Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!

easter 1953

I barely remember when this picture was taken, and that is odd, because I can remember things both before and after it. This was when Dad was Stationed in San DIego, this was in National CIty, way up in the hills. We thought it was a long way from the base.

I went back there when I was on a business trip at headquarters, and I drove up here. It was only about 5 miles away if that, and all grown up around it now. Our little house and neighborhood was all Filipino retirees, and when we lived there it was on the edge of the desert and full of Veterans buying their first homes after the War. Amazing what a mere 52 years does to a place! The house was still there, but it had SHRUNK Drastically!! It used to be HUGE, and now I dont think it is any bigger than maybe 700 SF!! I wonder why!

Phyllis was just 4 and I was 7 when this was taken. I think Dad was fighting the Korean War on the USS Toledo, during this time.

Tomorrow, I am cooking a leg of Lamb, and the whole family except for the younger generational Men, are coming over. I went into town and got the last little bits for dinner, and now I have to clean house. I hate to vaccuum, so I end up putting it off until the bitter end. But now I need to vaccuum and pull up the area rugs for the Season. THen all I will have to do is run a dust mop over the floors and VOila! done! Oh SHit!! Better check the bathroom, only Bob uses it, and no telling what condition it is in.



It is so cold today. Got down to 34 last night, and the wind was flat blowing in from the west. THe water in the Straight was so rough with white caps on it, and the Ferry was having a problem getting across. THe tulips and the daffodils, are out in force, and bent way over in the wind. I swear it is spring, but it really feels like winter. Yesterday it POURED all day long, so hard, that you could not see across hte water. Predicting Thunder storms tonight and tomorrow. Be my luck the power will go off tomorrow, and I will be stuck with a raw piece of lamb.

Cross your fingers.

You all have a safe and Happy Easter. Ellen, Careful on the chocolate, dont want to get yourself sick on it now! ;)

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