Monday, May 30, 2005

I got tagged by Cal...

Total Number of Books I Own:Tough one to answer as I have so many. I'm GOnna say At least one thousand.

The last Book I Bought: Hmmmm lemme see...It was Oh I know "Stage Lighting and Design" (Deep Huh)

Last Book I Read:The last one completed was THE BLUE DAY BOOK by Bradley Trevor Greive. GIven to me by Blogeois to cheer me up. It is GREAT!

Five Books That Mean A lot to Me: Oh egads!!!My DIctionary, The Atlas, (cant keep up with all these new countries) James A. Michener's "Centennial",and "Alaska" And 1000 others that I have read and loved.


I got this in an email, and thought it quite interesting. I know some of you youngin's out there could care less, but us old farts remember these fondly!!

Remember these?

I haven't thought about "fender skirts" in years. When I was a kid, I considered it such a funny term. Made me think of a car in a dress.

Thinking about "fender skirts" started me thinking about other words that quietly disappear from our language with hardly a notice.

Like "curb feelers" and "steering knobs." Since I'd been thinking of cars, my mind naturally went that direction first.

Remember "Continental kits?" They were rear bumper extenders and spare tire covers that were supposed to make any car as cool as a Lincoln Continental.

When did we quit calling them "emergency brakes?" At some point "parking brake" became the proper term. But I miss the hint of drama that went with "emergency brake."

I'm sad, too, that almost all the old folks are gone who would call the accelerator the "foot feed."

Did you ever wait at the street for your Daddy to come home, so you could ride the "running board" up to the house?

Here's a phrase I heard all the time in my youth but never anymore--"store-bought." Of course, just about everything is store-bought these days. But once it was bragging rights to have a store-bought dress or a store-bought bag of candy.

"Coast to coast" is a phrase that once held all sorts of excitement and now means almost nothing. Now we take the term "worldwide" for granted...

This floors me.

On a smaller scale, "wall-to-wall" was once a magical term in our homes.

In the '50s, everyone covered their hardwood floors with, wall-to-wall carpeting! Today, everyone replaces their wall-to-wall carpeting with hardwood floors. Go figure.

When is the last time you heard the quaint phrase "in a family way?" It's hard to imagine that the word "pregnant" was once considered a little too graphic, a little too clinical for use in polite company.

So we talked about stork visits and "being in a family way" or simply "expecting."

Apparently "brassiere" is a word no longer in usage. I said it the other day and my daughter cracked up. I guess it's just a "bra" now.

"Unmentionables" probably wouldn't be understood at all.

It's hard to recall that this word was once said in a whisper-"divorce."

And no one is called a "divorcee" anymore. Certainly not a "gay divorcee." Come to think of it, "confirmed bachelors" and "career girls" are long gone, too.

I always loved going to the "picture show," but I considered "movie" an affectation.

Most of these words go back to the '50s, but here's a pure-'60s word I came across the other day - "rat fink." Ooh, what a nasty put-down!

A word I miss - "percolator." That was just a fun word to say. And what was it replaced with? "Coffeemaker." How dull.......... Mr. Coffee, I blame you for this.

I miss those made-up marketing words that were meant to sound so modern and now sound so retro. Words like "DynaFlow" and "ElectraLux."

Introducing the 1963 Admiral TV, now with "SpectraVision!" .

Food for thought - Did something wipe out lumbago? Nobody complains of that anymore. Maybe that's what castor oil cured, because I never hear mothers threatening their kids with castor oil anymore.

or Carter's Little Liver Pills!

Some words aren't gone, but are definitely on the endangered list.

The one that grieves me most -"supper." Now everybody says "dinner."

Save a great word. Invite someone to supper. Discuss fender skirts.

Can you think of anymore? I remember the button under your left toe that dimmed the headlights, and just yesterday while taking DOnna in to town, I saw an old classic car, with no turn signals, THe guy actually used his arm to signal with. Now how many people out there now would actually know what that means? We were taught to signal when we were riding our bikes, And knew when we started driving, that hand signals were required!! No license if you used your turn signals.

I know I am sposed to tag someone else,but I think they have all been tagged Already.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Never Forget....

I am sitting here sniffing tears away after watching the PBS special that they had on The NATIONAL MEMORIAL DAY CONCERT. Broadcast live from Washington D.C. This program is on every single year, and always brings the sentimental out in me.

This year they honored those that fought and those that died at the Battle Of Iwo Jima in the Pacific. They had Charles Durnham read a letter written by a Navy Corpsman that was there, and how he remembered the battle, And let me tell you folks, it was so stirring. Charles Durnham read it and while he did they showed the actual battle wounded from that war, and then at the end they switched to the Veteran that wrote it, and the tears in his eyes from the grief he still feels, was very evident. Tom Brokaw said it correctly, they were the GREATEST GENERATION. They were innocent, and lived lives that were happy and fulfilling, and then they went to War and fought and died, and those that did survive, came home and Created one of the greatest economies ever. The Fears they had they put behind them, and went on living and raising families.

Wilton W. Brett 1919-1996

When I was young, I lived in Hawaii, on Ford Island in 1954, and my House looked out over the harbor, where the Battleships that were sunk were still laying on their sides rusting away, and leaking oil and fuel. I was in the 4th grade, and was old enough to know what had happened and that there were still bodies in those ships, and I was scared to go near the water. I took a Launch to and from the main land where I went to school and every day we floated right over the top of the USS Arizona. Bubbles still rose from the depths of the ship. It was only 13 years since that fateful Day had sunk it and her sister Battleships. I lived in a house that still had bullet holes in the outside plaster. I went to the Dr in Bldgs that were pock marked with aircraft firing into them. I remember that very well.

