Saturday, July 12, 2008

God i live in a beautiful part of the world...

I was driving back from swimming last night, and the day was transitioning into night, and the colors were really bright. I stopped along the road and snapped this picture across a yet to be mowed field, across the trees on the bluff and across The Straight of Juan de Fuca onto the Olympic penninsula. THe fog was just starting to blow in from the Ocean and the wind had a cold bite to it. No one else was on the road, as it was almost 900 PM.

I LOVe to watch the seasons change around here. It has finally gotten warm for the past week, but the nights are still down there in the low 40's BRRRRRR Especially when the fog rolls in. I passed two yearling fawns along side the road, chomping on the sweet grass there. THey were both males with just little nubbins popping up over their eyebrows. So tame. THey just stood and watched me take their picture, and were not concerned one bit. But then it isnt September yet. Hopefully they will all go into hiding then.

I drove on down to the strand along the beach and watched the freighters steam up the sound from Seattle and Tacoma on their way to China, or South Korea, or where ever they go nowadays.

I used to get out and walk along that beach for miles, but I cant now. I can barely make it over the driftwood to get down to the water line.

Bob and I bbq'd hamburgers tonight, home made home grown grass fed beef, newly aged and butchered and in my freezer. So I guess we wont starve this winter. Now he wants to get a pig. I would like about five nice smoked hams and a raft of honey smoked bacon. yummy.

I have been in a big blue funk lately. DOnt know why, just want to crawl in a whole and cry. I feel like whatever I do, it just isnt good ENOUGH! I worked so hard all my life to get through that, and I acheived a lot, but now that I retired I feel like WHY? What was it all for? SIGH!!!!!!!!! Maybe I need a new man in my life!


Anonymous said...

I love it when you and Phyllis post photos of your area. It's so gorgeous!

I'm sorry about your blue funk...but I have no answers. Because I have problems with depression also. I worked so hard doing what I love (pet-sitting)...that I ruined my back. Now I'm living on social security & my little TVG pension and I'm doing okay. But I miss working. I feel useless sometimes.

bill/prairie point said...

It isbeautiful there. If you decide to kill yourself will you leave me your house in your will?

Seriously, my suggestion is to volunteer somewhere that will get you out of the house and involved with people.

Or you could turn your house into a B&B.

Mary Lou said...

LOLOL Bill!! No one would want to stay here..I am NOT a housekeeper. and sure....I leave you the can finish paying off the mortgage! HA!!!!!

Tabor said...

I think funks are sometimes chemically related. Maybe you should have your thyroid checked. Also, if you don't have serious physical problems go ahead and start a small walk to the beach and extend it a little each time. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish with extended steps each day. This is YOUR retirement, gal, don't let it get taken away.

Dick said...

Retirement is good, at least as long as the retiree has enough money to cover what he/she basically needs. And walking is not only free but it is usually good for your health.

The photo is good. Be sure to take your camera along when you go walking & continue to take photos.

omnipotentbenevolentempress said...

Oh of course! You can only measure your happiness by the MEN in your life.
*rolls eyes*
Would you listen to yourself?

Try volunteering. I know there's always a need to be filled somewhere. You just have to be willing to make an effort and put yourself out there.

Mary Lou said...

You dont think I VOLUNTEER ENOUGH??? I LIVE at the Playhouse!

Brenda said...

You sure do live in a heavenly place Miz Mary lou.

I sure hope you feel better soon, those funks aren't nice places to be in. Sending a smile and a big smooch your way!

cassie-b said...

Women don't need men to be happy. That's just something our mothers taught us.

Hang in there.
And I just love your pictures.

Anonymous said...


This is the sound that comes out whenever I try to suppress a sneeze.

Just thought you'd like to know that.


Donna said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling blue...sometimes we All just want to curl up and Cry! I Do!! Then the dog gives me a cold nose up the old butt...and before I Know it....well, you get the idea...Love to you Miss Mary...hughugs

Heather said...

Donna has the right idea. Forget the man, concentrate on the dog! I do know how you feel, I get that way myself sometimes. Maybe it's our hormones going wacky on us or something.

As for the other part of this post, I beg to differ with you. You want a beautiful place to live? Join me up here in Northern Maine!!!