Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Ok Now that I know where the template is, and I Re-did it, THe Guestmap is alll the WAAAAAYYYYYY down on the bottom. It said it would be on the sidebar, so I guess I dinked it up again. Bear with me folks. I'll get there yet.

or not...


HEre is a site that shows what a hawaiian muumuu looks like. Go down 7 or 8 items. This is for Kat who did not know what a muumuu was. They are so comfortable. And in Hawaii you wear them everywhere!! NO BRA!!!!


Well obviously I did something wrong here. Guess I better wait until Donna comes home so she can fix it. I being technology-challenged. THis is easy stuff. Little kids can do it. Why can't I? (Shut up Donna!)

Brain Fart!

I was reading some new blogs this morning, and while doing so, I had a really great theme for an entry. But As I took time to pour another cuppa and take my insulin and meds, get dresses and take Sadie out, My brain lost it. I have absolutely no clue what I was going to write about. It was another Pulitzer Prize winner I just know it.

I go visit Bowen Island every day, and from there I usually take a side trip or two. Today I side tracked to a link from his page North Coast Cafe This is a site that I will have to go back to again and again, as there appears to be a lot to get lost in.

Chris' site is about life on Bowen Island, Canada, which is just a hoot and holler away. This Island is just off the coast of Vancouver, but is small and...well, go visit.

Damn! I still cant remember...I know as soon as I log off, I will. I hate Senior Moments....

Monday, September 29, 2003


I went to bed late last night, and lay there trying to read a book, but the cool air coming through the window kept distracting me. It smelled so good! It was really cold...and smelled just like the sea. I gulped in great big lungs full and kept it in as long as I could. About 4:00 I had to take Sadie out to pee. It was then that I noticed there were no stars out, and it sounded like it was raining. It wasn't, it was really foggy. THe really thick, you can't see through it fog, that forms in the Fall. THe kind that comes after a really hot dry day. The cool air from the sea sweeps in as the sun sets and mixes with the hot air from the land and Voila!! FOG. This thick fog was hitting the trees, sticking to their leaves, and dripping down like rain. THe grass is damp, and Sadie pees, but then runs toward the trees, to see what all the noise is. About this time a ship turns the corner from the Straight into Admiralty Inlet and hits the fog horn. BOOOOOP! really deep and loud. (as the crow flies I am about 1/4 mile from the shipping lane and up about 100 feet.) Sadie jumps, and heads right for the hem of my muumuu. There she sits cowering, afraid of what she can't see. Peeking out from under the hem as if to say, "Is it gone Mommie?"

It is now 2:00 in the afternoon, and the fog still has a firm grip on the land. It cooled down about 20 degrees from yesterday's record breaking heat. The leaves in the Alder Trees out back are turning yellow and brown and falling faster and faster. Soon the trees will be bare, and the Highway noise will be louder. The logging that was done this summer will have taken down the green buffer zone. It is hard to tell right now how much is gone, because it was done in the center of the Alders. With all of the leaves gone, the damage will show up more. I wish we could put a moratorium on all logging until the evergreens are replenished. It is really sad to see all the trees get cut and houses built. Makes me want to sell and move on...

Sunday, September 28, 2003

teaching tech to mom

Are you paying attention?

got it?

Donna's Sushi

Dear darling adorable daughter Donna, has a fascination with Japanese cooking. I bought a cookbook called Nobu that is all about Japanese cooking. Donna has decided that Today she will make Sushi for dinner. She has the sushi mat, the wooden rice paddle, the nori, the wasabi, the soy sauce, the yellowfin tuna and everything else to go into the roll. Cucumbers, Avocado, and rice. She starts the rice last night, washes the rice until the water runs clear just like it says in the book, and puts it into the rice cooker. It is MUSH. so we try again today. I make the rice the way I always do, it is perfect. (of course) she then mixes the vinegar and the sugar into the rice to make the sushi rice to roll into the nori. She has sliced the tuna thinly, she has sslsicied the veggies just so, and when she rolls the rice into the nori, it all falls apart. So there on the dinner plate is all the ingredients that are required, all in a heap. The roll fell totally apart when she cut it into slices.

She mananged to get two more rolls rolled and they looked really good, so That is the way she served them. Leaving it up to us to cut our own. I did. I cut it and put a tuna slice on mine, dipped it into the wasabi and the soy and almost died!! the Wasabi was a real sinus cleaner. It tasted Excellent once you got over the pain. Then she wanted to try eating it with chopsticks. oops. they dont make chopsticks for lefties. She cant pick anything up.

Poor baby, has two holes in her backside and her sushi failed. Actually it went really well taste wise. She just needs to work on her technique. I am sure she will master this also. She has managed to master so many things in her life. She is smart. She is driven. She is very patient. I would have had the entire mess turned into wallpaper in the dining room...I do love her. She even showed me how to post pictures.

Too bad it was the one with the bandit poop bigger than Sadie in it!! Sheesh
yay. it worked.
now to get her to understand how to create a webpage that isn't 28 Mb in size.

sadie, petunias and poop

Well, after much haranguing, I have put a pic of sadie (sadist?) up on mom's webserver space so she can link to it on her blogger. I suppose it's the least I can do...since I can't reach and see my left buttock to dress my own damnable stitches.

Sunday Morning sunshine

It is an absolutely beeeuuuuutifull day. It must be 80 degrees + out there. Notice I said out there, I was Out there, too hot, so now I'm in here. Looking out there. needing to be out there, but I also need for it to cool off a scosh. I put the umbrella up and took my script out there, sat down and decided I needed to come in and get something really cold to drink, and got sidetracked.

I still have roses blooming!! and the zucchini is still setting blossoms, and the grass is still growing, so it must still be summer. Should be the last spurt before the frosts hit though. At least I hope so. I have mentioned before that I am one of those rare individuals that LIKES the cold weather. I LOVE the smell of really cold air, the feeling when you breathe it deep down into your lungs, and it cools you from the inside out. I sleep with my head stuck out the window most nights just to get cool air.

My sister called and begged off painting this weekend, which is just as well, because I really need a day of NOTHING. I know I had one yesterday, but Since Brenda never seems to be able to get one, I am taking one for her. She deserves it.

Wanda, how did you get haloscan to work on my blog? My daughter says she has been trying for ages and cant get it up. But then she hardly blogs anymore. I think she is afraid that I might yell at her about her politics. I wouldn't. She laughs at me about mine though. Don't understand that. Hmmmmm.

