Monday, March 30, 2009


Guess who called me out of the BLUE? KAT!!! I was so excited to hear that someone in Alberta Canada was still alive and kicking! I really miss her writtings and her DRAWERINGS! She also is on facebook, and she has all of her DRAWERINGS on it too! She is such a talented young lady! I keep trying to tell her that she ought to write and illustrate a childrens book. I know it would sell! she has such a great sense of humor! For those of you who did not get the chance to know Kat SPECIAL K when she was blogging, you really missed a good blog. She quit, because she said she didn't have anything else to say. I know we have all been there, and in my case SEVERAL times...but I keep on plugging along.

In the vast ethernet of blogging, You meet so many people, and even though you will never meet them face to face, they become a big part of your life! When they stop writing, it is if as though they have died, and a part of your soul dies with them. As I have said before, I am not naive enough to believe everything that everyone writes, and I know there have been several who were nothing like their blog persona. That hurts when you find out, but while you were believing, you had a friend.

Kat is REAL. She is a little blonde cartoon character who works in Calgary, and rides the bus to work everyday, and gets beaten up by little Chinese ladies, and sits next to the Easter Egg guys. She wears happy underpants and really enjoys a drink now and then! (HAAAA!)

You really shoulda known her when....(BIG SIGH!)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


How that man is hanging on We do not know. He has to weigh under 100 lbs now, he has had nothing to eat in over a month, When he growls and gets cranky they give him something soft and clear, but he gets horrible pain otherwise, He sleeps a lot now, and is starting to halucinate...seeing people walking in the fields. He fell yesterday on the way to the bathroom. Poor Baby.. I just dont like seeing him like this., Donna and I are going to down for a short bit tomorrow, but I wont stay long with these allergies. I dread going to his funeral. I dont go to funerals the whole family knows that, but this is one I guess I have to go to. having a younger sibling die like this really puts your own humanity right up there for you to look at, doesnt it? I dont like what I see. Guess I had better change some things before I go. but that wont be for another 30 years. when I am 93!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Spring....BAH!!! I was feeling pretty good, but then the alders started pollenating, and my nose started itching, then I lost my voice, and then I lost my nose!!! GADS!! I went out yesterday to get some heavy cold drugs, ZYRTEC and got a real culture shock. It was great when I got to only pay a co-pay for a prescription drug but now that it is OTC it cost me more than my co-pay would have. YIKES> but it is good stuff! I woke up this morning feeling much better but still reqally sleepy, so I spent the whole day in bed. First day of Spring, and I spent it in bed! IT was really pretty topday too, or so I heard.

Bob tripped over an empty display pallet in the Navy Exchange on Sunday and dislocated his shoulder, so I have been playing nursemaid to him. It is so hard to rely on someone else when you have been independent for 69 years! The worst part for him was having to sleep in my house, and put up with my habits...he gets up at 500 and goes to bed at 7PM I get up at 930 and go to bed at 1230PM But we made it therough tHURSDAY WHEN HE THOUGHT HE COULD HANDLE THE CLIMB INTO HIS LOFT BY HIMSELF.( sorry caps on) buttoning up his 501's was another matter, but I told him he would have to "fish for himself". Terrible aren't I? Right now the setting sun is shining on the alders out back and setting them all aglow, soooo pretty....SOOOO EVIL!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NExt season

Well In case I forgot to mention it...(as if I have had nothing else on my mind...) I have been selected as Director for the opening show of next season. ZOMBIES FROM THE BEYOND. It is a Hoot! A campy space/earth invasion musical. Takes place in Milwaukee in 1953, just at the heigth of the space invaders stories. IT is about a space ship from BEYOND that invades Milwaukee and tries to capture he-specimens to take back to their planet for propagation purposes. Add in the leader of the Group ZOMBINA a buxom Zombie with her secret Weapon in her throat...(get your minds out of the gutter!) and a tap dancing delivery boy, a sweet young thing, daughter of the space center, and a Russian spy posing as a scientist and you have the cast. Lots of music, lots of campy action and a really crude space center( think pie-plates put on a wall as knobs, ) and VOILA> ZOMBIES FROM THE BEYOND!

It was not my first choice to Direct, but I am glad to have the opportunity to prove my worth yet again. I know that with my twisted sense of humor and the twisted minds of my staff, this will be a good one.

google it and follow the links if you want to see clips and hear pieces of the music. ZOMBIES FROM THE BEYOND coming soon at a community theater near you...THE WHIDBEY PLAYHOUSE Sept 2009.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nothing new...

I am sorry that I have not posted in so long, but there is nothing new to report. I go down every other day and sit with Mike for a few hours, but all he does is sleep. We are watching him slowly starve to death. That is what it seems like to me. He can not eat any more, and only can have clear liquids. They are keeping him heavily medicated to keep the pain at bay. I am an emotional wreck, as is Phyllis, so we just can not concentrate on blogging. I do wonder why this is taking so long. We know he will die, he knows he is dying, But his cancer just keeps on living...It just is not fair!