Sunday, July 31, 2005

133d Army Band from Tacoma, WA

133rd Army Band

Today's concert was the 133rd Army Band made up of members of the Reserve Unit of the Army National Guard. These members were all sharp, and excellent musicians. The Leader of the Band, 1SG Rebecca M. Sharrett was herself a member of a family of seven all playing since they were old enough to hold their instruments. Her father was Robert Storm, and he wrote two of the pieces that the band played today.


The jazz portion of the show was made up of this group of players, and man could they play! The Gentleman on the platform singing, was singing Ray Charles' rendition of America The Beautiful and just as he was singing AMERICA, AMERICA, GOD SHED HIS GRACE ON THEE, a bald Eagle flew over and circled the park, and it was like it was right on cue. BEAUTIFUL!!

boot strings

This section of the program was made up of instruments that Lewis and Clark had available to them. Violins (fiddles) and fife and drum. And they played a series of songs from that era. After they played their selections, the whole band again got together and played some rousing marches, and got everyone clapping and their feet a tapping.

echoing trumpets

This was two selections before the end of the concert, and the Boot Strings got back up and played Amazing Grace like you have never heard it played before, and then as they were finishing, the two members with trumpets went off to the sides and played taps and echoed each other, as Amazing Grace was ending. GOOSE BUMPS PEOPLE!!!!

I did not get the weekly picture of Bob heading to the pot, because I was caught up in the music and was clapping when he came back!

It was a great performance today and HOTTER THAN HADES out but it was once again a gorgeous day, and a perfect day for concerti on the cove Sundays in the Park!


I hate to try and make up a title when I am not sure what I am going to blog about.

I could not sleep last night, kept waking up with back cramps and leg cramps, and then a freaking HOTFLASH! Come on there Dude!! I am damn near 60 years old fer Chrissake!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Go give those Power surges to someone else.

Actually it hasn't been that bad really. It has been almost a month sine the Dr took away my hormones, and I have only really melted down twice, and only 3 or 4 hot flashes. I may just have this one licked!! Now if only I could dump this freaking weight!!! I have gained a good 50 lbs since I retired, and Lord knows I did not need to do that at all!! But it is extremely hard to exersise when you have a back that gives out and puts you on the ground, and 2 bad knees that wont work.

My Dr. brought up the subject about Weight loss surgery, but I have such a rotten luck with major surgery I am not sure I want to go that route. I asked about lapband and he said no, that they have a bad record of coming undone. Trust me, if something can go awry with a surgery it will happen to me.

Every one I have had, has had to be redone for various reasons. The last one was 1984 when they final took the other tube and ovary out, and then the rest of my cervix. Somehow they knicked a bowel and two days after being released I was back in having it all done over again. This time they left me wide open, no stitches, to heal from the inside out.

My son who was 13 at the time, bless his heart, was my nurse. He would change my dressing, and irrigate it with saline solution, then re-dress me. I do not know what I would have done if He had not been there. He was wonderful through all of that. No complaints at all. He was such a good kid!

anyway, I am not sure I want to go through all of that again. I keep hoping that I will wake up some day skinny again and it will have all been a bad dream!

I had planned to go up to Mt Baker today, with my cameras and just shoot pictures all day. But after no sleep last night, I called Bob and told him I was not going to go, so he could work on his Motorcycle if he needed to. I really wish I could have gone. Maybe I will next weekend. IT is so pretty up there in the summer. The heather is all in bloom and all of the wildflowers are out. The glaciers on the sides of the Mountain are so close that you can walk up to them. I wont though, too high! I will sit on the bench and watch the other people hike up!

Have any of you seen Mars this month? It is so bright about 400AM and right over my head if I am lying on my back. I can lay there and see Mars, how way cool is that? I would love to be able to see the new planet that they just discovered. No official name yet though.

SHIT!!! I just saw the time at the bottom of the page here, it is 200!! I need to get my self to bed!! I have a SUNDAY IN THE PARK concert to go to tomorrow. The 133rd Army Band will be playing. gotta go support our troops!! I will come back with pictures again.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


misty sunset

We have been having a heatwave. Nothing like the rest of the country or world, but hot for us. It is been in the high 80's 90's. Today you could feel the change. As I listened to the weather report on the evening news, I saw that we have some Marine Air coming in from the west. He said that the temps were gonna drop, and the wind was going to bring in the clouds.

I went in to rehearsal and afterwards, drove along the west side of the island to see the sunset. As I got closer to the beach, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped drastically. I turned on Ebby Road, and went on down the sharp turn to the landing and the beach. The wind was pushing the water in from the sound and crashing the waves right up on the beach. The tide was coming in, so the water was really close to the road.

