Thursday, November 22, 2012

Uncle and Nephew, and not who'd you think!

This is Tim, My Son and Patrick, His son, on Patrick's first Halloween, well, really his second, as he was only a week old on his first one.

 This is Patrick age 1 year and 3 weeks, with Owen, Patrick's NEPHEW, who is 2 years and 4 weeks old .
Just so you dont get confused, Patrick is wearing the mustache so you can tell he is the UNCLE!  His sister is visiting with Owen her Son, and His Sister is 20 years old.  I know gets confusing huh?  These two adorable boys will grow up as litter mates, if you will, and will grow and play as contemporaries, but they really are Uncle and nephew.  Patricks Mother has 7 children, 6 from another marriage, and The 20 year old is the oldest.  She had Owen when she was 17, almost 18.   Patricks Mother started early herself, and is only 36 right now.  She is a very brave woman.  i dont know that I could have had a baby when I was her age, much less when I was 16!  Patrick is a healthy happy well adjusted baby, and of course he is the apple of my eye!  Owen is my Great-Grandson, by marriage, even though I rarely get to see him.

I just wish i lived closer so I could see them all the time.  They are both adorable little boys!  Tim is LOVING being a daddy and a grandpa!