Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tulip time

Every year in The Skagit Valley, they have field after field of Bulbs in flower. They have been planting these bulbs for years, and have a tulip festival every year. It is bigger than the one that is held in Holland, Mich every year. We just do not have the quaint dutch style houses here like they did there.

They open the fields for tourists, and trying to drive down these back country roads is nigh on to impossible becasue of all the traffic. The fields are gorgeous though.

This year due to the very warm and dry winter, the flowers are all in bloom NOW!!! and the festival does not start until next week. THe powers that be and the planners are going nuts trying to decide what to do. Big names have been scheduled for the main stage later in the month, and if the flowers are all gone, then the tourists will be too. (this is not a bad thing as far as I am concerned)

Today I grabbed my camera and Bob and Sadie and my walking stick and we headed out to the fields to beat the tourists and traffic that will be there starting next week. WRONG!!!!! They were there in force, and it was pouring rain! The fields were all slushy with mud, and parking was non-existant. We did get to drive slowly by all the color, but We could not get into the display gardens, at all.

Every year I take pictures of the flowers, but this year you are going to have to settle for some from years past, and other people.

That is if I can get Hello to work...UPDATE!!! I cant get hello to work, so no pictures for awhile.. GRRRRRRR I hate not knowing technology!!! I need to get my FTP fixed!!!

Normally it is warmish and dry and the clouds in the sky give good texture to the backgrounds. Today it was just plain dark gray and wet!!!! It is worth the drive though. PRETTY!

And I finally got Hello to work!! YAY!! I like Hello and bloggerbot because it puts the picture right into the blog, and you dont have to jump to another page to see the pictures.

It really is pretty in those fields. These were pictures from years past, and some I took right off the web site Tulip Festival Too bad we have to put up with all the people!!!

FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO KNOW!!--------------------------------------------

Phyllis is FINE she just is really busy, and has a lot of evening meetings for Island Transit that she needs to attend, and when she gets home, she is busy then heads for bed. She will be posting sporatically until she catches up. She is feeling SOOOOO much better, and has lots of things to catch up on, like splitting wood, plowing the fields, building the church, changing the engines in the buses,

Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter 1952

Easter 52

I was 6 and Phyllis had just turned 3 when we had our pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. I just barely remember this. Mom had to set our hair the night before, rolled up in white rags, torn from old sheets. She would Pin curl the bangs and the sides with Bobby pins, opening them with her teeth and sticking them in our hair. I remember how they would hurt, and if we wiggled, They hurt even MORE because Mom would get mad and curl them really tight.

Usually we had matching Easter dresses, hand made by Mom. She made just about all of our clothes, because in those days it was Much cheaper. (And she did not work)

I had not seen this picture in years and years and had forgotten all about it until I was searching through Phyllis' pictures looking for things for her scrapbook. I found this picture and the memories came flooding back. We had just returned from a tour of Duty on Guam. And we were living on Winchester Drive in Paradise Hills, San Diego, California. I also remember that Dad was on a cruise on the USS Toledo, and was off the coast of Korea. The Easter Bunny did not come until we had gotten home from Sunday school on Easter Morning, and when we walked in the house, there were Fresh Cinnamon rolls, hand made by Mom while we were at Church. Then we saw our baskets, and the Easter Bunny had hidden eggs in the front yard for us to find.

After we had found all (we hoped) the eggs, we went over to Aunt Margie and Uncle Bob's for Easter Dinner.

I remember the little white gloves we had, and the patent leather Mary Jane shoes. I loved Easter back then. And when I think of Easter, I think of that time frame, when we lived close to family.

We had our usual Family Dinner here Last night. Mike and Sherry and their Son Galen came and Phyllis did too. Donna had to stay here for the Holiday, because us Mericans only had two days off, and there was a blizzard in the mountains, and the pass was closed. So she came on home. Tim of course did not. But I cooked the ham that Bob brought over, and we just all sat around the table, picked and ate, and yakked for two hours. (I hid the remote!! TEE HEE) Phyllis brought out her camera and took pictures of each of us, then we all goofed around grabbed the camera and took our own self-portrait. Talk about FUNNY!!! Galen took a shot of the back of his head so he could see how much hair he was losing. He is almost 27. (Mike is bald on top) Bob took one of his ear, Donna and us girls took our own off center pictures, then we all sat back and laughed at each other.

It was a good evening. Phyllis then asked where the Easter Bunny picture was, so I posted it yesterday. So now she can steal it back and use it next year. (She is sicker than I am!!) And just so you all would not think that I was totally whacked, I posted this one today. I may even post another one of 1956 tomorrow. Maybe.

Maybe Not.



Well I waited and waited for the Easter Bunny to come yesterday. But he never did!!! not and egg, no jelly beans, no chocolate bunny!!! SNIFF!!! I wondered why because I have been a good girl. I even had a clean house for company yesterday, but no Easter Bunny. I thought maybe I had gotten too old for him, but on the way out this morning, I ran across this sight on the road....WAAHHHH!! Guess that kinda explains why huh? SNORF!!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


I will be taking the next few days off, as Donna did not go home for Easter, and the Family is coming here for dinner, so I have to get this place swamped out quick.

I may not have much computer time for blogging, I have newspaper articles to write.
Gonna go get the Ham rerady for the oven, Phyllis is bringing the potato salad, Wanda
is bringing the PIE!! :) Kat, you just bring yourself. ANybody else coming over?

