Friday, January 30, 2009

the Recipe...

Ok folks if this link worked (which it may not) the recipe is here. If it did not work...I got the article and recipe from my daughter's site It is from MOTHER EARTH NEWS and the article is called Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day.

I also noted that the smell of baking bread brings a lot of lurkers out of the woodwork! ;) Welcome guys, and do come back.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bread in only five minutes!!!!

My Daughter called me one day and said she was baking bread...ok...Only costs 50 cents a loaf to make. Ok...

She sent me the recipe and I tried it. OHMIGAWD!!! YUMMY!!!

Only I used a package of yeast that I had sitting around in a drawer and it did not rise. So I added more water, flour and NEW yeast to the old batch...Are you all old enough to remember the I LOVE LUCY episode where she is making bread and she puts it into the oven and it opens the oven door and floods the kitchen with bread dough? Yeah, that was my bowl of dough! I had to scrape it off the counter and put it into TWO more bowls to get it all in the fridge where it was sposed to stay until I was ready to bake it.

I waited until the next day when I had time, and then pulled out enough to make one loaf! It was so good that even Bob came over on a Wednesday to have a piece! He ended up taking a loaf home, we ate a loaf, and I finished baking the rest so I can start with new dough today.

It makes the best sandwiches! I put a few slices of deli roast beef and meunster cheese and horeradish on it and it was as good as any deli sandwich you could have...could have used some sprouts though.

Aren't I getting to be miss susie homemaker?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Your Life Path Number is 5

Your purpose in life is to life freely and collect experiences.

You love life - new adventures, new people, new ideas.

You are very curious, and you crave novelty in all forms.

You tend to make friends easily, and you enjoy the company of all types of people.

In love, you are fun and even a bit intoxicating. But you won't stick around for long.

You are impulsive and spontaneous - which sometimes leads you to do things you regret.

Sometimes you can be overindulgent with food, sex, or drugs.

You have many talents, so many that you are often scattered and unfocused.

This is not anything like me. I found this over on Rainy Day Thoughts, and liked it, so I did it too, only I think I am more a seven like she is. I do NOT make friends easily. I am not intoxicating, I do not have Many talents, (a few though)I am very traditional...not at all free thinking...

This one fits my daughter or my sister more than me.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Enough is enough!

For over three years now I have had DISH network and LOVED it! It has only gone down twice in that time, and both times it has been during an absolute white-out blizzard!. Can't fault them for that.

HOWEVER....In December, Dish Network and the Fisher Company fell out of negotiations to renew their contract with KOMO TV and ABC. Thus all during Christmas, I had NBC, And CBS, and everyone else but ABC! Did not bother me that much, as I was sick the whole time, and did not care what was on, because I slept through it anyway.

Yesterday I tried once again to contact a real LIVE person at DISH and got put on hold for ever so long. I also emailed and thus far, not even the courtesy of an automated "We got your email but..." response.

I am switching over to DIRECT TV on Monday. I hate to do it because I really have no problems with the DISH Network, but it does not appear that they really are trying hard to resolve this impasse! The recorded message that they have on Channel 4 is even over a month old, so I doubt that they have even got any updates to tell us about.

This morning, I tried once again to contact them to no avail. They are messing with my life!!!! I can't watch the VIEW!!! a whole month with no Goldie, or Joy, or Elizabeth or Babs or even Sherry (I don't care for her anyway) But I miss the HOT TOPICS!

Come on DISH! I'm Old, I'm Cranky, deal with me....

Monday, January 19, 2009


CRAP!!!!!! IT DID IT AGAIN!!!!! ARRRRGH!!!!!!!

What in the **** is happening? This is the THIRD time I have written this post and lost it!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well 99% of my last post did not get published. It was a really long post too. But for all of you who already commented, Thank You. It was not intended to be a dig for best wishes. Actually most of the post was about my daughter. I will try to recreate it tomorrow, My eyes are full of clorine and I need a shower, so I will do that in the morning....

