Monday, April 21, 2008


As you all have probably heard by now, Washington state has been hit with very late spring snows! THe latest and the coldest EVER! So where is this global warming that everyone is freaking out over?

I think quite frankly, that our poles are shifting, and we will soon be above the Arctic CIrcle! They say it has happened before, and It will happen again.

We are now into the final week of SOCIAL SECURITY, and we had our cast party last night after the matinee. (Dick, there are still tickets available for Thursday Friday and Saturday nights.) It has bees SOOOOOO much fun to do this show!!! I dread Saturday night though...We strike the set down to the bare walls after Saturday's show, and all the props, flats, scenery, and costumes all go back to the annex so that the oncoming show (GUYS AND DOLLS) will have a clean slate to work with. It is very tiring though, we sometimes do not get through until 2 or 3 in the morning. THen the LOOONG dark drive home. I HATE Strike! There ought to be a better way. Ah well.

Lat FRiday during the taping of the show, the Hail hit, and the THUNDER boomed. Just as SOPHIE was saying, I am a WOMAN< I am ALIVE, KABOOM!!!!!!! and the whole building shook. SHe then said "I hope that was not an OMEN!" and walked off stage. THe audience loved it. THe parking lot had over 2 inches of white stuff on it, and the drive home was treacherous as Hell!! I put ;er in 4 wheel drive and did 20-25 MPH all the way home! AS I drove past the Blue FOx Drive-in Theater, I laughed, because shing through the blizzard was the movie, coming from the projection booth. I thought WHAT IDIOTS would be watching a movie in weather like this?

Uh...MY BROTHER! I called them on their cell phone and sherry was giggling and said, she had never watched a movie through a blizzard before. LOLOLOLOLOL you takes your fun where youse can gets it up here in the boonies!!

My tulips are all in bloom and look so pretty under all the white stuff. Yes, they are hardy to a point. Actually the snow is an insulator and unless there is a really HARD freeze or heavy hail, they are fine! THey like it! THe Skagit Valley is holding their Tulip Festival this month, but the Tulips in the Valley are sleeping in! LOLOLOL THey will POP in all their glory during the first few warm days we get, then the whole Valley will be a riot of color.

Hope your spring weather is better than ours!!

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