I stopped, got out of the car and stood there with the wind whipping into my face, slapping me with the mist off the water. I turned on my camera and snapped away. The picture above is the best one. In it you can see the spindrift blowing across the face of the bluff and on up to the prairie.

I followed the water past the Ferry landing and on down the strand to the cove where I live. The water on this side of Ft Casey and Admiralty Head, was very calm, and the ferry landing was smooth as glass. On down the road 1 mile the wind was again coming in from the Strait and making waves on the shore. I clicked away as long as I could, until the light was too dim to get good exposures.

I headed on around past the pond and the Pool where I thought I dropped my transmission last year, and headed on up the hill. Just as I got to my block, the Lady on the corner was walking her oldest wolf. I HAD to stop and tell her how much I love hearing them howl at night. The oldest one is 12 1/2 years, and I have been here for 13, So I have heard him since he came here. He is absolutely GORGEOUS! I do not think I would ever be frightened of meeting a wolf in the wild. She has three of them, and they are well cared for, never loose, in a proper pen, locked up and safe from idiots.

Very late at night especially on a really cold winter still night, you can hear OWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO coming from 6 houses down, and you know that all is right with the world. The wolves are communicating and the fog is rolling in. Don't get much better than that.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tagged again!!!!

I told you not to bring that DAMN WOODPECKER!

1. If you were a celebrity, what kind would it be (movies, tv, literature, crime, etc)?

Probably a Movie Star. I would be one of those classic faces that you always saw but didn’t know. A comedienne.

2. Which other celebrities would you make a concerted effort to try and be around?

Tom Hanks, Katie Couric, Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Speilberg, to name a few of the best ones.

3. Which other celebrities would you avoid like the plague?

Any of the Jacksons, any of the so called really cool and IN celebrities. They are all so not worth the fame and the attention they get.

4. Which celebrities would you date?

SAM ELLIOTT!!! No doubt about it!! I have been in love with him for YEARS!!

5. What would be your "Celebrity Cause"?

The plight of Single Parents. Womens issues, helping single Mothers cope with one paycheck and 3 kids to feed. Getting higher education to women who desire it.

6. Since celebs always get off, what crime(s) would you commit?

I wouldn’t. And I would not hang around with Celebs that did. Wrong is wrong!

7. What would be the name of your tell-all book?

Not sure I would write one.

8. Tag 3 people to do this poll.




9. Link to the post that tagged you:

Purple Moose

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Another Sunny Sunday in the Park...


this week the performance was by this group of 4. 2 acoustical guitars, 1 bass guitar and a set of drums. Grupo Incindio was their name, and if you ever get a chance to go see them, DO! They are all Americans, From all over the US. And they have made and are selling 4 CD's. They play Latin upbeat music, that they compose. They also play Fusion music, which is a mix between rock and Latino and just a real toe tapper.

You could not sit still during the whole 90 minutes of playing. No singing, just Music, and wonderful. I told Bob that we needed to bring a picnic lunch and sit in the shade and listen and all I got was a grunt.


Here again is another Picture of Mr. Friendly coming back from the john. I have a whole album of him either going to or coming from the bathroom. He HATES to have his picture taken, and If he does hold still for it, he poses so arrogantly that it isn't any good. He actually bought a new shirt for this years' concert series too.

Bob is a creature of habit, and has 7 pairs of Levi's, 7 pairs of navy blue boxers and tees, 7 navy blue outside tees, 3 navy sweat shirts and 3 gray sweat shirts and 3 gray tees. OH and now 2 aloha shirts!! That is the extent of his wardrobe. I have GOT to write about him one day, but you'all would never believe me so I have been putting it off. I have started to so many times, but I just can not do him justice. Maybe I oughta let Phyllis do it...NAH! NEVER MIND!!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

the Prairie again...

Last night, I headed back up to the Cemetery to see if I could catch the sunset on the mountains and the prairie ..."and the ocean white with foam."

THe picture below is of the left side of the prairie and the tip of Mt Baker just touched with the sunset. It was starting to get a bit hazy, but you can see the beauty.

mt baker

THen I looked to the right, and the sun was still shining on the prairie and the hay freshly cut in the field. You can see the haze starting on the water.

prairie sunset

Tonight on the way in to Coupeville from My home, Bob drove the back way along the water, and up Ft Casey Road. THere was a red car stopped in the road, and I told Bob to slow way down, they must see a critter. As we got closer we could see the hay bales stacked in the fields, and a black dot on the top.