Oh I found something else that is really hard to do with blown knees. and big belly...paint your toenails!! I asked Bob if he would do it for me, he just looked shocked and said no! (I think he is sooo homophobic that if he even touches girlie things his dick would fall off. ) I sat there on my bed with those toenail foamy thingies stuck between my toes, (no easy feat that) trying to bend my knee enough to be able to reach down and paint the nail. Nope aint gonna work. SO I just bend as far as I can and aim. If you put enough polish on the brush, and hold it JUST RIGHT over the toe in question, it will drip off the brush and fall on said toenail. works too. Of course I am not gonna tell you what the rest of my foot or the newspaper on the rug looks like....

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Lazy Day....

I did absolutely NOTHING today. At least nothing really worthwhile, like Leslie I got up late as I mentioned earlier and then I took Sadie out and we sat on the deck in the shade and I read my Script along with the CD of GODSPELL. Loudly too. So now the neighbors either think that I have found religion, or are losing it one or the other. Sadie did not know what to think of the black box making noise on the deck. Kept going over to it and cocking her head and barking little puppy barks. Yap Yap YAp.

Bob came over right as I was ending act I and brought over a big burlap bag of oysters. SO tonite we had grilled oysters, grilled steak and grilled Zucchini right from the garden. YUMMY. Slice them length wise, rub them with olive oil and sprinkle kosher salt on them a little basil and some garlic powder then throw them on the shelf in the grill until tender. Really good. The oysters were not the best. He got them on sale at the Commissary on base, and they were not fresh, and when the shells popped open, they were really rubbery and small. what a disappointment. If you put them on a hot grill right out of the sea, wait until they steam a little, pm off, open the shell, dash of tobasco, and a little lemon, and OH MY!! Heaven.

Sadie had her first piece of raw cow tonite. I would not let her have it entirely but I let her chew on it. Oh she loved it.
I was afraid she wouldnt chew it up enough and she would choke, so i just let her chew the flavor out. She still does not have all of her little teeth although the ones she does have are really sharp! My toes are full of holes.

HAve any of you ever tried Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap? seriously this is great stuff. Chemystery gets it at a health food store. He makes several kind, Lemon, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, lavender, and castile. in bars and liquid. Now you have to understand this guy was very ate up about religion and showed it on his label, but the product is fantastic. It actually is great fun to sit in the tub and read the back of the bottle. I just laugh, there is no part of the label that is not written on. Even on the inside of the bar label. You really need to try the liquid lavender soap. It along with Epsom salts in a really hot bath, takes all your cares away. Totally. I LOve it. If they don't have it in Canada, let me know, I'll send you some.

Do any of you have ICQ? if so let me know and maybe we can connect.

Well Sadie is now resting on my feet under the desk. THe daughter started up the vaccum cleaner, and she does not like it. she has her tail tucked between her legs and is hiding. Sadie, not Donna...
The problem with having a comment line is WHAT DO I WRITE ABOUT? WHY DO I HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT ONE SUBJECT? ok, I just will not put a title in until I have one theme to write about. SO THERE!

Sadie woke up at 530 this morning. Just barely turning daylight out. The nice thing about having a buff colored dog, is you can find her in the dark. She is wandering farther and farther away from me when she goes out. My knee is soo bad right now, that I have to brace myself on something in order to stand. I cant sit on the lawn chair, it is too short, and it hurts to get up. (Try the toilet with this :-( ) Anyway, I was in real pain, so once she did her THING, I called her over and we went inside. Well now she thinks it is time to play, "I slept, I peed, I pooped, I ate, NOW it's PLAYTIME" Nuh-uh!!! Mommie is still really tired and hurting really bad. (I don't think I took my Motrin last night) So I picked hwer up and put her in bed with me. If I make a wall out of the pillows, she will stay corraled and MIGHT go back to sleep. Not today. She did stay corraled but she kept chewing on my nose, and my ear, and pulling on my hair clip and biting my knuckles. I managed to get SOME sleep, and when I am laying on my tummy, my knee doesnt hurt. So we stayed this way for a few hours until she got really tired, and wanted to cuddle inside my nightgown. I have scratches on my neck from her trying to crawl into it. I got up and put her in her bed, and out she went. AHHHHHHHHH

The birds and the LOLAS (squirrels) have not been around much lately. I usually have plenty of finches, but not now. I hope they haven't found a better restaurant!! I hope the Owls didn't get Lola!! I have two females that have babies, At least I think they do, they have really big bare titties. I was hoping they would bring out the babies. I still have the flock of doves, but not much else. Most of the goldfinches have shed their bright yellow feathers and have headed south. THe hummingbirds are all gone now, safely back in Costa Rica, and the Black-headed Grosbeaks are gone too. I hear the Pileated woodpecker, (how can you miss that) but the Downey and the Hairy woodpeckers are no where to be found. I can only think that the bugs are really thick in the woods now, and that is where everyone has gone. I will be putting out the suet feeders and pinecones as soon as the first frost hits. If I put them out now they will melt.

I have one of those Audubon clocks that have a different bird song for every hour. (given to me for Christmas by Bob's MOM) and the Owl just hooted three times, so It must be noon or midnight. The sun is shining brightly, so I can only assume it is not midnight, which means I need to get my 'SELF' busy doing something productive. Like paint, or cleaning the house, or picking up Bandit Poop, or sitting in the sun on the deck and just think about all I have to do. Yeah, that's it!!!

whoo-hoo!!!! Comments

OK Wanda, I'm gonna try this now....You are soooo good, and Brenda, Thanks to you too. I LOVE having new friends!!!! It's like going to a new school in the 2nd grade and actually having FRIENDS.

Friday, September 26, 2003


She is getting really sassy!!! Wants to play instead of poop, then when I bring her in...yep. right on the floor. Back out, and pees, then gets praised and back in. She loves to find socks, and shoes, and kleenex, oh! and empty diet pepsi cans!!! if she bats it up against the wall it makes a really cool clank. She picks it up with her teeth on the tab. It is almost as big as she is, but she loves it. SHe is sleeping almost through the night now though. Wakes up just as it is getting light, and then she wants to play outside. SHe has discovered dandelion fluffs. FUNNY!! and Baby Rabbits are really fun to chase. I have an antique mirror from a dining room side board stuck under my bed. I am waiting to have time to refinish it. Well sadie found the bedroom and plays under the bed, except that the first time or two she did it, she was really acting funny. Whimpering and whineing and acting all scared. for two days we wondered what the problem was. She saw the other puppy in the mirror, and it was barking at her. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

I got the program finished this morning and ran it into the playhouse and copied it off then spent the afternoon folding and collating 125 programs. Turned out really good too. Sure hope the show went over as well. This truely was the show from hell though. No more fundraisers for me! Now on to GODSPELL!!

