Monday, February 18, 2008


I got my electric bill on Saturday and almost shit a BRICK! 398.00!! I knew I was behind but not THAT much! It had my last payment on it too, but It shows that I have used way more than this period last year! It has been cold, but I cannot imagine using that much! It is normally 80-90 during the summer and 125-140 during the winter. I turned off everything I could find, and I have even gone to the energy saver, squiggly light bulbs! I turn off my computer every time I am not here, and do not sit in the Living room that often. YIKES!! Talk about a one-two punch!

Today was absolutely GORGEOUS out side, but I had things I had to do INSIDE, so could not get out and enjoy the sunshine! I plan on hitting the deck tomorrow! I stepped out with Sadie this morning about 4AM and just marveled at the sky! It was crystal clear and you could reach out and touch every star up there! THe Coyotes were even feeling their oats and were howling and yipping all night. Sadie sure does not like to hear them them that close to her fence!

The days are starting to grow visibly longer THANK GOD! It is getting light at 700AM and getting dark around 6PM I LOVE the Long days up at this latitude!

I am in the middle of rehearsals for SOCIAL SECURITY, so you will not be seeing me on here very much until it is off stage. Just warning you! I get a chance to peek at you all every once in awhile, so keep watching!

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