"OH!" "It's an Eagle!" and sure enough as we crept closer, there was an adult bald eagle just sitting on the hay bales. There are at least three breeding pairs around this area, judging by the number of juveniles, and when the hay is cut and baled, they eagles sit in the field and wait for the baby rabbits, mice, snakes etc, to surface.

Just last month, I saw 6 babies and 3 adults all sitting in a freshly mown field. The babies are so very dark, and their eyes are piercing. They are also bigger than their parents just for a little while.


THis one was sitting and not moving, and his right wing was away from his body. He was either sunning himself with his wings spread, or he flew into the telephone wire and hurt himself, and is just sitting there waiting. I choose to believe he was sunning himself. He really did not act hurt. The have really made a good comeback from the brink of extinction. At least around here, and the North West Coast. Here is hoping that it soon becomes the Norm to see them every where. They are such a cool bird.

The haze is coming in again tonite, and there are showers forecast for tomorrow, so our summer may just be over. we shall see.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Prairie Moon

Last night after rehearsal, I was driving down Highway 20 heading towards home, when my eye caught the moon. It was HUGE! Big and bright, and almost full. It was 936, so it was not dark yet, to my left the moon was rising over the water, to my Right, the sun was setting over the water. I tried to follow the moon, and get a good picture of it making a path on the water, but I could not find a good spot to pull off and get out. I drove on in to Coupeville, and headed up to the Cemetery, where I knew I would get a good view of the moon, but no water. Just a very big bright moon over the Prairie. The photo has not been enhanced, that was the actual light! Our Prairie has been placed on the National registry so that it will stay a prairie in perpetuity. I would hate to see this full of condos!!

My feeling of Doom left when I saw the magic that the moon brought to the evening. It should be really big tonite!! I will try to get a picture of the moon path on the water, with the town of Coupeville in the background if I can. It is real Magic when that happens.

Night before last, as I came down the street, I saw what looked like a beige cat sitting on the dark street. I slowed down, and as I got closer, I saw it was an OWL just sitting there! It was a barred owl, and I got very close to him, with the car, before He even blinked. I was afraid he was hurt, so I opened the car door to go see, and he lifted his wings and flew shudderingly over to the top of a pick up parked in a driveway. I have to assume that it was a Fledgling, as it was not as aware of it's surroundings as an older owl would be. It was quite a priviledge being able to see this very shy owl up so close.

Yep, our nights are magical here.


barred owl

On My way home tonite, I was looking for the moon, but it has not risen yet. BUT right on the corner just three houses down from where he sat last night, baby owl flew up to the telephone wire. Since it was fairly light out, I rolled down my window and called to him. He was a barred owl so they call a very low "WHO COOKS FOR YOU, WHO COOKS FOR YOU AH!" He responded my siddling down the wire so he could see me better, then I heard a loud HISSY SQUEAK. and then another one flew from the tall Cedar tree to the wire next to him. I called to them both and they both responded. HISSY squeak. So now I know they are fledgelings, and that their nest is somewhere close. I shoulda been born a naturalist.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dread and DOOM...

When I was growing up, I lived very close to areas that had been under attack or hit during WWII. I also lived all my life on the COast, so I was fully aware of the threat of attack by "the Russians" or whom ever. We had tuck and cover drills in school where we would drop under our desks, curl up and put our arms over our heads and cover your eyes. We would stay that way until the Teacher or the Bell said All Clear. We had air raid sirens on most corners, and we knew that when they sounded, that we were to find cover and duck. There was one siren for Take Cover, and another for all clear. THe radio stations would have CIvil Defense Drills, and On every block, there was a designated Bomb shelter labeled with the Funky Yellow Triangle circle thingie. We worried about it, but we never lived in fear. We knew that it was a fact of life, and that we needed to be prepared for such an attack.

THen We grew up and the threat of Nuclear War was very real. We knew that if and when it happened that the whole world would be destroyed. We also knew that no country in their right mind would shoot first, as it would be assured nuclear destruction for them too. I worked on bases that were geared to that end. We just lived with it.

When I was a Senior in High School, I read a book called ON THE BEACH, about just such a scenario, and it was awesome. Soon a Movie came out, starring Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire and Anthony Perkins. I just finished watching it for the 2nd time in my life. The first time was at a drive in with friends, and I am sure I never took it as seriously as I should have. Today I watched it, and cried again, for the total destruction that we brought on ourselves. I missed the very beginning, so I don't know who started this war, but it was total annihilation of living beings. No dogs, no birds, no people would be left.

In one scene they showed the view of San Fransisco from the periscope of a submarine, and all of the streets were empty. NO life at all. It was Chilling to watch.

