Sunday, April 30, 2006

Busy weekend...

As you all know I went to see Tim on Friday afternoon. So I dwelled on that all weekend. Im fine with my decision not to bail him out, but the Mom in me feels so guilty for not doing it. Ah well, I will get over it. I will think about Mothers Day and how he would not make over here to see me, He MIGHT call, but there would be no card and no flowers, even though he KNOWS how much they mean to me. DOesnt have to be a big bunch of roses, just a little nosegay or something. Hell If he picked them on the road and brought them over that would be just GRAND. But he doesn't, He only remembers he has a Mother when He needs something. Too Bad Mom's cant forget they have SOns. My Husband was the same way, and so was my Dad and so Is Bob. Mom? I sorta remember that word...I dont know why Men refuse to acknowledge their Mother's if they do not live in the same town with them. It is like they break their hands or something. So any of you guys out there that may be reading this, If your Mom is alive, CALL HER!! GO VISIT HER!!! SEND HER FLOWERS!!! WRITE TO YOUR MOTHER!!!! If she is dead, GO VIsit her grave, or send some flowers to her church in her name. Do SOMETHING to remember you had a WOman that gave you life.

THe rest of the weekend was spent cleaning, and putzing. TOday I got up started the laundry and took my coffee out to the deck. It was the first morning warm enough to do so. REALLY!! My grass out back is 2 feet tall, and starting to go to seed, so I knew I had to do something TODAY! SO I started mowing, and the part that I had mowed 2 weeks ago was not as hard, but the rest was brutal. TOok me three hours to get it have done. I ran out of gas, so as I went to get the can, I noticed that Bob had brought his weed whacker over and was going to town on the worse part. He got it all knocked down in about 45 minutes. So tomorrow in the rain, I get to rake it up and then hope it dries enough to Mow it shorter this time, and then I should be well On my way to keeping it looking good.

I came in to take a bath and get ready for bed before the movie came on, but I fiddled around too long and just now got out of the tub. Anybody besides me think that Jesse Stone is cool? Tom Selleck just gets better and better with age!! UM UM UM!! I love those rugged hotties!!! ANd he plays Jesse so WELL!! I guess I will have to read some robert Parker books, as Jesse is his main character in his books, at least that is what TOm said on Martha Stewart today. (I tape her and watch when I can) Sure would be nice to see it go into a series. This is the third movie so far. and he wrote 11 books, so maybe...

My laundry is done!! THe kitchen is still a wreck, but It will stay that way until tomorrow. I have the last load of dirty clothes, (what I used today) in and that is it. Bed room is clean, sheets changed, bird feeders filled, grass mowed, Short ribs cooked for Bob, and then reheated for tonight, So now it is off to bed and my book.
See you tomorrow...

And Thank you all for all your support for me this week! I love you all.

Friday, April 28, 2006

tough love...

So when do you NOT say no?  Tough Love is HARD….really HARD!  I told Both of my kids when they left home that they were now responsible for their own actions.  Any trouble they got into was their problem.  I would visit and give them support so that they would not feel all alone, but if they broke the law they were on their own.

Today I went to visit Tim.  He has been sitting in the Island County Jail for TWO WEEKS!!  7 miles away, and a phone available at all times and he did not think enough of me to CALL!  He says he knew I would get on him big time and he did not want to hear it.  TOUGH SHIT!!!  He got it anyway.  With both barrels.  I let a tear fall, and I think it shocked him to know how much it hurt me.

He was arrested for arranging a sale of Meth for a “friend”.  He did not sell it, he just was the go between.  But he used his car so guess what San Juan County now has to auction off?  He says he is sure he still has a job if he gets out soon, but with bail at 1500.00 out of pocket, he cant come up with bail.  He knows better than to ask me.  And I told him NO!  Donna said she thought she could come up with it, but I don’t want her doing it either.  He wont appreciate it 2 days after he is out.  And he would neglect to pay her back.  She says she just hates to see him lose his job.  Yeah I do too, and I could get it from Bob, but I just think that I need to let him figure this out on his own.  He SAYS he is done!  He wont touch it again.  He does not do Meth, only smokes Pot.  TIM…What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand?   I don’t CARE that you think Pot is not really a drug.  THE LAW SAYS IT IS!!  

