Sunday, November 30, 2003

Christmas Quiz...day1

I am going to be posting an advent calendar of my very own sort of...each day I will post 1 question, and the next day i will post the answer and another question. Let's see who can get the most correct answers...


Northwest notes...

Fran writes a great blog about the northwest, and thought that you all would really enjoy her thanksgiving weekend. So I am linking it here.

Saturday, November 29, 2003

blogger boo-boos

Both Phyllis and I have been having sporatic problems with our connections. We do not have the same server. She has Verizon DSL I have Galaxynet DIal-up 56k. Whatever the problem It causes us to not be able to open your sites completely, and sometimes cant get comments to open, or if they do they wont post new ones, so we comment, but they dont get posted. I logged off and then She called with the same problem. At first I thought it was blogger but sometimes they opened and sometimes they did not.

With Christmas coming, is it kosher to ask for snail mail addresses to send Christmas cards? If so, please email me at and send me your address and I will return mine. I asked Leslie, and she thought it would be best to do it off blog just in case there were some nasty lurkers out there. Good idea. So send those emails!!

You can't hang e-cards on the mantle...

Guess what time it is?

Yep!! you're right!! 230! I woke up hot! not the hot flash hot, just HOT! My feet were burning, my face is burning, I can't breathe right, I am HOT! I threw the covers back, and headed my nose to the window to get some air...even the air outside isn't as cold as it should be. THe storm that blasted it's way through here yesterday, came up from Hawaii...what the meteorologists call the Pineapple Express! Winds over 60 MPH and tons of rain! now it is still, not a breeze anywhere, and the air is warm. DOnna had a really good fire going all evening, and that warmed the house up, so even my bedroom was not cool. I got up chugged some cold water, grabbed a bite of pumpkin dump cake while there was still some left, and came in here to surf a little. I am really tempted to open the office window, but there is cold unsettled air due in here tomorrow, so better keep as much heat as I can in the house. (UGH) I can NOT sleep in a warm bedroom. I need the heavy covers and an open window and COLD air on my face in order to sleep well.

ANybody out there see the movie A Mighty Wind? OH GOD!! what a stupid movie!! it was so bad, we couldn't STOP watching it. THe movie just had to get didn't! It was funny, but in a really bad movie way. A spoof on the New Christy Minstrials, and the Kingston Trio, and Petter Paul and Mary. Folk Singers, getting back together for a reunion years later. OH REALLY REALLY BAD!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

I have two more movies waiting in the wings. Discovered Blockbuster for the first time. So I rented 3 DVD's. This is a terrible weekend for TV so I figured it would be a good weekend for movies. Everybody else must have figured the same thing. THere was not much to choose from. I am in the mood for a really good feel goos movie, like Sleepless in Seattle or You've got mail, or miracle on 32nd st. But I wanted something I had not seen before. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed when I go in and there is a big selection to choose from. SO I headed for the new releases, and picked 3. the others are Two weeks Notice and The In-laws. Havent seen either of those, so I am looking forward to watching them tomorrow. Even PBS has a beg-a-thon on tomorrow, so no joy there either.

I sooo Miss Turner Classic movies... My CRAP FOR A CABLE COMPANY decided that they neede to take it off and put tech TV on. so now I have three channels that show robot wars, and only one that shows old movies, AMC. ARRGGHHHH I hate this cable company...I want a Dish...ANimal Planet, Food Network, TCM, Encore, NASA, all the GOOD channels. I get Crap!! Even PBS took my favorite cooking shows off the Saturday line up!!

Sadie went Bye-Bye with me again today. No Carrier, No leash. I had several stops to make, and I wanted to see what she would be like. She was such a good girl. No pee on the seats, no howling, and she was in her seat when I got to the car. Now I checked her to see if she stayed in seat. soon as she heard the remote click, she looked up and bounced right back into her own seat. Must be inbreed in them..."...sit in mommies seat and keep it warm, listen for the click and move over, she'll never know you kept her seat warm for her. Good deeds should be done anonymously." What a hoot. Mariah did the same thing. I have to remember to get some cookies and keep in the door pocket for her.

Right in the middle of getting dinner ready yesterday my Microwave gave out a horrid noise and died. SO today I had to go get another one. I have a scratch off card for next week, and should have waited for the discount, but this morning alone, I headed for the microwave 4 different times to reheat something, so I waited until 300 and braved the crowds at the Navy Exchange, and went in and got my new microwave. In the 9 months I have been retired, the price of microwaves has dropped significantly!! I have had a SHarp Carousel for 10 years, and wanted another one like it. I was expecting to pay at least 150.00 for it. I got the stainless steel 1350 Watt 1.2 cubic foot microwave with carousel for only 89.99!! Whoa!! good deal!! I ran into several of my old employees who wanted to know why I was in there today of all days. I explained why and they laughed. The day was lost as far as sales went, because at 900 when the store was packed with the earlybird shoppers, the lights went out in the storm. LOLOLOLOLOL I think it is hilarious!! all of the customers left their carts full of merchandise and left for the malls. Then the lights went out three more times. LOLOLOLOLOL so much for BLACK FRIDAY!! GOD!! I am sooooo glad I am retired!! I miss some aspects of it, but the crap? NOPE! THe PRESSURE? Nope! THe blame when you dont meet your sales goals? NOPE! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
I think I can sleep now....

Friday, November 28, 2003


AHHHHH That felt good. I laid down for a nap right after everybody left tonight and woke up at midnight BURPING...
I ran out of this medicine the Dr gave me to try. He wanted to see if acid reflux was causing my bronchial infections and cough. it was called Aciphex and man was that stuff GREAT!! It stopped the heart burn, and dit seems to have helped my coughing spasms some. Mostly I found that I could drink a glass of milk before bed and not wake up looking like the Macy's Balloons!! I would bloat up terribly.

We tonight I woke up burping....just huge amounts of gas, and deflating..burp, AHHHH Burp AHHHHHHHHH Burp AHHHHHH BURP!!!! Once I stood up and stretched, I burped really loud and felt a lot better. Guess I had better see if the Insurance Company will pay for that drug, cause it is good stuff. If not, I'll not go through life Burping...

Chemystery actually stayed here for the weekend. Her towdude husband said that he would be busy towing cars out of ditches on the pass all weekend, so she would be by herself. He also did not want her driving over the top in the three feet of snow that they got on Wednesday. THe pass was a mess, cars everywhere, and they interviewed one poor bastard who said he had never heard of tire chains before, and had no idea he was going through a pass.

DUH HELLO!!!! are heading for the ocean....hmmmmm must be a pass around here somewhere. How far back in a cave has this guy been living? when you go UP a mountain, you gotta come DOWN a mountain to get to the water...I just don't understand DUMB!! Hey Buddy!!! Here's your sign!!...

