Sunday, April 27, 2008

And another one bites the dust...

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! We struck SOCIAL SECURITY tonight, and I will tell you that it was a huge success! We had people tell us it was about time that Oak Harbor came into the 20th Century. (I KNOW...21st!) We had walk-ins from 40 miles away, because they heard how funny it was!

Makes it all worth while. Now it is time for a long needed rest...

I will post after I catch up on housework. ANd yard work, and empty the much needed catbox! and take out the garbage.

Now for a nice hot bath....

Monday, April 21, 2008

New template?

I TRIED to switch to the NEW template on blogger which SAYS you can edit it any way you want to...WRONG!! It would not accept any of my changes. I wanted to switch because my banner is being hosted by Leslie, and last night my banner was GONE!! so was she! so I thought she took her blog down, but today it was back, so maybe not. ANYWAY. I tried several times to add a picture to my header and no luck, and I could not change the fonts or colors like they promised. SO Back to the old one....


As you all have probably heard by now, Washington state has been hit with very late spring snows! THe latest and the coldest EVER! So where is this global warming that everyone is freaking out over?

I think quite frankly, that our poles are shifting, and we will soon be above the Arctic CIrcle! They say it has happened before, and It will happen again.

We are now into the final week of SOCIAL SECURITY, and we had our cast party last night after the matinee. (Dick, there are still tickets available for Thursday Friday and Saturday nights.) It has bees SOOOOOO much fun to do this show!!! I dread Saturday night though...We strike the set down to the bare walls after Saturday's show, and all the props, flats, scenery, and costumes all go back to the annex so that the oncoming show (GUYS AND DOLLS) will have a clean slate to work with. It is very tiring though, we sometimes do not get through until 2 or 3 in the morning. THen the LOOONG dark drive home. I HATE Strike! There ought to be a better way. Ah well.

Lat FRiday during the taping of the show, the Hail hit, and the THUNDER boomed. Just as SOPHIE was saying, I am a WOMAN< I am ALIVE, KABOOM!!!!!!! and the whole building shook. SHe then said "I hope that was not an OMEN!" and walked off stage. THe audience loved it. THe parking lot had over 2 inches of white stuff on it, and the drive home was treacherous as Hell!! I put ;er in 4 wheel drive and did 20-25 MPH all the way home! AS I drove past the Blue FOx Drive-in Theater, I laughed, because shing through the blizzard was the movie, coming from the projection booth. I thought WHAT IDIOTS would be watching a movie in weather like this?

Uh...MY BROTHER! I called them on their cell phone and sherry was giggling and said, she had never watched a movie through a blizzard before. LOLOLOLOLOL you takes your fun where youse can gets it up here in the boonies!!

My tulips are all in bloom and look so pretty under all the white stuff. Yes, they are hardy to a point. Actually the snow is an insulator and unless there is a really HARD freeze or heavy hail, they are fine! THey like it! THe Skagit Valley is holding their Tulip Festival this month, but the Tulips in the Valley are sleeping in! LOLOLOL THey will POP in all their glory during the first few warm days we get, then the whole Valley will be a riot of color.

Hope your spring weather is better than ours!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You have GOT to be kidding!!

This weather statement just appeared on my email! C'mon DUdes, it is almost MAY fer Chris'sake!!!

I SOOOO want clear warm sunny weather with no wind, so I can take my morning coffee out on my back deck!

Statement as of 10:20 AM PDT on April 16, 2008

... Unusually cold weather is expected Friday through early next

A deep upper level low pressure system moving southeast from the
Gulf of Alaska will move into the area Friday and will linger
through early next week. This upper level low will give quite cool
and unstable conditions to the area Friday and Saturday. While
drier air will begin to filter into the area Sunday into
Monday... temperatures will remain unusually cool for mid to late

At this time of year... temperatures in The Lowlands typically
range from lows 35 to 45... and highs are near 60. Low temperatures on
Friday and Saturday will generally be in the 30s... while highs
stay in the 40s. These temperatures are more typical of early to
mid February. Near record low maximum and minimum temperatures are
likely on Saturday. Temperatures in the mountains will stay in the
20s and 30s.

Snow levels Friday night and Saturday morning will average around
1000 feet... and may fall to near sea level in heavier showers.
Any snow that falls in The Lowlands is unlikely to stick... except
briefly on cars and grass. The mountains and Cascade passes will
see accumulating snow Friday through Saturday... with accumulations
over the two day period possibly between 1 and 2 feet.