This is so hard!  I want to get him the money, but I know that he wont pay it back.  He goes to trial on May 22, and the arresting officer says he will get 3-5, but his lawyer says NAH!!  We shall see.  I really hope he doesn’t get hard time, because he is so na├»ve, and I know that he will come out of there hardened and angry.

Mother Animals eat their defective young.  Maybe they know something we don’t!

A Mother's Fears...

I have been told by both of my children that I worry far too much. I keep telling them that that is my JOB! I am supposed to worry! And I do it well!!

When they were brand new babies, I would check on them often to make sure they were still asleep, and breathing fine. I would shake the crib to see them wiggle, and I got hardly any rest with Them.

Donna NEVER slept through the night, she was up every 4 hours for her bottle. And when she got older she would wake up find her empty bottle and bash me on the head with it, Until I got her another one. Thank GOD they came out with plastic ones when Tim was born.

Tim on the other hand slept through the night from the second day home. I worried about him constantly. He was born 7 weeks late, and was huge at 10 lbs. He was very slow in development, and was diagnosed with static borderline CP. He was only 3 when that was told to us. He was always a big clumsy kid. He did out grow it though. When he turned 14, He was on his way to 6 foot 5" and good looking!! He played in the band, and the jazz band. And was on the championship baseball team in his Jr year. They won State that year and Aaron Sele was the star pitcher at North Kitsap High.

I worried about him learning to drive, and never went to sleep until I heard the car come roaring down the high way and then speed shift down so I would not know he was speeding. I worried about him playing tag football with the guys, afraid he would get hurt. ( He never did, but I still worried. )

When he moved away from home up to Orcas Island, I worried about him making the right choices. I worried when I listened to the scanner and could hear him talking on the radio to the fire chief while he was in a burning building. He was a good volunteer fireman and a good EMT.

I still worry about him, and I worry about Donna too, but this isn't about her. Tim has made some very stupid choices in the past 4 years, and now that he is in trouble again, I worry that he will still make the wrong choices when he gets out. He just never seems to learn his lessons.

A mother never stops worrying. I wish I could. I wish I could forget that I ever had children, but I cant. I Love them too much. They are my heart and soul. I want the best for them, but that does not mean MONEY, it means happiness, and contentment. And a safe loving life style. I am terrified that Tim especially will get into some really serious trouble and get hurt badly.

I called the jail today and visiting hours are M-W-F from 1-430, for 10 minutes at a time. So tomorrow I will toddle myself into town and see just what all he is in for. I still am not certain what the charge is. I know it was selling a controlled substance to an undercover cop, but I DON'T know which substance.

I think I will make him his sign now....STUPID....Here ya go. And I worry still. Sure puts gray hairs on your head!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

And everything was going along just fine...

I have had the feeling all day that I needed to call my mother. Now that would be VERY difficult as Mom Died in 1993. I just have been having the feeling that I needed to talk to her, or her to me. In fact I almost did call her, but then I giggled and said OK Mary Lou, She is gone, give it up.

As I worked frantically to finish Sherry's afghan tonight, I got so hungry, so I got up and went by the phone to the kitchen, and I noticed that the message light was blinking. I told myself that I needed to check my voice mail, and went to get something to eat. I forgot about the messages until just a few minutes ago.

As I settled in for the night, and was ready to grab my book, I remembered, so I called my voice mail. A collect call from "momit'stimiminjailcomeseeme" and then the recording clicked in for me to accept the call. Which of course I did not, as it was 10 hours ago.

So I called TIm's cell phone, and some strange woman answers his phone. It was not Sandy, and would not tell me her name nor why she had his cell phone. Only that Tim was in bad trouble.

I was just telling someone that I was wso proud of him as He had been clean and sober for two years, and had held a job, and now had medical benefitws. His life was on an uphill swing finally.

WRONG!!! Since it is now midnight, and the Sherriffs office does not like to talk to Mothers at all, never mind that it is their job, I have no idea in the world why he is in the hoosegow, nor how long he will be there. So I will have to wait until 11:00 TOMORROW to find out by going down there, whether or not it is the 'c's turn for visitation. Good thing it is a small town.