Wandalicious has kindly offered to add comments to my blog, so we will see what she comes up with. I really appreciate the help.

This weekend is supposed to break records for heat. UGH. I am planning on a family paint-Mary Lou's-house-trim-and-Deck party. Want the sunshine but not the heat. It is really chilly in the mornings, and I saw my breath yesterday. I cant wait for winter. It isnt sposed to be hot this time of year. It's FALL ! well I am really tired. So I will grab a glass of milk, take my insulin shot, and hit the bed and read. Tomorrow or Sunday i may be back to my normal self.

OOOHHHH My baby daughter has her first stitches!! DOnna went to the dermatologist yesterday, and the DR took off 3 moles that did not look good. She is 36 years old and now she has dimples on her butt!!!!
I have been stressing out over this Fundraiser for The Whidbey Playhouse. I am the Executive Producer, and there are fifty people running in 60 directions. Well I finally have all of the information to finalize publishing the program. I have worked on it for a week, and I have 8 really nice pages. All in my home computer, and the size is 8.8 mb and I can't get it sent to the Playhouse cause it's too big. Ok lets write it to a cd. Nope cant do that either. For some reason it wont let me write to the F drive. It says "You do not have permission to write to the F drive" SCREW THAT it's MY computer what the hell do you mean I DONT HAVE PERMISSION? So now I think, OK I'll just print it and run it down to Office Max and have it run off there. GUESS WHO IS OUT OF INK? at midnight. the night before the Fundraiser. AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!

I have no idea how I am going to get it out of here and over to there. Sometimes I hate Electronics. I get so frustrated because I am not a dumb person, and If I cant figure something out it PISSES ME OFF!

I am too tired to dink with it anymore. I think it is because of the graphics I embedded, but I'm not sure. I will try again tomorrow, when If I scream, it wont wake up anyone. Neighbors get really cranky at 130AM

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

mornings are hell...

Do you know that feeling when you are asleep, but are aware that there is something going on around you? This morning I was sleeping, but something told me to open my eyes. I did and hovering over me was my daughter. I saw her, but it didn't quite register...so I yelled OH GOD!! and sat straight up. SHe is now in hysterics, holding a fresh smoothie out for me. "Here Mom, Here is your breakfast." "I can't eat it Donna, I just died!!" She is laughing all the way back into the kitchen. The heart is thumping really fast, and I cant catch my breath and she is laughing. no respect.

Ok I am sitting here in the coleman camp chair that looks like a directors chair, with my nitegown clad ass hanging over the back end. I am all alone and today very gassy...so I let one rip...Sadie is right behind me, and this has to be the first loud fart she has heard in her little life. So she jumps and bites at my Butt, barking and jumping and biting..."gotta kill it, it has MOMMIE" I have got to start being aware of my surroundings.

Sadie managed to crawl over the board keeping her penned in, yesterday. So now she is behind a kiddie gate. OH she Hates it!!! HHHOOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLLLL WWWHHHHHIIIINNNNEEEEEE MOMMIE!!!!! Hey kiddo, It didn't work with my children, it won't work with you either, now shut up and go back to sleep. She did.

I am going to have to leave her for a good 6 hours today. I have to work, so we will see how she fares. I almost have the deck penned in, so in the future she can be put out there, once I get the dog house refurbished. painted, new name, etc. I left her for 4 hours the other day and when I came home she was ready to go out, but had not pottied in her pen!! YAY!!

must go get ready for work...ugh...yawn....

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

OK I'm back...

Lots of places to visit today. I went from Washington, to Calgary, to Arkansas, to Texas, to Scotland, Japan, Vancouver Island, New York and back to washington. Whew!! busy day. Twenty years ago, who would've thought that I could visit people all over the world, at my leisure, in my nightgown, with my hair looking like shit? AMAZING.

I was not ready to get up this morning. I was afraid of this. I retired just as the days were growing longer and longer, and I was waking up earlier and earlier and enjoying it more and more. Alas, the days are growing shorter and shorter, and I am sleeping later and later and enjoying it more and more. I should maybe just go with the flow and not worry about it? Why do I feel guilty if I sleep until 730? I have only missed part of TODAY show, and I am sure Katy, Matt, Al and Ann wouldn't miss me that much. It isn't like I have to punch a time clock anymore. I get up with Sadie, put her back in her pen to eat, and go back to sleep.

This morning at 600 Sadie was ready to go out. SO out we went, Owls hooting really close. SO I put her on the grass, and stayed right beside her as she ran all over the yard. She heard the owls and cocked her little head and took off running right towards the woods. 6' fence between her and woods, but the owls were in the alders and sounded really hungry, and they could fly over the fence. I figured if I stayed within an arms reach she would be safe. The closer I got to the trees the less the owls hooted. Soon she will be too big to be carried off for owl-breakfast, and I can just shove her outside and let her go.

All of the socks that I couldn't find are now laying on the floor in the office behind me. (behind me in the office?) Along with the kleenex from the trash bag. THese have all been neatly shredded into 1000 pieces, and scattered helter skelter all over the rug. Where the socks have been hiding, I am not sure. Nice to have them back though. Yesterday, as I was getting dressed, my bra dropped to the floor. I was putting on my panties and balancing on my one good leg, so I did not immediately pick it up. Once I was ready for it, I reached down and it was GONE!!! So through the house I hobble, Boobs bare and hanging, looking for the bra. In the office was Sadie, with 4 odd socks, and my well worn playtex 18 hour bra, chewing away on the elastic back. Now mind you there is not much left of the elastic as it is so old and comfy and can be fastened easily, and now there is even less of it.

The bag of C&W frozen corn is now sliding down my leg, and no longer frozen. ( I will leave this visual to your own imaginations) Thank you Leslie, I feel soooo much better.

It is a really gray morning. I knew it would be, as yesterday was soooo nice. As I came home the sun was setting and there was a huge thick fog bank forming off the west side of the island. It rolled in after dark, and really hasn't woke up enough to burn off yet. I cant paint the deck until it is over 60 degrees, which may be June 2004. All is not lost though, as I have a ton of work to do on the 'puter today. I have to get the program written for the DOCK BRIEF, and get ready for rehearsal tonight for OER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS. If you get a chance to go see this play, it is a keeper.

I now need to go get busy doing creative things, so must run....carefully, as there might be puppy land mines around, and feeling it squish between bare toes is not a good thing. trust me...

Another place I go is to TexasWhich also linked today to NORTHCOASTCAFE I bookmarked it also, looks really interesting.

Where do I start?