Anyway...what I was going to say before I started ranting was Donna was actually Home for Thanksgiving. I think that is the first time in almost 10 years she has been home for ANY holiday. When I was growing up the only Family we lived around was the immediate mom dad brother sister. No Cousins, no Gramma, nobody. i always wanted a big extended family to come back to my house for the holidays. All gathering at the big huge table and being together to tell what our lives had been like since the last time we saw each other. DIdn't happen. My kids grew up and bolted out the door never to look back. I still have big gatherings, but it is still brother sister bob. No kids. Today everybody but Tim was home. Scotty came down for dinner, DOnna was home, Phyllis was here, better but still not well, and Mike and sherry were here too. Naturally Bob was, he bought the Turkey.

I was sooo GLad Donna was here! I think I told her about ten times today how glad I was that she stayed here. I don't think she understood the meaning of that. I don't think she realizes that my world lit up when I first saw her tiny little face, and as independent as she is and always has been, that she is my life. We have been through so damn much together, Birth, Divorce, remarriage, death, and I always want my children by my side. (or at least close enough that I know they are safe and warm) She doesn't understand. She thinks that when I say Drive Safe, and What time are you coming home, that I am being intrusive into her freedom. That isnt it at all. It is so that I will be able to rest my mind knowing that I have children that are safe. She really laid into me the other night because I was upset that she didnt call and let me know that she was going to be late. There was Ice all over the roadway, and I was worried. "You worry too much Mom, the roads were fine! CHILL OUT!" She just doesn't realize that when you are a mother, you can't chill out until all of your chicks are tucked under your (or somebody else's) wing and are sleeping safely. No matter how old you get.

When My Mother was still alive, she always would say "Drive safe" The one time she did not was the night that we got into a bad accident and I was thrown from the car and down a steep cliff. No one died, and we were all too drunk to get seriously hurt. (young, 20!) So from that day forward we always said "Bye Mom!" and she always said "drive safe" and if she didnt we would just repeat it again and again until she remembered to say "drive safe!" We always called when we got home, and we always told her when we were going to be late. We just knew that was the right thing to do. Overkill? Maybe, but she could relax, and we had our lucky Talisman even if it was only verbal.

Tim at least did send me an E-card. that is the first contact with him since he got out of jail and I took him to the ferry landing to catch the ferry back to Orcas Island. Men are such asses. Prolly wont hear from him again until my birthday in January. He always calls collect then. Hey it's contact.

It is now 230 am and I am still wide eyed...Maybe I should go read awile. All of my blogger friends are gone for the weekend or have not posted, so nothing new to read. (yeah I know SOME of you posted.) I have a new book that is kinda cute. It is the Tea room Mysterys...English Breakfast club murder. Mind candy, but fun. I have read all of the Goldy Bear Catering Mysteries, so thought I might like these too. maybe. I went all through J.A. Jances murders too, love her, love JP BEaumont and Joanna Brady. (her hero/heroine) Maybe it was the TUrkey sandwich I just ate, or the Pumplin dump cake, but I am wired right now...not sleepy feel like I am yammering on and on,(you ARE MARY LOU)so I had better shut this off and go to bed. Big storm predicted to hit us in the morning. 60 MPH winds again. yay!

Burp!!!! ahhhhhh all better now...

Thursday, November 27, 2003


Hope you all are having a Great Day. Me, I'm watching the Macy's parade and driving my daughter NUTS!! she hates it, and I love it. Every Year!!! Wish I could be center court to see it some day.

I did a google search for Whidbey Island Blogs and found a new friend. She is Deb, a Navy Nurse who has just been transfered to Sicily. Everybody bounce on over and wish her a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Thanksgiving Eve...

I just told Chemystery that I wasn't feeling any stress today like I usually did trying to get dinner ready. SHe just laughed...Mom, it's the first time in 37 years you have been OFF the day befor Thanksgiving!

She's right!! Since Friday is Black Friday in Retail, and all available personnel have to be there, and we open at 0'dark thirty to beat Wally WOrld and K-Marche, We usually work the night before Thanksgiving until Midnite or later to set the sale. So I would come home exausted, rest a few and start in on dinner prep. THen up at the cra ck of dawn to shove the bird in the oven and start getting the house in order before tha family shows up. I was always really stressed out, and tired, and had to be back at work on Friday, I was no fun, the family was no fun, the dinner tasted awful to me, and I usually ended up either pissing somebody off, or being pissed off.

It is now almost Midnight and all I have to do is cut up the vegies for the stuffing and make the corn bread. That's IT!!
whoo-hoo!!! I can watch the Parade and then the National Dog Show on NBC, then the beginning of the Christmas Movies that I watch every year. Every Single one of them, every year. Even It's A Wonderful Life. for the 88th time.

THe house is clean, the puppy is asleep, ANd I am going to hit the shower in about an hour and then BED!!

Hope you all have a very Safe and WOnderful Thanksgiving, and for all you Canucks up there, remember heat rises, so all of our oven heat will head that way and warm you up. take a deep sniff, you might smell TURKEY!!!

slippers from Martha...

Martha is at it again.....

Subject: Martha Stewart Slippers

How to make bedroom slippers out of maxi pads:
You need four maxis' to make a pair.
Two of them get laid out flat, for the foot part.
The other two wrap around the toe area to form the top.
Tape or glue each side of the top pieces to the bottom of the foot
Decorate the tops with whatever you desire, silk flowers, etc.

*These slippers are * Soft and Hygienic * Non-slip grip strips on the
soles *Built in deodorant feature * Keeps feet smelling fresh * No more
bending over to mop up spills * Disposable and biodegradable.
Environmentally safe*

Three convenient sizes: Regular, Light day, and Get out the Sand Bags.
See the nifty slippers for yourself....

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

And I just came back from Steven denbeste's USS CLUELESS site. Todays post is really good.

An Interesting read....

I was over at Denny's place and he mentioned this blog. I went and found it interesting from an in country prospective.
Iraq Now

Another Quiz

I can't resist them...however I will not post the one I took at KATS PLACE

G# minor - You are not totally happy, and you know
it. At least you are trying to do something
about it. You like to think and create to try
and sort out your problems. Keep going the way
you are, and you will soon be on speaking terms
with your demons.

what key signature are you?
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Monday, November 24, 2003


Sadie has learned really quickly how to beg...she sits under the 'puter desk and begs sooo cute. She is getting so big. It is hard to believe she is only 4 months old.

Right now she is running from the office clear through the living room into the kitchen back to the office, hits the squeeky hedgehog til it squeeks then runs back through the LR into the Kitchen and back again and hits the Squeeky hedgehog! She is panting really hard and running full force!! Don't you wish you could bottle it and Sell it? Make a lot of money with that energy.

