Tuesday, April 04, 2006

a Day with my Brother...

Oh MAN! I took my Brother to the Dr in Bellingham today, as he was gonna have a procedure done on his spine to try and isolate his sciatic nerve, to see why he is in such pain.

The ride up and back was a hoot! He is a far left Democrat and hates the government and all it has done to screw the people. (I however am NOT) SO I got yelled at twice for voting idiot. I just smiled and took it.

I asked him, that if he wanted the government to take care of its people, and pay them when they are out of work, in HIS world how would the government go about doing that, and how would they pay for it. It was just a simple question, and he took it as an affront to him. It was not. It was a question, and I told him that, and said, I just wondered how it could be done, that maybe he knew something that no one else had thought of. Other than raise taxes to pay for all of this, he could not come up with a good solution.

A week or so ago RAIN asked a similar question of her readers. It was put so nicely that it got me thinking. What she wondered, was What do each of us want our government to do for us and how would we suggest it be done, without bankrupting the government. THere was a lot more to her question, and I have been trying for almost two weeks to come up with an intelligent answer. It is HARD.

I know what I want.
I just dont know how it can be done.

I want quality health care for everyone, at a fair co-pay. I want insurance companies to allow drugs that the Dr. prescribes, without a penalty of a higher co-pay. Supplemental insurance at a small or pro-rated price.

I want housing to be guaranteed for the Elderly. I want quality long term care for the elderly. I want tax breaks on Real Estate for those over 65.

I want quality education up through a 4-year college for every child.

How I can get this to happen I have not a clue. I know that there is more that I want for my life and those I love to be better, and stress free, but HOW?

I am still thinking on this one, and may be for awhile, as I dont know if there IS an answer. EAch of us have our own wants and needs, and each of us has our own solution. My brother does not think that we will have a country in a year. I choose to think that he is way off base in his thinking, but they are HIS thoughts, and I will allow him those.

See if you can answer it. What do you want your government to do for you, and how do you think it could be funded? We all have an opinion...lets hear a few. (watch out, those of you who who may be new have not met WANDA yet....) ;)

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