Have a great weekend all of us Americans, and all you furners, enjoy your 4 day weekend.

I;ll be back soon.... Really I will...Really!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I went in today at 2:00 to meet the woman who was going to help me reposition the lights over the backdrop. I get in there and find that the MAN has already found a replacement power supply, and has all of the proper plugs in the proper places, and has the lights turned on. WHEW!!! BIG relief. He is the one who installed the light plot, and knows all there is to know about them. Unfortunately he is not the world's greatest teacher. He is so very very smart, and can do it all himself in the snap of your finger, but gets sidetracked trying to TEACH you.

He was muttering about the grand master and the submasters which he has done several times before, but I am a show me person, and I need to play in order to get it. This he does not do. He left, I worked with new lady, got the lights all hung correctly and the gobos out of the barndoors. Then she left.

I went on up to the light booth and went to run the cues, as a test, and the MAN had reprogrammed them all to the sub/grand master format which was NOT my cues! ARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!! So I looked back over the cues, and found most of them that could be changed back easily, so I only lost an hour. (Whew) Same man that re-programmed them for the last show too. (dear sweet man that he is...)

We got the commercial filmed, and I got the light person situated, and then I left. I had been there for over 6 hours, and had not eaten all day, so I needed to get home. Besides, West Wing was about to start. Can't miss West Wing. One of the best written shows on television!!!

Leslie, I missed The Amazing race last night, do you keep score? I write down every week who comes in first, second, third etc.... I suppose there is a website I could check on huh?

Tomorrow is Press Night, so IF they do not have their lines ready by then, then God help Them. I told Dottie to run them through acts 2+3 twice tonite, so they will be able to get it right. Should be interesting.

wish us luck...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I Need a mouse Hole!!!

This is turning into the play from HELL! 3 cast members are sick now, And no, I did not do it!! I sit way in the back and yell to be heard so I wont infect the cast.

Tonight we were sposed to film the commercial for the cable network. I had all the light cues programed in, just needed to hang a few lights but that was tomorrow. Tyler took the Horizon box, and the lap top back up to the light booth and when he re connected it he stuck the interface parrallel plug into the wrong port on the laptop, which (a scuzzy something) and it broke two pins, and fried the Horizon box, which is the small 1000.00 dollar unit that tells the dimmers when to go off and on. so all of our lights were unable to work. SO the commercial was canceled, and the man has to run to Seattle tomorrow and get a new Horizon box so we can run the show. I hope.

THe DIrector is having a fit! but it will all come together. The Villian still did not know his lines or his blocking tonight, and I'm not sure he ever will. He could not even ad lib them. CHRIST ALMIGHTY!

When ever we have a show that is having major problems, we remember that the good luck hex sign was missing. It is a mouse hole painted somewhere on the set, usually unnoticeable by the audience. We do not have one on our set. But come Hell or High water, By tomorrow night we will have at Least ONE Mousehole, complete with mouse. We do not need any more problems.

Wish us luck....

Monday, March 21, 2005

Woe is me...

I just got back from the Playhouse. AS I have told you before we are doing an Agatha Chrisite play originally titled AND THEN THERE WERE NONE! I started to put the title of this posting down as Ten Little Indians Standing in a line...As TEN LITTLE INDIANS is the name the play is now called. But in light of the news I just heard, I thought that might not be politically correct. SAD!! So SAD!!!

ANYWAY Back to the PLAYHOUSE. The villain is out sick, AGAIN!!! He has missed over half of the rehearsals due to other commitments. The last show he starred in was RUMORS in 2003. On Opening night we had to call an ambulance for him and he was hospitalized for the duration of the show with severe pneumonia. (Sprayed a sofa black, and breathed too many fumes into his lungs) Right now we are not sure what his ailment is. We have a live show for the Press THURSDAY night. And the third act is all f*cked up!!!! The leading lady, does not know her lines, and they are all off book right now, and off prompt, which means they have to ad lib until they remember the line. She just stops and says I need my line, we don't give it, BUT I NEED MY LINE. And what are you going to do during a real performance, ASK THE FREAKING AUDIENCE WHAT YOUR FREAKING line IS???? GRRRRRRR

And our board Liaison is having problems communicating with the Director, and wont talk to any body else. And he is sposed to building the set. GRRRRRRRRRRR

and the light cues in the third act go to total blackout, and one lady says she cant see. Well You are not sposed to SEE!!! ARRRRGHGGHGHHHHHHHHH!!

I came real close to handing the light cues over to someone and walking out. I would not do that, as that is not the professional thing to do, But DAMN I wanted to.
I even yelled at the director tonight, but that is ok, Cause we are good friends, besides she cant hear good anyway! :)

I will be glad when this show is open, so I can get on with the next one, and just bury this one way down deep where I wont remember it. The next one is A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM. And Rusty is directing, And I read Rusty;s mind, and she reads mine too.


coming home tonight I almost forgot to get gas, so I turned around went back through town and onto the SeaPlane Base to get gas at the NEX (Navy Exchange) It was really dark out, and the stars were shining like diamonds! It was so pretty!. When you go on Base now, you have to show two forms of ID, your insurance papers for the car, roll down the side windows facing the guard, turn off your headlights, and turn on your dome light. Then you have to hold your ID card out the window for them to see. Meanwhile they have guns pointed in your direction, and they don't like jokes. They are so very nice though. Good evening Ma'am, and where are you going tonite? To get Gas. Very well Ma'am Proceed. Just makes you feel weird. Protected but weird. It is a sad state of affairs that our society has gotten into.

