Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You have GOT to be kidding!!

This weather statement just appeared on my email! C'mon DUdes, it is almost MAY fer Chris'sake!!!

I SOOOO want clear warm sunny weather with no wind, so I can take my morning coffee out on my back deck!

Statement as of 10:20 AM PDT on April 16, 2008

... Unusually cold weather is expected Friday through early next

A deep upper level low pressure system moving southeast from the
Gulf of Alaska will move into the area Friday and will linger
through early next week. This upper level low will give quite cool
and unstable conditions to the area Friday and Saturday. While
drier air will begin to filter into the area Sunday into
Monday... temperatures will remain unusually cool for mid to late

At this time of year... temperatures in The Lowlands typically
range from lows 35 to 45... and highs are near 60. Low temperatures on
Friday and Saturday will generally be in the 30s... while highs
stay in the 40s. These temperatures are more typical of early to
mid February. Near record low maximum and minimum temperatures are
likely on Saturday. Temperatures in the mountains will stay in the
20s and 30s.

Snow levels Friday night and Saturday morning will average around
1000 feet... and may fall to near sea level in heavier showers.
Any snow that falls in The Lowlands is unlikely to stick... except
briefly on cars and grass. The mountains and Cascade passes will
see accumulating snow Friday through Saturday... with accumulations
over the two day period possibly between 1 and 2 feet.

Strong high pressure developing over British Columbia Saturday
night into early next week will allow drier air to filter into the
area. While daytime temperatures will moderate into the lower to
mid 50s Sunday and Monday... nighttime lows will be quite cold for
this time of year with any clearing. Frost... with freezing
nighttime temperatures in protected and outlying areas will likely
cause problems for anyone with sensitive Nursery stock...
ornamentals... or vegetables that were planted early.

Monitor the forecasts from the National Weather Service closely the
next few days.

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