Friday, July 25, 2008



When Omnipotent Benevolent Empress of the 5th(?) Universe installed Firefox to help my aging computer NOT crash, It updated (transferred) all of my bookmarks from IE 7 to Firefox. BUT they updated all the OLD bookmarks, and I cant find the rest of them. SO I no longer have links to your blogs!!

I am not being snooty or whatever, I just cant find you all. so if those of you that LOVE me, and I know you ALL do... ;)
will please put your blog URLs in the comments or send me an email at marylouchandler46(at)gmail(dot)com I will do my darndest to get you added back into my sidebar, and updated into my bookmarks. MAN I forgot how many people have QUIT blogging until I tried to go back and find them again.

And KB...did you QUIT AGAIN? Last I heard you were going in for your surgery, and I cant find you.....

SOme of you I can find, but go ahead and update me anyway, as your email addresses are gone too.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life just gets in the way sometimes...

No, Donna, I didnt. But isn't she adorable? I really am feeling like I need a girl kitten a fuzzy cute girl kitten, but not quite yet.

I posted about OBE being sick and wanting to be left alone. Well she finally went to the Dr, on Saturday and she has some sort of bio-bug. They put her on Anti-biotics and sent her home to rest for a few days. She had been resting for 4 days and then forced herself to go into work on Friday, but only made it half a day. Her throat hurts, she is coughing and wheezing. She has not been exposed to the whooping cough that is in epidemic proportions on the island. So she stayed home again on Monday, but I have not heard from her since.

MEANWHILE back at the ranch...I wake up on Monday morning and my head was spinning!!! I bounced off the walls into the toilet, and back, falling into to bed with the world revolving. THat made me sick to me tummy which made me get the dry heaves, which woke up my colon, and it decided to be heard from in a big way. SO I bounce back into the toilet, carrying my trash bucket, because I did not know which end was going to erupt first, and wanted to be sitting down on the porcelin throne when it did. THe smell made me even SICKER, and there I sat, both ends trying to expel bio-mass, but only one end succeeding. I flushed, and bounced back to the bed, only to do it over and over again.

I decided that the best course of action was to just hunker down and go with THE FLOW, until I felt better. I slept most of the time I was not spinning off the walls, and then Monday night, I chose NOT to take my Ambien, as I was having no trouble sleeping, and did not want to be totally asleep if things started to erupt again. WRONG MOVE! i was awake all night.

Meanwhile, in the house are now 1 dog and 6 cats, all wanting to be fed and taken care of. And SO DID I!! Bob could not be found. Phyllis was training on the road, Mike and SHerry were on their way to Portland, My SOn is working 100 miles away, and DOnna is sick too, so I had to tough it out on my own.

I am fighting with the animals for the warm side of the blanket and they were winning. I finally jusmped out of bed yelling at the top of my head, and DOtties cats took off for places only they could find, and three of my cats headed under the bed, Sadie woke up and looked at me as if to say, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!! and Loki just laid there. But I had won back the major portion of my bed. I did manage to get up and shove Sadie out the door so she would not pee in the house.

Tuesday morning at 600 Mike and sherry brought ROCKY their aging boxer/pitbull/spoiled baby over, complete with his bed, food and toys, and that stirred up the household big time. All 6 cats took off for places unknown, and Sadie became a real aggresive BITCH!!! She did not want Rocky in HER house. So I threw them both outside and let them fight it out. As far as I know, no blood was drawn, but fur was flying and teeth were barred and growling was heard BIGTIME! They are all fine now except when Rocky tries to eat out of Sadie's dish...

Dottie has her cats back and ROcky goes home tomorrow. Schroeder is still hiding under or I should say IN my box springs of my bed. He gets up in there and sits right under my pillow and growls really low to let Rocky know he is not at all welcome in his Mommie's Bed room.

I toughed it out and went swimming last night, and took it real easy...Do you KNOW how hard it is to swim or water jog while your butt cheeks are clinched tight? aint easy folks....But I did not want the pool shutting down for a bio-contamination on my part...EEEEWWWWWW!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, The Omnipotent Benevolent Empress of the fifth(?)Universe is sick in bed. I called her last night because I had not heard from her in a few days...a rarity indeed...and All I heard was a SQWAK!! Squeek... HONK!!! oops says I. Did I wake you up? HONK, sqweek, cough...yes... Oh I am so sorry, are you sick? SQWAK!! Sqweek, growl.... OH You ARE arent you? Sqweek...HONK...grumble..... Ok, I will let you go back to sleep. RATTLE...
Are you drinking lots of fluids, chicken soup? Tea? WHEEZE...sqweek...grumble...yes...bye. DIAL TONE.........

