Friday, March 20, 2009


Spring....BAH!!! I was feeling pretty good, but then the alders started pollenating, and my nose started itching, then I lost my voice, and then I lost my nose!!! GADS!! I went out yesterday to get some heavy cold drugs, ZYRTEC and got a real culture shock. It was great when I got to only pay a co-pay for a prescription drug but now that it is OTC it cost me more than my co-pay would have. YIKES> but it is good stuff! I woke up this morning feeling much better but still reqally sleepy, so I spent the whole day in bed. First day of Spring, and I spent it in bed! IT was really pretty topday too, or so I heard.

Bob tripped over an empty display pallet in the Navy Exchange on Sunday and dislocated his shoulder, so I have been playing nursemaid to him. It is so hard to rely on someone else when you have been independent for 69 years! The worst part for him was having to sleep in my house, and put up with my habits...he gets up at 500 and goes to bed at 7PM I get up at 930 and go to bed at 1230PM But we made it therough tHURSDAY WHEN HE THOUGHT HE COULD HANDLE THE CLIMB INTO HIS LOFT BY HIMSELF.( sorry caps on) buttoning up his 501's was another matter, but I told him he would have to "fish for himself". Terrible aren't I? Right now the setting sun is shining on the alders out back and setting them all aglow, soooo pretty....SOOOO EVIL!!!!!


Brenda said...

Oh man, what a sucky first day of Spring for you. I hope the gunk clears up soon so you can get out and kick up your heels.

Anji said...

I thought about you this morning and wondered if the alders had started yet. Hope you're able to enjoy the joys of spring properly soon

jazzi said...

Spring allergies sure take some of the enjoyment out of the season, don't they?
I hope Bob's recovery doesn't take long - a dislocated shoulder sounds painful.

Maria said...

Spring allergies are even sprouting here on the desert where most people come to get away from pollen.

Gotta watch those Navy Exchanges. They can be really dangerous. LOL I have come close to tripping myself on at least two occasions. Do hope Bob recovers quickly. I am totally sympathetic with a dislocated shoulder. I am sure he is in much pain.

Dick said...

Costco has generic Zyrtec at a MUCH cheaper price. Next time you are there check for it as the allergy season is upon us.