Monday, April 24, 2006

Brain dead...

I have so much rattling around in my head and I cant get anything out on to the screen. SO much fragmented! I am just about through with THE CAINE MUTINY COURT MARTIAL and then I will have nothing to keep me from writing, but I just cant seem to spit it out. I have several themes started, just cant get them together.

Can you have a vacation when you are retired? sure feels like I need one though. I have not been anywhere since last Spring when Barb and I went to Astoria and the Long Beach Penninsula.

I think I need a shot of mountains. the weather is sposed to be fairly good for awhile, so maybe I will just head East and see what I can find. Maybe not...gas costs tons of money right now.

BIIIGGG SIGH!!! SUre would feel good though. WOnder if I can talk Bob into taking me? Nah. It isnt Friday. I only get Friday Night. :(

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