Now for those of you that dont know how this works...Tim lives on Orcas Island in San Juan County which is right over there<<<<<<< but there are 7 or 8 big islands in the county, and only one tiny little jail, on San Juan Island which is even farther over there<<<<<<< are you still with me? (get out an atlas) so since San Juan County does not have the room for holding prisoners, they farm them out to Island COunty, which just built a big brand new jail and detention center. SO even though Tim lives in another county, and can rarely get home to see his MOther because it costs too much to catch the ferry, he is right here in COupeville now, because he did something bad that I still dont know about!

He is 35 almost, so he knows better than to ask me for bail or money at all. But since I only live 7 miles out of town, He will want me to come visit every day that I can. I hope he hasn't lost everything he has AGAIN. Good thing I have not had a chance to give him his afghan yet. That would REALLY piss me off.

Poor kid. He is sooooo sweet, and everybody likes him, (or did) but he caught the stupid virus and there aint no cure for STUPID!!! I hope he gets to keep his job.
Little shit head!!! :(

Drama in the forest...


I woke up just as the sky was starting to get light. Since Sadie was out of her pen, I knew she would have to go outside to potty, so I walked her outside and stood on the deck while she waded her way through the tall grass. Suddenly a form lifted off the deck post and startled me. It was a barred owl. S/he looked like she was gonna head for Sadie, but at the same time, Sadie saw her and wanted her as bad as she wanted Sadie. The Owl used better sense and headed for the alders. Sadie did her thing and after sniffing over everything in the yard, came back in and we headed back to bed.

I looked out towards the deck just before I layed down and there was the Owl again, sitting on the railing and staring under the deck. You see, one of the by-products of feeding the birds and the squirrels, is I also feed the RATS! THey come out at night, and so does the Owl. I will hear a squeal in the night, followed by the flap of big wings, and I know that nature has taken it's course. I also know that The RAT population has gone down by one.

THis morning it just sat there waiting, and waiting, but no RATS. Soon it moved over into the plum tree, which is right against the fence that the squirrels use as their highway from the woods to the feeders. Suddenly I hear a loud squeal, and off the owl flew. I could not tell if it had Lola or a RAT, but I am going to assume since it did not cause a BIG ruckus, as Lola usually does, that it was a RAT!

I rolled over and was just about to head back into sleepy land, when I heard the ravens cawing loudly. They usually only yell like that when something disturbs them, so I looked over the window sill again. The Owl was trying to get the big grey squirrel (suzy), and was flying from tree to tree, and Suzy was jumping from branch to branch, and the Ravens were dive bombing the Owl and pecking at it's head. I saw Suzy scurry clear to the top of an alder tree about the time that the Ravens had the Owl ducking for cover, so I am pleased to report that the score was, Owl 0 Ravens 1.

Everything is back to normal in the Back yard again, Sadie is asleep on the recliner, Lint is out checking under the deck for slow rodents, and Loki is sitting in the window waiting for the critters to show their selves so he can chatter at them. THe other two cats chitters and Ethel are sleeping somewhere, and Bea Bunny is chomping on her Banana chips.

I am heading back into the kitchen for my second cup of coffee...

And how has YOUR morning gone so far?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Brain dead...

I have so much rattling around in my head and I cant get anything out on to the screen. SO much fragmented! I am just about through with THE CAINE MUTINY COURT MARTIAL and then I will have nothing to keep me from writing, but I just cant seem to spit it out. I have several themes started, just cant get them together.

Can you have a vacation when you are retired? sure feels like I need one though. I have not been anywhere since last Spring when Barb and I went to Astoria and the Long Beach Penninsula.

I think I need a shot of mountains. the weather is sposed to be fairly good for awhile, so maybe I will just head East and see what I can find. Maybe not...gas costs tons of money right now.

BIIIGGG SIGH!!! SUre would feel good though. WOnder if I can talk Bob into taking me? Nah. It isnt Friday. I only get Friday Night. :(

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Nope, the grass did not get mowed. I woke up late after staying up wide awake half the night. ANd when I looked outside it was drizzling so I said NOPE not today. I guess it only drizzled for the 5 minutes that I was checking, and did not get really wet. BIG SIGH!!! I did spend the day watching all those really neat movies on the Hallmark channel and crocheting about another 2 feet on SHerrys afghan.

I was sooo cold when I got up. At 430 AM it was 36 on my front porch. never made it to 70 on my property! I guess there is always tomorrow!

