Monday, June 27, 2011


We Put ANNIE! to bed yesterday. It was a LOOONG show, and tons of people, but it practically sold out the run, and it was a very successful ending to a great Season of shows. I just Produced this one, but I am tired. Now I am working on "Talking With..." Which is a son season, edgy play about 11 women doing 11 different monologues. Then A bit of a break until August when we start MEET ME IN ST.LOUIS! our holiday musical. Whew!

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's BLUE!

Mistie and My Son had their Ultrasound done yesterday so here is my GRANDSON: This new technology just amazes me, how they can see what the sex is, and just what he is going to look like, (In a few months) AWESOME!

They are going to name him Patrick Oscar Chandler. (?) THe only Oscar I have on my side is my Great Uncle Oscar, Maybe Mistie has an Oscar on her side? Or maybe they just like the name! So I can call him Patty-O my own little patio! They will KILL me for that!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm in PRINT!

I was just asked by the powers that be if I would be willing to allow my photo to be framed and hung in the new ferry SALISH which starts it's run in Late June! I know it is no big deal to most of the world, but everyone who takes the Ferry from the island to the Olympic Penninsula will see it when they walk the lobby! WOW!
(And I dont even think it is that good a picture!) The CofC thought it was a good indicator of the flavor of the town of Coupeville. I have much better ones, but they liked that one because it showed the two tall ships that came to visit last year.

No, no money, but I get bragging rights!