After I left town again, it was really dark as the moon had not come up yet, and thick fog was forming on the ground. The stars as I said were so pretty. All the constellations were popping just like they were meant to be a graphic in an astronomy class. I could see Orion, and Cassiopeia, and the big and little dipper, and several others that I cant remember. I love driving in the dark! The clear starry dark that is.

I have just finished a meat loaf sandwich, left over from Saturday night, so now It is time to get to bed. I finished the last of the Ladies detective agency books that ABS got me started on. Take place in Botswana, and they are very charming little books. This last one was called A FULL CUPBOARD OF LIFE, and If you get a chance to read them, DO IT!! Nothing really deep, just charming little books written by a man, about a Botswana Woman who inherits money from her Father and opens the first Ladies Private Investigative Office. CUTE BOOKS there are 5 of them so far.

I am about to start on J A Jance's latest one, Die another Death or something like that. I am tired, and I am finally wound down, so I'll catch you all tomorrow.
SLEEP TIGHT, And don't let the bed bugs bite!! ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2005


I cant believe it. I logged on and got right in!! I usually have to wait a good five minutes just to get from Dashboard to new post! In fact I usually get up and fix breakfast while I wait, and wait. Got on so quick, this morning, that I am not sure I remember what I was gonna say!

It is raining! Good glorious soaking rain! We need it so badly! Last night it warmed up as the night wore on, and the winds started blowing pretty good. The lights blinked several times, and I just knew they were going to go out, but they did not. We have so many trees up here, and we are so rural that we just do not bury our power lines. SO when the wind blows, trees and branches hit the lines, and you lose power, or cable or telephone. We are always prepared for a few days of "camping out" in the Living room. Lanterns, Dry wood, kindling, food, water etc. Our community well is powered by electricity so when the power goes out, the gravity takes over and the highest people up the hill lose water. Rarely happens because we have a back up generator at the Well head, but there have been a few times that even that goes out.

the Birds are having a HUGE PARTY at the bird baths. They have been dry and dirty for so long, and now they are full of rain water, so they are bathing, and drinking and singing, and just having fun!! One of the Niger feeders has wrapped around the hummingbird feeders, so we now have siskins trying to get at the bird juice. HA HA!
the robins are back and their feathers are all coming in ready for the breeding season, and the top feathers on some of their heads are standing straight up like little worm-eating punk rockers!!!

the rain is beating against my office window right now, but over towards VEGASBABY's place it looks like it is starting to clear up. We have really needed this rain so much!! Everything is so early this year, that the pollens are all hitting at the same time, and people are getting severe allergies. The crops on the east side of the state are drying up and blowing away. There may not be many Apples and Pears this year. The Asparagus is tiny and tough, and most of our usual veggies are coming from Chile. Not that they are not any good, They are, but everything is going to be so expensive.

the really good news in all of this is the fact that the mountains are getting the much needed snow that they need to create the snow pack that we depend on for our water needs. It is doubtful that this will be enough to cancel the drought, but it is a welcome start. The really BAD news? You all are next!! And if the low keeps spinning the way it is, and that jet stream keeps coming from the North down so far, you will be having cold temps and that means SNOW for you guys!! Im sorry. I really am. I wish we could wring all that moisture out of those clouds before they hit the Rockies, and save you.

Today is the first day of Spring!! And the first day of FALL! whoot, WHOOT! So for us Northern type people, relief from the cold and nasty is on it's way. And for all of you southern type people, (that would be HEMISPHERE WANDA AND BRENDA) Relief from the Hot and Humid is on the way!

Enjoy the change!!! YAY!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2005


One of my many faults is the fact that I TRUST implicitly. I trust that the people that I love Also Love me. I trust that the people I have faith in will not do me harm. I had trust that the people I hired would never steal from me. (I was always extremely Hurt when I discovered that some of them did.) I Trust that My Country will survive through another storm. ANd I trust that the people I meet on the internet are true and honest people.

I Know some of you think that is a Pollyanna attitude, but it is what I chose to believe. If I was to cast a jaundiced eye at everything I read, Then how would I ever know what was real?

I have a friend, who does that though. He does not trust anything, and is always looking for the bad in people. No, That isnt true, he doesnt always look for the bad, He just assumes that there are hidden agendas in everything he reads and hears. It is hard for him to trust his true feelings and have a normal relationship with ANYONE! He obviously was violated in some way in his formative years, and has built a brick wall around his heart that NO ONE can enter. Believe me I have tried.

I can not live that way. I have to Trust, I have to Love, I have to BE loved. I have to trust that my Children will finally be able to live their own lives the way they need to, and if they fail, they will be able to start over again, and get back on track.

Tim has not called in 3 months. I have tried calling him on his cell phone, leaving a message, and nothing. I tried again yesterday to call him, and got a weird message on his voice mail. I assumed then, that he had lost his job, could not pay his cell phone bill, and was homeless again. I prayed that he would call me, and this morning, he did! From his cell phone that he pays for monthly with the money that he makes from the job he has had for almost a year! I forgot to trust that he was alright! proved me wrong. THANK YOU!!