I went in to catch a nap before the Playhouse rehearsal tonite, and could not rest. I have this feeling of impending doom. I am just hoping that it was brought on by watching this movie. Phyllis had this feeling on Friday. I hate it when We get these twinges. I can think of no more horrible way to go than knowing that you are the last vestige of humanity left in the universe, and you are going to die also.

If you ever get a chance to see it, please do. It is Black and White, and not gruesome as our movies are now days, this was done to allow your own imagination to fill in the blanks. It was a very good movie, and well worth the sleepless afternoon I just spent.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunny Sunday....

Today Summer arrived!!! It is absolutely GORGEOUS here. It also is the first Sunday of THE CONCERT ON THE COVE, SUNDAYS IN THE PARK series. Today's performance was A big band sound from a band called the SeaNotes. A Band from Oak Harbor, Not the very best, but for 7.00 it was good! Played for 1.5 hours of 40-50's style music. Great Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, etc jazz. Super day to plop your beach chair on the grass, open up your umbrella and sit in the sun and watch people, and sing. There will be 6 more of these concerts through August. Can't wait!


After the concert, We walked through the park and down the path towards town and the parking lot, and just as we came out of the trees, there was this view. I couldn't pass it up, so I stopped, put down all my gear, and snapped away. This is looking right down at the Coupeville Wharf and the Port of Coupeville. Across the water is more of Whidbey Island, and Oak Harbor, and the Navy Seaplane Base. On the Horizon, you can just make out Mt Baker, our wonderful kind benevolent sleeping volcano. May she sleep for a looooong time yet.


This is the view at the entrance to the wharf, and down Front Street and the rest of the town. Big isn't it? It is being turned into a tourist destination, but we are keeping the old feel of the town, and really it is pretty much the way it was when We were growing up. The paint is newer, and the car models have changed. The big red bldg WAS an Evinrude outboard motor, and boat repair station, but now it is a number of little shops inside and a gourmet restaurant and brewery.

Most of the people that grew up here cant afford to live here anymore, and their old family businesses and homes have been sold and purchased by nouveau retirees from the big cities with lots of money to fix up these buildings. I cant say it is a totally bad thing, because it does bring tourist dollars into the county, but it is sad to see people dislocated because they cant pay the high taxes any more.

such is the way of life in utopia I guess. Days like today don't help much either, because if it was the first time you had seen it, you would fall in love with this area too, The sky is blue, the water is cool and blue, and the breezes are just enough to cool you off from the hot sun. The days are LOOONG this time of year, and there isn't much NOT to like. HOWEVER, had you been here in June or the first part of July, the skies were a dark gray, it was windy and cold, SUN? What sun? And it rained, and rained, and rained.

today is the jewel of a day that sustains us through the rest of the dark cloudy year. I wouldn't live anywhere else...Well maybe Alaska...

Friday, July 15, 2005


When I Moved away from Whidbey in 1969, they were just starting to finish pushing through the mountains that would soon be designated NORTH CASCADES National Park. There was no way to get from West to East between Steven’s Pass, near Seattle and Rogers Pass, in Canada. This Highway was a long time in planning, and building, and everyone was waiting for it to finally open.

In 1977, I came home on vacation and Dad and Mom and I drove the North Cascades Highway, from Burlington through to Winthrop. Over the Pacific Crest, between Washington Pass and Rainy Pass, there was this sign along the side of the road. I just had to stop and get a picture of it and the footprints that were painted along the road.



I had not heard of Sasquatch until the middle sixties, but it was a very big Campfire tale around here. It was never seen, just hinted at, and there were occasional sightings in the North Cascades, and down around Mt. Shasta in California, and Around Mt Adams and Mt St Helen’s even once or twice on the Olympic Penninsula. Nothing substantiated.

Soon the tale grew, and people were faking the sightings, and then it got to the point that everything was suspect. People who may have sighted it, were not telling for fear of being ridiculed.

When I was The General Manager at the Navy Exchange in Fallon, Nevada, I had a young woman of American Indian heritage working for me, and she was from Bellingham, just North of us here. Just South of the Canadian Border. She tells the story of when she was about 12, and her and another young girl were in the woods playing, and when they were picking blackberries they poked through the bushes, and came face to face with a Bigfoot. They were terrified, and ran home. They got the elders of their reservation, and brought them back to where they had sighted the animal, but nothing was there. They were poo-pooed and they swore they would not talk about it again.