When I am sick I want lots of attention. DOnt know why, just do. When my sister is sick she hibernates and doesnt say a word until we come searching. OBE is the same way. She goes to bed, pulls the covers over her head and retreats to where ever it is that quasi-genius' go when they are ill. SHe has always done that. Dont know why, she just does. She is so much like Phyllis, that when she was a baby, Phyllis refused to carry her little baby neice downtown because people invariable thought she belonged to Phyllis. They really are nothing alike today except when they are sick.

I called just a few minutes ago and got pretty much the same conversation, so I wished her well, and hung up. When she feels better, she will call and tell her mommie all about it, until then I guess I am going to have to be content with SQWEEK...HONK...SQWAK!!

Such is the life of a mother.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Playing on a nice day

This week we have beemn blessed with absolutely GORGEOUS weather. Sunny and warm, with just a bit of cool breeze blowing in during the day to keep the heat down. A PERFECT day for sitting on the beach.

As you can tell, there is not much to our beaches. LOTS of rocks and driftwood. It is illegal to take either off the beach, because then the shore would be compromised and flooding and beach erosion would be accelerated. Dont know that I truly think that taking a few pieces of driftwood off the beach to use as Lawn ornaments (OK, We work with what we can get.) is really going to hurt, but I did not take any.

This is the same spot only I turned around and looked to the WESt this time. See what I mean? LOTS of driftwood. LOTS of rocks. Phyllis was filling her buckets with rocks to put in her flower beds and was told by the Park Ranger that she could get a ticket. OOPS!! We quit taking rocks, But there is no sand, so I wonder about the reasoning behind taking rocks also. Seems like every WInter there is more and more Driftwood to clamber over to get to the actual shore. I almost fell several times as I have no sense of balance anymore. WHen I was a kid, I played on these beaches by the hours, running up and down the driftwood, trying NOT to step on the rocks, only walking on the wood. Yesterday, I tried that and damned near lost it, so old age wins again.
On the way back I went through Fort Casey State Park, and saw this little fawn alongside the road. He was munching away right on the roadside, no mother in sight, and absolutely no fear of my big green machine, nor of Sadie barking her fool head off. He knew he was safe. Amazing how they know these things. But like I said a few posts ago, COme September they will be hiding. There is a plan to ban hunting on the Island, which is a good thing, as the developements are getting closer and closer to the forests, and a stray shot could injure someone. The woods behind me are full of wildlife, and also full of poachers. You can hear them taking pot-shots after Mid-night. ASS-HOLES!!
I came home and jsut as I was about to turn off my camera, and head for a good book, I caught this of Loki just about to fall off the bed. AS soon as I took the shot, He did. Stupid cat.
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

God i live in a beautiful part of the world...

I was driving back from swimming last night, and the day was transitioning into night, and the colors were really bright. I stopped along the road and snapped this picture across a yet to be mowed field, across the trees on the bluff and across The Straight of Juan de Fuca onto the Olympic penninsula. THe fog was just starting to blow in from the Ocean and the wind had a cold bite to it. No one else was on the road, as it was almost 900 PM.

I LOVe to watch the seasons change around here. It has finally gotten warm for the past week, but the nights are still down there in the low 40's BRRRRRR Especially when the fog rolls in. I passed two yearling fawns along side the road, chomping on the sweet grass there. THey were both males with just little nubbins popping up over their eyebrows. So tame. THey just stood and watched me take their picture, and were not concerned one bit. But then it isnt September yet. Hopefully they will all go into hiding then.

I drove on down to the strand along the beach and watched the freighters steam up the sound from Seattle and Tacoma on their way to China, or South Korea, or where ever they go nowadays.

I used to get out and walk along that beach for miles, but I cant now. I can barely make it over the driftwood to get down to the water line.

Bob and I bbq'd hamburgers tonight, home made home grown grass fed beef, newly aged and butchered and in my freezer. So I guess we wont starve this winter. Now he wants to get a pig. I would like about five nice smoked hams and a raft of honey smoked bacon. yummy.