OH MY!!!! Just where do I start today? I am sitting here reading blogs, and several of them are referring to other lilnks, and they are all good. I go to Japan everyday and read PURELAND MOUNTAIN and today he has a link to Landover Baptist Church. Which I think is a joke, but may not be. Hard to say. and in that link there is this. BWWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH ROFLMAO!!!!! Puts a whole new meaning on putting on new underwear for Sunday School.

Well POOP!! the link titles THIS doesnt work from my blog, but if you go to PURELAND's link and then to THIS it should work. It is Funny!! I'll be back, still reading.....

Monday, September 22, 2003


So here I sit watching Martha, having survived this weekend. After yesterdays entry, the whole day just went to SHIT! I got a call from the Southend of the island, The Playhouse down there wanted to know where the truck was I was suposed to have there at 3:00. THe Set for Dock Brief was there and needed to be brought up to our playhouse. Well HELL, no one told ME that. So after getting yelled at by the prima donna of a set designer, I go into OUR playhouse and find that the truck is in use by the show Arsenic and Old Lace, as they were striking OUR set . (someone goofed, and forgot about scheduling around the show on board.) Ya know, this is all volunteer work, and I do it because it is supposed to be FUN!

I was sooo stressed out yesterday, trying to get everything done with this stupid knee. Kneedless (LOLOL) to say the joint in question is very very swollen today. I can put it straight out, and I can put weight on it to walk, but I cant bend it to sit. I can't remember is it put ICE on it? or put HEAT on it. So I don't do anything. I should go to the Doctor I guess, but I just hate to spend the damn money now. It just gripes my Butt that for so many years I only had to pay a co-pay, now I have to pay a percent of the charge. Howcome When my paycheck goes down 1/2, the expense for insurance goes UP 1/3? doesn't seem fair.

Sadie is going through the TERRIBLE TWO's I think. She understands NO, and is very sassy about it. She will growl and nip, and jump at you when you try to discipline her. (in a cute puppy way) And is tormenting her Uncle Bandit ti death. He lays there and growls a deep rumbling "Get away from me you BRAT" growl, and she just ignores him and keeps on tormenting . She can go down the stairs all by herself now, and when we go out for our two AM pee-poop, she is running all over the yard chasing ghosts. I just stand there and wait for her to find a spot and get it out. She has discovered that the cats get really smelly food, and it tastes really good. SHe has discovered that if you start chewing on Donnas' 125.00 Clark shoes, she gets picked up right away. She has discovered that if you bite at a cats tail, it will swish back and forth and she can chase that until the cat gets tired of it. She has not however discovered what cats claws are for. I am so sure she will as soon as they realize she is not a tiny baby anymore. She has discovered slugs. ANd the fact that they are really chewy...GAK, and she has learned how to back scratch her feet when she is through pooping.

Wow Fall has definately FELL. THe trees are turning yellow really fast, and the night air is cold. It got down to 40 degrees last night. Won't be long before frost is on the punkin. I LOVE COld clear days and nights. We are planning on going over the "Hills" next weekend. THe apples are almost ready, and I need to get Pears to can. We will head over Washington and Rainy Pass on Hiway 20, then on through Winthrop and down to Pateros and then on to Leavenworth and Back over Stevens Pass and the ferry home. THe whole drive takes about 12 hours, that accounts for lunch and dinner and the ferry ride. It is so pretty then. Eastern Washington is so dry and colorful. I would love to move over there. I had talked about going over and buying a place close to the Idaho border, where it would be cold in the winter and Warm in the summer. However, I doubt if I will do that. Too many roots here now.

I have a deck to finish enclosing, and then paint, Trim to paint on the house, a Garden to get ready for winter, and a Set to move this afternoon, SO I had better get up and get going.

See ya later...

Sunday, September 21, 2003


Ok Ok, I know I haven't blogged in awhile, I have so much going on right now with three shows in production at the same time. A new puppy that keeps me up at odd hours, and a bum knee. I will try to be better about this soon. I have a lot to write about, but sometimes the brain cells just fart, and nothing comes out . (some visual huh?) I get up get in here and start to write and PHHHHHHHHHFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! nada. very frustrating. I could bore you all with puppy stories, and I just may. I could get real depressing, but I don't wanna, I could get very philosophical, NAH, NOT ME. Or I could just sign off, and come back when I feel the creative juices flowing again...yep...good idea...bye.

Friday, September 19, 2003


OK, so I lost everything I had done. Totally lost. Gone. Not in Word, Not in Publisher, not on the c drive, nowhere. Ok I know I have to start over. Chemystery tells me that I have to start over, so I should do it the RIGHT way. so Out to the car she goes and comes back in with a stack of books 4 inches high and says. "here ya go. There is everything you ever wanted to know about HTML and making web pages."

According to her she had installed all of this on my 'puter last year. So last night while I was up with Sadie, at 300-530 I sat here and tried to make sense of all of this. I picked up the book called DREAMWEAVER and opened it. I am 57 years old, and I have bad eyesight. I can see the computer just fine, I can not see up close, nor can I read without my glasses. I looked at the book, and all I see is a blur. UM! small print, no pictures. Gotta go get my readers. I get up walk into the bedroom with Sadie chewing on my ankle the whole way up and back, and sit down. Yep now I can read the words written there. MAke absolutely no sense to me, but I can read them. So I look at the 'puter screen, nothing but a blur...can't see it with the readers on. So I take the glasses off, and can see the screen just fine. Now I have to put the glasses on, read the book, take the glasses off, see the screen, put the glasses back on to re-read what you thought you read the first time, take the glasses back off to see the screen again. FUCK THIS!!!!

It really sucks when you realize that your body is 57 but you think you are only 25. Now I need to save money to get a lasix thingy done to my eyes. ( and liposuction for the tummy, and a personal trainer, and a personal chef, and a knee job, and a facelift, and a new back, and....PHFFFTTTT)

So here I sit, trying again to read the books and digest what they are all saying, and thinking that maybe I should go back to the Web page wizard on Publisher and try that again. I WILL get there one way or another.

