Saturday, July 05, 2008

Galen and Sumre's wedding

My Brother's only Child Galen is 30 almost 31 and we figured that since he had not dated much (that we knew of) that we would never get married. Last year he introduced us to Sumre. She came to Thanksgiving dinner with our whole family. (brave soul) She was quiet, thin, and a true VEGAN. In a family full of meat eaters. There was hardly anything that she could eat, as I had cooked with dairy everything! But she made it through the dinner, and just as she was about to give a big sigh of sister said...Sumre...What is that on your neck? It was the very top of a spider web tatoo. (OHMIGAWD!!) Well then Galen laughed and said something to the effect that the cat was now out of the bag...and that she had several tatoos, as does he. Then the 100 questions started, and she was on the hotseat...She said ok, hit me with your best shot, and we bombarded her with questions, like only two old fat Aunts and a cousin can. (Mom is VERY quiet).

A few months ago word came down that they were planning on being married on July 4th in their own back yard. The wedding invitation was in the form of a ticketmaster ticket...very cute, but it set the stage for the event.

I was not sure what "Casual" meant at a wedding, so I asked what she was wearing, and she said a black summer dress. OK! I wore khaki slacks and a blue henley T. I was almost overdressed.

We get to the wedding, a little before 2:oo expecting the ceremony first and the party second. WRONG!!!
Party first, and when I was just about at my limit for pain, the ceremony started.

The Officiator was a friend of theirs who looked on line and got ordained by the United Universal Church of Modesto, Ca. They sent him the license on line. Yes, I asked...It IS legal. They all had their drinks in their hand as the Dude read the ceremony. Totally un-customary. BUT FUN!!! It was well done.
Sumre, kept waiting and waiting for her sister to make it out of the house to the yard, but she was delayed by filling water ballons to throw after the ceremony.
She finally realized that she had forgotten her veil and when that was found and put on her head, the vows were exchanged. Galen said his vows from one of the songs from THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS. Verbatim. Then Sumre repeated her vows to ELVIS. Verbatim. I think it was LOVE ME TENDER. Not sure...

Then the rings were exchanged, she got her traditional ring, and Scotty got an authentic Ball and chain, complete with key which promptly broke, so he had to wear it through the rest of the day.

It was fun ceremony, just perfect for two Goth's if that is what they are called in this era. They planned and executed the whole event themselves with no caterers, no wedding planner, no Phony ostentationism, just lots of fun, lots of family and lots of friends.

OH! and lots of BEER!!!

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My Two good looking kids...Tim and Donna. Tim was Well-dressed, and the best looking one there!! TEEHEE!!!

THis is Sumre's Mom and Galen's and Mom and Dad. My brother Mike and his wife Sherry.

What a fun fourth of July!!
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jazzi said...

That is one of the most interesting weddings I've seen pictures of! I'm sure it was a whole lot cheaper doing it this way, and it also reflected THEIR personalities!

Anonymous said...

Yep, they did do it their way! What a story for their kiddos.

Bobbie said...

What a unique wedding! It sounds like everyone had lots of fun. Congratulations to Galen and Sumre!

Donna said...

Fun pictures Mary Lou! They look Really happy!!!hughugs

Anji said...

What an amazing wedding! Everyone looks happy and that is what it is all about.

Brenda said...

A most excellent wedding!! Love the photos Miz Mary lou!

Phyllis said...

I love the picture of the two of them sitting on the deck.

Tine said...

Here in Belgium you can only get a legal marriage in a townshall. SO boring!

Cindra said...

What a great wedding and it truly expressed the personalities of the bride and groom. Congratulations to all.
Tim does looks great.. .he should wear that blue all the time.