In 1956 we went back to Hawaii and we were living on the economy, waiting for Base Housing to come available. We lived on the side of Punchbowl, which is an extinct volcano. It is also the site of the National Cemetery Of the Pacific. In the crater of the mountain is a vast green cemetery filled with graves from the War in the Pacific. Row upon row of white crosses, and Stars of David fill the crater from Rim to rim. It is an awesome sight to see. And also one that gives you chills and a pause to think.

My father was a member of that Generation, He was in the Navy 6 months before the war started, and he stayed in for over 23 years. My Husband was a veteran of the Viet Nam war, he joined the Navy 1n 1960 before the Vietnam War started. He stayed in for 20 years. Both are gone now, but still remembered on this day. Jim is buried on top of his Parents in Charlotte, Michigan, and my Dad is scattered on the Sol Duc River in Olympic National Park. Neither one are where I can go place a flower or a flag, but both are remembered on this day.

James E. Chandler 1940-1995

I would hope that this “war” that we are fighting now will soon end, and once again we can get on with peace time living. And another Generation of Veterans can grow old and sit on the lawn of the US Capitol and Cry at the concert that is given every year on this day. I know I will.

Blog it Forward....

Several months ago CJ from Honey side up did a post on Blog it Forward, and I was the subject of that post. I thought that was soooo nice and wanted to save it for something really special.

Well, I found it, but it isnt what you think, It isnt because someone did something really nice for me, or made me cry or helped me out in some way. It is because someone made me pee my pants.

Now before you let your evil minds get away from you let me explain. I came in here today to blog a really special blog about Memorial Day to post tomorrow, and I still will, TOMORROW, but I read my comments, and the very last one was from Troy, and since I had not read his blog in a few days, I clicked on his name.

Troy is another Canadian who lives just up the road about 8 hours. Just in the heart of the Rocky Mountain Foothills on THIS side. He is a stay at home Dad who is raising two little girls while the wife works. Todays post about SuperDog just made me laugh so damn hard, I literally Peed my pants.

Troy's writing is worth a BLOG IT FORWARD even though I did wet myself. He is funny, He is very caring about his kids, and he can WRITE! He is worth the side trip. So everybody go here and read
Troy You will not be sorry

Friday, May 27, 2005

Count down....

warm ups

Last night was full dress rehearsal, with make up just for ME!!! :) actually it was because we were refilming the commercial, and I was taking headshots of the cast for the lobby wall.

THe lighting is waaaaay too pink!!! Both the director and I think so, but the lighting Guru of the playhouse says it isnt. But MAN!!! ALl of the phots have to be photoshopped to get the red out. It is just awful!! from an audience standpoint, once your eyes get used to it, it is fine, but GADS! I would have balanced it with a few more yellow or light blue gels, but what the hell do I know.

Still a few rough spots to overcome, but for the most part we are ready. The next few days will polish it up. Tonight is Press Night, and the families of the cast will be able to watch free. THen Tuesday is members night we go live.


I went to the Dr again yesterday. I called to see if he would just write a prescription and call it in to Rite aid, but NOOOOOOOO I needed to be seen!! So a 25 mile drive and a 20 minute wait later I was in to see him, which took all of 3 minutes for me to tell him what I needed and why. and I was out the door. 25.00
poorer, pissed because I had to come into town earlier that I had wanted, but I now have my anti-biotics. And hopefully I will get better.


My Chitters did not come home last night!! :( He runs out the door right behind me. He knows he is not allowed outside, because he could be dinner for one of the critters in the dark. I am hoping he is in someones garage, and will come home once he wakes up. cross your fingers.

Have fun and DRIVE SAFE!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Blogger has been a real bugger today...took me 25 minutes to get into this screen to post. I hate that. Actually I don't know if it is blogger or my CRAP DIAL-UP!!!! :(

Last night was the filming of our commercial for cable access channel. This goes right here in town, and only those living in city limits get to see it. SO I never get to see the results of our efforts. After the filming, we went ahead with a full run dress rehearsal. Only one of our cast members was missing, So we are getting better at this. It will be nice to have a full cast. And if it does happen it will be a first!! The teenagers know everybody's parts by heart gladly step in when they are off stage on their part. These young kids are wonderful. The young lady Who plays Philia is 14, and wise beyond her years, yet not. She plays an airhead virgin, and I think It may have been a bit of typecasting there...She sings beautifully too.

Today we MIGHT get Spring weather. It is sposed to be in the low 70's!! Whoot! I can actually see blue sky up there, and I think that is the sun peeking through the alder trees! I really hope so, because the yard needs to be cut and baled. It's gonna take a few cuttings right on top of each other to whip it in to shape. And I still have to find my garden in amongst all of the weeds!! Big time weeds.

Well it appears this rash may be worse than we thought! Donna has it now, mine was dissipating and has returned with a vengeance, Bob has it now, and the puppy had a bit of it. Sadie is MUCH better, but she still scratches, and is still coughing at night. I send her to bed dosed with Robitussin cough syrup to help her sleep. I think I will call my Dr back and ask him to call me in a prescription for anti-biotics, like the rest. I bought disinfecting stuff last night, stripped our beds and am washing the sheets with it. I am giving Sadie a bath this afternoon, followed by a thorough scrubbing of my bathroom and then me. We gotta get this under control and kill it, before it takes over the entire house.

Catch ya later...gotta go scratch!!! (groan!!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

Lycus the pimp

I have been very busy the past few days working on getting the show ready to open next week. As of last night, I think I can say we finally have a SHOW!! Rusty is directing this Roman COmedy, and it is a hoot. The Story line is about a slave Pseudolus that wants to buy his freedom from his Young Master Hero, who is in love with a Virgin from The House Of Lycus, a House of ill repute. Unfortunately, Philia, the Virgin is sold to Miles Gloriosus, a Capt in the Roman Legion. THe Fun starts when Pseudolus and Hysterium his slave-master, get involved. FUNNY!!! I have laughed every night, and I could he parts by heart. This cast is so funny.

THe picture up there, is Bobby, Rusty's Husband who got rooked into the part, because not enough men showed up for auditions. I crack up at his outfit!! He is soooo funny!!

