Saturday, June 30, 2007

Brain Droppings....

No matter what your political view...Ann Coulter is a bonafide BITCH!

on Immigration...
If you want to be an American...LEARN THE LANGUAGE

If you are a foreigner and you break the law...bye bye! I dont care how many people you are supporting, they all go back too. If you come here, STAY LEGAL!

If your country is so great, WHY DID YOU LEAVE?


I think that all Politicians should have to show a report card to all of their constiuents on how they voted, and then be graded on it, if you have a c or better, then you can run for re-election. If you have a C- or Lower, you CAN NOT run again.

All Lobbyists should have to report on national news during prime time who they paid off and how much they paid, and for what.

When a politician drafts a bill, of ANY kind, it should only be on the one subject, no riders! PERIOD!

Line item veto should be required!

All Politicians that vote against Universal Health Care should have to use only the worst Drs and Hospitals in the land. NO INSURANCE EITHER

I think that pets should have health care too!

If your Dr. Doesn't make you well, why should you PAY him, hasnt he fallen down on the job?

If you are over the age of 62, you should not have to pay taxes any more. Including Real Estate taxes.

Ok, I posted. SO do you agree or disagree?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Getting wet again!

Where else can you practice your aquarobics chest deep in 90F water, right on the edge of the pacific ocean,, and look up at the bright blue sky and see fir trees over head, and in one of those fir trees sits a bald eagle! The day was rather cool, and I almost did not go down and practice, but I spent all last night with spasms up and down my spine and hips. I needed to get into that water and work those muscles. There is adult swim from 430 to 530 daily, and I pick out a spot and just hug the edge so the lap swimmers can go right by me. I worked out for an hour, and then just floated, and that is when I looked up at the bluff and saw the eagle sitting on a snag. I asked the guy in the next lane where the nest was and he showed me the tree about 6 trees over. There was another eagle sitting on the nest. COOL!! This is the same eagle that I wrote about a month or so ago…the one who swiped the fish from the great blue heron. The people down there don’t think that there is a chick in the nest, because they have not seen it yet, and it is way past hatching time. Since Eagles mate for life, and both of these eagles were full adults, maybe they were setting up shop for next year. They will return to the same nest, IF they leave it for the winter.

We held auditions for A Chorus Line this weekend, so that is why I have been so silent. I was quite busy. Casting one show, winding down CHARLIE BROWN, and trying to come up with a skit for the banquet in two weeks. UGH! I am not creative. I can never think of a skit, and I have to show 10 minutes of the show that I will be directing in APRIL 2008, Social Security. I don’t even have a cast yet, and I really don’t want to give away the good parts, so I am stuck!! RUSTY HELP ME!!! I am also gearing up to start production on 12 Angry Men for OCTOBER.

My computers are both acting like someone is high jacking them. I connect and then they freeze up and go really slow. Sometimes it will kick me off sometimes just freeze up. If I was wireless I would say someone is piggybacking on my air time. But I am dial up, so I don’t know how that would work. I need a fairy God Mother to come leave me a new Sony Vaio Laptop, and a new Sony Vaio Desk top with wireless capabilities! (Like that is gonna happen!) I can dream can’t I?

We are supposed to have some thunder storms tonight. FUN!! I Love to be all cozy and warm inside and then sit and listen to the rain and the wind, and thunder!! I don’t have any close tall trees, so GO for it!! Well Schroeder is trying to sit on the key board so I had better stop for the night. Have a good one!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I have absolutely nothing to say! I have been very busy, swimming, producing, living, but nothing that I would write about.

Oh Yeah…Lint, my geriatric cat, with no tail,, and a personality like a dog…was screaming out side my window tonight. MROPH< MROPH, MROPH…not his normal loud mouth MEOWRRR. I looked out the window and there he sits with a baby rabbit in his mouth. He wanted IN with his present for Mommie, but I did not want to let him in. He would not put it down, and in fact trotted up the stairs and tried like Hell to push the door open with that poor baby in his mouth. It was not moving, so I gathered it was deceased. I tried to get him to let it go, but he would not.. IT”S MINE< I GOT IT!! So I just left him out there. He took it over and dropped it right in front of Bea’s cage, and looked up at me as if to say, “ok, don’t let me in I’ll terrorize your bunny!!” so It lays there. I am already in my pj’s and do not want to go out and remove dead carcasses from my yard. I turned out the light and was soundly sleeping when Sadie woke me up. She wanted out, and could not wake me, so she peed on me!! In MY BED!! She has done this about 4 times now, and I am not sure how I am going to break her of it. I had been blaming it on Lint, because I did catch him doing it one time. But he was out side. I have washed all of my bedding, with Lysol, and sprayed the bed with febreeze, but it is always in that one spot. Hopefully I have it covered now, and I just won’t let Sadie on my bed when I am sleeping. Back into her pen she goes!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I HATE Change...

One of the things that my Father was famous for was that every thing he owned he put IN A CERTAIN SPOT! He ALWAYS put there, and if it went missing, It was my fault. ALWAYS! Never mind that I didnt live there, or I had not touched was still my fault. We laughed about it among ourselves and often threatened to go in and rearrange his entire house just to see what he would do. Change was not good for him, and he often lived in the know the stories, WHEN I WENT TO SCHOOL....yayayayaya.

