.  I hate to do that because water is a scarce and expensive commodity on the island.  We have wonderful water here in the cove.  But if we all use it like it was free, we would soon have salt water intrusion into our wonderfully sweet aquafir.  When I bought the house in 1992, I was stationed on Adak in the Aleutian islands, and there we could actually drink right out of the cold fresh streams, because there was nothing there to pollute them.  PROVIDING you got far enough away from the sea so that the otters did not find it.  It literally was ice cold right out of the faucet.  Because of that experience, I was a little spoiled about Island water.  My folks lived in Sierra, right off the west beach road, and their water and that of the town of Coupeville tasted and spelled like rotten eggs.  It would gag you.  When I had my first taste of Cove water, I whooped with joy.  It was fresh cold and tassted and smelled just like cool fresh water should.

Shortly after unpacking and getting my first bulbs planted, The Builder came and told me how glad he was to know that I got his house.  He knew my parents and my Brother, and Sister.  He then chatted about the cove and how crowded it was now compared to 20 years before when it was mostly trees.  He then mentioned that there was very soon going to be a moritorium on building new houses, as it already was far more crowded than the water supply could provide.  and Sure enough there soon was.  No one built and no one hooked up new shares to the existing well.  We were all very careful about how much we watered and hoped that the water would soon correct its levels and be fine.

After about 5 years?  ( not sure when, as I had to be transferred to Fallon, Nevada for three)  the cove built another well right next to the old one, and increased the flow of water from our aquafer.  Even though the quality is the same, with all of the building going on now, I am afraid that soon we will be back in the same situation as we were before, too much coming out of the aquafer and nothing going in to replace the sweet water. 

Yes it is still dry out there,but I am going to go turn on the drip system, so that the veggies that I do have growing will get the water they need.  I am going to have to watch what I plant where, and hope that we have a wet enough fall and winter that will replenish what we take out.  Dont want to be caught with no water to drink.  I live on an island surrounded by water, but alas, it is unsafe to drink the water around us.  wouldnt want to anyway, whales and otters andall sorts of sea creatures do nasty things in it.