Meanwhile the grass still grows....and grows....

Im thinking of concrete!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday already?

My GOD where did this week go? I have been so damned busy getting the show opened and the lights set that it just flew by! I was thinking it was just Wednesday or something. I hate it when time flies faster as you get older!! Does not seem fair does it.

I woke up choking this morning about 830, and smelled smoke. I looked outside and the whole yard was thick with it. I thought the house was on fire so I ran outside, and some asshole contractor is burning trees stumps and windfall on the next street over and naturally the smoke goes uphill and right into my house. My eyes have been watering for two days. It was really bad this morning though.

the sun was out after the smoke cleared, and the grass is drying from the hard hard rain we had around dawn. SO tomorrow since it is expected to get into the mid 70's and sunshine (until TUESDAY!!) I plan on getting out and seeing how far I can get on the yard this time. I HAVE to get it done! Sadie has no place to poop, and Lint is not happy either. I guess waiting for BOB to help me do it aint gonna get it done, so I have warned my back, that it is just gonna have to hurt for a week or so until that grass is cut down TWICE, and ready for late spring!!

Off to bed, and early to rise tomorrow, I hope!! Wish me luck and a completed job!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter dinner...At last


Easter meant I cook! When I was growing up it was tradition to have ham, and Dad would make a potato salad and a fruit salad. We also had deviled eggs. The Ham was usually one of those Hormel canned hams, put into the casserole dish and covered with a brown sugar and mustard glaze. Sometimes Mom would get fancy and cut diamonds into the ham and place a cherry and a clove into each diamond. It was baked until hot clear through and then we ate. Sometimes, we would have hot cross buns. Those were usually only when we were in the states and close to a bakery that made them. Mom Did not bake from scratch. Most of the time we just had bake and serve rolls.

We would get up and run to Sunday School, and when we got home, the Easter bunny would have been by and left us Easter baskets and hid the eggs. We ran through the house looking for the eggs, unless we lived in Hawaii or California, then we got to go out side and hunt them.

When I took over the tradition of cooking the dinner, I changed it to Lamb. I have no idea why, I just did. This year I roasted a Leg of Lamb, and Phyllis brought roasted asparagus and deviled eggs. Sherry brought Mike, and Donna brought Bill and a sugar free Black berry pie.

Since I said to Mike to have Sherry bring a side dish, and I figured she would not get the word (she was in Florida until Friday night) so I also had Lima beans. I also decided that I would make this really yummy dessert that I saw on Paulas Home Cooking show on Wednesday. It was called Banana Split cake, and it was soooo easy.

Banana Split cake

1 box of graham cracker crumbs
1 stick of butter

blend these together with your fingers, and line a casserole dish with the mixture and bake for 15 minutes at 425. COOL

2 sticks butter
1 pound of powdered sugar
2 eggs

Mix thoroughly and pour into cooled crust

drain very well a can of crushed pineapple. Pour on top of mixture
slice 2 bananas and put on top of pineapple
take 1 large box of cool whip and put on top of bananas sprinkle with nuts.


Well I did it differently. I was almost out of butter so I used a pkg of cream cheese in place of 1 stick of butter and it made it sooooo good!!
I also had no canned pineapple so I drained a can of fruit cocktail really well, and used that. I also thought 2 bananas were not enough so I used a whole big hand of them. And two boxes of cool whip.

Oh GOD it was soooo good!!! And everybody ate Donna's sugar-free blackberry pie!
leaving ME to finish the dessert all by myself. I am so tired of it now. And It is gone. FINALLY! I will make it again though.


My son in Law Bill came to dinner with Donna, and That is the first time in ten years he has been to my house for dinner. I was honored!! Wow!! I was blessed with his presence. It actually was a very nice day. No arguments, no fights, just good company.

Bill did come in and sit in MY chair. And turned off MY music, and grabbed MY remote and turned on the Mariners game. Donna and I just looked at each other and shook our heads. Whatever it takes to get him here.

Bob was the last to leave around 430, (early dinner, Mike had to work.) and I headed for a nap. I was so tired!! I had gotten up early and cleaned the house, and got the table set. Everything was actually done when everyone got here.