Another Year older and deeper in Debt...

Yep, I turned 63 last Sunday, and So did Bill at Prairie point

Thursday, January 08, 2009


This is a house that slid down a hill and plopped right in the middle of Hiway 20! Blocking that route!

We are now officially cut off from the rest of the US!! All of the cross Mountain passes are closed due to landslides, or avalanches, and I-5 is closed at Chehalis due to flooding. US 101 which is the hiway that runs around the Olympic Natl park, and on down to California is closed in many spots due to either flooding or landslides. Between Portland and Seattle, there are 10,000 semi's daily that are stopped and can not get through with their loads. All of the alternate routes are closed due to flooding. It may be 5 days before the water goes down and they survey the road beds to make sure they are safe again.

THis is our famous Snoqualmie Falls, which is technically larger than Niagra Falls, and it is so full and flooding that you can not see the river below!

This is what we looked like last week. there was over 6 feet of snow in the higher hills and in the mountain passes just last week! THen it warmed up and started raining on top of all of this, which made for really full creeks and rivers. It is Historic flooding!

This is what happens when you pave Mother Nature and thumb your nose at her and build on a slope that once had trees on it to stabilize the mud and rocks. People just are stunned that their brand new McMansions are sliding down hill and crashing onto the road below. DUH!!! Maybe this weather will make all those Californians that ran up here and bought up all our cheap land, go back where they came from.

You won't believe this, but the city of Seattle had made a ruling to go green with their snow removal, and not use salt, as it would impact the salmon streams. So the people that moved up here are screaming mad that their roads were full of snow and ice and they were not happy. DEAL WITH IT FOLKS! I was snowed in for over two weeks. Did you hear me scream? NO! I knew it would eventually melt, and I was all prepared for it!

The north Cascades hiway 20, Stevens Pass hiway 2, Snoqualmie Pass I-90, White Pass hiway 410 Cayuse Pass hiway 12 and I-5 South to Portland are all closed for at least 3 more days. The sun is sposed to come out later this afternoon, but the rain is still falling in the mountains and the rivers will not all crest until later tomorrow.

Sun would be really nice about now...

Monday, January 05, 2009

birds of Winter

Having spent most of the entire month of December in bed sicker than a dog, I had a chance to watch the tiny little birds at the suet feeder, and the platform feeder that was heavy with snow for almost 3 weeks.

The Ruby Crowned Kinglet is one that for several years I had been trying to identify, and it was not until last summer that I saw him stick his ruby feather up through the olive colored ones. He hides it well. He is sooo tiny. Even smaller than the Black-capped chickadees!

Today, as I was drinking my morning coffee, the feeders were rather busy. Spotted doves, two kinds of chickadees, house finches, kinglets, Downy woodpeckers and Hairy Woodpeckers, and the tiny little nuthatches. It was a busy place. Even Jupiter, the nasty bird-killer from next door, was slowly sneaking up on his own personal hors'dourves tray! Sadie chased him off, and off flew the rest of the crowd.

Yesterday, I was watching them all and suddenly they all just dissappeared. A Cooper's Hawk dropped down out of the canopy of the alders and tried so very hard to have his lunch at my expense. He lost!

I am ever so slowly getting my self back together. My cough is still there, but getting better, and I can actually breathe. I spent New Years Eve unconcious! Tylenol 3 with Codeine sure makes you sleep. But then I am a cheap drunk anyway, you just whisper "narcotics" and I am OUT like a light. I could never get addicted to illegal drugs, I miss too much of life. I am still waiting for Christmas! My kids came over on each weekend, Donna right after Christmas, and Tim on New years. I will Cook my Christmas Prime RIb dinner when they can all be here. Tim works most weekends, (overtime) trying to meet a deadline on re-painting a NOAH research ship. He Loves his job!

Today I have a pot-luck and Board Meeting for The Coupeville Festival, so I am going to try and not cough in public! I'm not contagious any more, but try telling that to people!

Hope you all had a good Holiday season!