Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rehearsal shots

Last night I had to run in and get a few rehearsal shots of Cinderella for the local newspapers. Half of them are in costume, half are not, but you can tell it is gonna be fun!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Is anyone besides me just mad as hell that one political entity in One state can change the wording in History books at their own WHIM? There were wars fought over the fact that someone burned books and covered up the real history, and we are doing it again in TEXAS!! (sorry Donna!) I can understand religious entities wanting to write their own history for their own people, although I personally think it is WRONG, but to change real time school books just because you dont like the way they portray history should be forbidden!

If I had children in school right now, I think I would be jumping up and down on the school board's desks to ensure that our entire history was told correctly! The bad and the good! If we continue covering up the bad, and changing things, then our future generations will NEVER learn from our forefathers misdeeds, mistakes.

I am so sick of the Religious Right dictating things in MY life. Religion has NO PLACE in our governments or in our schools, but in our CHURCHES and Synagogues and other places of worship.

GAK!!!! I am becoming a nasty old lady! And no one hears me scream! Look out! you could be next!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It LOOKS like Spring...

The Baby Geese are getting bigger, the trees are all in bloom, but I'll be DAMNED if it did not have snow mixed in with the rain yesterday. It was not just me that saw it either!

The wind blew 60+ MPHs, knocked out phone, lights, and cable. Even had a TORNADO in Eastern Washington...RARE indeed.

It is so cold out right now, that I am seriously thinking about building a fire to take the chill out of the house.

I know that if it ever warms up and gets really hot, that I will complain about that too, but Man oh man what I would not give to have some nice summer or even late SPRING weather! I really think we are entering a mini ice-age. no matter what they say about global warming. BRRRRR!!

I have on my fuzzy slippers and nice warm socks. and my feet are STILL cold.

I am so glad I got my garden planted early! PHFFFFTTTTT!!! so much for tomatoes this year I guess!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well, our weather has sure been strange this year. A warmer and wetter than average winter, and a colder than average Spring! I THOUGHT it was safe to put out bedding plants, but aparently I was wrong, as my lettuce is not doing well, and my spinach is turning yellow! My pumpkins did not thrive, and we had frost last week.

HOWEVER! They are predicting warm and dry for the next few days. in the 70's! Whew! Everything is late growing, but the tulips were really early! The blossoms on the apple and pear trees are setting fruit already also! THe grass is growing like mad! So MAYBE, just MAYBE, we have ventured into SPRING!

I wonder what the summer will bring?

I attended a class on Septic tanks this weekend. We are required to have an inspection before July 1, and hardly anyone has heard of this yet! with over 40 thousand septic tanks in the county, I am sure that they will extend the deadline, as there are very few qualified inspectors. After this class, I supposedly am qualified to inspect my own system, however I am not physically able to. So I have to pay some one to come dig up the cover anyway, so might as well bite the bullet and just have them inspect it for me. That way I know it will be correct.

Egads, There comes the jets!! along with good weather come the Navy jets bouncing off the OLF. Lots of noise! SIGH!!! Sound of freedom!!!