Spoke too soon, she just ran in here and crashed. She's out like a light!!! Babies!! They are sooO FUNNY

Oprah's Favorite Things....!!! And I sooooo want to be there!!!! I want the camcorder/camera, and the bath stuff smelly cremes. How come I can never be that lucky? Some lady in the front row almost fainted, they had to stop the show and calm her down! yep...that would be me!

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Whidbey Island


I have lived on Islands most of my life, but my absolute favorite one is where I now live… Whidbey Island in the middle of Puget Sound in Washington State. I came to this island from another one in Hawaii, and before that Guam. I was 8. The island was covered with fir trees, and surrounded by beaches. I was in heaven. I could climb a tree, and climb a cliff, and pretend to fish, and ride my bike, and my mother never yelled at me to stay in the yard. I thrived here. There was snow in the winter, and clams in the summer, and fish all year around. And the lights went out every weekend. And we had to light lanterns to see, and build a fire to keep warm. It was GLORIOUS!

We left This wonderland when I was 10 and moved back to Hawaii and then to another Island in San Fransisco Bay, Alameda California. It just wasn’t the same. It was all citified, and no snow, and no clams and no trees to climb.

When I was 15, We got our orders back to Whidbey Island…I was ecstatic!! Back to my island!! Back HOME!! My family has lived here since, I was the only one who strayed. I too married a sailor and went to other places. 1 was NOT an Island.

Whidbey Island sits right in the middle of the upper left hand corner of the state of Washington. It separates the Straight of Juan De Fuca from Puget Sound. It sits in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains to the South west, so does not get as much rain and snow as the rest of the state. We only avg 17 inches a year. Because of that fact we are called the Banana Belt, and the US Navy built an Air base here in WWII.

The main income up until that time was farming. The Dutch and the Irish settled here first, and claimed the land for farming. When the Govt. took the land from them to build the base, they were compensated, and bought land other places, but the BEST land became the Air Station, and thus was formed the Dutch/Navy Feud. For many years, the Dutch reformed church was the ruling committee in Oak Harbor. The Navy was considered OUTCASTS. The girls in High School were not allowed to date the young Sailors, (we did anyway) and the Navy was fighting hard to make inroads into the community. It took 60 years, but now that Oak Harbor has grown from a little Dutch farm community to a 45,000 population City, the 2nd generation and the 3rd generation are realizing which side their bread was buttered on. There is a distinct possibility that with BRAC 2005, NAS Whidbey Island may go away. The entire Island is fighting that possibility.

There are still many fir trees on the island, although they are going down faster and faster, to make room for more and more people who are using the Island as a bedroom for Seattle, and commuting the 90 miles+ just to have a cheaper and a better quality of life than the Metropolis of Everett/Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia has.

My development is ½ way down the island, and faces the West/Southwest And most of the homes have a view of the water. I don’t. I can see the tops of the Olympic Mtns though. I live on the top right up against 100 acres of Alder trees and Fir which separate me from the main hiway up the island. I look out the back window and see the alder forest and thus all of the wildlife that live there. The deer can’t get to the roses, because of the fence, but they do walk around the block and attack from the front. The apple trees next door are a real draw to them. Along with my roses out front. It is nothing to come home from the Playhouse at 1000 at night and see the headlights shining into the 3 point buck that thinks he is invisible. (on the West coast, you count one side only, but if he was down south I think you all would call him a 6 point buck.) I leave him alone. I let him believe he is Invisible.

We have some of the most beautiful State Parks on the Island. So popular that you need reservations a year ahead of time to get into the campgrounds. Pity. The tourists have found us.

To the East and on the mainland is the Cascade Mtns. They run from British Columbia down through Oregon and stop at Mt. Shasta in California. Lots of Volcanoes there. Most of them dormant but like Mt. St. Helens, they are not extinct. Mt. Baker is to the Northeast from me, and sticks up its beautiful white head every cloudless day there is. I have a love affair with it and the Skagit River. The North Cascades National Park is one of the USA’s newest and most beautiful parks. Almost Alp-like. The Route over it closes every year because of snow.

To the North west is the San Juan Islands, over 150 islands of all sizes between us and Canada, The only way there is by Ferry, and can be quite spendy once you get there. My Son lives on Orcas Island. The biggest one. Only 45 miles as the crow flies, but evidentially way to far to go visit your Mom.

All of our beaches are rocks and driftwood, no sand. The rocks have not evolved that far yet, but they will. They are still on their journey from Volcano to specks of sand. We live about ¼ mile from the beach as the crow flies, but it is up a steep hill, and really hard on the knees.

Our gourmet culture goes to Fish and Sea Food, as you can tell by my blog entries. Salmon is the mainstay followed by oysters crabs and clams. There is not a day goes by that we don’t have some form of sea food. I LIVE for Salmon, smoked, dried, grilled, baked, Pink , Red, You name it. Yummy!! And the Dungeness Crabs are heavenly.

Flannel shirts and jeans and Birkenstocks with big thick socks are our every day clothes. LL Bean lives on my Coffee Table. As does Eddie Bauer and Lands End.

We drink TONS of coffee, and almost every corner has an Espresso bar on the corner, usually Drive through. I bought my Mazda MPV because it has so many cup holders in it. (Sad huh) There is Starbucks, naturally, and Whidbey’s coffee, and Millstone, and Peets, and Tully’s and any body else you can think of that wants to make a buck.

We all have wood stoves to heat the house, and at least 2 cords of wood stacked out back drying. Wood is 150.00 a cord cut and stacked. Used to be 35.00 10 years ago.

Oak Harbor, has 5 major grocery stores not counting the Commissary. And 3 big discount stores not counting the Navy Exchange. We have every Mexican restaurant in the world, and every oriental food joint, but we have No Italian, no Steak houses but we have Greek! Oh yes, and PIZZA!

2 BlockBuster video stores too.

It really is a great place to raise kids if you can stand the weather and the fact that the closest Mall is an hours drive away. Doesn’t bother us though, we’re used to it. Along I-5 there is anything you want!!!!

