Friday, April 28, 2006

tough love...

So when do you NOT say no?  Tough Love is HARD….really HARD!  I told Both of my kids when they left home that they were now responsible for their own actions.  Any trouble they got into was their problem.  I would visit and give them support so that they would not feel all alone, but if they broke the law they were on their own.

Today I went to visit Tim.  He has been sitting in the Island County Jail for TWO WEEKS!!  7 miles away, and a phone available at all times and he did not think enough of me to CALL!  He says he knew I would get on him big time and he did not want to hear it.  TOUGH SHIT!!!  He got it anyway.  With both barrels.  I let a tear fall, and I think it shocked him to know how much it hurt me.

He was arrested for arranging a sale of Meth for a “friend”.  He did not sell it, he just was the go between.  But he used his car so guess what San Juan County now has to auction off?  He says he is sure he still has a job if he gets out soon, but with bail at 1500.00 out of pocket, he cant come up with bail.  He knows better than to ask me.  And I told him NO!  Donna said she thought she could come up with it, but I don’t want her doing it either.  He wont appreciate it 2 days after he is out.  And he would neglect to pay her back.  She says she just hates to see him lose his job.  Yeah I do too, and I could get it from Bob, but I just think that I need to let him figure this out on his own.  He SAYS he is done!  He wont touch it again.  He does not do Meth, only smokes Pot.  TIM…What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand?   I don’t CARE that you think Pot is not really a drug.  THE LAW SAYS IT IS!!  

This is so hard!  I want to get him the money, but I know that he wont pay it back.  He goes to trial on May 22, and the arresting officer says he will get 3-5, but his lawyer says NAH!!  We shall see.  I really hope he doesn’t get hard time, because he is so naïve, and I know that he will come out of there hardened and angry.

Mother Animals eat their defective young.  Maybe they know something we don’t!

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