I had heard many tales, but just put them away for a campfire. A few years ago on the discover channel I was watching a documentary on BIGFOOT. And there on TV was Wendy’s story!!! I was amazed!! She believed it was a real sighting, and obviously someone else did too.

Yesterday on the news, was this story about several people seeing the animal. Footprints and a hunk of hair were found. So Now DNA evidence can tell if it was a bear, a man a monkey or a real honest to God Sasquatch. I believe. I really

© 2005

Roger Smarch of Teslin, Canada, shows off track where mysterious creature was spotted (courtesy: CBC) The legendary creature "Bigfoot" has been spotted again, this time in Canada, where nine people in the Yukon community of Teslin claim to have seen the legendary creature. According to the CBC, the witnesses, some of whom are children, saw the hairy, human-like creature pass in front of a house window, and then later behind an abandoned car near some houses last weekend. Those who claim to have seen Bigfoot, which is also known as a sasquatch, said they heard trees snapping and creaking despite the lack of wind at the time. They say the figure was running too quickly for them to keep up with it. "He ran through the backyard, and that's when I seen him," said one man who was on his porch at the time. "You could see a big, black thing go by, and you couldn't see no head or nothing. So, I figured it was somebody messing around." "We weren't gonna tell anybody at first 'cause we thought everybody was gonna look at us and say we're all snakin' out or we're crazy," said another eyewitness. "It wasn't too much fun explaining it at first, but once everybody starts believing us, it's not so bad. They wanted to see the track, they wanted to see the pictures, they wanted to see the hair and stuff like that. ... I wouldn't want to run into him in a dark, back alley or anything like that. Geez, it stands over ten feet tall, [it would] proabably tear my head off or something." The men said some evidence was left, including a footprint about twice the size of a human print, and a patch of hair which has already been sent to a conservation officer in Whitehorse for possible DNA review.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm here!

I have been so busy and so sore, that I have not had a chance to sit down and write. ill dont, but felt that if I did not update and post SOMETHING soon, you all would leave and not come back.

I held auditions for My new show BLITHE SPIRIT on Monday and Tuesday night. A total of 7 people showed up. It is getting harder and harder to compete with every other thing that is taking people's time. There were 7 roles to fill, so I cast everyone that auditioned in a role. It isn't what I wanted, but I can work with it. What I can NOT work with though is losing my leading man 3 hours after I cast him!!! He was thrilled to get the role, but realized that he could not do the lead, as he had some issues with his father that he had to deal with over the next month or so.

So once again, I am looking for one good man! At least this time Im not looking for Jesus! Just Charles. I'll get there...(rolling eyes)

Last weekend I really did a number on my back. I have three compressed disks in my lower spine, and when they start acting up, it is sheer hell!! I have had to walk with my walking stick. ANd because of the way I'm walking I guess, my Knees are acting up too. THose pesky darned knees. I think I am gonna try and see if my insurance will cover surgery since they switched over. I have been flat on my back in bed most of the day, then get up, check my email and work on play.

This weekend I will finish blocking and then rehearse our little hearts out. We wont open until September 16, but it is amazing how fast the time goes, when you are trying to get a set built and lines learned in time.

Rusty and I are going to be so pooped!! we will have done three shows in a row by the time we close HER show in November. Then we are both taking a break. WHew.

OH!!! I have a JOB!!!!! I can sit right where I am right now, and answer the phone!
I will be a customer service rep for a friend of mine who runs an internet business. I will get paid a prety good salary for a little work. THey are furnishing the land line 800 # into my house, a cell phone for away from home calls, a lap top and color 3/1 printer, a fax machine, and a company credit card for expenses!! WHOO WHO> It will surely help me get through the month! My retirement check pays all the bills, but there is NOTHING left for incidentals. This will allow me money to play too!! YES. This Man was my Boss at the Navy Exchange in Bangor, Washington. We have a great relationship and I love his wife! It is really her company, but he runs it. I think. ANyway I am excited.

So that has been my week, and I think my brain is scrambled....

Monday, July 11, 2005

The Millionaire...


A contestant on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? had reached the final plateau. If she answered the next question correctly, she would win the million dollars. If she answered incorrectly, she would pocket only the $32,000 milestone money.

And as she suspected it would be, the million-dollar question was no pushover. It was, "Which of the following species of birds does not build its own nest, but instead lays its eggs in the nests of other birds? Is it A) the condor; B) the buzzard; C) the cuckoo; or D) the vulture?"

The woman was on the spot. She did not know the answer. And she was doubly on the spot because she had used up her 50/50 Lifeline and her Audience Poll Lifeline. All that remained was her Phone-a-Friend Lifeline, and the woman had hoped against hope that she would not have to use it. Mainly because the only friend that she knew would be home happened to be a blonde.