Most people who come here with the Navy are shocked to find out there is nothing to do here. I just shake my head in amazement, because there is Way more here than there was 60 years ago when I was growing up! They just have to look for it, It is there in the Forest, and on the Beach, and standing on a wind-swept hill looking out over the Sound, and seeing the Bald Eagles soar on the thermals and watching the Orca Whales breech on their way to join another Pod. It is there walking through the trees and catching a glimpse of the majesty that is the Olympic Mountains, and knowing that they were formed not very long ago geologically. It is there on the shore as the loons swim by and the seagulls yell, and your fishing line finally hooks into that bright silver salmon that you have spent DAYS trying to catch. It is there in the freshness of the wind as it smacks into your cheeks while the temperature hovers around 34 degrees. It is even there in the dampness of the rain and the quietness that the fog brings in. It is all around. You just have to see it with your Open eyes OPEN. (Thanks Robert)

Can't sleep....again

I wish I could go to bed and sleep for a full 8 hours and wake up all refreshed and ready to take on the day. Instead I go to bed around 10 or 11, and sleep really well until 230 or 3 and then I am wide awake for another 3 hours or so, then back into bed until 730 or 8. I am getting the sleep I need, but not all at once. I need to take a nap about 2 or 3 in the afternoon or I won't make it through the day. I was sleeping really well tonite, and Bandit came in and nudged the bed as he laid down beside it. So I am here trying to get back to sleep.

I have started my first attempt at writting down my 100 things. Whoa, I never knew it would be so hard to do. Try and write down things so that people who don't know you will know you after they have read your entries. I went great guns for about 35 and then slowed way down. I am up to 80 now and the well is dry!! Don't know when I will be able to get it linked to my blog though...have to find a time when Chemystery is in a good enough mood to show me with out getting all sarcastic and telling me to read the book. I am also thinking about putting on a Christmas skin, but every time I look for one, a million pop-ups stop me.

Sadie went for her first Bye-bye ride today without being in the carrier. I put her in the seat and told her to stay put, and she did!! I was amazed. I drove into town to the store, and when I started to get out she wanted to come to. I told her NO she had to stay and guard the car. She got a paniced look on her face but stayed put. Lately she has taken to howling very forlornly when I am out of her sight. I just knew she was gonna stat as I walked into the building. I got back out and she was still sitting ther looking out the window at the store right exactly as I left her. She was such a good girl. She didn't even pee in my seat like I thought she would.

Last night after I turned out my bedroom lamp I looked out at the backyard, just to see if it was snowing, and saw a shape on the feeder. It was really dark so I was not sure what it was. I waited until my eyes got accustomed to the dark, then grabbed my Binoculars and looked out. It was a barred owl just sitting there on the feeder. There must have either been a rat or a mouse there when he came down. Owls do not eat seed. He sat there for about 10 minutes just looking around, and then flew off. I was amazed at how silent his wings were. The doves make a lot of noise as they fly, and the other birds make some noise, but this owl just lifted off and did not make a sound at all.
I have not seen many owls. I hear them but they stay well hidden. Bob has one that comes down to his deck for meat scraps. I hesitate to do that because of the rats. Don't want them bringing the meat into the crawl space. and having it stink up the place.

It is now 400 and I am starting to get sleepy again, so I better take advantage of the sandman and get back to bed.
I have to start blocking Godspell tomorrow, so I can be ready when I finally get the stage. see ya...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Friday, November 21, 2003


You're the W!
You are George Walker Bush! You are the most
powerful man in the world, which leaves you
little time to think for yourself. Fortunately,
you have your friends to think for you!

Which member of the Bush Administration are you?
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I have been plagued the past few days with those pesky pop up ads. I dont mena just your standard pop-up I mean the kind you can NOT tell FUCK off to. Yesterday right in the middle of my daily blog reading, one popped up, and had absolutely NO way to get it gone. There was no tool bar showing, ESC did not work, 3-fingered salute did not work, I mouse overed every inch and could find NOTHING that will allow me to close down the damn thing. I had to physically turn off my computer the wrong way, just to get it gone. Of course Windows XP does not like it when you do that, so it had to scan my hard drives for damage before I could continue. Then once it came back up there was the damn ad again, only this time with a toolbar. I closed it three times before it went away. Then when I looked at my favorites there were two adult porn sites in my FAVORITES that I did not put there.

Chemystery got home really late, and I was worried about her and the icy roads. I yelled at her when she got home, about not being courteous and letting me know she was gonna be working late, then I hit her with the porn sites! She swears she didn't do that, and I believe her. She deleted a bunch of things that looked really strange on my files, and rebooted. Today I ran a p-cillin scan and found I have a spy-ware worm. I deleted it and now I'm starting over. and the Damn Pop-ups are popping like mad!! ANybody know a reasonably cheap program that will block all of these stupid advertisements? They are really pissing me off. Especially the one that wont let you close it.

There are those stupid ones in email too. and the ones that look like it is an official pop-up from microsoft about it's system. I refuse to download anything that I do not request myself. and I periodically go to those places and get updates and patches.

Just typing this, I had to close 15 ads!!! it wouldnt even be so bad if they would pop UNDER so I could still type! I do not look at the screen but at my keys so when it pops up it kills the typing and I dont realize it until I look up.


Thursday, November 20, 2003

Where do Ice Cream cones come from?


A new, young MD when doing his residency in OB, was quite embarrassed performing female pelvic exams. To cover his embarrassment he had unconsciously formed a habit of whistling softly. The middle aged lady upon whom he was performing this exam suddenly burst out laughing and further embarrassed him. He looked up from his work and sheepishly said, "I'm sorry. Was I tickling you?!" She replied, "No doctor, but the song you were whistling was 'I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Wiener."

Frosty Morning!

I came home from work yesterday with a splitting headache, an upset tummy, and aches all over the body...Took a really hot shower, fixed a mug of soup and headed for bed. My daughter came home and rubbed me down really good with Mineral Ice, and off to sleep I went. Until 900. Then I had to get up and watch West Wing. fixed a cup of blueberry tea, and back into the sack. I was sleeping so good, and about 500 am Phyllis called... NORTHERN LIGHTS UP NORTH!!! yea, like they would be down South? So I jumped out of bed and ran out to the back deck. I remembered to turn the back porch light off before I went out. Took one step out in my bare feet and started skating!! The deck was coated with a thin layer of solid ice.

I thought Dear Lord don't let me fall, and I looked up at the sky and there just over the tree tops were the Auroras!! Not green and pink like some people have seen, but white! The Lights were dancing like a curtain blowing in the wind. It was awesome!!

Now mind you, all this is going through my head as I am falling. I took the first step, started to skate, so instead of going backwards into the house, I head forward...very fast. I don't remember the actual fall, but I found myself in the middle of the deck, on my hands and knees. I tried to get up, and fell flat. So I tried to get up and my PJ's are stuck to the deck. Now if bare flesh doesn't stick to the deck, why does flannel? I am giggling. You know the kind, the "OHMIGAWD I'M ON THE DECK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NITE AND STUCK" kind of giggle?

About this time I look up and the stars were close enough to touch, and the Big Dipper was tilted so that it looked like it was pouring the Auroras out of it's cup. So beautiful. I thought, Well if I have to freeze to death I picked a beautiful time to do it. I hear an OH SHIT!!! coming from Donnas room. OOPS woke up the daughter.

