Monday, June 28, 2010

this and that

Last night was the final show of CINDERELLA, and I finished my job at the playhouse, went down to the Ferry Landing to unwind and watch the Sunday Parade.

THe first boat had already gone by, but there were two more in the passage, so While I was waiting for them to come by, I watched the seagulls and shared a bag of Tim's Potato Chips with them.

There were a multitude of young seagulls, and a few of the adults hanging around. The babies were begging as all babies do, and I noticed that one particular Male Adult was just standing on the picnic table out of the way of the young ones. He would occaisionally hop over to the edge and back. Seagulls generally do not hop but waddle, so I looked closer, and this guy obviously was almost dinner for either a seal a sea Lion or an Orca. He was doing quite well though, and I tossed him a chip where the others did not see.

This is one of the castles I made for the Princess Tea center pieces. THey were a BITCH to make, and Judy and I spent hours trying to figure out the non-verbal directions given. JEEZ!!! They were cute though.

Now on to CHICAGO!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meet Wilson...

I now have another baby to raise! My son's step-daughter to be, brought home a 7 week old kitten, but Mom said no way, we have a rat, 3 St. Bernards, 2 cats, a Baby on the way and a wedding to plan! So guess who got Wilson? He is a little SHIT!! I have to remember to wear long pants, because he will climb anything he can sink his claws into...including bare legs! (No Joanie, I am NOT gonna show you the scratches!!)

He is now 9 weeks old, has had his first shots, is gaining weight, and is terrorizing poor Schroeder! Sadie and Loki are used to strange things comng n the house, but Schroeder is only 2 and a real wuss!! Wilson found his hiding place under my bed and moved in, and now Schrode does not know where to hide. Poor little thing.

Wilson is a ball of energy looking for somewhere to explode. He also is a real lover when he is ready to go to sleep...He meows like a tiny baby, and kneads my arm until he goes to sleep. AWWWWWWWWW.

Kittens are my most favorite THING!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Right after AI started Blogging in 2002, I mat Kat...also known as SPECIAL K. Her blog was very advante Garde, but I loved it. She was not afraid to tell it like it was...and in very graphic terms. She even warned MAMASITA not to read on, as it would embarass her mom. As we all got to know her, and follow her through her life, she started using windows PAINT to draw with and illustrate her blog. Below are just a few, and they are PRICELESS. She was so talented. She could write, she could draw, she was so smart. Even her English Teacher from High School ELLEN said that she was a genius with words. Unfortunately, she did not live long enough to realize how talented she was. She died Yesterday at the age of 39, of Lymphoma I believe, and she will be missed GREATLY!!!

FOr those of you who knew her, take a trip down memory lane. FOr those of you who DIDn't know her. you really missed someone special!