Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday already?

My GOD where did this week go? I have been so damned busy getting the show opened and the lights set that it just flew by! I was thinking it was just Wednesday or something. I hate it when time flies faster as you get older!! Does not seem fair does it.

I woke up choking this morning about 830, and smelled smoke. I looked outside and the whole yard was thick with it. I thought the house was on fire so I ran outside, and some asshole contractor is burning trees stumps and windfall on the next street over and naturally the smoke goes uphill and right into my house. My eyes have been watering for two days. It was really bad this morning though.

the sun was out after the smoke cleared, and the grass is drying from the hard hard rain we had around dawn. SO tomorrow since it is expected to get into the mid 70's and sunshine (until TUESDAY!!) I plan on getting out and seeing how far I can get on the yard this time. I HAVE to get it done! Sadie has no place to poop, and Lint is not happy either. I guess waiting for BOB to help me do it aint gonna get it done, so I have warned my back, that it is just gonna have to hurt for a week or so until that grass is cut down TWICE, and ready for late spring!!

Off to bed, and early to rise tomorrow, I hope!! Wish me luck and a completed job!

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