What would you think if you were to wake up in the middle of the night and see your mother laying on her stomach in the middle of a frozen deck? I knew she would be scared, so I yelled, I'm OK...JUST STUCK! So she comes to the door yelling at me. IF YOURE OK WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING LAYING ON YOUR STOMACH ON A FROZEN DECK?

OK quit cussing at me and bring me something to wstand on that isnt slick. She goes back into the house, and is gone 15 minutes while I am slowly freezing solid. She finally comes back and throws a teeny tiny throw rug at me. (Now I would have grabbed a blanket off my bed which was really close, or a towel out of the dryer which was RIGHT THERE) I got my feet pryed up off the deck and put them on the rug, and stand up. Now how to get from where I am to the safe house? Donna, Please go get me another something to stand on? SO she is gone another 15 minutes and throws another teeny tiny rug at me.


I get in to the house, and tell her Im ok, And that Phyllis had called to tell me the Northern Lights were out. She just does not get it...she is ranting at me...I tell her to go back to sleep and I call Phyllis.

No Answer...OH LORDY I HOPE SHE DIDN'T FALL TOO!!! She did. Last time she did that she knocked herself out. So I finally get her on the phone, and ask her to come take me to the hospital and all she did was laugh. SOme family!! THe daughter cusses at me and the sister laughs!! No respect!! None at all!! And to top it all off, the Auroras weren't even colored!! (Sniff)

You all probably think I am totally wacked, but it is the little things in life that give me joy. THe Auroras, The stars twinkling brightly and so loudly that you can hear them! THe patterns of ice on a frozen deck as your nose is stuck to it...

Gotta love it. The knees are killing me right now though. "Was it all worth it?" Donna Screamed at me...YEP It was. I might not have another chance to see them...the world may stop at any moment and I want to be able to say, I saw them one last time...

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Thanks Bill!!

Ya know, Sometimes it really is nice knowing a gentleman! Bill told me how to get the do-hickie working right. I didn't know it had sound!!! My daughter turns the volume down so she won't wake me up with her chat rooms :-( and she never remembers to turn it up. But with Bills kind words and Leslies comments, I got to see it in action. Feel free to take it folks.

Worth the wait!

I have no idea if this will work but if it does it is really cute.

Happy Thanksgiving!

hmm obviously not...well punch it into your URl address line it is really cute.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Done here too Guys. Anonymity is good.

Mother Nature hits hard!

Whoo-boy...watching the news this afternoon, listening to all the rivers that are at or above flood stage again, and thinking that I am so glad I live on an island. We are getting the rain though. So far about 3 inches. Now this may seem like nothing to some of you, but We usually only get 17" of rain a YEAR, it is usually just showery and misty all the time. It rarely pours like it has this Fall. I was shaking my head at our weather and then they switched to the national weather. Man!! Tornadoes, WInd, Rain, more wind, more tornadoes all through the mid section. Houston is flooded, New Orleans is flooded (that doesn't take much I hear) Tornadoes in Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi. Wind through the mid-west along with the rain and snow! I can deal with the wind, and the rain, but I don't think I could deal with living where you would have to fear tornadoes in the middle of the night. I think I would just build a house underground and never come up for air. I sincerely hope that all of you are safe and secure and out of Harm's Way.

Me, I gotta get out in this pouring rain and bring in some fire wood. I'm cold. Damn I wish I one of those four men that Dorothy mentioned...

Monday, November 17, 2003


Ok Wanda....start laughing.... I deserve it!!!

What Kind of Asshole are You?

You'd sell your grandma to get ahead in life if you could. You blame half the people around you for your failures and expect the other half to treat you like royalty. Assholes like you make fine racists, Christian republicans, or both. Do us all a favor and keep your damn mouth shut.

Sunday, November 16, 2003


Took a nap, just checked my email, and the wind warning has been cancelled, The low pressure system hit shore at upper British Columbia, So Chris Might have gotten the wind, but not us. DARN!!! AH well, the winter hasn't even gotten started yet, there will be more I am sure.

so much for fantasy .....

You should be dating an Aries.
21 March - 19 April
This person is a leader, very energetic, always
helping others to achieve their dreams. Though
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What Zodiac Sign Are You Attracted To?
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Sunday Afternoon

Yep...It's late, really late. I slept until 1200 noon!! Got home about 130 last night after striking the set from Over the River And Through The Woods!! It was a GREAT show. I left before the set was finished though, my knee was the size of a cantelope and my back went out. So I said Enough is enough and just left.

I got home and took a HOT shower. I just let it beat down on my back and shoulders. It felt SOOOOOOOOO good. Put on my new flannel niteshirt and fixed a hot cup of cocoa and went to bed. Now when I am that tired, i can't get right to sleep. I wanted to, but my mind wouldn't let me, so I tossed and turned finally went to sleep...for 20 minutes! I was hurting so badly that I couldn't get comfortable, I got up rubbed mineral ice on my knee, and aspercreme on my shoulder and tried again. Nope. so I got up and took a pain pill. That did it. Out like a light! slept until 8 got up went to the bathroom and stumbled right back to bed. Sadie was still asleep, so I figured I needed to be also. It really wasn't as bad as it seems, since I did not get to sleep until 4AM so I only was in bed for 8 hours. (why am I making excuses? Im an adult, it is my house. ) I feel much better today, but the pain medicine makes me sick to my tummy so I try not to take it unless I really need it.

It is raining like hell out there right now, the wind has not hit yet. We had some this morning but the big wind is expected this afternoon and tonite. Sadie came in all covered with mud. GOD what a mess! I kept her in the utility room, but she was bouncing off the walls, so now I have muddy puppy prints up as far as she can reach. Her feet are so big and furry and hold that med really well. I need to mop the floors now too. I tore up my carpet when I moved back here, as my renters DESTROYED my house. I put laminate floors down and they are wonderful!!! Cold, but wonderful. They show the dust like mad, but 5 minutes with endust on a dust mop and they are clean. Or Were until Sadie!! now they need to be mopped and scrubbed too. Ah Well. easier to clean than the carpets were. LOTS easier. Cheaper too. I think Next year I will rip up the carpet in the office too, and put down laminate here also. Eventually I will have all the rooms done, and will be closer to keeping a clean house. I am not the best housekeeper though. Other things are more important to me than a perfect house. I LIVE in mine. and so do all of my animals. So if you ever decide to stop in, be forewarned!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Well What can I say?

Claire. You are a pricess that comes from a rich
family. You do what whatever your mom tells you
not to do because your dad says its ok.
Hopefully from your experiences you learn that
you are not the only one people like!

Which member of The Breakfast Club are you?
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Lazy Saturday...