But the contestant had no alternative. She called her friend and gave her the question and the four choices. The blonde responded unhesitatingly: "That's easy. The answer is 'C' -- the cuckoo."

The contestant had to make a decision and make it fast. She considered employing a reverse strategy and giving Regis any answer except the one that her friend had given her. And considering that her friend was a blonde, that would seem to be the logical thing to do.

On the other hand, the blonde had responded with such confidence, such certitude, that the contestant could not help but be persuaded.

Time was up. "I need an answer," said Regis.

Crossing her fingers, the contestant said, "C) the cuckoo."

"Is that your final answer?" asked Regis.

"Yes, that is my final answer," she said, breaking into a sweat.

After the usual foot-dragging delay Regis said, "I regret to inform you that that answer is ... absolutely correct. You are now a millionaire!"

Three days later, the contestant hosted a party for her family and friends, including the blonde who had helped her win the million dollars.

"Jenny, I just do not know how to thank you," said the contestant. "Because of your knowing the answer to that final question, I am now a millionaire. And do you want to know something? It was the assuredness with which you answered the question that convinced me to go with your choice."

"You're welcome!" the blonde said.

"By the way," the winner said, not being able to contain the question anymore. "How did you happen to know the right answer?"

"Oh, come on," said the blonde "Everybody knows that cuckoos don't build nests. They live in clocks!"

Saturday, July 09, 2005

I am NOT crazy...

My daughter just asked me if I was going crazy, because I said something really stupid. PHHHHFFFFFTTTTTTTT!!!!! I am not going crazy, I may be a little bit stressed right now, or as she just said, you're not crazy, you are just losing your mind. Insanity is inheirited. you get it from YOUR KIDS!!!! They drive you nuts!!!

Actually I am a little concerned because I forget things. like what I was going to say next, people's names, the names of things, etc. I asked my Dr at my last check up if it was something to really worry about, and he said yes, but if you can remember this conversation, then NO!. Wellll PHHHHFFFFFFFTTTTTTT to him too.

I used to have a memory like a steel trap, I never forgot anything, but lately I am. I am trying not to let it consume me, but it does bother me. I do crossword puzzles every day, I can read and remember what I read, I can remember what I just did, but I get bothered that I will forget what I was going to say next. THere is no Dementia in the family other than my 93 yr old Aunt. but she just had old age dementia, not altzheimers. I guess I should not worry about it and get on with life huh?

My SIster in Law came over today and weeded my yard!! she had energy to burn and her yard was done, and her house was clean, and she saw how bad mine was last weekend, so she came over to do it for me.

Bless her!! She got the front beds all cleared of weeds and grass. DOnna mowed the front yard until her back went out again, then we went around back. Sherry pulled weeds, and I hooked up the electric weedwhacker and I would do 10 feet and have to stop and sit down and lwet the back go back into place, Then start all over again. Took me about 2 hours to go around the back fence line, but I did get it done. She was working in the Iris bed, and aroound the roses. I rested and then started up the lawn mower out back. I mowed for a few feet and then rested, and then mowed a few feet more and then rested. We got almost the whole back yard done too, except for the mess behind the deck which we will tackle tomorrow.

so to the ANGELS that are keeping score on blessings given and received....SOME blessings were received and thanked and helped, and some blessings have to be re-directed, but the thought was there, and that should not count against them!! SO do you hear me? DO NOT BLAME ANYONE whose BLESSING, well intended, may happen to get re-directed. Count it as a blessing given and received please. It aint their fault. ;) (you do know who too....) ANd these blessed souls will always remain very close to my heart. Sherry for coming over, and you know why for the other. ;)

After I finish the yard work tomorrow I will take a picture and show you what all we did. I had a BEFORE picture but I cant find it.

This was the first day in a long time that it did not rain, and everyone was out doing yardwork. you could hear weed eaters and lawn mowers and chain saws all over the neighborhood. So obviously my yard was not the only one in dire straights.

MY Brother went over and put Phyllis new toilet in for her. So now she does not have to share the kitty box with Punkin any more. Her toilet was so LOW. She has a mobile, and for some reason the toilet is lower than normal, so finally after 15 years, she bought a tall toilet. (no DAVID!! Not THAT TALL!) Now in our old age, we can easily get off the pot and get on with life. WHEW!! That was worrying me too.