Trust is something that I need to have. It is something that I need NOT to worry about. (I do unplug Donna's webcam though, cause I heard that they watch you even when you are not looking!) I trust that all of my blog friends really are who they say they are. I could not imagine any of you being the stalker, or the coniver that people in the media say are out there in the blogsphere. I can not imagine any of you would make up your life stories, just for sympathy. I just have to trust that Bilbo really is a black cat, and that Ya-Ya really is a bird, and that Hunter really does blow things up.

I have just passed my 2nd blogiversary, and I would never have made it this far if I did not trust that the friends I have made in these two years were not in fact real. It is people that make the world. It is honest and true people who will help civilization prevail. Yes, I Know that there are bad guys out there, but if We dont have faith in each other and in ourselves, we will end up the paranoid frightened person that my friend is. That is not the way to live.

As someone much wiser than me once said. It is better to have Loved and Lost, than never to have loved at all. I cant remember who said it, But I do trust that you know who I mean, and will agree.

I Trust I will get over this dern cold, and will be able to breathe again. Trust.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Snorf!! Sniff! Wheeze....

YUCK!!! Anybody want to change heads with me? I feel ok if I did not have to deal with this cold. I am on Robitussin CF and Thera-Flu and do feel better, but I cough from way down in my toes. I feel like I am hacking up a lung. On My trip around Blogland this morning, it sounds like EVERYBODY has something. And in talking to people around here, they have it too. It is a terrorist plot!! Bin Laden has sent us a rhinovirus that has us all hacking and blowing and peeing, and sleeping so that he can sneak in under the radar and take over our blogs. I know it. Why else would we all be sick at the same time.

Now if I had mentioned this to Bob, He would have gotten a shocked look on his face and run out and bought a mask. Too Late Bob!!! You already have it!!! He is soooo paranoid. Sometimes it is fun just to make up these stories, just to see how far he will run with it. Ok, I Know I am SICK! I told you I was.


Our weather has been unreal. First we have spring, then we got a day of rain, then we got sunshine and warm weather, and today it is 1/2 rain. 1/2 sunshine. The birds are doing their little bird things, and more and more of the migrating ones are showing up. I now have 4 Hummingbird feeders out. The two that I had out were lasting a week, now it is daily, so This Morning I filled two more, so that should last a few days anyway. It is so funny to watch them. I pull the feeders down, and they will dive bomb me, and wait until I fill them, and then they will follow me to the next feeder. I was putting up the NEW one and two birds hit my hand before I even had the feeder hung!! They are soooo territorial. I love to watch them.

the Pine siskins are back in force also, and are going through two Niger feeders each week. I wish I know how they know to hang upside down to get to the seed. The house finches have not figured that part out. They will sit on the perch and peck at the plastic. DUH! The Goldfinches should be making their arrival anyday now.

Harry and Harriet are going from suet block to suet block, and then flying back into the alders. I hope they are nesting close by, because I like watching the young ones learn to peck at suet.

Sunday is the first day of Spring, and the days are getting longer and longer. As much as I do not like the warm weather, I do so love the long days. Especially the early light mornings and the late light nights. I woke up this morning at 530 and the sky was a dark navyblue instead of black. That means soon it will be daylight at 530 and getting light at 430!! Whoot.

I have my sister's copy of THE NOTEBOOK to watch, but I know it will make me cry, and that is not something one needs to do while manufacturing a nose full of crap with a cold, So I will hold on to it until I am all dried up.

All You guys out there that are sick like me...Robitussin CF and Thera-Flu works really good!! Hope you all get well soon, and I will do the same. Meanwhile put your masks over your 'puter, so Special K wont catch anything from us. SO far she seems to be the only one not yet sick.

STAY WELL KAT!!! Ellen, Cj both of you stay away from strangers, your immune systems are compromised enough. You don't need this. The rest of you...Good luck...


Thursday, March 17, 2005

And a World of Blarney to ya...

Happy St. Patricks Day to all of ye Dearies!!!

I am sitting here trying to get my nose to quit manufacturing snot! I am so full of it. I have to go into the Playhouse tonight because I need to get the lights cues set and the lights moved, but I sure wish I dint have to go. We are filming the Commercial on Tuesday and the Press is invited in on Thursday, so There is not much time left. My head hurts so bad!!! My nose is soooo sore, and I am starting to hurt from Coughing so much.

I spent the whole day yesterday either in Bed or at the computer. I did not even change outa my night clothes. That really helped too. I remember the days when I would tough it out and go to work, because that was what I was Supposed to do. I never had time to take off and get well.

Now I am retired, and I STILL don't have all the time I need to get well. I know this is all volunteer, and I don't HAVE to go in, but I DO! Dot is expecting the lights set, and I have a new young man to train in the light booth. Why NOW!!! IM Sick... GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE..... Yeah right!!

I am also trying to work on the rest of the Family History, and my SIL brought me her Dad's history, but not her Mom's. Cant do a pedigree without that information.

Donna and Bob are getting over their colds, and I made sure that I thanked the both of them for sharing...Phyllis walked into my bedroom this morning, I didn't even hear her come in! She brought me Thera-flu for daytime and nite-time, and some Robitussin CF. Donna gave me her left over Nyquil, so I am pretty well doctored up, But I cant do it when I have to drive.

Sadie has stuck right by my side. She is afraid Mommy will go somewhere without her.

Our weather has turned into Winter again. Rain, Wind, Clouds, and more wind. We need RAIN! And lots of it. This has been the weirdest year for weather. No storms really, and hardly any snow in the Mtns. NOT A GOOD THING! We get all of our water from the snow pack, and since there is none, we will be on rationing before summer.