Last night in the pool I channeled my DAD! I could not help it, He was just there, bitching about all the changes the new instructor was making. I tried so HARD to keep him under water, I even pushed his head under and stood on it with my foot, but he kept popping up and complaining.

THe new instructor is blonde, and perky, and speaks very very low. She was scared too, as Dad kept yelling at her to SPEAK UP< I CANT HEAR YOU! and she tried, but even I could not hear her.

Katie, our regular instructor knows that the noise factor in the pool with all the little kids trying to learn to swim (I also hate Summer) is awful, so she shouts one word instructions and we know what to do next. We all have our own spot in the pool, and mine is as far back as I can get without hitting the drop off. (even then it only comes chest high) So new instructor has us moving all over the pool, no warm up like usual, and our routines were all different. They were good, but not our normal routines, She kept each Rep short, and it got real confusing.

Dad finally said, I cant hear you, and I am not I will do my own thing right here. I was so embarrased, because it LOOKED like it was ME that was saying all that! Dad and I finished our routines just like we always do, and then we left. I was gonna chew him out, but by this time I was in the ladies room, and he disappeared! He was just gone!

I tried to go out to apologize for his behavior, but Katie and the New person were having a pow-wow. (Probably to decide which one of us to ban from the classes. It Better be Dad! It is all his fault!)

AM I really getting old? Am I really getting stuck in that much of a rut? OH GAWD!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I am going to try and post, but I have been trying for three days and my puter freezes before it posts. I am so afraid that I will be needing a new one real soon! GAWD!!!

Our Community Pool opened on Monday, so I grapped my dumbells and toddled on down there. I almost did not go as it was COLD up on the hill where my house is, a raw wind coming right up the strait! I went down and signed in, purchasing my seasonal pass, and going on in. It was full of rude teenagers, who thought that they were the ones that the pool was opened for. When Adult Swim was on, I was the only one in the pool, and I did my aquarobics excersises all by myself. The pool was WONDERFUL!!! It is an outdoors pool, and they had it up to 90 F! AHHHHHHHHH So as long as I stayed in the water, I was warm, and I worked out the full 45 minutes. Then they blew the whistle and 30,000 brats jumped into the pool. SO I got out, and told the cashier I would be back when it was more civil.

I am getting old. I can not stand kids making noise just to make noise, and SCREAMING teenage girls are the worst of the bunch.

OH OH!!!! it is blinking like it is gonna freeze up again, so I am outa here....

Thursday, June 14, 2007


At what point should a Human Mother quit worrying about her Children? Animals quit worrying as soon as they are able to eat, and hunt on their own. My daughter will be 40 this year, and I still worry about her. My son will be 36 this year and I will worry about him until the day I die! He has been after me to get ahold of San Juan County Sherrif and find out where his wallet and watch and clothes were, so he could get his driver’s license back and start driving for the Dept of Natural Resources.

I finally got ahold of the Detective in charge of his case, and man did I get an ear full! He first off admitted that he liked Tim, but he said he was just inches away from being in real serious trouble. (like PRISON isn’t?) He told me that I need to tell Tim to NOT come back to Orcas Island or San Juan County when he gets out, because he will just end up right back in prison. He has never had an inmate get out and go straight! When I told him that he was planning on going to Arkansas to see Sandy, he about flipped out! SANDY? She’s the biggest Meth Head in the county! (SWELL!!) He said that Tim just doesn’t get it. I am sincerely hoping that is just a frustrated policeman talking and not the facts.

Tim’s license has been suspended for failure to appear on a speeding ticket, and has been turned over to collections, so there is no way he can have it reinstated until he pays all of his tickets, for a total of 3500!! Man he is never going to be able to get those all paid off! He cant work with out a car, and he cant drive without a license, and he cant get a pay his fines without a job! Poor kid is stuck between a rock and a hard place. I just know when he hears all this he will be so bummed out, and he has been doing so well, up until now! They sure don’t make it easy for them do they? And maybe they shouldn’t. But I know Tim, and he will definitely drive without his license, and he will get another ticket and when that happens he will end up right back in jail. LORD! PLEASE SHOW HIM the right path to take…and MAKE HIM TAKE IT!!

Meanwhile, This Human Mother will worry about him even more, even though I know there is nothing I can do, and even though I know that I should not! It is born and bred into me to do that, It is my job after all, and I do it so WELL!! (SIGH)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This and That...

I have been neglecting my blog for quite awhile now. I have been trying to get in here and post, but my life seems so BORING to me, and I am sure that reading about the birds and the cats and the squirrels and the weather for the umpteenth time cant be all that interesting to you either. I was talking to OMNIPOTENTBENEVOLENTEMPRESS and She has the same problem. We discovered that we both have been so busy with LIFE that we have not had a chance to sit and THINK.

I can write, when I have a chance to THINK, and sometimes I even amaze myself and write something worthwhile. Just lately I have not had a moment that was not filled with thinking about what I have to get accomplished and not just to think about what is WORTH thinking about. DOes that make sense?