I start AUditions for Blithe Spirit on Monday night. I have to finish blocking the play by next Monday. Mon and Tues are Auditions, Read through will be Wed. and THurs we will take everyone to the annex for costuming, then off the weekend, and start full rehearsals on Monday the 18th. This should be an easy play to do, the set designer did a lovely set, and All I need to do now is find someone to finish building it.

the set

I am heading for bed early tonight , as my back is sooooo sore from all the mowing. I need to get some rest. Hope you all are safe and healthy. And Wanda, TW, Joe, and John, YOU all stay safe and dry!! stay away from DENNIS.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

up before the birds even...

Yep, it is 445 AM and I woke up sweating, and cant get back to sleep. I have been off of my hormones now for two weeks and other than a few mood swings, it has not been as bad as I was expecting. Of course I had been on them for over 20 years! All spare parts in my body have LEFT THE BUILDING! When the Dr told me at my yearly oil change that he was taking me off of them I almost cried. I remember the horrible mood swings and depression that I went through after surgery until the Dr I had then decided that OOPS we just took all hormone producing organs out of this 38 year old, I'll just bet she needs some Premarin. YA THINK?

It is not hot out so I guess my sweating was a mild power surge. not really wet, just hot! kicked those covers off, and laid there for about 30 minutes. I looked out side, and it isnt even light yet! It is amazing how fast it goes from being light at 345 AM to not being light until 530 or so. We have had clouds and rain for three days, so it may be cloudy still, and that keeps it really dark out.

Mrs. Robin is out there in her tree just singing her little heart out. she is getting closer, so she must be able to see the grass, and the worms that are hiding there. Although the grass is so tall I wonder how. I tried to get out and mow on Monday, but I could only get about 1/4 of it done before my back gave out on me. I really miss My brother keeping the yard looking nice like he did for the past two years. I just cant afford to pay him anymore. Darn!! He kept it looking really good, weedeated the yard and kept the grass mowed and raked. If it does not rain this weekend I'll get out and try for a little bit more. Maybe between DOnna and I we can knock the majority of the weeds down along the fence and deck line. I gave up on my little garden, It got away from me, and now it is full grown weeds about 4 feet high. The birds LOVE it, but I cant see my Iris' and my hydrangea bush is totally hidden.

I am getting ready for Auditions for Blithe Spirit next Monday and Tuesday. I have the Blocking almost done for Act 1 so I had better spend some time finishing this before I procrastinate my self into a stress-corner. Rusty and I are a team, SHe directs and I produce, or I direct and she produces. But we boxed ourselves into a corner this year without realizing it. she did FORUM which just closed, and I am doing Blithe which opens in Sept, and she is doing Little Shop which Auditions in August and opens in November, so we are going to be some really busy chicks, and then NOTHING for a few months. I will be producing Caine Mutiny in April '06, but I just may try and save my pennies and take a road trip North for a week or so between shows.

I may sit next year out unless there is a show I really want to get involved with. I have been at this for 5 years straight, and Ive done about 3 out of 5 shows a year. I like to do it, but I think I need a bit of a break from it for a while. I am starting to get tired of all the back door politicing that is going on, and I dont need that. Back biting, cut throating, malicious gossiping...GOOD LORD. I had to deal with it at work but I dont have to deal with it in my retirement. I can walk away from it all if I want to. We'll see.

Well it is now fairly light out, you can see across the street and the birds are all awake and chirping, but it is still dark. the cloud cover must be pretty thick. We get clouds that are like thick gray winter blankets that cover everything and let in very little sunlight. Makes for really depressing days. I need some sunshine.

or Coffee!!!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


What a wuss I am…I am watching an OPRAH rerun and I KNOW what happens, but I am still sitting here bawling my eyes out just as much as I did when I saw it the first time. This is Her WILDEST DREAMS show, and she has taken a woman who has three kids of her own and has taken in her 6 nieces and nephews who had lost their parents to Drugs. She has just given all nine of the children a 20 minute shopping spree at Toys are us, then since they were all sleeping in beds with other children, (been there) She gave them all brand new beds, a new living room, a brand new kitchen with all appliances, NATE BURKUS to decorate their place, and A BRAND NEW HOUSE!!! This lady is practically peeing her pants. There is a 12 year old girl who is just bawling her eyes out over all of this, and that made me start too. SNORF!! I know that at the end of all of this she will also get a vehicle, I just cant remember what kind.

OPRAH is such a wonderful woman. She came from a poor background, had some horrible things happen to her, and came through it all to work her way up through the networks to the point where she is now. What is truly wonderful about her is that she GIVES BACK! I do not know how many young people she has paid through college, but it has to be more than 1 a year!! She is truly a good soul. Yes she lives grandly, and I would too, but she gives a lot of her money to charities and to African Missions, all to improve the lives of women around the world. She is truly an inspiring woman.