Well, got go blow the Factory!! I SOOO don't want to go tonight. Somebody wantta go for me? Please?

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

This and that...

LAst week I volunteered to have KB interview me, and Since I was in the middle of a travelogue, I postponed it until now. SO with out further adieu, my answers:

1) Name the most outrageous memory you have of your sister?When We were Teens, We shared a room, and I was bending over her trying to teach her to type. She was seated at the typewriter, I was hanging over her shoulder. She said something funny and I snorted! And when I did, the biggest lugie came out of my nose and landed right on the top of her head. We were both hysterical and jumping around, FUNNY to me, Not to her.

2) Ever laughed so hard you pee'd your pants in public and tell us the

Too Many times to pick just one. You just wait, when you hit 55, you will know what I mean.

3) Ever farted real loud at work and blamed it on someone else?Not at work, But all the time at home. It is always Phyllis! Never me!

4) If you could have anything you wanted what would it be and why?

To be able to play the piano better than anyone who had ever lived. I have always wanted to play and never had the opportunity. Now I am too impatient.

5) If you could meet a famous person who would it be and why choose them?OMIGOSH! I don’t know!! Barbara Bush Probably, Because I think she is the real power behind her men. And I admire her for being average and loving it.

Now I realize that my answers are not as elegant as Leslies answers were, but neither were the questions! I mean how can you elegantly answer about LOUD FARTING AT WORK? LOLOLOLOLOLOL Or Blowing SNOT on My sisters head!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Ah Well, Leslie is elegant I'M NOT!!! Mom always told me I was a Lady, and I was so frustrated trying to be one, when I was MYSELF I had more fun, so Here I is folks, Earthy, Fat, Old, And TONS OF FUN!!!!

Kim asked what a hex sign was, SO in order to give her the RIGHT answer, I googled PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH HEX SIGNS and found a lot of sites that have the meanings. So try it!! Actually they are really pretty, and are just good luck wishes, to drive away the bad luck.

I am sitting here wishing I was back in bed. My head feels like it is twice the size it should be. My eyes are all runny, my nose is running, and stuffy at the same time. (How does it DO that?) my throat is scratchy, and I ache all over. I have a feeling that DOnna put her HEX on ME. She is good at that...I told you I was screwed!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005


I have been running around like crazy for about 4 days, trying to get all my loose ends tied up. THe weather here has been SPRING SPRING and is due to turn back to Winter just before Spring arrives. We have had GORGEOUS weather, no rain, and warm! THe birds are nesting already, and the hummingbirds are draining my two feeders daily. TIme to drag out the other 8 and get them up. I have a feeling it is going to be a two brood year for some of these little guys.

Mike came over and mowed the yard, and finished chopping up the wood that Bob threw in the front yard last Fall. (I'll be back to chop it later never happened) So Mike chopped most of it, DOnna stacked it.

I got the Primroses planted and Sadie promptly jumped into the planter and laid on them. SO I had to cut a piece of Chicken Wire to wrap around the Barrel so she will stay out of it.

I got the deck cleaned off, the Table cleaned off and the grill cleaned out ready for the season. I still need to get another gallon of Deck Cleaner, to get the places I missed. Then I will paint it with Thompson's wood sealer, and it will be ready too.

I got out the Bird Houses and the faded Hex sign and put a coat of paint on them all. THe Hex sign still needs to be outlined and highlighted. I am not an artist by any means, but this turned out pretty good. sorta. at least from a distance it looks ok, and it will be on the back of the house, so it wont matter.

We are in full production for TEN LITTLE INDIANS, and I have to set the light cues this week, I have them all designed, but now I need to program the computer.

I also have started work on A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM. Got the press releases written for Auditions for that show, and the logo made for the poster. Got the poster and Program finished for INDIANS, and am working on the logo for my show next season, BLITHE SPIRIT.

I also have been going through some closets and pitching like crazy. Donna MAY be moving out in April, And when and IF that happens I want my house to be MINE!! It will take me several months to get it back to what I want, but I will get rid of everything I dont own! TIM COME GET YOUR CRAP!!!! I have been carting around Star wars toys for 30 years!

Donna is sooooo sick. She woke up Saturday coughing and croaking. Mike needed the wood stacked, so I made DOnna go do it, I had no idea she was as sick as she is. I did not realize until she would not come out of her room, and was hacking and puking and choking and groaning. I feel like a stinky piece of shit for not realizing she was that sick. I am a rotten Mom. I hugged her yesterday and apologized for the gaff. I think I am forgiven. Maybe. for now. I hope. If not, she will get even. Oh GOD!!!!! I am sooooo screwed!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

South Bend, Wa

Barbs Place

The Town where Barb and Butch settled is South Bend. Just a blink as you are driving down US 101 and you have missed it. Barbara told me to call when I got to town, and she would come down and drive me up. Okay….I called, and she said to wait on the corner, and she would be right here. About 10 minutes later she drives up, and I follow her about 4 blocks and turn onto this dirt road that headied up a hill. Straight up! Warning signs that said Primitive Road, no warning signs, was at the beginning. It was dark and twisty, and I followed Barbara about 1.5 miles up the mountain. We turned off onto an even smaller road, and then onto an even SMALLER road. She was right, I would NEVER have found it by myself. It was a bout 8:00 when I pulled up. She had dinner ready, and Helped me unload the car.