Thursday, September 18, 2003


I have spent quite a bit of time formulating my web page, really cool, and We posted it to the web on Monday, only to have it show up all written in ASCII code. So when we went back in to fix it, it got deleted, and deleted off of everything. So I have to start all over again. AAARRRGGGHHHH Al I wanted was to be able to post pictures, refer blogs, have a guest map, coments, etc. I am still trying. For those of you that want to contact me about things, try my email
dreamer@galaxynet.com On one of my favorite places to go everyday, we were talking about Farts and how really truly funny they were. Well my sister sent me this and it just goes to set the tone of my family. We give fart books for Christmas, fart pillows, etc. We are so irreverent. LOLOLOLOLOL

Bob came over today and put the skirting around the deck. Now tomorrow, we put up the header rails, and all I will have to do is paint, and it will be done. HArd to beleive we actually will finish a project!! The floor was put in 18 months ago, but still does not have the transitions strips and the base boards. THe Garden was started and not planted completely, The house was painted last summer !3 months ago, and the trim is still not done. He started his house over 15 years ago, and it STILL is not done. I have plans to finish all of my projects by Christmas. Oh yeah and the office is still only half painted!!! If only I could post pictures, you would really die laughing... I guess when you are retired you just know you have the rest of your life to finish something, why rush?
I have been watching the Hurricane Isabel hit the east coast all morning. I know exactly how those people who are down on the water watching it feel. I too am a storm junkie. I LOVE storms, of all kinds. Wind, Rain, Snow, Hurricanes, Typhoons. I DO NOT like tornados though. When I was a little girl, we lived on Guam, and I remember living in a Quonset Hut, and I also remember my parents moving everything off of the window sill, shutting the storm shutters, and pulling the mattresses into a pile on the floor where we would huddle. I remember Mom and Dad drinking and Mom crying. I also remember the thrill of the storm. The lights going out, the wind roaring, the shutters blowing in, THe hurricane lamps blowing out, the rain pounding on the tin roof. I LOVED IT. I was 5. 1951.

I lived in Hawaii also and remember sitting through several hurricanes. One of them hit dead on, and the palm trees in the front yard were bent waaaay over to the side. THe eye wall came right over us, and we went out side during the lull, and were amazed at all the damage. THen the back wall of the eye came over, and everything was bent the OTHER way.
It was GREAT!!

When we moved to the Pacific NW, I thought the hurricanes would stop. Nuh-UH!! only we don't call them hurricanes, just BIG WINDS! 1962 I was a Senior in High School, and we were at a Football game 45 miles away, when the winds hit. The football was kicked off and went right back over our teams heads and right over the goal posts. THat is when we knew we had a problem. The game was called, We were all put into the gym locker rooms, sitting on the floor shoulder to shoulder, waiting for the storm to stop so we could pile back on the buses and get home. About 4 hours later, we were escorted by the state patrol the 45 miles back to the Island, over the bridge, avoiding downed power lines the whole way. I remember the excitement, and the adrenalin I felt. Other girls were crying and scared, I LOVED IT!

When I was married, we lived in Virginia Beach and hurricanes hit there twice while I was there. My Mom was out, because I was 3 weeks over due with my son. She couldn't stand the thought of going through a hurricane without booze so she sent my husband to the Package Store on base (liquor store), for some liquid courage. He decided to sit the storm out at the Club next door, so He sat there getting Sloshed, while I, 9 1/2 months pregnant, had to deal with a panic'ed alcoholic mother with no BOOZE. I LOVED the storm, I hated my husband and my Mom.

Now I sit here during storms, hoping for the big blow, or the big dump of snow, with all of my Coleman lanterns full, my coleman stove at the ready, a closet full of dry wood, kindling chopped, matches ready, and enough food that can be easily cooked over the stoves on hand. Water jugs full, plenty of flashlight batteries, the radio loaded with fresh batteries, and the emergency scanner on and fully charged. I LOVE them.

I am hoping we have a few really good storms again this winter. I won't have to go to work, I can stay home and enjoy them. I can go out and see the damage, and marvel at the power of nature.

I know, I'm sick...

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


IT rained. and it rained. And it rained again. It is almost like it was trying to make up for the rainless summer we had. It is needed though. THe reservoirs are way down, the forests are tinder-dry, grass that is usually green is all dry and brown. We needed the rain badly. I woke up yesterday to a wonderful fresh smell, and the coldest breeze blowing through the window. I was freezing! I sleep under an open window year round, but I usually have warm blankets ready to pull up. The coolness caught me by surprise. I crawled back under the few blankets I had and laid (layed?) there until I quit shivering, then I got up and moved to the couch and hid under an afghan.

I do love to smell a good hard rain. Not when it first starts, because it smells dirty, but after it has been pouring for awhile. It smells so.........GREEN. The trees in the back are actually gulping in the moisture. It has quit raining right now, but it soulnds like it is still falling.

Sadie wasn't too sure about it though. She woke up at 2:00 this morning, and had to go pottie, so out we trudged, rain coming down like mad. I put her down, and she started shivering, and lifted her little feet as if to say, "mommie, what is this stuff". Did not take her long to find a puddle though. And just like a little kid with new boots, she spalshed and played in it. "come on Sadie, poop, so I can go back in." nope, we gotta play in this new stuff. So here I am at two AM in my pj's, no coat, no umbrella, getting soaked while I let the baby experience rain for the first time in her little young life.

I stayed awake for another hour or so, just listening to it fall, and run through the gutters. I love it so. And this morning is just perfect. Sun breaks with big fluffy clouds. A fresh breeze and dripping trees. Only thing better would be SNOW! Ok Leslie and Kat, don't shoot me. Actually it may be closer than we think. THe news is on right now, and there is a cold upper level trough bringing down cold air from the Gulf of ALaska, and the passes are getting snow already. Usually doesn't happen for a few more months yet. OOOO they just said that the Farmer's Almanac says COLD and Dry winter weather for the Pacific NW. YES!!! I LOVE the cold.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

WELL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

I sat down here, Sunday paper all read, Morning coffee downed, Puppy pottied and fed and put to sleep, to write something profound. Turned on Headline news and discovered that it is SUNDAY!!! ANd in four hours I have the entire family coming over for Mexican dinner!!! CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!!! You see, I am not Martha Stewart, although I really like her show and magazine, and I have a dirty dirty house. With all of these long haired animals, and new flooring, the dirt really shows. Along the baseboards, there is Dog hair piled up from Donnas dog, and since it rained, there are also doggie footprints everywhere. So I guess I gotta get my arse outa this chair and go get the dust mop out. Shouldn't take too long, just wasn't in the mood to do anything. (The joy of living alone.) Hell, now I gotta get dressed too! I wanted to spend all day slugging. It is just that kind of day! Overcast, cool, quiet, POOH!! catch you all later I guess. :-(

Saturday, September 13, 2003

oops here it is
Is where the site is but I got it from Wanda's site, which I got from Leslie's site, which I got from...hmmm can't remember how I met Leslie, it may have been from bunny blog who is no longer writting, at least under the URL I have bookmarked.