THe show stopper is when the four men, Senex, Pseudolus, Lycus and Hysterium, all sing the song "A Maid". God what a funny bit!! They even crack themselves up!! If any of you are anywhere near here between June3-25, stop on by and see this. I guarantee you will laugh.

So if you dont see me around your places for a few days, be patient, I am busy photoshopping 200 pictures for the show. The lights throw a really pink light on stage, which turns the pictures really red, so I have to get the red out of each and every one. (GRRR) I also have to finalize the Program, and get some press releases written for press night on Friday. I will be hit and missing reading all of your blogs, but I will be here. You can always email me if you need to know something...dreamer(at)galaxynet(dot)com/

Sunday, May 22, 2005


One of the things I have envied about my Sister is her ability to make and KEEP friends. Long time friends. Of course she only moved away from here for a short time, and was back. I was gone over 20 years! That has a tendency to get in the way of maintaining a friendship. Now I did hear from friends at Christmas time for awhile, but being in Retail, I hardly had time for MY family, much less writing Christmas Cards to friends. One by one they dropped me off their list, and I never heard from them again.

Today, I discovered the meaning of friendship all over again. I have been 'friends' with BLOGEOISfor over a year, and have always wanted to meet her, as we live in the same state, and read some of the same blogs. She however lives at the Oregon Border, and I live at the Canadian border, some 6 hours apart. Not close enough to get together for Coffee.

Blogeois is the owner of a really pretty car, and shows it at car shows around the region. She has won trophies showing her car, and today, the car show was in Anacortes, just 45 miles from my house. So I thought here is my chance to meet her. I told her I would be there early as I had playhouse stuff to do in the afternoon.

My Daughter, bless her pointed little head.., closed my bedroom door and let me sleep for a change. On the ONE day I was counting on Tilly to wake me at her usual 600 AM. So I slept in a bit longer than I wanted. Ran to Anacortes to meet a ferry with Tim on it...Missed it, so still no Son. Then ran down to the Waterfront where the car show was being held. Her car is black, and I knew the year, and the make, so I thought...hey no problem. How many black cars can there be? HEHEHEHEH LOTS!!

I finally found one that was the right year, and I recognized the last name, so I, being the smart person that I am, deduced that this was the one!! But no Blogeois!! :( I asked the lady at the next car if she knows where the owner went, and she was expecting me. So we went walking looking for a lady I had never seen, wearing a black sweatshirt and jeans with reddish hair. LOTS of those too. We went back to the car And We waited a while longer, then Linda said she would run and see if she could find her.

After about 15 minutes I looked up and Blogeois ran up to me with tears in her eyes, so very glad to see me. BIG HUGS, and laughter. She is a doll!! Both inside and out! And I felt like I had just found a long lost friend!! We yakked for about an hour, and I was late getting to the playhouse, so we hugged goodbye about fourteen times again, and I left. Left knowing that I had made a friend again! One I know a lot about through our blogs. One that was tickled Pink to meet me, and me her! It was a great feeling.

I did my thing at the playhouse, then went to pick up Barbara and take her to dinner. I have owed her a dinner for several months, but we could just never get together.


Tonight we did, and talked over old times and new times, and Kids, and her grandkids, I have only grandpuppies, and the death of her husband. I knew she needed to let down and just talk, so I let her, and she confided in me that she has had several bouts of WAILING when alone, that no one knew about. Having been there myself, I did know what she was going through, and told her it would get better, but that it would still hit at the most unexpected times, and usually over something very minor, but would trigger the emotion, and she said YES! It does! SO we talked, and she teared up a bit, but I think It was cathartic for her to be able to put down the brave front and let someone else in this world know that she is not always as brave as she appears. THAT is what a good friend is for. One who doesn't judge you for what you consider your failings, but who will listen, understand and offer words of consolation, if needed. LIFE LONG FRIENDS. We have known each other for over 42 years, and We both made a promise that we would not lose touch again. I intend to keep my promise, as friends both Old ones and New ones are a gift. A gift that should never be put in a closet and forgotten about.

I am glad I have Blogeois and Barbara in my life right now. I feel good.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Friday musings...

I am sitting here wondering what the hell I should post about today...You all know that BLOCK that hits just as you really want to write? Yep...Got it!!

So I turn on the local news and there is a story on about an 88 year old woman who won a 2,400,000 lottery ticket. When asked what she intended to do with the money...She said the first thing she wants to buy is one of those long handled toilet brushes so she could reach the toilet bowl to clean it.

LADY!!! WAKE UP!!!! You can afford a freaking MAID Now!!!! I realize that this win is a God send for her, but I would think she would say she was gonna find an apartment where there was around the clock care available if she needed it, or hire a live in worker, to clean and help her out with chores, or buy a NEW house, or something like that, This lady has to be related to Leslie, cause she wants to buy a freaking TOILET BOWL BRUSH!!!!! (only Leslie would think of that!)

Also on the news is the story of a horrible accident North of Edmonton, Alberta. An accident had stopped a bus load of people. (the bus was waiting to get around the accident) several of the people got off the bus to walk around while waiting, when a tractor trailer went out of control and plowed into the bus and the people standing there waiting for the first accident to clear. RCMP is investigating...I would certainly hope so! Why wasn't the truck slowing down when he saw the accident ahead? Surely there were flares out? I really think that something needs to be done about these aggressive truckers. In Nevada, they have the same speed limit as cars do, which is 80 MPH on the interstate, but since there are very few cops there, they push it! And they truly will run you right off the road if you get in their way!! Scares the crap out of you!!