This week I have been getting the light cues set for the show which has it's first audience tomorrow night. Press Night was wonderful and we got a really great write up in the Whidbey News-Times. WHEW!

Now...On to scrapbooking....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm Here...Really I am.

I have just been extremely busy. Getting the show opened, and cleaning house for Easter. and Driving my Brother to the Dr out of town.

I PROMISE I will sit down and write a nice newsy post in the morning. Easter dinner was fun. I GOTTA tell you about the wonderful Dessert I made that nobody ate!

I will be by soon.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!

easter 1953

I barely remember when this picture was taken, and that is odd, because I can remember things both before and after it. This was when Dad was Stationed in San DIego, this was in National CIty, way up in the hills. We thought it was a long way from the base.

I went back there when I was on a business trip at headquarters, and I drove up here. It was only about 5 miles away if that, and all grown up around it now. Our little house and neighborhood was all Filipino retirees, and when we lived there it was on the edge of the desert and full of Veterans buying their first homes after the War. Amazing what a mere 52 years does to a place! The house was still there, but it had SHRUNK Drastically!! It used to be HUGE, and now I dont think it is any bigger than maybe 700 SF!! I wonder why!

Phyllis was just 4 and I was 7 when this was taken. I think Dad was fighting the Korean War on the USS Toledo, during this time.

Tomorrow, I am cooking a leg of Lamb, and the whole family except for the younger generational Men, are coming over. I went into town and got the last little bits for dinner, and now I have to clean house. I hate to vaccuum, so I end up putting it off until the bitter end. But now I need to vaccuum and pull up the area rugs for the Season. THen all I will have to do is run a dust mop over the floors and VOila! done! Oh SHit!! Better check the bathroom, only Bob uses it, and no telling what condition it is in.



It is so cold today. Got down to 34 last night, and the wind was flat blowing in from the west. THe water in the Straight was so rough with white caps on it, and the Ferry was having a problem getting across. THe tulips and the daffodils, are out in force, and bent way over in the wind. I swear it is spring, but it really feels like winter. Yesterday it POURED all day long, so hard, that you could not see across hte water. Predicting Thunder storms tonight and tomorrow. Be my luck the power will go off tomorrow, and I will be stuck with a raw piece of lamb.

Cross your fingers.

You all have a safe and Happy Easter. Ellen, Careful on the chocolate, dont want to get yourself sick on it now! ;)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bouncing planes...

Several of you referred back to a sentence in my last post about the bouncing planes. I realized then, that I have to stop and remember that not all of you have lived next to a Military airfield, nor do you have any idea how it impacts the area around it.

I looked up Coupeville OLF in google Images, and there was a really cool website about abandoned and forgotten airfields in Washington State. It has the complete history of these airfields. So below is an excerpt from that...


The Navy reactivated the facility
to accommodate the increased training & operational demands of the Vietnam War
(when A-6 Intruder flight training at NAS Whidbey Island was ramping up).

Beginning at that time, the Navy used the landing strip for "field carrier landing practice",
a training exercise designed to simulate landing on an aircraft carrier at sea.
The exercise involves groups of up to five aircraft flying in patterns to practice touch-and-go landings.
Each aircraft in turn approaches the runway & touches down,
but then takes off again without coming to a stop.
The aircraft remains in the traffic pattern & returns for another landing.
Each aircraft makes multiple touch-and-go landings (bouncing) before stopping to refuel.

Since 1967, the Navy has continuously used OLF Coupeville for field carrier landing practice,
but the amount of that use has varied.
From 1967-71, the Navy used the landing strip extensively,
conducting as many as flight 39,246 operations in a single year.

After the Vietnam War ended, the Navy's use of OLF Coupeville declined, but did not cease.

I live just over the trees in the picture...It gets really loud around here when they bounce. I can see the pilots when they come down the street. Yes, you read right. They line up down Dewey Dr, then get as low as they can, go over the trees and then touch down. I knew they were there when I bought the house, so I have no room to complain at all, but they do get irritating. Especially during the summer when it stays light so late. The airfield has two carrier decks simulated on the field, complete with lights and stripes. So to practice Night landings on a carrier, they wait until dark which in our case may be as late as 10:00 PM then they go until the Law says NOPE which is 1:00 AM. You get used to them and you can sleep through the normal rhythm of them, but when they stop, or the pattern breaks, you wake up.