Chemystery has gone home for the weekend. I asked her to please clean the Bandit Pooh out of the yard this weekend, as his are soooooo big compared to Sadie's and there is quite a bit of it. HARUMPH! Guess Husbands come before Dog shit (just barely). She also said that she would try to help me get my blog up and working right. I think I am going to post my own webpage, and link the blog to it. If I do it will be a work in progress, as there is sooo much I want to include, and the pages aren't all done yet. Guess It will all wait for her to get home.

Sadie peed on my bed this morning!!! :-( I had gotten up and was getting dressed hoping she would stay asleep while I did so. As soon as she is up, she's gotta pee. I was half dressed when she woke up, and stuck her feet and head over the top of the board. Ok, I picked her up and tried to balance while pulling on my jeans, didn't work, Bad knee, so I put her down on my bed for just a second, and she peed!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! BAD GIRL so I picked her up and hobbled out to the back yard with my jeans around my knees, and put her down. She peed again, GOOD GIRL!! and pooped! REALLY GOOD GIRL!!!! at this point I realized that my jeans were still around my knees and my neighbor just let his puppy out. Whipped up the jeans, and turned around while I zipped 'em. i hope he didn't think I had gone outside to pee!!!

WHAT's in a name...

I just went to a site that I can't remember...and did a name analysis. Yep that is most definately me. except I do act with spontaneity...sometimes too much...ie SADIE!!!! but she is a doll.I gotta go find this site and reference it...don't want to break any laws...even those I don't know about yet...but sure I will find out some way or another...

The first name of Mary-Lou leads you to assume considerable responsibility and to prefer to work independently, without direction or interference from others because you have very definite ideas of your own. Your mind is quick to comprehend and you can be depended upon to do any job well. Because you tend to be somewhat of a perfectionist, you might insist on doing too many things yourself instead of delegating jobs to others who might do less satisfactory work. This name does make you quite direct and straight-to-the-point. Your verbal expression does not reflect your inner thoughts and feelings, and you often wonder why people react to what you say. The influence of this name does not promote the friendship that you desire or the relaxation and naturalness you should enjoy with people. It is a name that makes you far too practical and serious-minded, and makes it difficult for you to act with spontaneity

Friday, September 12, 2003

I hate getting old!!

Not that I really hate it, I just hate what my body has decided it will do to me!! I have one idea , It has another. I'm not afraid of getting older...I have let my hair go back natural, and I kinda like it. It needs a good cut, but I like the gray...I just don't like hurting. I can't hook my bra anymore, I reach back to hook it and my hands won't hold the elastic and SPROING! it gives a huge snap back to my side. Now mind you, I am not of the A B or C size, more like a DD and maybe an E, so the snap back isn't just a little pop more like a big KAPOW. It took me almost 15 minutes to reach back and hook it this morning. I finally had to hook it in front, and twist it back to the back. Do you have any idea how much tight elastic on loose fat HURTS as it pulls around? OUCH! I have a Lane Bryant catalog, and they have a bra that hooks in front, might have to do that. I really like my Playtex 18 hour, Comfort strap bra, But they don't snap in front. If only I could teach the cats to hook me up.

I also am sitting here with a blown knee. I was trying to get up out of the bathtub, after a long soaky bath to relax in wonderful scents.(Epsom salts and Dr. Bronners Liquid Magic Soap...Lavender) and I slipped on the safety bathmat with rubber sucker things on the bottom, trying to get out, and my knee turned inside out. Now to get out of the tub was a real challenge. Donna was over the "hills" in Ellensburg on a conjugal visit. So I was alone. Hmmm says I, Do I yell for help and hope someone finds me before I die? Or should I try to get out any way I can? I finally ended up turning over and getting on my hands and knee and crawling up over the side of the tub. Hurt like hell, but once I was up I was fine. Just can't bend my knee. I can walk, just can't sit too easily. I thought as I was upside down in the water, what if I slip and hit my head and drown? GADS!!!

I guess I need one of those bathtubs you see on TV where you can walk into the tub, close the door and fill it up with water. Sounds like a really good deal. I have a really small bathroom, maybe I could just close the door and fill the tub until it comes 1/2 way up the wall? Then reach down and pull the plug when I'm done? Nahhhh...It's Showers from now on. And a refund on the wonderful brand new safety bathmat with the rubber suckers on the bottom, that didn't suck when I needed them to...

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Much better!!! A little sleep goes a long way when you are really pooped!! Sadie is sleeping right now, and I should be too. She has had quite a day so far. She got to meet Bea -Bunny for the first time this morning, and had great fun jumping on her. Now Bea wasn't too sure how to react to this, but she was really good with the baby. They both hopped all over the Living Room, dusting the floor as they played. Hmmm might be something to a dust mop on legs!!

It has rained constantly since Monday. It smells so good. Fall is really here, even though we have 10 more days of summer. I went out back at 6:00 this morning and it was still dark. I saw something light on the ground, and thought the wind must have really blown last night because the rose petals had scattered all over the yard. As i got closer, I saw that they were in fact, yellow leaves off the Alder trees! Now when did that happen? two days ago the trees were green, now they are almost all yellow!

Tons of work to do to get ready for THE DOCK BRIEF fundraiser at the Playhouse, gotta send out letters to the Donors, the Board of Trustees, and the Season Ticket Holders, Then get the Poster finalized, and start the program. Whew. I really did take on too much. Arsenic and Old Lace is selling out fast, with word of mouth getting all over town now. I was really busy at the box office yesterday with tickets! And rehearsals for Over The RIver ANd THrough THe Woods are in full swing. It is such a funny poignant play about an Italian Family in New Jersey. It will sell well also.

Get up off your tush and get busy ML!! Alright.....what a nag....

Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Babies are a hand full! I am sooo tired, I worked today, Playhouse tonite, and no sleep last night. So, after I get Sadie to bed, catch up on reading blogs, I too, am gonna head that way. 2:00 comes awfully early. and so does 330 and 500 and......ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzz

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Sleep??? What's THAT??

I forgot! Babies gotta pee every two hours or so...night and day!!! So since Sadie is blocked into my Master bathroom, I got waked (woken?) up when she did. uh-uh-uh-uh hoooowwwwwwwwwlllllllll. OK OK I'm up!! stumble into the Birkies and out into the yard. Now for over 65 days there has been absolutely NO RAIN, but yesterday it poured!!! And last night the grass was really wet.