What a lazy day...I woke up at 630, peed, then crawled back under the covers, Sadie was not awake yet, so I figured I would take advantage of that fact and go back to sleep. I slept until 11:30!! I needed it though. To night is STRIKE night. We have a cast party pre-show at 530 then the final show, then we have to strike the set. This will take us until 200 in the morning at least!! UGH> This is the part I really hate. I can't lift, I can't do stairs, But I feel I need to be there because it is mandatory for everyone else. I'll work until my Knee swells up and then I'll sit.

It is really getting nasty out there. We are sposed to get slammed with a storm tonight. The wind is already starting to blow. My luck the lights will go out tonight during the show. I guess I better have a few flashlights ready huh?
Sadie is outside right now, I sent her out to spend some time...before the rain hits. She is assuming the position to poop, and a leaf will blow by, so after it she goes, then re-assumes the position...and so on. She'll stay out a while I'm Afraid.

I am cold clear through right now. Still in my new flannel niteshirt, but no socks. I just got up and closed my window, and turned the heater on to take the chill off the room. I looked out front and you cant even see the Olympics!! It is UGLY out there. Better bring in some wood before it gets dark. I hate to try to stumble around in the dark looking for the woodpile. Then it will be time to hit the road.

See me...


I stole this from Don's site


Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
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Friday, November 14, 2003

I wish CJ's Gary would give us an update! I know he is still there with her, but why didn't he take her laptop and plug it in? Who updated while she was in the last time? That is when I first met her.

I have to work today at the playhouse. coming in. It isnt much but just enough to pay for my meds is really good. We are sold out for OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS, so I wont have a lot to do today. I can start blocking act I of GODSPELL. ANd start calling some places and trying to recruit a Jesus...Tacklebox face boy called and wondered why he wasn't picked...DUH! can't sing, can't act, too much metal on his face...We'll get there for sure.

got to go get ready...see ya

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Emotional me.

I stole this one from Wanda....She knows I cant resist these...

You represent... naivete.
You represent... naivete.
So innocent and trusting... you can be very shy at
times, but it's only because you're not sure
how to act. You give off that "I need to
be protected vibe." Remember that not all
people are good. Being too trusting will get
you easily hurt.

What feeling do you represent?
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Lilacs For CJ

Leslie did this first, and was such a good idea I think we all ought to send her flowers...Cyber wise, because they won't allow flowers in CIC.

Morning musings

I had to get up early this morning, Donna had to go get her car from the repair shop, and I got the pleasure of taking her there. I say pleasure and mean it, because the morning was gorgeous!!! The temperature got down into the low 20's last night, so everything was covered with white hoar frost. As I was coming back along the curves by the O.L.F., the fog had formed along the ground. THe sun was just coming up over the trees, and turning the fog pink and mauve. It was forming in layers too, so there were different colored stripes in the fog levels. Beautiful. The hunters were out in their bright orange vests and their dogs, walking the cut wheat fields looking for pheasants. The spider webs that were woven between the two sets of power/telephone lines were highlighted by the fog and frost, and really stuck out, where you wouldn't normally see them.

I was driving along thinking what a beautiful morning and that I was glad I was able to see it. I then thought of CJ. She is undergoing a heart operation today, that might not work. I have to have faith that it will. There are so many things that are done today, that even five years ago, were un heard of. I do not know her entire history, as we just met, but she hit a nerve in me, and I feel very close to her. Don't even know her real name. I said a little prayer that she would be able to see many more mornings like this. I hope it gets answered.

SAdie is running through the house like her tailend was on fire. She was outside in the freezing weather for an hour, runnning and chasing the birds away from the feeders. I worked so hard to get them to come, and she is chasing them all away. I have not seen "Lola" in awhile. I know squirrels do not hibernate, but they also do not come out when it gets cold. They store up for the winter, all the peanuts, and pumpkin seeds I have been putting out all summer. I even saw her burying some right in the grass. I did not see any sticky notes, so I don't know how she'll remember where she puts them. I was kinda hoping that once the sun came out she would reappear.

I have been trying to spit out things that have been in my head, and get them all formulated so that they would be coherent, but all I get are spits and spots. Lots of ideas, but nothing of substance. I even thought about posting some of the writing that I did while I was stationed in Adak. Nothing to do there but reflect and write. I would take a beer or two, and a tablet and go out on the tundra or to the Bering Sea wall, or up a mountain, and just write what ever popped into my head. Some times it was about the scenery, sometimes about my Non-relationship with Bob, sometimes about the stress and frustration of knowing that I have to work, and when I work, I have to excel, and how lonely, how terribly lonely it can be. I do not have many friends I have a tendency to push them away. Afraid that either they want to be friends because they think they can get special treatment, or what....? I have made some with the playhouse, and I am thankful for them. I have made some with my blog, even though I have never met them. I have some that I know from my travels, that I keep in casual touch with, But the best friends I have are my babies. There is a fuzzy soft grey tabby half on my lap, and half on the keyboard, that purrs softly, and loves me unconditionally. There is an orange tabby that loves to lick my face around 400 AM and then try to crawl up my nose, all the while purring loudly and making mudpies in my boobs. THere is an old Manx that sleeps beside me every night as close as he can get to my butt, then stretches out his claws and digs into my fat ass. He LOVES me. He purrs loudly and drools all over the sheets. There is Ethel, who is the Feral kitty, and loves me so much, she knows when I am in pain, and she will sneak up and lay on my hand so all I have to do is wiggle my fingers and I am scratching her tummy. She also drools when she purrs. Sadie loves me, but she is still an ornery little shit, and likes to terrorize everyone.

I have a special relationship with my SIster. We fight, we argue, we have differing views on religion, and politics, but she is always there. I can call her at anytime and laugh. We watch tv and if we see something funny we call and as we pick up the phone we are laughing because we know what the other is going to say. You will come to like her too. SHe is the one who keeps herself so busy doing things for her friends that she has no time for herself. But that is what keeps her going. I envy her.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Wednesday morning

Just now I was over visiting Kat and you know how I can't refuse a quiz...I took the How sexual are you quiz, Sexual? ME? I even forgot what the word MEANS!!! and look what it rated ME!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


What's your sexual appeal?
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Tuesday, November 11, 2003



Ok Now is this gonna show up? The last post didn't.

Thanks CJ!!

CJ Fixed my header!!! I thank you so much, now I need to compare the two so I can see where I goofed, or did not see it.

For all you ANIMALS out there.

Dear Dogs and Cats:

When I say to move, it means go someplace else, not switch positions with each other so there are still two of you in the way.

The dishes with the paw print are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food.

Please note, placing a paw print in the middle of my plate and food does not stake a claim for it becoming your food and dish, nor do I find that aesthetically pleasing in the slightest.

The stairway was not designed by NASCAR and is not a racetrack. Beating me to the bottom is not the object. Tripping me doesn't help, because I fall faster than you can run.