It has continued to dump rain on us in copious amounts!! Remember last winter when I was saying where is the rain? And that we were gonna pay for the gorgeous weather we had? We are!! Problem is, that the snow pack isn't replenishing the reservoirs, and the rain is just sinking into the ground. Good for the vegetation, bad for us people. Yesterday we had scattered sunshine among thunderstorms, and when it was shining you could hear lawnmowers start up, then the rain would hit with a vengeance, and the mowers would stop. People all over the development have swaths cut through their tall grass, no one has a fully cut lawn. Mine is out of control!!

My itching is getting better but my back is horrible cause I cant reach it to smear the ointment on it. The front of me and my arms are almost finished. (WHEW) I actually got to sleep all through the night. Sadie is much better!!! The cough syrup really helps her sleep. (me too) her itch is still there, although not as bad. And she doesn't stink quite as bad as she did...And THANK YOU LORD FOR THAT!! She smelled like really stinky tennis shoes...GAK!!! She will get a bath this afternoon!!

I am going up tomorrow to meet my first ever Blogger!! Blogeois is going to be in a carshow in Anacortes, and since that is on the next island up, I want to go meet her. I will just look for her fancy car!! Maybe I can even touch it!!

then I go work on the lights for FORUM until 600, and then I meet Barbara an old friend for Dinner. She is the one I went and visited in SW Washington. Her folks still live here, so every other weekend she is up here working around her parents house. I am looking forward to seeing her again. I do not want to lose touch like we have for over 35 years!! It is So sad to miss all of those years.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

UPDATES on .... everything!

Ok, THis is for David since it is OBVIOUS he does not read comments. (Else he would KNOW!)

Phyllis is having trouble posting. Her blog does not recognize her, and she can not edit or post. She CAN however comment and HAS several times to tell everyone to hang in there. We have sent NUMEROUS emails to blogger and are getting nowhere. She is at her wits end, and may have to start another blog. SHe is sooooo pissed, and misses everybody.

Sadie is still one really sick little girl, but after 3 visits to the Vet, I am of the opinion that Mommie is a worry-wart.

She has among other things, Kennel Cough or Bordatella Virus. Probably caught from Tilly. The timing is right, and Tilly's litter mate, has it!! (GRRRR) so SHe is coughing like mad, and is really really tired, but I am giving her RObitussin (who KNEW?) and she and I both sleep through the night. She still has a horrid itching problem, ANd the vet says that it should clear up with in a few weeks. (WEEKS!!!?????) She is on Antibiotics, prednisone, and a med for Yeast infection also. THe latest Visit is where they put her back on Prednisone for the itching. They also gave her a shot for Scarcopic Mange. (EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!) THe skin problems probably came from the groomers, which means that after dealing wiht Liz for over 15 years, I find another groomer!! Can't have this happening again!! So Sadie scratches, and itches, and coughs and is generally one miserable puppy, but she will recover nicely. (or so the Dr's tell me. I however may not)

Now on to me and MY itchy skin...I have a horrid rash all over my trunk and arms! I thought it was from Sadie, and I thought it was Mites, or a yeast infection. After spending the night getting up every 3 hours to pour Calydryl Lotion all over me, and just being downright miserable myself, I went to the Dr yesterday.

They have no clue what it is, but it is not mites, and not a yeast infection, so Either Sadie is misdiagnosed or it is just a coincidence! I have been told that the scratching has just made it worse, and That I have very dry skin. (I pour lotion all over me every day...) It could also be a reaction to the Glipizide I have been on for YEARS!! Meanwhile, I am taking Zyrtec, and have a topical ointment to use every day. And I bathe in Aveeno Oatmeal treatment. This just royally SUCKS!!!
I am changing my PJ's and Sheets every day, and I never wear clothes twice without washing them in HOT water. I paint SUCH a pretty picture of life in the Animal House, HUH?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Where were you?


Mt St Helens sits in the Southwestern part of Washington State, right along I-5. It was a beautiful serene, little known getaway, known as the Mt Fuji of the West. It was a perfect cone shaped mountain, and was very well behaved and beautiful. Until March of 1980. She came awake that month, and had people transfixed with the cracks in her beautiful top. Then came a little Crater, opening up on the very top, and steam and some ash.

All was still fine, she was after all a volcano, and was doing what volcanoes do, venting the pressure off.

May 18, 1980, Jim and I were sleeping in on a quiet sunny Sunday morning. I woke up to the first sounds of someone walking on the roof. Someone with very heavy feet. Tim was up watching TV, and I thought he was up there goofing off. Pow, Pow, Pow pow pow BOOM!!!!!!! And the house shook. Jim and I were both out of bed in a shot ready to strangle the little shit. Suddenly Tim and Donna both ran into our room. MOM!!! The Mountain blew!! We had no need to ask which mountain, as all of western Washington was aware of the THE MOUNTAIN!!!

We got up to see if we could see anything, but we could not, as we were too far North. We were up towards the Canadian Border, just South East of Victoria, BC.
We headed for the TV and sat transfixed as the first images were transmitted to the station, and then to us. All of Washington and Oregon came to a screeching halt as the images of I-5 and the flooding along the Toutle River and the Cowtiltz Rivers, took houses and swept them along. Crashing into bridges, and becoming matchsticks, as they crashed into the bridges over the Interstate. North/South traffic was stopped, as I-5 became dangerous. The devastation was horrible, and as the News copters were able to send in the latest pictures, We saw that 1/3 of the mountain had literally blown away in the largest landslide ever recorded. The mountain blew its northern side right off, and along with it the top of the beautiful cone. The landslide covered pristine Spirit Lake 5 miles away, with mud and pyroclastic flows up to a depth of 100 feet. Harry Truman, the curmudgeon who owned and operated Spirit Lake Lodge, was buried along with his beloved Resort.

57 people died in the eruption, And for weeks, the stories and the pictures that came out of this devastation were Awesome. It was hard to believe that something that huge could have happened in the space of a few days. All of Eastern Washington went black as night from the ashfall, and the wheat fields were all buried under 6-8 feet of ash. The traffic in Eastern Washington came to a halt, as the ash ate up vehicle engines, and destroyed the farmer's equipment. People walked around all ashen, and covered in the falling debris. Masks were worn, and people were warned to stay indoors. We all thought that massive devastation would kill thousands of people.

