Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby SHower for Mistie and Tim!

 Mistie CHandler at the Baby shower along with "Auntie" Sherry Brett.
 Judy Kringler, Donna. Sherry Mistie
 Aunt Phyllis and Tim hanging the decorations
 Sherry, Penny Zettlemoyer, DOnna Rusty
 Sherry. donna, Rusty. Penny mistie
 Sherry penny, donna, rusty mistie

 Bob. Judy, TIm
 Penny, Rusty, Mistie
 Mistie, Rusty and Penny
 Aunt Phyylis, Aunt Sherry tim
 Donna Judy Kringler, Barb Luther

 Barb and Penny
Penny and rusty
Everyone had a great time, and my two oldest friends came!  Barbara and Penny.  We have know each other since 4th grade, (Penny)  and high school (barb).Lots of gifts, lots of food, lots of cake and punch and lots of laughs and talking.  It was lots of fun and I need to give parties like this more!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A BAD YEAR FOR TOMATOES!! Is the latest offering at The Whidbey Playhouse. It is a funny story about Myra who is a soap star, and wants to be alone to write her memoirs. Unfortunately the ladies of Beaver Haven have other ideas, which prompts Myra to invent a crazy sister that will kill you on sight. When Piney the Backwoodsman meets Sophie, Instant LOVE! finally Myra has to get rid of Sophie in order to get rid of Piney, who is really really Smitten. When Sophie disappears, the ladies of Beaver Haven assume she Murdered her sister and get the Sheriff involved. This is hysterically funny, and you will laugh your socks off. Warning here....this is not a great story, but it is funny, funny funny and you will walk out happy! This is the final weekend of the show, so get your tickets soon! Thursday friday and Saturday shows are at 7:30 and Sunday matinee at 2:30! Do NOT miss this one...Dick, you can come up the handicap ramp if Pat can not do stairs! Easy walk,

Piney is played by Kevin Wm. Meyer, Myra is played by Tamra Sipes, Cora Gump played by Allenda Jenkins, Reba Harper is played Shealyn Christie, Sheriff is played by Jeff Lindgren, Tom is played by Sean Hall, ANd the "witch" Willa Mae, is played by Mary K. Hallen

This Hoot is Directed by Linda Walbeck

It is Produced by Allenda Jenkins.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I am just amazed at how far imaging has come in the past forty years.  Tim was born 40 years ago today, and there was no way you could see the fetus in utero, except by x-ray, and then all you saw was the skeleton.

This is yesterday's ultrasound of Patrick, my grandson.  you can actually see his cute little face!  his face is right in the middle of the picture with him laying on his left side. You can see he has a cleft chin like his Daddy.  and his nose and his eyes, and forhead.  I could not tell you what the rest of this is, something inside Mistie.  But to actually SEE your baby and know what it is MONTHS before it was born is wonderous!  I am not sure I would want to know though.  I enjoyed the guessing game, and wondering  if it was twins or what.  They told Mistie that Patrick was over 5 lbs now, and he will be born on October 24, unless he decides to come early.  I waited and waited and waited for both of my children.  Donna was 6 weeks late and Tim was 7 weeks late.  I choose not to have any more for fear I would be pregnant a YEAR with it.

Mistie does not know anyone up here as she met Tim on line, and moved up here to be with him.  She left her friends in Oregon, so I am giving the Baby Shower.  Things have changed there too.  Mom's or family were NEVER sposed to give the shower, only the best friend.  and Men were forbidden to come.  Now husbands, boyfriends and male friends come and think nothing of it.  How things have changed.

I have no clue which games to play, what gifts to give, what kind of cake to serve, what kind of fingerfood you do.  we had mints and peanuts and cake and coffee and tea.  Now I guess it is almost like a luncheon, or so I have been told.  Where have I been hiding for forty years?

I can't wait to hold the little stinker!  I may have to move to Bellingham so I can go see him every day!  I know right now I will be putting a lot of miles on my car starting next month!  eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Im so excited,  He will be my first very own grandchild.  He comes into this world already an Uncle!  Victoria Misties Daughter had our first GREAT grandson a year ago.  this is sure a backwards generation.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!! LOOKIE at what I just found!!!!  I Love this!  I had often wondered how we could change our blogs, and now I KNOW!!!!  I feel so stupid! It has been right here all the time!  So now it is fall and I will leave it this way until Winter!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I drove up to Bellingham last Saturday to see Owen while he was here visiting Tim and Mistie. He will be 1 on October 2! I cant believe he is this big already! A happy, active energetic baby, ANd he stood up and WALKED for the very first time while I was there! Just stood right up from a sit, and walked across the room! Like he had been doing it forever! What a sweetie. He goes back to Portland with his Mommie this week. Wish he lived closer. AH well My Patrick will be here in 6 weeks (or less), and I can see him any time I need to! There will be lots of driving in my future! It is a 125 mile round trip, not far if you are a crow, but you have to drive forever to get around all the islands and water! Now if I could have just gotten him to say "Mimi" while I was there......