Now I wish she would come and fix my yard so that it can be maintained by me and my arthritic back and knees. I don’t want much, just the back yard leveled and raised beds put in for veggies and flowers, a hedge planted around the fence line, a concrete patio off the wooden deck, and the front of the house porched all across it. That is all. Not a lot.
Ah well, I guess I have not paid enough dues to have my Wildest dreams come true.

Now the news is on, and the first wildfire of the season has started. 32 homes are threatened, in Eastern Washington, east and North East of Omak. Even with all of the rain we have had lately, we are still in drought conditions. Eastern Washington is all desert and sage brush and burns like crazy, with very low humidity. It is really bad when you can see the fire smoke over the top of the Cascade mountains. Makes you really glad that you live on this side, and are more likely to have fire protection close by.

We had an impromptu BBQ last night, as I had planned one for the fourth, but everyone said they could not come, so It was just gonna be Bob and I, but then Phyllis and Sherry came too, so we BBQ’d steaks and enjoyed the weather on the deck. After it got dark, or at least almost dark, Bob and I went down to the beach to watch other people shoot off their booty. It is quite the thing down there, watching the private displays, and then looking across the water at Port Townsend and seeing the city sponsored ones. I got home just before 11:00 and headed for bed, and then listened to the fireworks in Everett, across the Island to the East. Seems they were delayed by 1.5 hours so they started at 11:30. SO until Midnight, I laid there listening to the booms and bangs , and then went quietly to sleep when it all ended. SO here we are on the 5th of July, all cloudy and cool, waiting for even more rain, and the silence is strange after all of the noise of the weekend. With my luck, the Planes will start in this evening…

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Happy 4th of July!!

happy 4th

The actually Holiday is not until tomorrow, but the neighbors across the street have been setting ofr fireworks all weekend. Poor Sadie is going nuts, If she is outside she is barking fiercely, if she is inside she is standing on the desk looking out the window and barking her head off. THe neighbors are setting them off in the ste=reet, and so far, have been pretty responsible about it. No bottle rockets on the roof or in the back yard...YET. Last year, there was one on the deck that scorced it badly. GRRRRRRR

RIght now Ethel is as far under my bed as she can get, Loki is on his back in the sunshine,oblivious to it all, Chitters and Sadie are snuggled under the computer together. and they HATE each other. I have no idea where Lint is, probably has a front row seat out on the street drinking it all in. He is such a social cat.
Tilly and DOnna are over the Mountains to see Hubby/Daddy. SO at least she isnt barking. Bob is no where to be found, and I am all alone. I was invited over to phyllis' for a BBQ, but I was not feeling well this morning, so I did not go. TOo early for a BBQ. My throat feels like I swallowed a firecracker. (snoring I guess)

So I just stayed in the house. I should be out back trying to mow the yard, but my back is so sore, and my knee hurts again, so I am not. I may just fix a cup of tea, a sandwich and go to bed early.

Tomorrow I will BBQ for just me and Bob because nobody else can come, and then when it gets dark, we will go down to the beach and sit there for a couple of hours and watch the fireworks. It will be cold and windy. It always is, and then Summer will start.

I hope that all of you are having a safe and sane 3 day holiday. whether it be July 1 or July 4th. oh wait, you Europeans and Africans have different days dont you. well I hope you had a safe and sane July 4th anyway. Ya'll have one, even if it is just another day for you.

MAN!!! Sounds like WWIII out there.

Friday, July 01, 2005


Well I am trying to load a picture through Blogger instead of Hello. But it does not seem to be working. I tried the large picture, and nothing, then tried the medium picture and still NADA. MAy have to go back to Hello. I thought this was too good to be true.

THe roses were a vibrant orange red called Tropicana. They are just beautiful, and I cant seem to kill these. I planted them 12 years ago, and they are the one of about 35 that were still surviving as planted when I got back from Nevada. the others that survived somehow reverted back to their parent, and in some cases a really pretty rose, just not the one I planted.

tropicana rose

I planted a french kiss, and it now is red. I planted a Lady Diana out front, and she is now in back. I planted a black majesty out front, and it is now a deep red. The one that did come through just fine is my David AUstin rose called Genievive or something like that. IT is a deep pink, double rose with the deepest rose scent. It wafts in the door as you come in and just smells heavenly.

I love the roses, but they take up so much of my time. I think I will try to get them all in one spot and baby that spot along with fertilizer and Lady bugs.

I wish I knew where the pictures went. I'll just have to go back to Hello...