It didn't, and as you all know now, the Mountain is slowly recovering, rebuilding, and renewing itself and the vegetation and biology that surrounds it. The ashfall became a serendipitous benefit for the farmers, and the crops in the following years were bumper crops. The New Spirit Lake, reformed 100 feet higher than the old one, covering Harry and his Resort for ever. He was never recovered, and there were those that said he was probably still alive in a cave with his many cats and his whiskey. He would be dead now though even if it was true, (NOT) as he was 76 years old at the time.

The mountain is still acting up, and will probably continue to do so for many years. The signs are now being monitored and a lot has been learned about volcanology, and the formation of the Cascade Range. Last night on the news, it was stated that the USGS has listed the top volcanic threats through out the world, ones who were most likely to erupt suddenly and violently...Among the top 5 were Mt St Helens, and Seattles icon, Mt. Rainier!!! WHoo-WHo!! What a mess that would be. Be careful where you move to....


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ya gotta Love those Church Bulletins...

They're Back! Church Bulletin Bloopers:

Thank God for church ladies with typewriters. These sentences actually appeared in church bulletins or were announced in church services:
Bertha Belch, a missionary from Africa, will be speaking tonight at Calvary Methodist. Come hear Bertha Belch all the way from Africa.
The Fasting &Prayer Conference includes meals.
The sermon this morning: "Jesus Walks on the Water." The sermon tonight: "Searching for Jesus."
Our youth basketball team is back in action Wednesday at 8 PM in the recreation hall. Come out and watch us kill Christ the King.
Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Don't forget your husbands.
Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our community. Smile at someone who is hard to love. Say "Hell" to someone who doesn't care much about you.
Don't let worry kill you off - let the Church help.
Miss Charlene Mason sang "I will not pass this way again," giving obvious pleasure to the congregation.
Barbara remains in the hospital and needs blood donors for more transfusions. She is also having trouble sleeping and requests tapes of Pastor Jack's sermons.
Irving Benson and Jessie Carter were married on October 24 in the church. So ends a friendship that began in their school days.
A bean supper will be held on Tuesday evening in the church hall. Music will follow.
Eight new choir robes are currently needed due to the addition of several new members and to the deterioration of some older ones.
Scouts are saving aluminum cans, bottles and other items to be recycled. Proceeds will be used to cripple children.
Please place your donation in the envelope along with the deceased person you want remembered.
The ladies of the Church have cast off clothing of every kind. They may be seen in the basement on Friday afternoon.
This evening at 7 PM there will be a hymn singing in the park across from the Church. Bring a blanket and come prepared to sin.
Ladies Bible Study will be held Thursday morning at 10 AM. All ladies are invited to lunch in the Fellowship Hall after the B. S. is done.
The pastor would appreciate it if the ladies of the congregation would lend him their electric girdles for the pancake breakfast next Sunday.
Low Self Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7 PM. Please use the back door.
The eighth-graders will be presenting Shakespeare's Hamlet in the Church basement Friday at 7 PM. The congregation is invited to attend this tragedy.
Weight Watchers will meet at 7 PM at the First Presbyterian Church. Please use large double door at the side entrance.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday blahs...

Well, I did not get elected to the Board of Directors. I was really hoping I would, as I was really qualified. I have 21 shows under my belt, I do a LOT of unpaid work for the office, I spend a LOT of time setting lights and getting the cues correct, not to mention the hours that I spend on producing and directing a show. I guess I was not qualified enough. I think I am going to start cutting back. I Love what I do, but ya know, sometimes it is nice to know that the work you do and the MONEY you spend is appreciated. Ten years is how long I have been with the Playhouse, and I thought that I finally had enough time involved to be able to serve on the board and make a qualified informed job of being part of the Running of the Playhouse.

Ya know what folks, it isn't about being qualified, and it isn't about being informed, and it isn't about how much money you spend out of your own pocket, nor how much time you invest to put on a quality show. It is all about Schmoozing...And I do not do that well. I have always been honest and open, and I feel that what I do should be enough. It shouldn't be about how much I gossip with the rest.

I guess it all comes down to IT REALLY IS. I am hurt, again, and I am ready to fold up all my books and walk away. I probably wont, because I am a very loyal dedicated schmuck who loves to keep getting hit in the face with a pie. Sucker for punishment I guess, But once again, the fire has been stomped on and water poured on it, and the ashes stirred, to ensure it stays out. What I am hoping though, is that somewhere down deep there is still an ember burning, that will spark a new fire, and I will stay. Right now, I am not so sure.

I don't show my feelings, so no one knows I cried all the way home. And no one knows I was up all night trying to talk myself out of this big blue funk. I just wonder what I needed to do that I did not do. What element was I missing, what made me not qualified? I am so tired of being hurt. I just don't know if it is all worth it anymore.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Itching and Scratching///


She is fine...I am not.

She is coughing and not eating and scratching and itching, all normal on her meds. He did take her off prednisone though. He says it helps the itch but causes other problems. Her lungs and heart were fine. SO I worried all night for nothing.

I am a mommie, It is my job to worry, and I do my job VERY WELL!!! :(

I on the otherhand, have broken out in hives and welts and itch like MAD!!!! It has to be from the gnats or midges or little flying critters, cause I see no fleas, and I have nothing on my ankles, just my tummy and my arms and my back.

THIS SUCKS FOLKS!! I have to sit through a LOOOOONG meeting and workshop tomorrow at the Playhouse, and then Sunday I have a potluck and Members meeting, and ELection to the Board of DIrectors, to sit through.

Wish me luck. I NEVER get elected to anything. Maybe my luck will turn tomorrow. If I dont scare everyone off by scratching all during dinner!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sadie update...

