Sunday, February 24, 2008


Well i just spent twenty minutes getting chewed out by my neighbor that leaves his cats outside all week. He came home on Friday and then left again and was gone all weekend, leaving the cats locked out of the garage. My daughter came up this morning, so I sent her over to open the garage about 6 inches and prop it up so they could get in and eat, and get away from the coyotes. I Just DO NOT understand people that will not take care of their animals. Now mind you, they are NOT underfed. They are fat and healthy, but they CRAVE human attention, which they dont get except from the neighbors. THey are also treating my bird feeders as their own personal Hors d'oureve tray! Needless to say, all the squirrels from last year are gone. Even Lola that appeared last week for the first time in months, almost got caught by Cotton their black cat. she screamed, and ran up the fence just one claw away from LUNCH! (Whew). I know I know! They are only doing what they were born to do, but I do not live on a farm, and neither do the neighbors anymore, they now live in a community with only 10 feet away from each others yards. THey need to keep their animals under control. I have 4 cats that never get to go outside. God I am pissed. I only had the cats welfare at heart, and I get chewed out for messing with his house! OK Dude! Gloves are off! Next time I call animal control, they can trap them all.

Poor babies.

There, I feel better, I have ranted.

Monday, February 18, 2008


I got my electric bill on Saturday and almost shit a BRICK! 398.00!! I knew I was behind but not THAT much! It had my last payment on it too, but It shows that I have used way more than this period last year! It has been cold, but I cannot imagine using that much! It is normally 80-90 during the summer and 125-140 during the winter. I turned off everything I could find, and I have even gone to the energy saver, squiggly light bulbs! I turn off my computer every time I am not here, and do not sit in the Living room that often. YIKES!! Talk about a one-two punch!

Today was absolutely GORGEOUS out side, but I had things I had to do INSIDE, so could not get out and enjoy the sunshine! I plan on hitting the deck tomorrow! I stepped out with Sadie this morning about 4AM and just marveled at the sky! It was crystal clear and you could reach out and touch every star up there! THe Coyotes were even feeling their oats and were howling and yipping all night. Sadie sure does not like to hear them them that close to her fence!

The days are starting to grow visibly longer THANK GOD! It is getting light at 700AM and getting dark around 6PM I LOVE the Long days up at this latitude!

I am in the middle of rehearsals for SOCIAL SECURITY, so you will not be seeing me on here very much until it is off stage. Just warning you! I get a chance to peek at you all every once in awhile, so keep watching!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's gone again!

Once again my edit bar is missing! I wish I knew what I did to fix it last time.

I went in to lap swimming tonight and did aerobics all by myself and swam about 6 laps. I really needed it tonight. My back is so bad right now that I can barely move. Swimming helps it feel sooo good for an hour or so.

Went straight from there to rehearsals for my play. It is going to be soooo funny. I just finished blocking it tonight, and next week we will start character developement. What a hoot it is.

My Brother got some good news and some bad news yesterday during chemo. THe invasive cancer has shrunk, but it has also invaded his colon in two spots and that is NOT good. THey are going to continue treatment as before and hope for the best.

John Hancok got back to me about my annuity beign short. NEXCOM is all of it's infinite wisdom told then I was 62 three weeks ago, and that I needed to draw Social Security, so they dropped 500 out of my monthly allotment. Sure wish they had sent me a letter or something telling me that was going to happen. I thought I had until I was 65.6 nope,gotta do it now. So I signed up on line and should find out something soon. I will be drawing just over 1000 from SS and I lost 500, so I will be a tiny bit better off, but not great. sure was hoping it would be a LOT so I could breathe. Story of my life.

Oh YEAH!!! LOLA is back! She looks kinda shop worn though, and is really watchful for cats, but she ran right up the post and sat on the feeder and chomped away on sunflower seeds. SHe was back today, so maybe she will continue her foraging in my yard. I Love to watch the wild life out my bedroom window,

Hopefully now I can go back to sleep. I was dozing off and then woke right up. I hate that. off the try anyway!

Friday, February 08, 2008


I Have an EDIT bar again!! WHOOT!!! And right at this moment I have No pictures to post! I will have to rectify that post haste!!

I now have a Cast!! We held auditions Sunday and Monday and Had our first read-through on Tuesday. What a HOOT!! we laughed oour asses off!! This is going to be a fun cast, a fun play! This puts a whole new spin on getting OLD! SOCIAL SECURITY by Andrew Bergman. Stay tuned!! I have to finish blocking the first act before Monday night, but then It will all be stage work. It will most definately keep me busy for the next 2 months!!

I have not been swimming in a week and Man can I feel it. I hurt so bad I can barely walk! Wednesday it was so cold out, and the wind was whipping gusts over 50MPH the lights were blinking, so I stayed home, hunkered down with the lanterns ready. Did not want to come home from swimming and walk into a dark home.

Living in the Boonies is nice except that I am Terrified of the dark! (YEAH YEAH YEAH I know!) I AM!! I see all kinds of boogie men in the shadows. I think that is why I have so many animals. THey will keep me safe.
All except Sadie, who spooks at doors moving in the wind, then jumps on the bed, and sits on my head! SERIOUSLY! She does! SHe tries to get between me and the wall, and if my head is in the way, too bad. Her Butt will be planted firmly on it! I throw her off and investigate and usually find that it is Schroeder chasing a toy mouse or a toilet paper roll behind the bedroom door, and when it moves, Sadie spooks.

Today is the first time in a while we have been in the 40's! But it is pouring rain down here, and snowing blizzard conditions in the passes. We have had more avalanches this year than any time in memory! The latest one took out a million dollar home on the side of a mountain. (No I am not sympathetic. They built where nature DUMPS! STOOPID!!)

I spent all day Monday with my Brother in the ER. Sherry called and wanted me to go babysit him as he was up all nite puking, so I did, and he just could not stop...every I made him go in and the pumped him full of potassium, and electrolytes, and pain killers, and then around 300 they sent him home to see how he managed. He has still puked, but not as often. We go in on Monday for his last Chemo for awhile. (We think) Then he should start to get better for 6 weeks thenmore chemo, then another CT scan. Dear Lord I hope this works for him. He is too young to die of Cancer! and If he is going to, then let it be quick! I know that sounds bad, but he is in such misery, and does not tolerate discomfort well at all. I love him so much, but I dont want him to stay like this. He is very frail.

I called Tim last night and told him I was staying home this weekend, and he was cool with that. He understands and seems to be doing well at his job, and is keeping legal! (THANK YOU GOD!!)

Donna is all pumped upover the Wash State Caucuses this weekend. I voted absentee so am forbidden to go to the caucus. Wash Sate has such WEIRD primary rules. If you are Democrat, you MUST attend a caucus in order for your Primary vote to count. If you are a republican, You do NOT have to attend, but almost 1/2 of the delegates will be alloted at the caucuses. We Caucus on the 9th and vote in our Primary the 19. SOOOO STRANGE! And you have to declare a party for your voice to count in either party. Now come the General election in Nov you can vote whomever you want! I think it is time to get involved in Local state government! We gotta change some things.

One last wonderful thing that happened...(NOT) My retirement check is short over 500 dollars. I live right on the edge anyway, so this really slapped me upside the head. I did turn 62 last month, but I did not think I had to register for SS until I was 65. My annuity goes down and SS kicks in then. But I dont know why I was shorted, and neither does John Hancock! Oh PLEASE let it be a mistake! THey are researching it. CRAP if it isnt one thing it is another. THat 600 dollars we are spossed to get to STIMULATE the economy?? Bullshit.. It goes toward DR Bills. No stimulation here. PAH!!!