Strong high pressure developing over British Columbia Saturday
night into early next week will allow drier air to filter into the
area. While daytime temperatures will moderate into the lower to
mid 50s Sunday and Monday... nighttime lows will be quite cold for
this time of year with any clearing. Frost... with freezing
nighttime temperatures in protected and outlying areas will likely
cause problems for anyone with sensitive Nursery stock...
ornamentals... or vegetables that were planted early.

Monitor the forecasts from the National Weather Service closely the
next few days.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Very happy Patron!!

The following letter was sent to the Office about our play! As you know from reading this blog in the past, There was quite a contention about the subject matter of the play. Several members of OUR Board of DIrectors wanted to stop this from happening. I was already in production, so it was too late. We have had those Board members come see it, LAUGH and say it was GREAT! Now to see a letter from a patron really puts the frosting on the cake.

Dear Whidbey Island Playhouse,

For the past 30+ years, my husband and I have been faithful season ticket subscribers to the Seattle Repertory Theater, Intiman Theatre, A Contemporary Theater, the Paramount, and the Fifth Avenue Theater, and the Seattle Symphony (all in Seattle). Sometimes it was difficult to juggle the tickets when some presentations occurred on the same evening.

On opening night, we attended your production of "Social Security". We thought it was one of the funniest, timely, and best plays we have ever seen. (And we've seen a lot of Broadway shows in New York, too).

We couldn't understand why anyone would be offended by this play. Doesn't everyone have sex in their life? (Or at least hope to if they haven't?) It helped make it all the funnier. And the topic of having to care for one's aging parents is very timely, too. But unfortunately that is not funny--we are facing this with our parents (who are in their 80"s )--(we are 63 and 64 yrs. of age). It was totally realistic. I have 2 sisters and just loved the idea of being able to "dump" one's parent(s) on the non-caregiver sisters for them to deal with it for awhile.

We received letters warning about the contents of this play beforehand. We saw nothing objectionable about it and have wholeheartedly recommended it to all our friends. From the letters that were sent, I thought we were going to see 2 naked people having sex on the stage!!

We have just retired (finally!) and moved here to Oak Harbor near Deception Pass. We have enjoyed every one of your plays since we began subscribing 2 years ago. (We no longer drive clear down to Seattle for all those previous subscriptions).

If you would like a testimonial to Whidbey Playhouse and to "Social Security" in particular, we would be happy to do so. It was a great, funny and very timely production. We look forward to being long-term subscribers with you as long as possible (at least 20 years if we live that long!)

Appreciative patrons,

Erlene & Joe Little

Dick, You and Pay better get your tickets now...only one more Sunday Matinee!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My meatloaf...

OK. Now this can change from time to time. most of the time I just use hamburger.

heat the oven to 375 degrees;

2 pkgs of hamburger
1 pkg of ground Lamb
1 Pkg of ground pork

3 eggs
5 pieces of fresh potato or white bread cut into small cubes
1 big GLUG of Evaporated milk.
(ok, about 1/2 cup)
1 bigger glug of ketchup
(ALRIGHT, about 1 cup)

1/2 of a walla walla sweet onion. diced small
(or a vidalia, or a texas sweet or a maui sweet. GOtta be a white SWEET one though)
1 teasp of onion pwdr
1 teasp of Garlic pwdr
1 tablsp of Oregano
1 Tablsp of Majoram

mix very well with the paddle attachment of your Kitchen Aid mixer, or use your hands and squish really well.

Use a big oval baking dish cause it makes a BIG loaf! spray well with PAM or a non-stick spray.

pat the meat into the pan and then form it into a loaf leaving about an inch on all sides.

Now make a glaze:

2 cups of ketchup
1 cup of brown sugar
1 tbls of liquid Smoke
1 teas of worchestershire sauce
Mix well

Pour over the top of the meatloaf then bake it in the oven for about 45 minutes or until the inside is no longer red. (I cut into it.)

I serve this with mashed garlic potatoes, and ladle a little of the dripping on it.

It is really really good too. Chill the left overs and slice for sandwiches tomorrow.

If you want, just use hamburger. still really good. Just do not over cook, or it will get really dry and then yucky!

So how many of you are making meatloaf tomorrow night for dinner?

Herman...I dont know the exchanges from us to Metric measures...sorry.

Monday, April 07, 2008

1 down 3 to go!