I am so worried about Miss Sadie. She just does not seem to be getting any better. She is lethargic and rarely eats or drinks. I think she is losing weight, but The vet says that she is just right . I just dont know what I would do if I lost her. She has come to mean so very much to me. It might be just a response to the puppy in her house. I am soooo hoping so.

Donna and Tilly are going home this weekend so Tilly can meet her Daddy. (you know the road only runs ONE WAY!!) They will be back on Tuesday, so I will watch Sadie and see how she reacts to being alone with me for a few days. I sure hope it is just SPOILED DOg syndrome. ANd it well could be.

Meanwhile, There is something in this house that is causing both her and myself to itch like mad. I am all broken out in welts myself. I thought it was fleas, but I have dosed all the animals, and I have not seen any fleas at all. But something is sure biting me. And Her. I have a ton of the little teeny tiny flying bugs that Alaskans call No-see-ems. so small they can come right through the screens. Maybe they are the culprits, DO they bite? I have not noticed them on me.

I am so worn out over this, My immune system is down and so is Sadie's.

I am in the middle of staging A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM, and it is gonna be so derned funny. Rusty is directing, and I am sitting at her left elbow, learning what I can. So If you dont hear from me in a few days, Dont worry! I am just gonna be really busy. I will post as I can.

Oh Goodness, Now Sadie is COUGHING!!! ARRGGHHH!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Puppy alert....


tilly 9 weeks
One of the endearing things about Special K, is her drawerings. This was sent last year, and I scarfed it up and kept it in my file called Kat's Pictures. She is soooo very talented. Anyone that can take a few lines and create something like this is Special indeed!!

I know you drew it, but Katerina....



You are Loved young Lady!!! Now go find luscious Mr. Pete and have him take you to dinner!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Sadie is feeling a tad bit better, She is on prednisone every other day now, so she has a bit of energy now. I was really worried about her. She was so listless. and hiding. SHe wants right by me now, and I think she is really jealous of the Puppy! She'll adjust I am sure. If not she'll be in trouble, cause Tilly will end up twice her size!

Blogger is going down at 400 PDT so I thought I would get this quick one in here in case it blows up and does not come back on line.

I am designing the light cues for A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM today, and they are hanging them and programing them on Saturday. Our Guru is having a class on how to design and hang and program, so I may be doing this for nothing, because I am sure he will redo everything. He usually does. He is really good, but I am kinda leary of his class, because he is not one that gives up information easily. He THINKS he does, but he skips around so much you dont get your questioned answered. I will sit through the seminar, and see what I glean from him. Might surprise me. I Hope so.

We run act I tonight off book, so it will be a long night. They will be asking for lines all night long. They will have forgotten where their blocking should be, they will forget the dances and the songs, but it will all come together by opening night. It always does.

It finally stopped raining, and the sun is out so bright, that it gave me a headache, so I had to tell the girls we had to go inside, so I could see. There are big billowey clouds over the mountains on all sides of us, so I expect we will have more rain this evening. We still have not caught up to where our reservoirs should be though. the dry winter really killed us. It could rain everyday from now until AUgust and we MIGHT make it up.

I need to post and get off of here, so Blogger can shut down for whatever reason they need to. Hope they fix it and make it really fast!! (and FIND my sister's blog)

Monday, May 09, 2005


I now know why God made Young people parents. I have a sick dog, who is very very needy, and a new puppy, who is very very energetic! I have not been able to get anything done today, in spite of getting up at 630. Donna left at 730, and I had the dogs!! I have to keep their food dishes apart, which means that I have to keep one of them outside while the other one eats. IF they eat then. Sadie is a spoiled rotten little girl, used to being the only child. Having a new puppy in the house vying for my atention is not a good thing.

Tilly is a very good puppy. Sadie is a very sick little girl. Mary Lou is a very tired woman. I went to bed at 830 last night, while Bob and Donna were still talking.

Sadie has a skin infection/allergy. She has a staph infection and a yeast infection, and where she got it we dont know. The puppy seems to be ok, and the vet did not see a problem. I have to give her pills twice a day, and it is a chore getting her to swallow them. I thought I had it licked by putting them into a piece of hot dog, but she stuffs them into her cheek, and when I say Good girl! she spits the pills on the floor. ARGGHH. She itches so bad that she has taken the fur off her chest. Her ears are a mess from scratching. I give her a bath every other day in hydrocortisone shampoo, but she just does not seem to be getting any better. The Vet said it might take a full two months. (OH LORD!) SHe is also hiding in dark places, and can not leave my sight. She is such a mess!!

Tilly of course wants to play, Sadie is too sick to, and the cats dont seem to want to either. Tilly goes pottie outside, but she has found a spot in front of the front door, and she will use it if she is not watched. ARRGGHH!!

Right now, I got fed up with them both and put them both out back. They have a nice sunny deck, a big grassy area, lots of birds to chase, lots of dogs to bark at over the fence, and where are they? Tilly is laying by the door howling her puppy whiney howl. Sadie is doing her big girl whiney whimper and jumping up trying to see me in the office window. She knows I am here, but can not see me and all I can see is the tips of her ears as they pass her head going up when she goes down. I am just leaving then out for awhile, so I can get the laundry sorted, and washed, without my undies getting chewed on, or my socks ruined. Or my sweaters peed on. GRRRRRRRR

I finally for the first time in a week got around to all your blogs, and sorta caught up. I have paid my bills, I have eaten lunch, taken my bath, and now I am trying to just zone until time to go to rehearsal. I may just leave them both outside the rest of the afternoon! :)

Lola and Sal have both been here and fed, so they are safe from the dogs. The quail just putt putt putted out of the yard, the pidgeons have flown the coop, and the doves are taking their naps so all is well in the back yard except for the jumping cocker spaniel. boing boing boing!!! She will get tired soon. I hope!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Saturday doings...