So now, Leigh and Carla and all you others...You KNOW!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Caine Mutiny Court Martial...

The Cast

My last show is The Caine Mutiny COurt Martial. ANd then I have NOTHING on the agenda for next year. I was not given a show to direct, and of the Directors that DID get shows, They have their own producers. SO....unless something I dont know about comes up, I will be a lot less busy!

This show is about the executive officer who relieves his Capt of command during a typhoon, and subsequently is tried for treason. It is going to be a really good show. THese men, all pulled together and have made you feel like you are right there in the court room with them. I will post candid pictures after Press night.

I stayed home from the playhouse tonight, with the Mother of all migraines. I was seeing double, my eyes were watering, and PAIN!!!! I laid down to take a nap, which is what I do when I have a bad headache, and buried my head under a pillow. I sleep on my tummy, and Sadie decided that she needed to see out the window, so she lay all stretched out on HER tummy, on MY back! Her chin resting on my head, and that gave her a perfect view of the feeders. She must have known I was not well as she did not move a muscle even though I heard the Lolas and the Suzies chipping away out there.

Yesterday Morning, ALvin and Simon came to the feeder, but they stayed UNDER it, and It was so interesting watching them nibble on the sunflower seeds. They would pick one up, nibble around the edge, pop it open and then stuff the seed into their pouches. I had forgotten that they had pouches in their cheeks. ALvins right cheek was HUGE, and just as he started to stuff the other side, a big bird flew over, and he went scurrying to the fence and that was it for him for the day. I suppose he ran home, and unstuffed his cheek and re-stocked his cupboards!

I stopped by the Red Apple grocery yesterday to get something for dinner, and they had Buffalo in the meat counter., Ground Buffalo, a cube steak and stew meat. So I bought one of each, as I have heard Blogeois talk about it, but never had it. It was really cheap too, only 3.00 or so a package, (yeah It may be expensive for hamburger, but for Buffalo, I thought it was a good deal. I made some tonight and it is GOOD!!! hardly any fat, and it is not as gamey as venison. Looks exactly like
beef! I have a friend who sells Buffalo on the hoof, but I cant afford a whole one, and then the expense of butchering and wrapping it. Liz says that she usually sells them for about 700.00, and the butcher usually finds someone who will buy the skin for 500.00 and the skull for 300.00, but I dont want to risk ending up with having to find them myself. I sure would like to have a freezer full of it though.
all natural Grass Fed Buffalo.

THe planes are really putting in time bouncing this week. After dark no less! They bounce from around 100 to 500 then come back after dark and bounce for around 4 hours. Must be getting ready to deploy!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

That Pig wasn't meant to be eaten...

Since I live on a fixed income, I try to eat on the cheap when ever possible. Last week while at the local Red Apple Store, I noticed a smoked Ham in the cooler, for only 3.48! TOTAL! Not a pound. TOTAL! I looked at the others in the rack, and they were bigger but cheap too. So I bought the small one, thinking that I could eat off of it for several meals.

I LOVE HAM!!!! I like it cooked, smoked, baked, in sandwiches, by the slice, or in steaks. I just like Ham. It is my favorite meat. I stuck it in the oven, baked it for about 45 minutes, and then glazed it with brown sugar, mustard, and worchestershire sause. YUMMY!!! I stuck it back in the oven for about 15 minutes, and then sat down to eat it. It was all BONE!! I could get a few slices off it, but it was mostly bone and skin. I was PISSED!!!!

Ok, Not all is lost, I will make a pot of split pea soup. I just made a pot of navy beans, so I did not want that again. But I love split pea soup and corn meal muffins. I cooked the ham for several hours in water in the pot, along with a sweet onion, and a lot of garlic. I then added the peas, and let it simmer for about 20 minutes, for the peas to get soft but not mushy.

I came in here to check my email, and 30 minutes later, I smelled smoke! I forgot to turn the burner down, and the whole pot is ruined. So I will feed the critters tomorrow, and will try some scrambled egg sandwiches for dinner.

I sure was wanting that soup...damn pig!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

busy times...