I put Sadie down on the wet grass and she sniffed and then peed!!! GOOD GIRL!!! then she POOPED!!!! REALLY GOOD GIRL!!!! then she ran right under the deck. So there I am on my hands and knees in my holey well worn flannel PJ's, trying to get a curious puppy out from under a deck 18" high. No way was I going to be able to get under there and get her. I am taller than 18" laying on my back!!! ( :-( ) With my tummy sucked all the way in. And my boobs tucked under my armpits. So while I am down there I hear two owls hooting at each other...really close. EGADS, If Sadie runs out the other side, she could be Owl dinner!!! Luckily she came to me and we went back in. I gave her water, and more food, and turned out the light and buried my head for another two hours, and then the drill started all over again. This time, thinking she had done her Thing, I picked her up and took her back in the house. I put her down on the kitchen floor while I got a drink of water, and lo and behold, she pooped!! UGH! Mommie isn't quite trained yet.

Sadie Cheyene Autumn is now sleeping in a basket right here under my "puter desk. Now if I was really smart, I'd be sleeping right now too.

Donna's dog, Bandit is 1/2 German Shepard, and 1/2 Keeshond, is 11 years old and SPOILED ROTTEN. He is terrified of the baby!! She could fit entirely into his gaping mouth, and when she gets close to him he whines and runs away. The cats are reserving judgement. They know Mom. I have not introduced Bea Bunny to Sadie yet. Oughta be funny

Monday, September 08, 2003


OH GAWD!!!! what have I done!!! Papers all over the floor, whining, howling. Precious!! She is sooo cute.... Even her brothers were cute. I wish I could have afforded two of them. I would have bought a black one and a buff one.

Sadie is Buff and white, and is bonding nicely. I made a pouch out of the hem of my sweatshirt and she curled up in it and went to sleep. so I walked all over the yard with my big belly hanging out. Didn't want to wake the baby. The cats aren't too sure what to think of her. They are so much bigger than she is, and she certainly doesn't sound or smell like a kitten. Loki is sitting right on the other side of the "keep her contained" board. Sadie is asleep on an old blue towel, and Loki is watching her sleep. Wonder how soon until he is in with her?

I took her out in the backyard and she peed, no poops though. Then she thought it was great fun to run under the zuchinni bushes. and hide from Mommie. She started to head under the deck, but I would NEVER get her out of there, so up back into the pouch she went.

I will kennel her in the car where ever I go. Until she is old enough to get up on the seat by herself. I will try taking her to rehersal tonight, and see how she does, If she howls too badly, back into the car she will go. Gotta get her used to my life style. Whoo-boy!!

Back on that bike....

When I was young and learning how to ride a bike, I kept falling and scrapping my knees. I of course cried and told my Dad that I didn't want to ride it anymore. Dad of course being the guy he was, said you need to get back on that bike and learn how to ride it!!! I would fall, He would say, get back on the bike, I would fall, Back on the bike. Finally he told me that If I was to get back on that bike and learn how to ride it, the hurt from falling off would be forgotten, because I would have my mind on other things, like going down the road at 5 miles an hour, and seeing things I had never seen before.

I have used that analogy many times in my life, dealing with people that hurt and swear they are never going to do it again. It won't hurt as bad if you get back on that bike.

I Think I am getting back on the bike. I have been saying to my higher power...PLEASE LET ME FIND THE PERFECT PUPPY. I didn't care how long it took. I opened the Seattle Times want ad section yesterday and there in black and white print only 1/2 mile from me was a listing for cocker puppies. My Daughter and Bob both think I should wait until I am through with the playhouse for the season. Bob of course wants me to go get a rescue dog. I would, but there aren't any puppies, and I WANT A BABY!!! These puppies are 6 1/2 weeks old, and ready to go. Just the perfect age to bond with me. I have an appointment to go see her at 1:00. There is only 1 female. IF I get her, her name will be Sadie. Do not ask me why...just came to me.

If this was not meant to be, then she will not be there when I go see her. Maybe the perfect puppy will be a Male. HERE SADIE, HERE SADIE, Come on BOY! nahhhhh....gotta be a girl. WIsh me luck, Here I go!!!!...

Thursday, September 04, 2003


I woke up late this morning. I couldn't sleep last night, kept hearing toenails on the wood floors...Donna's dog. (used to be Mariah) Anyway, I woke up and heard wind in the trees. Ahhh says I, It must be cooling off. It was gray out so I assumed it was about 7:00...wrong again..905!! and GRAY!! and Wind!!! and cool air!!! so I got up fixed a pot of coffee and headed to my room to watch the birds and Lola, and the TODAY show. split, splat, spit, drip drip drop....OH RAIN!!!!!! Real Wet RAIN!!!!!! about 125 drops. That is it!!! PHHHFFFFTTTT!!!!!!!! Another day over 70!! so far that makes 59 days of temps over 70! and no measurable precipitation for over 2 months. I sure hope it stops soon. Say like late next week..not this one, I have a deck to paint!! Bitch Bitch Bitch...I know, never happy huh?

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Mariah 1993-2003

I just lost a very dear dear friend today. Of Cancer. And old age. She was almost blind, and couldn't jump up on the bed anymore. It was the right thing to do. She went to sleep very quietly. and I petted her until the bitter end. (sniff) I had made an appointment yesterday for 9:00 this morning. But no matter how much you are prepared, you AREN'T prepared. She usually jumps and wags and jumps when I say "bye-bye" But today she didn't. She just laid down and looked at me. I got her outside, and she couldn't even jump into the car. It was time, and it was the right thing to do. She started as a puppy Learning how to ride in the car. I tried the back seat, but that wasn't going to do. She had her own seat, and knew she was not to get in mine. Everytime I came out of a store, she was in her seat looking out the window. I thought she was such a good girl. One day I came out of the store and did not click the remote until I was right at the car, (I usually click as soon as I get outside. This time, when I clicked, she jumped up out of my seat, jumped in to hers and looked out the window. o not such a good girl after all, just well trained. Click, move over, click, move over. She went with me everywhere. When I was stationed in Nevada, We would go exploring every weekend. Nevada has roads that are not paved. Nevada has roads on maps that aren't even graded. But we went, and she was very good, she keep all the boogey men away, she keep the bears and the Mountain Lions away, she kept all the snakes away. She Loved her kitties, and even nursed Loki when he was a tiny baby kitten ( no milk, just faucets) and even when he got almost as big as her, she allowed it. She barked when someone new came into the yard, and tolerated the squirrels. She will be missed by the whole neighborhood. I already miss her. I am such a big bawl baby...Life shouldn't have to hurt like this.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Ok, So now I have this cute little title line up 'thar', and I don't know what to put in it. I think I will try just writting this entry and see what pops up. I may just take it off again.

I just read Pure Land mountain today, and it brought tears to my eyes, He writes with such feelings, when he talks about his family. Today was about how SILENT silence is, when the grandkids leave. Not as in AHHHHHHHHHHHHH but as in SNIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't agree with his politics, But I enjoy the fact that I can read him or not, and I, for the most part, enjoy his entries about life in Japan. He has this really cool Shiga Window, where he puts a picture about Japanese life. It is so Cool. I'll get there yet.