Barb had stopped at the corner on her way in this afternoon and bought oysters, which she poached with mushrooms and breadcrumbs. YUMMMMMY! Topped off with a salad. After dinner she showed me around, and then we sat and played cards until We were ready for bed.

I slept like a log, I actually had the whole bed to myself, no animals at all. It felt really weird! But I slept until 900 the next morning.

Their land is 10 acres abutting the Weyerhaeuser managed forest, so there were no neighbors. The loggers had clear-cut the 50 or so acres just to the southeast of them, and from that point on there was nothing but forests for MILES! NOTHING.


I asked what kind of wildlife she had there, and she took me to the front yard and showed me where the elk herd had decided to homestead. RIGHT IN THE FRONT YARD. There were none around because we were there, but there were plenty of elk seed left for us to find. ;)

Elk Seeds

Herds of deer, flocks of Blue Grouse, quail, bears, cougar, owls, and a few birds rounded out the rest. I saw no rabbits, but I am sure there were some. Butch had cleared about 5 acres around the place, planted an orchard, set up a wood fired hot tub on the deck that surrounded the front of the house, built the workshop and garage, and had retired waiting for Barbara to do so also. Barbara works in Seattle, so only comes home on weekends. It was on one of those weekends home that Butch was leading her down the mountain, to the flatlands to see her off for the week, when he had either a heart attack or massive stroke, and died instantly. He was only 62! What a tragedy! Barb is taking it very well. She says she has her moments, as I am sure she will still,. But she is a very strong woman, and is determined to keep the place going in his memory.

where the elk sleep

It was so quiet there, no planes, no highway noise, no neighbors dogs, nothing but quiet. It was magnificent. The land there is so CHEAP! Pacific County is the most depressed area in the state, and a 3 bedroom home can be purchased for under 85,000! Trust me, I am thinking about it.

The town of South Bend was started because of the oystering and the logging, but as the oysters were depleted and the trees were all cut, the town died back. The oysters have returned, but the type of oyster is not the native ones, but ones that were brought in and re-seeded. The trees are also coming back, thanks to Weyerhaeuser and their managed forest plans. Driving along the highway there are signs in front of different sized plots of trees, that tell when the original forest was cut and reseeded, and then harvested, and re-seeded, and when it is to be harvested again.

The size of the stumps of the original old growth timber is awesome. I would love to have been able to see a forest of old growth, virgin forest. Some of them were bigger around than my living room. Seriously, they were big enough to hollow out and live in.

Sunday morning while Barb went down the mountain to Church, I took my coffee out to the deck and just sat there listening to the far off buzz of the logging chainsaws, and then the total quiet that followed. The hummingbirds were dive-bombing, but Barb does not want to start feeding them because she is only home twice a month now. She does not want them to get used to her feeder and then starve. Good thinking. I packed up the car and said my thank yous and good byes to Barb and left for home around 12:00.


The town of Raymond is 2 miles up 101 from South Bend, and the highway all along the way is seeded with Iron Sculptures. These are a series of enchanting steel sculptures of wildlife and people, designed by local artists to reflect the heiritage of the area. Loggers, native americans, elk, bear cougar are some of the subjects cut out of the steel. The top of the light posts have Brants all stretched out and sunning their wings. Owls and squirrels are perched where you would expect them to be. It is about 3 miles of road, and really awesome to see.

I Drove on up 101 to highway 12 then up to 108 to 101 again, and then on up along the Hood Canal and the Ferry from Port Townsend to the island. AHHHHHHHHH this is a gorgeous state!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Long Beach

After we had our Lunch at SHIPS restaurant, we drove back across the Columbia River to the Washington Side, and turned Left towards Ilwaco and the Pacific Ocean. This was the road that followed the route that Lewis and Clark followed when they first saw the Ocean and knew that they had reached their goal. I had always assumed that they were on the Oregon side the whole time, as they wintered there and all of History has them at Fort Clatsop in Oregon. HOWEVER! They originally were on the North side of the River, and Pocahontas and Clarks slave York, both suggested that they stay on this side, and continue on to the Ocean. They did this, and then because of a need to establish a more permanent camp they crossed the river into Oregon.


Ilwaco is right on the Pacific, and we turned North to drive up the Long Beach Peninsula, which forms the longest drivable beach in the world. 33 Miles of hard packed sand, with a very shallow reach out to sea. The tide was out, and there were clam diggers out everywhere. We stopped at the Boardwalk, and walked the ½ mile down the beach on the dune.


Along this walk there are signs showing the natural history of the area, and how Tsunamis, had and will again, change the landscape of the area. Right behind one of these signs was a brand new condo being opened. I wonder who will be dumb enough to buy there? I would not, as much as I would love to live there, I would not invest in an area that it is predicted to be erased at any time. But what do I know?

whale skeleton

There was a whale skeleton on display, and the Gray whales were being sighted out at sea, on their way North for the summer breeding season. Barbara wanted to go get her feet wet, and as the tide was waaaaaay out there, I let her go alone, and I stayed up on the Boardwalk to document the event. (walking sticks and sand don’t work too well) The weather was wonderful, just a tad bit hazy, which put a chill into the air, but it was perfect walking weather. Bad hair day though.