I spent all day yesterday hanging lights and setting cues for the Show, SO I left Sadie out back while I went. Usually I take her and she will be very good in the car while I am in the theater. I did not want to leave her in the car for 7 hours. As soon as I pulled in the driveway last night just before midnight, I heard her yipping at the door. SHe heard the car and was at the back door bouncing and jumping and yipping and flat giving me HELL! I let her in and she immediately peed on the floor! It was her "happy dance pee" but she still had not done that in a very very long time. Guess she told me, huh?

I was going to get out and try to finish the back yard before it is long enough to Bale up, but Bob came over at noon and said we were going to dinner tonight. Since mowing yard and going out do not go hand in hand with my body, I decided to let the lawn mower charge for a few more hours. Bob called at 5:00 and backed out, cause he was sick! So I shoulda mowed anyway, it's sposed to rain tomorrow. figures.

I did manage to get the dust mop run over the living room floor, and there was a TON of cat hair on it. I shook it off outside, for the birds to use in building their nests. I also threw out the little pieces of different colored yarn I found under my chair. Those are gonna be some technicolor nests, I tell you!

Tomorrow, I think if it rains, I will tear into the kitchen. It has not been cleaned out in 5 years, it's time! I need to through out all those tin foil cake pans I kept for fruit cakes. and all the cottage cheese bowls, etc. I dont know why I wont throw them out, but I never do. I hang on to them until I cant get the cupboard door shut anymore, then I sit down on the floor and crawl way under the counter, (you know the ones I mean, the L shaped ones that are not good for ANYTHING but hiding crap) pull out everything and have a PITCH party. I already did that in my bedroom, and donnas room, so now it is the Kitchen, and then (shudder) the OFFICE!

Of course I may be spared that chore as it may NOT rain, in that case it is the mower!

I also plan on getting the sweetpeas planted tomorrow. I would LOVE to live somewhere where I could have flowers year round. Not here.

Hey Leslie, when you are finished with your basement, whyntcha come down here and help me? ;)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tim's Afghan...

I finished Tim's Afghan tonight, and none too soon, my right thumb and index finger are hurt city right now. My Arthritis is KILLING me. But the afghan is done, and it is so pretty that I almost want to keep it! I won't, but I sure like it!

My SIL's is next, then my son in Law's. But not for a little while, I need to rest the hand.

It was gorgeous when I woke up this morning. The sun was just peeking through the alders and it was 615! I LOVE DST!! The birds were out early, and the robins were chirping like crazy! I just layed there and watched out the window, as Lola ran up to the feeder, and then another Lola came and Squirrel wars were on! Sadie heard them and woke up and wanted a piece of that action NOW!! So I got her out of her pen and out she went chasing the squirrels all along the fence top. She does not know that she cant reach them, and they LOVE to torment her. They run back and forth and squeal. SO funny.

I did my blog walk early, and then some stuff for the Show, and then went out and started on the lawn. It was nice and warm out and sunny and a nice cool breeze blowing. I filled the feeders, and putzed and picked up all the dead fall in the front half of the back yard. The grass was thick and bright green and over 10 " high. I slowly walked and pushed it along then backed it up and went forward again until it cut a swath through the jungle.

I got about 1/3 of the yard done, before Bob came over and it was time for dinner. So I left the mower out back, ready to go again tomorrow. Guess what it is doing out there right now, RAINING!!! Typical Washington Spring. It was beautiful until the sun went down, and then a very small band of clouds came up the Sound from Oregon, and stalled! GRRRRRRRR

I am hoping it clears up and dries up before morning, I really need to finish that YARD! Then I plan on sitting on my butt and trying to get the Iris beds in order, and even though it is late, the sweetpeas planted. It is still too early for the Petunias though, as It froze last night, and may still before it really warms up.

I was so sorry to see THE GEEKS lose tonight on The Amazing Race. I was really pulling for them, as they were such a nice couple. I am not sure who I want now, they are all pretty good except for Lake and his wife. He is such a Prick!! It is a much nicer group this time though.

Onward to bed. You all have a nice evening!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

a Day with my Brother...

Oh MAN! I took my Brother to the Dr in Bellingham today, as he was gonna have a procedure done on his spine to try and isolate his sciatic nerve, to see why he is in such pain.

The ride up and back was a hoot! He is a far left Democrat and hates the government and all it has done to screw the people. (I however am NOT) SO I got yelled at twice for voting idiot. I just smiled and took it.