I cannot buy anything bigger than a king size bed. I am very sorry about this. Do not think I will continue to sleep on the couch to ensure your comfort. Look at videos of dogs and cats sleeping, they can actually curl up in a ball. It is not necessary to sleep perpendicular to each other stretched out to the fullest extent possible. I also know that sticking tails straight out and having tongues hanging out the other end to maximize space used is nothing but sarcasm.

My compact discs are not miniature Frisbees.

For the last time, there is not a secret exit from the bathroom. If by some miracle I beat you there and manage to get the door shut, it is not necessary to claw, whine, try to turn the knob, or get your paw under the edge and try to pull the door open. I must exit through the same door I entered. In addition, I have been using bathrooms for years, feline/canine attendance is not mandatory.

The proper order is kiss me, then go smell the other dogs' butt. I cannot stress this enough. It would be such a simple change for you.

To pacify you I have posted the following message on our front door...

Rules for Non-Pet Owners Who Visit and Like to Complain About Our Pets:

1. They live here. You don't.

2. If you don't want their hair on your clothes, stay off the furniture.

3. I like my pet a lot better than I like most people.

4. To you, it's an animal. To me, he/she is an adopted son/daughter who is short, hairy, walks on all fours and doesn't speak clearly.

5. Dogs and cats are better than kids. They eat less, don't ask for money all the time, are easier to train, usually come when called, never drive your car, don't hang out with drug-using friends, don't smoke or drink, don't worry about buying the latest fashions, don't wear your clothes, don't need a gazillion dollars for college, and if they get pregnant, you can sell the results.

Monday, November 10, 2003


This is Tom. He is (Or was) a wild turkey that had a harem of three hens. When I lived in Nevada, I lived along the Carson River in a spot that actually had trees. We had feral peacocks, and peahens and turkeys and all kinds of wild thangs. Tom would wander over to the neighboring pasture, so of course I would gobble at him and he would puff up his feathers and strut. It got to the point that everymorning at 8:00 he would come over and peck on the wall under my bedroom window until I looked out and went GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE at him. He was so much fun. The neighbors all protected him and his brood. We fed him peanuts. One day he actually stopped traffic on the road when a strange car appeared. He was prolly too tough to eat anyway.

yeah, yeah, yeah

This site is certified 32% EVIL by the GematriculatorThis site is certified 68% GOOD by the Gematriculator

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Playing Catch-up!

I decided that since I did not have to go in to the playhouse tonite, I would do absolutely NOTHING. And I did. It felt good. I rested, with my knee up, and nibbled all day. Ate popcorn with Butter, drank diet pepsi with crushed ice, and several slices of cheese. Donna yelled in that dinner was ready if I wanted it. OK. She tells me as I come in, "now don't turn your nose up until you taste it. (OH Brother NOW WHAT?) She was born into the wrong generation. She should be or WOULD have been a perfect flower child. Ms. GREEN, Ms HERBS, MS WEIRD FOOD. She once served me Lentils with dates and pepers and onions. (GAK) So I'm thinking it has to be some thing really strange. It smelled good, so I tasted it. It was chicken breast cut into pieces and mixed with spaghetti, peas and PEANUT BUTTER!!! I don't think in my entire life I have had spaghetti and peanut butter. peanut butter and dill pickles sandwiches yes, but spaghetti and peanut butter and CHICKEN? nope...actually did not taste too bad, lots of protein, I guess.

We had our first read through yesterday with almost all of the cast. No Jesus yet. I have someone in mind, but he cant be here until Dec 1, and that is a whole month of missed rehearsals. Not too sure about this. I still have it running on the radio, that I need a male singer/actor for the part. All the rest of the cast is excited and ready to start singing. THe first two weeks will be spent on the music, then I get them for blocking, and lines. IT is starting to fall into place. I feel really good about the people I did cast too. Troupers all of them.

SAdie is starting to become a real dog. Her little nose is filling out, and her baby teeth are coming loose, and she sticks like a dog!! She learned how to sing yesterday. I was making some howling noises, you know, just throwing my head back and howling real primal like, (don't YOU?) and she ran under the desk, but her front paws on my knees and threw her head back and howled, and howled and howled. I laughed and howled some more, and she did too. SO we spent about 5 minutes singing. Loki came running in to see if I was ok, jumped on the computer desk and licked my arm. I had to stop, I didn't want to scare my babies.

I could not sleep last night, I hurt all over, My back was hurting and popping, my knee was aching and my shoulder hurt. My feet were burning, and I felt like every nerve was exposed. I threw the covers off, but that didn't help, so I got out the aspercreme and mineral ice and slathered them both on me where I could reach. THen I remembered the pain killers the Dr gave me for my knee. I popped one, read a little and slept like a log until 930 this morning.

I want so badly to take a long hot soaky bath with salts and foo-foo juice. I could get in there, but I couldn't get out, so I don't. Long hot showers just aren't the same. I need to try and fix the top of this blog. I can't seem to find the place to put the top pictures so they are UNDER the blogger ad. Try and try again...

Where's Nemo?


some of you might relate to this

The service station trade was slow
The owner sat around,
With sharpened knife and cedar stick

Piled shavings on the ground.

No modern facilities had they,
The log across the rill
Led to a shack, marked His and Hers

That sat against the hill.

"Where is the ladies restroom, sir?"
The owner leaning back,
Said not a word but whittled on,

And nodded toward the shack.

With quickened step she entered there
But only stayed a minute,
Until she screamed, just like a snake

Or spider might be in it.

With startled look and beet red face
She bounded through the door,
And headed quickly for the car

Just like three gals before.

She missed the foot log - jumped the stream
The owner gave a shout,
As her silk stockings, down at her knees

Caught on a sassafras sprout.

She tripped and fell - got up, and then
In obvious disgust,
Ran to the car, stepped on the gas,

And faded in the dust.

Of course we all desired to know
What made the gals all do
The things they did, and then we found

The whittling owner knew.

A speaking system he'd devised
To make the thing complete,
He tied a speaker on the wall
Beneath the toilet seat.
He'd wait until the gals got set
And then the devilish tike,
Would stop his whittling long enough,

To speak into the mike.

And as she sat, a voice below
Struck terror, fright and fear,
"Will you please use the other hole,

We're painting under here!"

Friday, November 07, 2003

my blog is rated....

What rating is your journal?

brought to you by Quizilla

STOP and smell the.....deer? Ducks?

Sometimes in the day to day business of our busy, busy lives, we need to stop and take a look around us. I did just that coming back from the Vet's office on Wednesday. I took the back way home, through Fort Casey state Park, and along the beach by the ponds, and just right in the middle of the soccer field was this herd of deer. They didn't care that I couldn't cast my show, they could care less.