WHEW!! They call opening week Hell Week, because you only have 1 day off, and 6 shows. Needless to say, We are all pooped!! I was in such horrible pain after sitting in the balcony for 6 shows, and going up and down three flights of stairs. I came home yesterday after the matinee, fixed and ate dinner, took a hot soaky bath, rubbed Ben Gay all over my back and butt, and went to bed. I stretched out and got comfy and slept for almost 12 hours!! GOD THAT FELT GOOD!

My daughter came up this weekend for a Fiber symposium or show or something, so I got to see her about 4 hours total. I made a yummy meatloaf and it disappeared!! So last night I came home, and made another one! this one will last all week! I LOVE meatloaf sandwiches!! I make a killer meatloaf, and I dont ever get tired of it. Made mashed potatoes and peas with it too. Nothing like great old comfort food when you are feeling pooped out and miserable!

The show has taken so much of my time and energy that I dont do anything in the house, except laundry. So tomorrow, I have nothing planned except CLEANING HOUSE!! I have Pergo flooring in all the rooms except the bedrooms, so it is really easy to clean. A squirt of ENDUST on the dustmop, and swish, the floor is clean. Now the dustmop is another matter. I take it out back and shake it off, and all the cat and dog hair that was EVERYWHERE is now out being recyled into bird nests. I do have to vaccuum the area rugs, as the animals LOVE to roll on them and cover them with fur too.

I asked Omnipotentbenevolentempress if she could use the fur to make anything out of, but she balked at that idea. I thought it was a great idea! no sense of adventure. SHe has Bison and Yak fibers that she is spinning. My animals dont smell as bad as THEY do!

I am so looking forward to swimming tonight. I have not been since last Monday, and I can sure feel it. It feels so good to get in and stretch...and be gravity free for an hour!

gotta run. I will try to pop in and visit a few of you when I have time.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Newspaper Review!!!

Social Security

By Cynthia Woolbright

Apr 02 2008

When you talk of puppy love, you don’t usually picture the geriatric set. But in the Whidbey Playhouse’s upcoming production of “Social Security,” love is not only blind — but ageless.

“There must be something in the water,” sighs Trudy over the familial chaos around her.

Director Mary Lou Chandler is at the helm of this risque comedy about finding love at any age that will run April 4 to 26. “Social Security” focuses on trendy Manhattan art gallery owners Barbara and David Kahn (Dona Dausey and Ed Bennett), whose lives are upended when Bab’s Mineola housewife sister, Trudy (Mary Anderson), deposits their eccentric mother Sophie (Cori Siggens) on the couple’s doorstep while she and her husband Martin (Kent Peckenpaugh) head to Buffalo to rescue their sexually precocious college student daughter from a ménage à trois with two men. Barbara and David introduce Sophie to suave nonagenarian artist Maurice Koenig (Jim Siggens), who offers to paint her portrait and soon begins to brighten her life in ways she never expected in her twilight years.

“Everyone, as human beings are sexual people,” said cast member Cori Siggens. “The show is definitely for a mature audience that can laugh at ourselves and our sexuality.”

The laughs start from the get go from this cast of stage veterans with solid stage chemistry that is brought to life by a director with great enthusiasm for the show.

After falling asleep reading many scripts trying to pick season shows, director Mary Lou Chandler found “Social Security.”

“I was astonished to find that not only had I stayed awake through the entire reading,” she said, “I caught myself laughing aloud many times.”

Chandler said the show is humor with a huge message.

“You are never too old to find love and sex again,” she said.

Having experienced life with a live-in parent herself, the director said she can relate to Barbara and David’s predicament.

“It’s life in the sandwich years,” she said. “The playwright was able to bring out many things people will be able to relate to because you’re never too young or old to love.”

The play has been a “pure delight” for real life lovebirds Cori and Jim Siggens.

“It’s been very funny on the set,” Cori said. “We can always make each other laugh and rehearsals crack me up.”

The actress, who met her husband in 1998 and married him shortly after, said she could relate to Sophie’s experience of finding love later in life.

“I know what it’s like to become a whole person after finding someone to love,” she said.

This production, like countless other Playhouse shows before it, has been a labor of love with family members and friends filling the volunteer ranks building sets, sewing costumes, and coordinating things in front and behind the curtain.

“If it wasn’t for all these talented volunteers we wouldn’t be able to bring everything together,” Jim Siggens said.