I asked him, that if he wanted the government to take care of its people, and pay them when they are out of work, in HIS world how would the government go about doing that, and how would they pay for it. It was just a simple question, and he took it as an affront to him. It was not. It was a question, and I told him that, and said, I just wondered how it could be done, that maybe he knew something that no one else had thought of. Other than raise taxes to pay for all of this, he could not come up with a good solution.

A week or so ago RAIN asked a similar question of her readers. It was put so nicely that it got me thinking. What she wondered, was What do each of us want our government to do for us and how would we suggest it be done, without bankrupting the government. THere was a lot more to her question, and I have been trying for almost two weeks to come up with an intelligent answer. It is HARD.

I know what I want.
I just dont know how it can be done.

I want quality health care for everyone, at a fair co-pay. I want insurance companies to allow drugs that the Dr. prescribes, without a penalty of a higher co-pay. Supplemental insurance at a small or pro-rated price.

I want housing to be guaranteed for the Elderly. I want quality long term care for the elderly. I want tax breaks on Real Estate for those over 65.

I want quality education up through a 4-year college for every child.

How I can get this to happen I have not a clue. I know that there is more that I want for my life and those I love to be better, and stress free, but HOW?

I am still thinking on this one, and may be for awhile, as I dont know if there IS an answer. EAch of us have our own wants and needs, and each of us has our own solution. My brother does not think that we will have a country in a year. I choose to think that he is way off base in his thinking, but they are HIS thoughts, and I will allow him those.

See if you can answer it. What do you want your government to do for you, and how do you think it could be funded? We all have an opinion...lets hear a few. (watch out, those of you who who may be new have not met WANDA yet....) ;)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Such FUN!!!!


Oh I found a new toy!! Google Earth. It is so cool!! This is a picture of our island. At least it is a picture of the middle part of our island. It is 70 miles long, and this is the middle 20 or so. COupeville is up towards the top on the water edge, and My home is down towards the lower right hand part. you can see the long brown strip which is the airfield, and I am just below that. The green is all forest. It was easy to download, and set up and I have been having a ball all day playing with it.

maybe I will go back and put the whole island on here.

Whidbey Island in Puget Sound

OK...The Base is up towards the top of the island, you can see the airstrips. THe field they bounce on is where I live. Phyllis lives in Coupeville, and the lines connecting the island to the mainland are not bridges they are ferries...each takes about 30 minutes to cross the sound. Seattle is down just below the right edge.

Now, where do YOU live?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

What I did today...

Allergies=runny eyes
Runny eyes=Zyrtec

Allerlgies= Wheezing and coughing....
Wheezing and coughing= Zyrtec


Wha...? Oh...ok, Sadie just a minute....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow...if I don't take Zyrtec tonight. It sure helps me breathe though! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Saturday, April 01, 2006

What a difference 4 days make...

sunday morning

Last Sunday morning I woke up in time to watch the morning come alive. It was spectacular, and the ALders were still bare of bud and leaf so I could see the sun pop over the horizon and into my window. It was our first really warm day, and it was glorious.

Yesterday morning, It was pretty again, so I went out and took a few pictures of the buds coming out, I dont have them on this post, but I happened to look up into the alders and noticed that in the few days since last Sunday, the Green has popped out!

I heard Suzie chattering in the tree tops, so I was looking for her. SHe was hiding very well. I could hear her but not see her.

friday morning

In a few weeks, you will not be able to see through the first layer of trees. THe green will have taken over. THen the sun will not be seen until it pops over the top of trees, which wont be until around 10-11 in the morning.

It rained all day today, until just about sun down, when it cleared up and was beautiful. Still is. The moon was a bright Crescent waxing, and was about to drop below the horizon. the sky had not gone black yet, and was a lovely shade of blue. There are stars out right now, and I can hear the fog horns trying to blow down on the strait! It is not unusual to have low evening fog on the water, and be crystal clear up here. I can see my breath out on the deck, and the night is dark. It is a great early spring evening. THink I will go to bed and enjoy it! All bundled up in my bed with the cool breeze blowing in and telling my lungs that HEY!! It is SPRING!!! Start Hacking!!! Im Full of POLLEN!! cough, cough, Wheeze!