I cant get started on a project, because I am afraid I will forget that I have to go somewhere...swimming, theater, etc. So I just am spinning here.

I so NEED to get back into writing, as it is so therapeudic. I feel alive, when I can just sit and type away, and then stop and read what I have written and find that WOW!! That came out of ME!!!

Charlie Brown is going well! 2 more weeks to go, and it is over. A CHorus Line AUditions in two weeks, so I am gearing up for that one. Twelve Angry Men has just been approved, so When DOttie gets back home from here vacation, we will have a meeting for that show and get rolling on that one. No auditions for it, as it is an Off-Season show, so It can be pre-cast. We just need to start rehearsing. I have also started getting in gear for MY show which runs in April of Next Year...SOCIAL SECURITY...a comedy about living with your children and still having a life. FUNNY!

I am taking care of Dottie's two cats, TIppy and Tyler, while she is gone, so my house is a real zoo! The kitten has adapted well, and even was all curled up and sleeping with Sadie this afternoon. He is such a little SHIT! I can not get over all the joy he has brought into my life. I woke up in the middle of the night, and Schroeder was asleep between my boobs, just purring softly in his sleep. AWWWWWWW!! THen when I woke up and went out of the bedroom, I found the 8.00 ball of wool that he had crocheted the furniture together with. All of it wound into and out of the legs of all the furniture in the livingroom and dining room. He was a busy little boy, no wonder he was sleeping so soundly!

Today is the first day in a while that I have not had to be anywhere, and what have I done with it? Not a damn thing! I just slugged all day, woke up early, drank a pot of coffee and watched tv. Such a waste huh? NOT! It felt so damn good...

This and THat

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Little itty bitty kitty...

Schroeder must be ready for red meat, he is chewing the heck out of my fist!

He plays hard and he stops fast, and snuggles so sweet!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Add one more species...

I walked out on the deck yesterday to get some freshair and saw a pair of birds on the sunflower feeder. I stopped and looked at them, and then looked closer, because I could not identify them. I walked right up to them anc could have reached out and touched them and I noticed that their bills were different.

I came in and got out my SIBLEY's Book of Birds, and discovered that they were red crossbills. THey are very shy. THey live around the area, but they are hard to spot, so I feel really fortunate.

I am so tired, I got a good work out at the pool, and then came home and finished the lobby poster for the last show, labeled the light book for this show, and got the Audition posterd for the NEXT show all ready to give to the DIrector. Tomorrow I sit with the light tech and show her how to run the board, and when I know she is all checked out on it then I will be just about done with this show! Most of my job is preparation BEFORE the show, and Publicity just before the show opens. THen the budget, while the show is on, and then I close it with making the Poster for the Lobby.

Auditions for the NEXT show are June 23, 24 I hope we get enough people to audition! This has been a real problem for the past two years. I dont know why, because the word is geting out there, but I guess people just are not interested.

It has gotten really cold again tonight, so I am going to go take a hot shower and wash the junk out of my hair, and turn on the electric blanket and hit the sack!
It is almost in the 30's right now. 42F! go figure!! only 3 more weeks until SUmmer! ya think?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Day Off!

YAY!! I had a day off today! I cleaned house! I must have broken the belt on the vaaccum cleaner 3 times! then the hose got clogged, then the bag was full. You would think that some one somewhere would invent a vacuum that could easily be taken apart to get to items like that. Surely I can not be the ONLY person who has odd bits of "stuff" laying on the floor that get sucked into the hose before you can stop it! Legos, Lincoln logs, bone bits left from the dog dish, petrified cat barf that the kitten found hidden under something, Pennies, rocks that come in on Bob's shoe treds. You know normal average everyday stuff. Stuff that gets hung up on the belt and then causes it to stop and burn and stink up the house just as it pops and breaks. Stuff that gets clogged in the hose right where some idiot has designed an L shaped curve that a lincoln log can not get around. I would LOVE Mr. Hoover to allow me to test drive their new models and give it a real work out. If it can pass MY test, It could pass ANYONE's! Aw but why would they listen to me? I just buy one every three years or so.

SIL came over today and mowed my yard for me. BLESS HER HEART!!! She misses her Mom, and she comes over to help me and pretends she is helping her Mom. I dont mind one littlebit!! Sherry was my babysitter when she was 14, and that is where Mike found her. He was stationed in Norfolk, Va. ANd we were stationed in Oceana, Va. so he would come hang out at my house, and then sherry and him started dating when she was 16, and then married when she was 17! A sweet young southern Girl, who married into this noisy disfunctional family. She has learned how to fight back now though, and we really appreciate her. especially when she comes and mows my yard, because she wanted to be in the sun!

Two more rehearsals to go until we have a live audience. Family night, which usually is really funny, and then a dress rehearsal and then we open! Friday night June 8, until June 30!

This is a picture of THE LITTLE RED HEADED GIRL that Charlie Brown has a crush on. She is usually never seen, but Rusty put her in as a woalk on. She is cute.

I wish you all could come see it. It is good.