We then drove back along the beach to the other end of the boardwalk, and then continued down the peninsula to Oysterville. This is another story for another time, as We were running out of time and light and wanted to be home before dark. Leave it to say that there was way more history here than I ever knew about. All of the history deals with the settlement of the Seattle area, and Fort Vancouver, and the Mercer Girls, etc. But hardly anything more than a brief mention goes into the oystering, and fishing, and logging, and cranberry bogs that are all along this beautiful area. I will go back before Summer spoils it all and update you on it.


Tomorrow I will talk about Barbs place and South Bend and Raymond. See ya..

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Astoria still...



The view from the Astoria Tower was so awesome. Even though I did not climb the 164 stairs , I had a great view. You could see the whole mouth of the Columbia River, and the Bar that is one of the most dangerous bars in the world to cross.


Barbara took my camera and got a picture of me from up on top. I am the white dot on the ground. (Never thought I could look so small). Once Barb came down from the tower, we toured the rest of the grounds. The Canoe is a replica of the ones that Lewis and Clark used to explore the Columbia River. Now I don’t know about you, but I would need a bigger boat. A MUCH bigger boat! It amazes me to see how SMALL the vehicles and craft were that the pioneers used to cross this vast continent. My big SUV is bigger than most wagons were, and they had their whole life in those wagons and canoes. It really brings it home how much they struggled and how hard their journeys were to conquer this wilderness.


After we were finished, and I had gotten my walking stick, We decided it was time for lunch. Barb knew a great place called The SHIPS that had good English Fare…Bangers and Mash, Fish and Chips, etc. And was right on the River. We had The Halibut Fish and Chips, and sat right on the water. A Freighter was passing while we ate, and it was really close. The River channel ran right up against the Oregon Border, and the rest of the water was all Sand Bar. WOW!

the river

The Fish and Chips were absolutely WONDERFUL!! The Halibut was flaky and the Fries were so crisp and fresh. I could have sat there for hours watching the River traffic go by. But we were ready to go to the Long Beach Penninsula. The longest sandy beach in the world. 33 miles of ocean front…but I’ll save that for tomorrow

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

2nd Eruption...

2nd plume

I was trying to get these two posts together but blogger wont let me.

It appears that there was a 2.5 quake and now there are signs of fresh lava extruding from the crater. The plume has been measured as 40,000 feet high. There are all kinds of reports coming in, and no one has said anything other than a crater eruption, no Lahars, or pyroclastic flows, associated with this SO FAR! THere is an ash advisory for those down wind of the plume which puts it over Yakima. We are all safe and fine.


Breaking News!!!!!

Mt St Helen's has just erupted with a cloud of ash and steam up to 36,000 feet high.

Blogeois has her camera pointed right at it. Go see. More news as it happens.

Astoria Tower

Astoria tower


The Astoria Column, in a clearing atop Astoria, Oregon's highest hill, draws an ?Oh, Wow!? from most visitors with its spectacular views of the city and its surrounding forest, mountains, rivers, bay and ocean. The Column, built in 1926 for $32,550, is 125 feet high and has 164 steps spiraling to the top. While the view is best from the column's summit it's also pretty impressive from the surrounding park.

Patterned after the Trajan Column in Rome, the Astoria Column is the world's only large piece of memorial architecture made of reinforced concrete with a pictorial frieze in sgraffito technique. The column artwork illustrates the discovery of the Columbia River by Captain Robert Gray in 1792, the establishment of American claims to the Northwest Territory, the winning of the west and the arrival of the Great Northern Railway.


After nearly 70 years of exposure to coastal weather and salt air, time had begun to take its toll on the Astoria Column's unique artwork. By 1995, many of the pictures had deteriorated nearly to the point of invisibility. But the Friends of the Astoria Column and the Astoria community worked together to restore and preserve the artistic character of the column. Internationally renowned experts spent six months cleaning, reconstructing and restoring the images to their original luster and their completed work was unveiled in November, 1997.

Something else that is so neat about this tower, is the Airplanes. The concession stand sells balsa wood airplanes for .50 and then you can fly them off the top off the tower. Since it is 164 steps up there, I personally did NOT go up, but Barb did. She has been there many times before, and had a stash of airplanes at home to fly . So she flew it down to me and I retrieved it. She then put our names and the date on the plane and took it back home to fly again.

After reading all the names on the tiles around the tower, and then history of it, I have decided that I will have to go back again and again during this bicentennial of Lewis and Clark Expedition, and live even more history. If you are interested go here... And learn all about the celebration and the life around Astoria. It is AWESOME!

astoria tower

Monday, March 07, 2005

What a sight!...

I had a wonderful weekend! I will tell all about it in several posts this week, but the post today is about 1 hour of the weekend.

I left Barbs house around 12:00, and drove up 101 along the Hood Canal. This road is very sparsely habitated, and follows the fjord right along the water. There are several pull offs to allow faster moving traffic to go by. I was pushing along about the speed limit +5 and enjoying the ride. I noticed several people out on these pull outs looking out at the Canal. I glimpsed a guy on a skidoo, so just kept on trucking. About Liliwaup, I noticed a LOT of people watching the guy on the skidoo, so I assumed he was making acrobatic movements.

Along the next big pull out there were people with Binoculars looking at the guy, so I said...Self, there is something more going on than what you think, so pull over and see. So being the good girl that I am (I always listen to my conscience) I pulled over and grabbed my binoculars. I always have a set handy, and when I drive I have them hanging over the head rest of the riders seat at the ready.