And then on along the Spit road and by the Ponds there was this flock of ducks. They followed me around the pond, hoping that I had something to eat. I didn't but I quacked really good!!

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Where the HELL is JESUS?

I can't find him anywhere!!! It seems that everybody is too busy right now. Ya know Christmas is coming...all the Singers are busy with Pageants, shows etc. I have a casting call on the Local radio, asking anyone to come to the playhouse and leave their name. I did have one show up, he is a drummer in a rock band, has piercings everywhere, can sing,loud, but not on key, and has never acted before. He did a reading and kept stumbling over his tongue stud. Did have the long hair and a beard, but...........NOT!!!!

I just got back from the orthopedic surgeon. He poked and prodded and read the MRI for 10 minutes, wrote an order for Physical Therapy, said I had a tear in some cartlidge, and arthritis under my kneecap, and sent me on my way. I drove for 2 hours up and 2 hours back, for a 10 minute POKE? (not that kind Kat.) ; ) So I guess I spend more money I don't have on PT and then go in for arthoscopic day surgery. I hate this!

Oh MAN, they just said that the Green River Killer may have killed as many as 90 prostitutes. Somebody ought to use him as a parts source. He is a real sick person. I cant believe they made a deal with him. (Shudder)

Gotta run, show tonite!

Wednesday, November 05, 2003


No not the Green River Killer, there is enough written about that ass-hole!!

Sadie!!! She caught and played with and then killed a bird!!! Right under the bird feeder!! I am yelling at her to put it down, and she is whipping it around in her mouth, shaking her head back and forth! I couldn't believe it!! And she dropped it so it was hopping away and she pounced on it twice, just like a cat!!! Poor Bird!!! It was a junco! They are so cute, and she KILLED IT!!!

One of the reasons I will not let my cats out, other than the fact I don't want them getting hurt, is because I feed the birds. I have feeders everywhere, of all kinds. I have attracted birds to my yard that I have rarely seen around here. I know my cats would lie under them and treat the feeders as an hor d'oervre tray! So instead I leave them inside. THere are nose prints all over the windows from where the cats are drooling, but I know my birds are safe...or WERE until SADIE!

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Auditions 2nd night

I have 8/10's of a cast. I did have one man show up last night, however he is not a lead. I will use him because I know him, he has been in numerous productions, and he is reliable, but he can't act. He can knock your socks off singing. so I will give him the role with the least lines, but the best song. ALL GOOD GIFTS. I have put the word out for two men. I wish it wasn't during the holiday season, then I would get some, but most of the good male singers are in church choirs or corales and are busy for the holidays, and concerts.

Wish I had the guts to cast it FEMALE. I don't though, not for my first show. I haven't slept well, kept waking up and re-thinking the way I cast it. Ya know I retired, to get some of the stress out of my life. Here I am piling it on again, WHAT EVER FOR? slap, slap, MARY LOU!!! You don't have to do this to yourself. This is a volunteer project. What's the worst that can happen to you?


Monday, November 03, 2003


You are the classy pin-up! You are everything
sophisticated and refined about the entire era.
You exude class and dignity.

What Type Of Retro Gal Are You?
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Wow. We should have charged admission for the show that we had last night. About 15 women who knocked our socks off with their voices!!! They were fantastic!!

but no men...

In the script, Jesus is a man. John the Baptist is a man, Judas is too, played by the same person. Herb is a man. Lamarr is a man. Jeffrey is a man.

No men auditioned...

How can I cast this show with no men? I guess I could REALLY stand Oak Harbor on it's Presbyterian ear and cast an all female cast. Oh Lordy, I can see it now...pickets on Midway Blvd, Mary Lou hanging in effigy, Witch burnings at midnite!

I put out another emergency casting call to all of the surrounding Communities, so MAYBE I'll get some men tonight. I only need 2, and I can cast the show. I want 4 at least, but I could do it with two.

Just like the marines...I need a few good men....

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Things that make you go HMMMMMM.....

Subject: Do you ever wonder??

Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, I think I'll squeeze
these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out!"

Who was the first person to say "See that chicken there?.. I'm gonna eat
the next thing that comes outta it's butt"

Why do toasters always have a setting that burns the toast to a horrible
crisp, which no decent human being would eat?

If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him?

Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane?

If the professor on Gilligan's Island can make a radio out of
coconut....why can't he fix the hole in the frikin boat?

Why do people point to their wrist when asking the time, but don't point
to their crotch when they ask where the bathroom is?

Why does your OB-GYN leave the room when you get undressed if they are
going to look up there anyway?

What do you call male ballerinas?

If Wile E. Coyote had enough money to buy all that
Acme crap, why didn't he just buy dinner?

If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?

If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables,
what is baby oil made from?

If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

Why do they call it an asteroid when it's outside the hemisphere, but
call it a hemorrhoid when it's in your butt?

Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at
you, but when you take him for a car ride, he sticks his head out the

Does pushing the elevator button more than once make it arrive faster?

Just something for you to think about, while I think of something to Blog about.

Saturday, November 01, 2003


Sadie has bugs. We dug up the back yard this summer and must have stirred something up, I have not had fleas in my house or yard for almost 9 years. Bandit started scratching first then Sadie. So now I have to dose all of my animals with flea control. The Vet gave me a pack of 4 vials of Advantage and 2 syringes so I can pull out the correct amount of medicine and get it onto all the necks of all the pets. Well the first one I got was Loki, caught him while he was sleeping on the arm of the sofa. Evidently this stuff either stings or stinks, cause he shot off the couch like a bullet. Bandit was no problem. DOnna did him Chitters came up sat in my lap and started making "mud pies" so I grabbed the goop and got him. Off he went like a hot cinder popped him the arse. Lint and Ethel ran and hid, so it was Sadie next. Had to give her a good bath first. OH GOD. Try to bathe a 3 month old hyper active puppy in the tub on your knees when you have a really bad knee. SHe wanted out of that tub in the worst way. THe noises that came out of her poor little body. She sounded like Whats-her-name in THE EXCORSIST. GAWD! GOt her all shampooed and rinsed and forgot the towel. Had to call Donna to bring me the towel. I wrapped Sadie in the towel and handed her to DOnna so I could try and stand up. I did it, I hurt, but I did it. Took Sadie back, dried her off good with the towel then took her into the laundry room to shake. Shake she did. But she is clean. Caught her again, and dosed her on her neck too, then changed her bed and put her in the pen. She jumped into her basket dug into the pillow, turned around three times and flopped down with her little head hanging over the edge, looking at me like "I Hate you!" She'll get over it, and love me again. She better...I feed her....

ROFLMAO over bad taste Halloween costumes

I got this from Grouchy old Cripples site