Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Caine Mutiny Court Martial...

The Cast

My last show is The Caine Mutiny COurt Martial. ANd then I have NOTHING on the agenda for next year. I was not given a show to direct, and of the Directors that DID get shows, They have their own producers. SO....unless something I dont know about comes up, I will be a lot less busy!

This show is about the executive officer who relieves his Capt of command during a typhoon, and subsequently is tried for treason. It is going to be a really good show. THese men, all pulled together and have made you feel like you are right there in the court room with them. I will post candid pictures after Press night.

I stayed home from the playhouse tonight, with the Mother of all migraines. I was seeing double, my eyes were watering, and PAIN!!!! I laid down to take a nap, which is what I do when I have a bad headache, and buried my head under a pillow. I sleep on my tummy, and Sadie decided that she needed to see out the window, so she lay all stretched out on HER tummy, on MY back! Her chin resting on my head, and that gave her a perfect view of the feeders. She must have known I was not well as she did not move a muscle even though I heard the Lolas and the Suzies chipping away out there.

Yesterday Morning, ALvin and Simon came to the feeder, but they stayed UNDER it, and It was so interesting watching them nibble on the sunflower seeds. They would pick one up, nibble around the edge, pop it open and then stuff the seed into their pouches. I had forgotten that they had pouches in their cheeks. ALvins right cheek was HUGE, and just as he started to stuff the other side, a big bird flew over, and he went scurrying to the fence and that was it for him for the day. I suppose he ran home, and unstuffed his cheek and re-stocked his cupboards!

I stopped by the Red Apple grocery yesterday to get something for dinner, and they had Buffalo in the meat counter., Ground Buffalo, a cube steak and stew meat. So I bought one of each, as I have heard Blogeois talk about it, but never had it. It was really cheap too, only 3.00 or so a package, (yeah It may be expensive for hamburger, but for Buffalo, I thought it was a good deal. I made some tonight and it is GOOD!!! hardly any fat, and it is not as gamey as venison. Looks exactly like
beef! I have a friend who sells Buffalo on the hoof, but I cant afford a whole one, and then the expense of butchering and wrapping it. Liz says that she usually sells them for about 700.00, and the butcher usually finds someone who will buy the skin for 500.00 and the skull for 300.00, but I dont want to risk ending up with having to find them myself. I sure would like to have a freezer full of it though.
all natural Grass Fed Buffalo.

THe planes are really putting in time bouncing this week. After dark no less! They bounce from around 100 to 500 then come back after dark and bounce for around 4 hours. Must be getting ready to deploy!

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bill said...

Surely you need a buffalo head on your wall. And a good buffalo hide.