Donna, If you read this, For Christmas you can give me a blog that is really cool, I want the weather pixie, I want to be able to add Pictures, I want to refer other blogs, I want comments, I want really cool sidebars, I want a picture across the top, I want the phases of the moon, yadayadayada...Don't want much do I? Now sweetie, If you can't do it for me, you could hire John from Computer Clinic to come do it for you. (teehee) I know you showed me how to make this bold but I can't remember...

Loki is insisting on some kitty lovin right now, so I have pause for the cause....be right back

Monday, September 01, 2003


I was looking for fonts and found the title line!!! Still can't find the fonts though. DAMN IT I wish I had a resident geek.
Ever make Clam dip with Cream cheese ? with only one beater for the mixer? Not fun. Messy kitchen. Now where in the hell is the other beater? I got it done, but it isn't the same. Not as creamy. I'm eating it anyway. It is dinner. I just got home from the playhouse, and I was hungry. and Mariah is worse, so It's gotta be tomorrow, so I deserve comfort food.

The last dress rehersal went really well except that Mortimer's beeper went off during act one. (He is a Surgery Tech for the US NAVY, and got called in for an emergency) we coped. he came back, found a relief.

Anybody see the moon tonight? WOW> It is a crescent waxing, and was just about to set as I left town. It was big and bright orange. Unusual to have a setting moon look orange. It is over the pacific, so no smog. When it rises it is over the Cascades, and there is lots of smoke in the air, so I can see the color there, but hardly ever over the ocean.

All summer no rain...I buy sealer for the deck and plan to paint it this weekend, and guess what is predicted. yep...rain. Guess I had better do it on Wednesday. I hope that Bob will get the posts for the railings too, then it will be all done. I need to finish getting the Iris planted also, and then go get some tulip and daffodil bulbs. I am bound and determined to have a pretty yard!! If I have to lay on my tummy and weed then I will. With no dog to dig up what I plant, it should be easier too. (Sniff)

Ok it is time to start thinking about a replacement dog. I want another small dog, and I would love to have another cocker, but I cant afford it now. I was thinking about a German Shepard, but I couldnt afford the food. Poodles are too yappy, and llasa's are too expensive to keep up. Hmmmmm... I wanted a Golden Retriever for years, but they have hip and eye problems, and I dont need that. Heck I might go stand in front of Safeway with a sign. PUPPY WANTED FREE, WILL GIVE GOOD HOME. Bet I get one in a few hours...
ahhhh That worked. I did a really cool blog about me and the kids and camping and me putting my foot down after Forgetting to pack MY OWN STUFF! and telling them to take their own responsibility for packing for a camping trip. anyway, I typed for a good 1/2 hour and blogger kicked me off, and I lost it all!!! ARRRGGGHHHHH

I refuse to re-create. When I get my creative juices flowing, I type, and then when I read it I wonder just where that came from. Sometimes I even amaze myself. Not that I am any LaVyrle Spencer mind you, but once in a very great while, I can come up with a good read. (write?)

Well POOP!!! I sat down here to write the great american fall blog, and just got interupted too many times, and now I've lost the mood. Shoulda done it last night when I thought about it huh? I have a grey tabby beating my left elbow with his head, wanting to be petted, I have THE VIEW on tv, and my hero DR PHIL is on, so that is distracting me; I have My daughters' dog whining at the window because he is such a wuss, and I am sposed to concentrate and write with all this going on? I don't think so.

I have several different things that for years I have wanted to write about, and that is why I originally started this blog. Ah well, one of these days I will fulfill my obligations to put to ether, my thoughts on the follwing topics.

Himalayan Blackberry bushes

deserted school bus stops


Autumn (which is what I sat down here today to write about...so much for that today!!)

growing older...and older...and older

(egads...what did I do now? I have a grey tabby (Chitters) an Orange Tabby (Loki) and a Manx wanna be (Lint) all sitting here on the desk staring at me. THe cat box doesn't need changing, the dish is full, the toilet seat is up and the water is clean. ((OK, OK, yeah, my cats drink outa the porcelain spring!)) so what IS their PROBLEM? )




etc, etc, and so forth.

When I was stationed in Adak, Alaska, I would take a theme book and a pencil and just find a remote spot with a view, (there were PLENTY of those) and just write. MAybe I'll post some of them here. Maybe not. hmmmm or did I do that already? have to go back into the archives and check.

SPeaking of archives, I started going back through some of my favorite blogs and reading their archives. It is so much fun to see how they have evolved. Brenda, You've come a long way baby!!!! Anne...straight from the hip is very poignant. And man, can she write when she wants to. Whoo. her letters to Bob are heart wrenching. I envy writers. I do so want to be able to write a best seller, Alas, I am afraid I never will. My luck, I will write it, and it will become a major bestseller...posthumously...phfffttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mariah seems a little better today, not as hunched up as she was yesterday. She is walking around in the back yard enjoying the sunshine. I know, I know, I am delaying the inevitable.

I woke up this morning at 4:15 . Had to pee, naturally. It was Dark! really DARK!! I laid back down, mentally grumbling about the oncoming short days. I looked outside, from my bed, Resting my chin on the windowsill. (Bed is under window...no headboard) And saw Orion for the first time this year. I do Love seeing Orion. It is so peasceful to me. I dont know why, maybe because he is so easy to find, and isn't cluttered by other stars around him. He sits low in the Southern sky, and goes higher and earlier as winter gets closer. I Love the long days of summer, but I really like Fall and winter also. Seeing Orion means that the cool days of fall and winter are just around the corner. I watched the Morning wake up until I could no longer see the stars, and then I fell back to sleep. It seems like just yesterday that I woke up to pee, and it was daylight already at 4:00!!

When I went to bed last night, my feet were freezing. I was chilly, but knew I would warm up once I got all snuggled in. I thought about breaking out the extra blankets, but I knew I would just kick it off and the dog would turn it in to his bed. I opted instead for getting all comfy and calling "Ethyl the heater cat". She curls up on the small of my back, and purrs me to sleep. The nights are getting very crisp which means it won't be long now until I have to clean the area around the woodstove, check out the chimney, and haul in the wood. I already have the kindling split. The door from the office is leaning against the back wall behind the stove, gotta get it back up, trash to recycle is piled around it, gotta get that gone. (GADS!! Why am I such a slob?)

I gotta post this and start over, my server is acting up, and I dont want to get into my heavy blogging and lose it like I did yesterday. hang on!