Monday, March 12, 2012

this and that....

Patrick is 4 months old, and still nursing.  The Dr, said " I was going to ask how nursing was going, but guess I dont have to."  He weighs almost 20 lbs now!  he is so chunky!  his Mommie had to stuff him into his new baby seat!    He is just getting so much personality now.  Every day there is something new.  I just wish I lived closer to them.  :(

I am so tired of all this rain and wind!  we have not had an unusually cold winter, but it has been very damp, and that just seeps right into your bones!  I have managed to get out and get the garden boxes ready to plant.  Set out the onions, the Garlic is sprouting already, and the sweetpeas are in the ground.  I thinned out the cabbage that wintered over, and transplanted about 8 plants, so cabbage should be on the agenda soon.  Bob bought all the ingredients and wants me to make some Kim-Chee.  (GAG)  oh well, he gets to eat it.  I will stick to the sauerkraut!

I am gearing up for the next show of the season.. Man of La Mancha which holds auditions this coming weekend.  I have wanted us to put this show on for many years, however we have a shortage of men in this town that are willing to commit to 3 months of rehearsals.  We sure are hoping that they show up for this or we may be out of luck.  If we can get enough men interested again in the theater, maybe we can do 1776 next year.  I LOVE that show!!  SIT DOWN JOHN!