Monday, April 07, 2008

1 down 3 to go!

WHEW!! They call opening week Hell Week, because you only have 1 day off, and 6 shows. Needless to say, We are all pooped!! I was in such horrible pain after sitting in the balcony for 6 shows, and going up and down three flights of stairs. I came home yesterday after the matinee, fixed and ate dinner, took a hot soaky bath, rubbed Ben Gay all over my back and butt, and went to bed. I stretched out and got comfy and slept for almost 12 hours!! GOD THAT FELT GOOD!

My daughter came up this weekend for a Fiber symposium or show or something, so I got to see her about 4 hours total. I made a yummy meatloaf and it disappeared!! So last night I came home, and made another one! this one will last all week! I LOVE meatloaf sandwiches!! I make a killer meatloaf, and I dont ever get tired of it. Made mashed potatoes and peas with it too. Nothing like great old comfort food when you are feeling pooped out and miserable!

The show has taken so much of my time and energy that I dont do anything in the house, except laundry. So tomorrow, I have nothing planned except CLEANING HOUSE!! I have Pergo flooring in all the rooms except the bedrooms, so it is really easy to clean. A squirt of ENDUST on the dustmop, and swish, the floor is clean. Now the dustmop is another matter. I take it out back and shake it off, and all the cat and dog hair that was EVERYWHERE is now out being recyled into bird nests. I do have to vaccuum the area rugs, as the animals LOVE to roll on them and cover them with fur too.

I asked Omnipotentbenevolentempress if she could use the fur to make anything out of, but she balked at that idea. I thought it was a great idea! no sense of adventure. SHe has Bison and Yak fibers that she is spinning. My animals dont smell as bad as THEY do!

I am so looking forward to swimming tonight. I have not been since last Monday, and I can sure feel it. It feels so good to get in and stretch...and be gravity free for an hour!

gotta run. I will try to pop in and visit a few of you when I have time.

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