Wednesday, April 26, 2006

And everything was going along just fine...

I have had the feeling all day that I needed to call my mother. Now that would be VERY difficult as Mom Died in 1993. I just have been having the feeling that I needed to talk to her, or her to me. In fact I almost did call her, but then I giggled and said OK Mary Lou, She is gone, give it up.

As I worked frantically to finish Sherry's afghan tonight, I got so hungry, so I got up and went by the phone to the kitchen, and I noticed that the message light was blinking. I told myself that I needed to check my voice mail, and went to get something to eat. I forgot about the messages until just a few minutes ago.

As I settled in for the night, and was ready to grab my book, I remembered, so I called my voice mail. A collect call from "momit'stimiminjailcomeseeme" and then the recording clicked in for me to accept the call. Which of course I did not, as it was 10 hours ago.

So I called TIm's cell phone, and some strange woman answers his phone. It was not Sandy, and would not tell me her name nor why she had his cell phone. Only that Tim was in bad trouble.

I was just telling someone that I was wso proud of him as He had been clean and sober for two years, and had held a job, and now had medical benefitws. His life was on an uphill swing finally.

WRONG!!! Since it is now midnight, and the Sherriffs office does not like to talk to Mothers at all, never mind that it is their job, I have no idea in the world why he is in the hoosegow, nor how long he will be there. So I will have to wait until 11:00 TOMORROW to find out by going down there, whether or not it is the 'c's turn for visitation. Good thing it is a small town.

Now for those of you that dont know how this works...Tim lives on Orcas Island in San Juan County which is right over there<<<<<<< but there are 7 or 8 big islands in the county, and only one tiny little jail, on San Juan Island which is even farther over there<<<<<<< are you still with me? (get out an atlas) so since San Juan County does not have the room for holding prisoners, they farm them out to Island COunty, which just built a big brand new jail and detention center. SO even though Tim lives in another county, and can rarely get home to see his MOther because it costs too much to catch the ferry, he is right here in COupeville now, because he did something bad that I still dont know about!

He is 35 almost, so he knows better than to ask me for bail or money at all. But since I only live 7 miles out of town, He will want me to come visit every day that I can. I hope he hasn't lost everything he has AGAIN. Good thing I have not had a chance to give him his afghan yet. That would REALLY piss me off.

Poor kid. He is sooooo sweet, and everybody likes him, (or did) but he caught the stupid virus and there aint no cure for STUPID!!! I hope he gets to keep his job.
Little shit head!!! :(

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