I have been in a big blue funk lately. DOnt know why, just want to crawl in a whole and cry. I feel like whatever I do, it just isnt good ENOUGH! I worked so hard all my life to get through that, and I acheived a lot, but now that I retired I feel like WHY? What was it all for? SIGH!!!!!!!!! Maybe I need a new man in my life!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Galen and Sumre's wedding

My Brother's only Child Galen is 30 almost 31 and we figured that since he had not dated much (that we knew of) that we would never get married. Last year he introduced us to Sumre. She came to Thanksgiving dinner with our whole family. (brave soul) She was quiet, thin, and a true VEGAN. In a family full of meat eaters. There was hardly anything that she could eat, as I had cooked with dairy everything! But she made it through the dinner, and just as she was about to give a big sigh of sister said...Sumre...What is that on your neck? It was the very top of a spider web tatoo. (OHMIGAWD!!) Well then Galen laughed and said something to the effect that the cat was now out of the bag...and that she had several tatoos, as does he. Then the 100 questions started, and she was on the hotseat...She said ok, hit me with your best shot, and we bombarded her with questions, like only two old fat Aunts and a cousin can. (Mom is VERY quiet).

A few months ago word came down that they were planning on being married on July 4th in their own back yard. The wedding invitation was in the form of a ticketmaster ticket...very cute, but it set the stage for the event.

I was not sure what "Casual" meant at a wedding, so I asked what she was wearing, and she said a black summer dress. OK! I wore khaki slacks and a blue henley T. I was almost overdressed.

We get to the wedding, a little before 2:oo expecting the ceremony first and the party second. WRONG!!!
Party first, and when I was just about at my limit for pain, the ceremony started.

The Officiator was a friend of theirs who looked on line and got ordained by the United Universal Church of Modesto, Ca. They sent him the license on line. Yes, I asked...It IS legal. They all had their drinks in their hand as the Dude read the ceremony. Totally un-customary. BUT FUN!!! It was well done.
Sumre, kept waiting and waiting for her sister to make it out of the house to the yard, but she was delayed by filling water ballons to throw after the ceremony.
She finally realized that she had forgotten her veil and when that was found and put on her head, the vows were exchanged. Galen said his vows from one of the songs from THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS. Verbatim. Then Sumre repeated her vows to ELVIS. Verbatim. I think it was LOVE ME TENDER. Not sure...

Then the rings were exchanged, she got her traditional ring, and Scotty got an authentic Ball and chain, complete with key which promptly broke, so he had to wear it through the rest of the day.

It was fun ceremony, just perfect for two Goth's if that is what they are called in this era. They planned and executed the whole event themselves with no caterers, no wedding planner, no Phony ostentationism, just lots of fun, lots of family and lots of friends.

OH! and lots of BEER!!!

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My Two good looking kids...Tim and Donna. Tim was Well-dressed, and the best looking one there!! TEEHEE!!!

THis is Sumre's Mom and Galen's and Mom and Dad. My brother Mike and his wife Sherry.

What a fun fourth of July!!
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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wussy Pussy....

My baby kitty Schroeder, is a little hellion when there is no one else around. But let there be an unfamiliar face in the house, and he is GONE! He hides under my bed, and up IN the box springs. Took me forever to find him the first time he did it.

Today, as I was laying on my bed watching the birds and squirrels, and waiting for the Thunder storm to hit, BOOM!!! CRAAACK!!!! BOOM!!!!! It hit...

followed by Sadie jumping on my back to get to the window and bark her fool head off at the noise...then immediately followed by a brown streak shooting under the bed. I can hear him when he crawls up in side, so I started to tell him it was alright, then Loki and Ethel and were on top of the bed too.

You see folks, we don't have Thunderstorms in Northern Puget SOund...but when we do it is an event. THe animals knew there was something happening, so they came to find Mommie, but Schroeder was another story...I think he is a close relation to Elliott. Both of them look the same, and both are real mama's boys.

For those of you that have followed my pet sagas, Schroeder is only a year old, I got him a year after my baby boy Chitters went missing. He has the same face as Chitters did and the same personality, but Schroeder is brown and Black where Chitters was Gray and White.

Loki on the other hand just thinks that every human on this earth was put there just to rub his belly and scratch his ears. He is such a lover, and has a very quiet comforting purr.

Neither of my kitties are allowed outside. So they think I am the light of their lives!!

They may be right!