Donna had her first day all day with puppy, and she adored it. She was trying to keep her quiet, and moved on to the sofa so she could get some sleep. while Tilly chewed on a pigs ear. I caught these pictures of them as DOnna was squealing NO NO NO as TIlly was chewing on her head.

where is

Tilly was smart, she knew her Mommie was under there somewhere. Better get used to it Tilly, that is about all you will see of her on the weekends. DOnna does believe in hibernation.

there she is

As for MY day?

Bob is looking for an old fashioned Buck saw. He can't find one anywhere, and the ones he is told about all are made of aluminum. He wants a wooden framed buck saw. He had asked around in town where he could find one, he was told by an old codger about a saw shop in Oso, up hiway 530. Right in the heart of Logging country. (duh)

It is a ways from here, so off we go on a safari. Head down I-5 to Arlington, then head east on 530 towards the mountains. THis is a very picturesque road, right along the Stillaguamish RIver, meandering along the valley floor up towards the Cascade mtns. There is no pass over this part of the range, so this road is not very well traveled, although it is populated. It was so green, and the rhododendrons were blooming in profusion all along the road sides. Every house had at least five different varieties of rhodies. It was gorgeous. We found Oso, and blinked as we went through it and saw no Saw shop. (say that 5 times fast...) We stopped at a quaint little log style general store and was told that the shop was back about 7 miles, so we headed back there to discover it was all closed up. SO we turned around again and headed on up the valley. Might as well make an excursion of it. We headed on up to Darrington, where the Loggers have raped the hillsides, and then ran out of road, so we turned North alongthe Sauk River, and headed up towards hiway 20.

The River has really done urban renewal along this road. It is a very wild river, meaning that there is not much along it, and it pretty much is allowed to do what it has to do to get to the sea. During the winters, it runs fast and floods often, taking the roadway and cabins out every other year or so. If you are a fisherman, this is the river that you want to fish in January. The river is loaded with Steelhead heading back up the Suiattle river to spawn. Talk about a great fighting fish!! Whoo. And good to eat too. They are seagoing trout, and get as big as 10 lbs.

We hit the Skagit River, just above COncrete, at Rockport, so we turned West again, and headed back towards the island. In Burlington, we stopped at a junk store that has been there for centuries, and Voila!! There hanging on the wall was the buck saw he was looking for. A bit battered and rusty, but wooden handled all the same. So for a mere 29.00 he bought it and we headed home. Now if we had stopped in Burlington on the way OUT we would have saved about 150 miles of driving, but we would have missed the JOURNEY of finding the saw. SOmetimes you just have to make an adventure out of what you have in hand. It was a wonderful day!!

Today is Mothers Day, and my Daughter got me up at 545 trying so very carefully to remain quiet with the puppy. It was too quiet, and Sadie started in, and wanted up, so needless to say, IM UP!! I filled the feeders, fed Sadie, dosed her with her meds and updated this blog. SO now as I hear Lola making her way up the fence line towrds the feeder, I will take my coffee, and go watch the morning come alive.

Ya'll have a great Mother's Day. Ya hear?

Thursday, May 05, 2005


My week has ben full of puppy! Trying to keep the two of them happy, and watching to see just what each would do to the other has worn me out. I was afraid Tilly would find a small hole in the fence and get out, but SHe is safe, She did get under the deck, which would be impossible to get her out if she had gotten stuck. But I think she will be fine. Today they played outside for a good t1/2 hours, and no fights, a few snaps by Sadie, but that was just telling her HEY Im Alpha dog. But now I'm going to get on with life. They can go outside on their own now, and I will let them. The house needs cleaning really really bad, and the yard needs to be gotten rid of weeds.

I did plant up three hanging baskets today, with petunias, so in a few weeks they will bloom and smell really sweet out there. Tomorrow I am going to go get 6 tomatoe plants, and plant them in two whiskey barrels. Then it is get after the Iris bed, it is overcome with grass and weeds. My Dahlias did not make it through the winter, so I will need to find more of them. ANd this year I want to plant the rows of sunflowers!!! So I will be out and about and may not comment on your blogs, but I will try to read them all. I know you are all having the same time issues, so I wont feel too bad.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Puppy's Life


There is nothing as much fun as a puppy's life. Everything is brand spanking new. Everything is an adventure, including watching your older sister go pottie.

Sadie and Tilly are starting to bond, although we don't want them to be too close right now, until Sadie's skin is cleared up really good.

Sadie has the biggest greeneyes you have ever seen. From her Mommie, to her buried bones!! THOSE ARE MINE!!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! THAT'S MY MOMMIE, GO AWAY!!

Tilly just takes it all in stride. Babysitting for her is fun, although yesterday was quite a challenge. I was trying to keep Sadie from nipping and growling at Tilly, and trying to keep Tilly from bugging Sadie, and chewing the cords under the Computer desk.

THey both do fine outside, although Sadie finds it kinda hard to go pottie with a little one right under her butt all the time.


Today Sadie woke me up at 630, because she heard Donna and Tilly outside, SO Sadie had to get up too. It is raining a real hard soaking rain, and out the dogs went. After they were back in, I grabbed my coffe and yogurt, and went to the bedroom to watch the critters. Tilly wanted on the bed, so I pulled her up and Sadie layed down beside me.

Lola was back at the feeder, and when I looked real close....OOPS it's Sal! two big light brown gonads hanging over the side of the feeder tray. I heard a rucus and looked out and Sal was chasing away Lola. Then the four quail, two band tailed pigeons, the doves, and numerous other critters were sharing the tray. THe rain did not keep them away at all, in fact it seems to have brought them all out of hiding. I LOVE spring in the Northwest!

Right now there are two hummers trying to get the last few drops out of the feeder by the office window, and Harry is busy pecking at the suet block. Ethel is now out of hiding, and sitting in the window watching the parade go by. Lint is sitting at the office door begging to go outside, and Chitters and Loki are on the cat condo, watching the front of the house. Gotta go feed the flocks....