I looked out and the guy had fallen off his skidoo, and was no where to be found. Then I noticed a fin, and another fin, all black, and small, SO I knew then that the guy on the skidoo was really a bunch of dolphins playing.

I was right across from where I thought the SUBASE Bangor was, and I knew that they kept Dolphins for security porpoises. (pun intended) I thought that they were out on maneuvers.

Suddenly I saw a white patch on a bigger fin, and realized that what I was looking at was a pod of Orcas! There were 2 huge females, and about 6 juveniles. They were breaching, and spy hopping and the little ones were sticking their tails out of the water and waving them. It was sooo spectacular!! They were about 1/2 mile off shore, so they were safe, and we were so blessed with the show that they were putting on. The Females would pop way out of the water and splash back down then the youngsters would Sound. And then they would jump. It was a real treat.

I sat there for about an hour watching them frolic, and then with a sigh, I put my glasses down and drove on up to the ferry landing in Port Townsend. I was hoping for the 315 ferry, and I was the 2nd to the last car allowed on, so the timing was PERFECT. I got home about 4:00 and Sadie almost turned inside out wiggling, when she saw me.

I gave her lots of loving and promised I would take her next time I went. Hopefully by then the laptop will be fixed and I can post daily from wherever...So I can take ya'll along too.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Time out...

I am going to be gone for a few days. I am going to go over to the mainland down towards Oregon and on the coast, to visit an OLD, OLD friend. Barbara lost her husband just before Thanksgiving.

I first met her Husband Butch when I was just starting to date. He was a sailor from VP-1 here on base, and was more fun!! We dated for about 6 months, and then he found my best friend Elaine, and went with her for about a year and then he met Barbara. Barbara had been part of the gang, but was going with Willy at the time, so Butch just never asked. When Willy and Barb broke up, Butch made his move, and then they were married.

They were perfect for each other. They had a wonderful life together, He got out of the Navy and then after some time with Georgia Pacific, he started working for the US Govt again. This time in communications. He was transferred to Korea, and Puerto Rico, and West Virginia, and finally back to Washington.

We had kept in touch through the years, but never visitied, as we were on different schedules, different places. When I got the email in December telling about Butch's sudden death, I was shocked and immediately called Barbara.

It was so wonderful re-connecting with her. It was like we had never been apart, just like when we were still in college, and high school. I saw her a few weeks ago, and had made arrangements for me to go down to her place this weekend. They just finished building this house, and had both retired, to enjoy the rest of their lives together, when Butch had a massive heart attack and died.

This should be a fun weekend, just sitting around talking like old times, playing card games, eating crap, walking along the beach at Astoria, exploring the woods. I need this break. She needs this break. We both need each other. I am leaving Donna in charge of the animals, and running away! See you when I get back!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

scrapbooking anyone?

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I found this quiz over at Valkyries place and since I LOVE to Scrapbook and buy pretty paper, I thought I would give it a go.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Whidbey Playhouse


Tonight we went to the rehearsal of TEN LITTLE INDIANS at The Whidbey Playhouse, a community theater group on WHidbey Island. The set is still being constructed, and the Director did not want her picture taken, so she put me in front of her face.

State Park

sp dora

Well THIS is the entrance to the State Park Fort Casey...Mary Lou Boo=booed when she put it under the conference centers picture.

The COnference Center is on State Park Property, but it is owned or run by Seattle Pacific University. They have the 6 graders from the Seattle Schools come up for 1 week in the spring, and learn off campus history. Every school child looks forward to 6 grade camp. They also have Soccer Camp here, in the summer, and the Seattle SOunders run this camp.

Seattle Weather

seattle weather

This evening, I watched the Seattle weather reports with Mary Lou, isnt the weather man CUTE? Todd is his name, and I think I have a crush on him.

The Ferry Lady


This is the nice Lady at the Ferry Terminal, who laughed and let me have my picture taken with her. We chose not to wait until 730 for the next sailing. It was getting dark

Port Townsend Ferry landing


This is the Ferry Landing on WHidbey Island. In order to get off this Island, we need to either take the Ferry to the Olympic Penninsula or drive 70 miles down Island to the CLinton Ferry to the Mainland north of Seattle. The Ferry has just left...we missed it.

Fort Casey State Park,


This is a picture of Fort Casey State Park on Whidbey Island, Washington. It is an old Army FOrt that was built during the late 19th century. It was one of three forts that covered the entrance to Puget Sound.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

School Project...


This is the Friend from Alberta Canada that Leslie showed on her blog today. It is from the Neices, and the FRIEND has to be photographed in many different places.(CORRECTED LINK)

I thought this would be fun, so I photoshopped the Rum and Coke out of the front of her, and printed it. Now I will take her with me tomorrow, and get pictures in several places, with place names. then send the photos to Leslie, so she can print them out and give them to her neice.

Now Michelle, If you could copy her, print her out and take her to CAPETOWN and get her picture. ANd Tine, You could get her picture in Belgium and ANJI you could get her in France, and CAS, if you have a digital camera, can you cover England?

Anyone else have a digital camera? We can CYBER move her all over. I printed her out as an 8X10, and she should show up pretty easily . I think I will even take her to rehearsal tonite, she can stand in with one of the actors in TEN LITTLE INDIANS.

We'll get covered. And all these have to get back to Leslie by THursday so she can get them printed out and given back to her neice!

FUN !!!!!