Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring? HA!

Yes, I am better now...sort of. I still have a bit of vertigo, but it appears to be going away. I also am now officially OLD. I have a medicare card and two brand spanking new hearing aids! AMAZING what you can hear again. I have heard the birds in the morning but I had forgotten about the higher tones that some of the early morning birds produce. I have acute hearing loss in the higher ranges in both ears. When I put the hearing aids in it was like fine tuning a radio station that is just a TAD BIT off the station. The ess'es are clearer, the TEE's are more like tees than dees. and I am not yelling into the phone anymore. Did not know I did. Wonderful inventions these little bitty things. Spendy though. Shudder! I heard the Spring Robin singing his little heart out this morning from the top of the cedar tree in the neighbors yard. He was telling Mother Nature that HEY! It is mid-spring! Where the HELL are you! it froze last night, sleeted this afternoon, and My electric heaters are on still. I usually turn them off the first of April and then back on again the first of November. Not this year. I am afraid that we are in the grips of a cold wet spring and summer, and our gardens are all going to be moldy and full of SLUGS!

The photo above is the granddaughters of my blog buddy Robert Brady from PURELAND MOUNTAIN in Japan. He has been blogging extensively about the Earthquake and Tsunami that hit the Northern part of the country where his daughter and her family live. The family is fine, but they had quite abit of damage to their apartment, and it's contents. They live about 30 miles from the Fugusima nuclear reactor, so they all had to leave until they decide what they could do. The powers that be still are not quite certain what they need to do, but the girls all left Bob's place near Kyoto last weekend, to return home and start back to school. If you get a chance, go to his blog and read all about it, it will break your heart, but it will also tell you what a determined people they are, they are rebuilding their lives, and buildings, and starting to get back to normal again. The Heart of the devastation is still a ghost town, and probably will not be re-built, but it is not by lack of fortitude, but by risk of radioactive exposure. This is horrible! What are we to do with a source of energy that burns clean, is effective, and readily available but can cause horrible destruction if not monitored properly. Hard to say.

We are so lucky here in Washington state, as we have an abundant source of hydro electric power, which works great, as long as the reservoirs stay full, but if we go into a drought it is lights out! We also have a lot of wind, and that means a great amount of energy from windmills, which pollute the scenery with their towers. They are also a source of destruction to the migrating birds at night. I do not know what the answer is, but we have to come up with something that is renewable, clean, will not pollute, is cheap and does not create an eyesore. Any ideas?