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Meet Miss Tilly

Meet Tilly

Tilly is short for Matilda, The name that both Donna and I thought up independently. It was either Alice for Alice Springs, or Matilda for Waltzing Matilda or Sydney. THe only Australian names We could think of.

This all started because my Baby, Sadie, needed to go to the Dr because she has an awful itching problem. While we were there a man walked in with TWO Aussie Pups, 8 weeks old. He only wanted one, but he ended up with two because the blue one ran under his deck when the litter was brought to his house to choose a puppy. She was the shy one, and would not come back out, so he took her too, and the owners piled the rest back into their car and away they went...???? He could not keep both of them, because he was not getting any sleep. (DUH!!) When I asked how much he wanted for her, he said the price of the Vet visit. SO I paid him one box of Advantage, and a puppy shot! And Tilly was ours.

Donna has been looking for another Dog ever since Bandit was killed. She has been looking at the pound, and was not sure which kind of puppy she wanted. Finally she had just about decided she wanted one of the darling 3 Chow and ELkhound pups, that WAIF had, But they were almost 5 months old, and not house broken. She saw Miss Lily's pictures on Leigh's site and decided she might like an Australian Shepard. She wanted a loving, loyal, alert and playful puppy.

Well Guess what her mommie brought home to her? THe cutest little Blue Merle Aussie puppy...8 weeks old, and already goes out to pottie! Oh she is the sweetest thing, with the softest warmest wettest tongue.

The Vet's office called and said if Donna did not want her that they had another Lady that would take her, but I said, "Too late, she has licked my neck and snuggled!" so she stays.

Sadie is not at all happy about the new baby taking all the attention. SHe will get used to her I'm sure. Sadie is Mad at me right now because she just got three pills shoved down her throat. She has a bad staph infection on her skin, and an allergic reaction to fleas, So a dose of Advantage, and prednisone, and anti-biotics, and another pill that cools her down, and she should be fine. Poor Baby!! She would scratch and whine, and scratch and whine. ANd STINK!!!!!! Whoo-boy!! SHe just came back from the groomer, and that usually keeps her stink free for a few weeks, but she really smells like DOG right now. As soon as she clears up, I will give her a good soothing bath (soothing did I say?) and brush her pretty again.

Sadie is still My baby even though her spot as the baby in the house has been usurped. DOnna got not much sleep last night, and is bonding beautifully with her new baby! I will not get too attached, because I know she will go when Donna moves out. (sure I wont!) Meanwhile, Tilly is asleep right there ^ and Sadie is asleep right over there <<<<<<< and the cats are watching both dogs cautiously!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Lola's Back!!!


I woke up this morning and was sitting there in my bedroom window watching the Birds. THe Hummingbirds were almost stabbing each other with their beaks fighting over the big feeder by my window. They had drained the other three, and mine was almost empty too. I noticed a strange bird, and heard it's call and discovered it was a bronze headed cowbird, with his mate. I was watching them, and I noticed a brown movement in the WIsteria, and thought it was another sparrow, when all of a sudden out pops LOLA!!!

I had not seen Lola since last year, SO I was certain she had been breakfast or dinner for the sparred owl. (a cross between a spotted and a barred owl) I was very glad that she had discovered her way to the feeders. I am one of those bird people who LIKES the squirrels, and I encourage her and her family to come into the yard. "Little Loud Mouth" on the other-hand, Loves to chase them, so I have to keep her in when I see the critters out.

I am hoping this means that there will be more Squirrels this year. SO far I have just seen Lola, and no more. But the owls were hooting like crazy last night in my alders, so there must be some kind of feast out there for them. Lola is Diurnal, and the Owls are Nocturnal so hopefully she is safe.

I do love my spring critters!! I even had 2 pair of quail in the yard yesterday!! Whoot!!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

A Poop story for Ellen...


On a lazy afternoon in the spring, or for that fact a lazy morning too, a really great place to go enjoy the outdoors is Cranberry Lake, in Deception Pass State Park. They have a fishing dock that stretches about 200 feet along the lake, and people from all walks of life come down on their time off and fish. Now most of the time no one catches anything, but fishing doesn't always mean catching fish.

You load up your cooler, grab your kid and your dog and head for the dock. I always had a low fishing chair (sand chair) that I used, and I would sit there and drown baby marshmallows. Tim and Freckles,our dog would be right on either side of me. I always carried plastic sandwich bags in my tackle box, to pick up doggie do. You would put your hand in one, pick up the poop, then turn the bag inside out taking it off your hand, and VOILA! Contained, no smell poop carrier. Works really good too.

Usually Freckles would let us know she had to go , so we could take her to the grassy area up the hill, but this time she did not, and pooped right on the dock, right beside my chair. Being the non-plused person that I can be, I got the sandwich bag out and picked up the poop, and laid it right beside my tackle box so I could dispose of it later.

with the number of people on the dock that day, (LOTS of men and boys) and dogs, there was a lot of moving around, and Freckles' leash caught the baggie of poop, and swished it over the side of the dock. I saw it go in, and it sank, so I just left it. I did notice that it was bobbing back up towards the top, but the weight of the poop, overcame the air in the bag, and it floated about 2 feet under the surface of the lake. I kept on fishing and forgot about it.

About 30 minutes later, a little boy down the dock yelled DAD, look I CAUGHT one. And he started reeling in his fish. I heard his Dad say, don't touch it, leave it alone, and he threw the "fish" back into the lake. Where another little boy caught it, and yelled DAD I Caught one, only to have Dad yell back YUCK! It's Dog Sh--!! and throw it back in. All along the dock, the baggie was caught, reeled in and returned to the lake for another catch, all this time bobbing along 2 feet under the

I, to this day, think of the joy that baggie of poop gave to several little boys as they reeled in their "fish" and then released it back in the wild. I know they probably tell this story to their little boys also.

Kinda gives a new meaning to "catch and Release"......