Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I HATE Change...

One of the things that my Father was famous for was that every thing he owned he put IN A CERTAIN SPOT! He ALWAYS put there, and if it went missing, It was my fault. ALWAYS! Never mind that I didnt live there, or I had not touched was still my fault. We laughed about it among ourselves and often threatened to go in and rearrange his entire house just to see what he would do. Change was not good for him, and he often lived in the know the stories, WHEN I WENT TO SCHOOL....yayayayaya.

Last night in the pool I channeled my DAD! I could not help it, He was just there, bitching about all the changes the new instructor was making. I tried so HARD to keep him under water, I even pushed his head under and stood on it with my foot, but he kept popping up and complaining.

THe new instructor is blonde, and perky, and speaks very very low. She was scared too, as Dad kept yelling at her to SPEAK UP< I CANT HEAR YOU! and she tried, but even I could not hear her.

Katie, our regular instructor knows that the noise factor in the pool with all the little kids trying to learn to swim (I also hate Summer) is awful, so she shouts one word instructions and we know what to do next. We all have our own spot in the pool, and mine is as far back as I can get without hitting the drop off. (even then it only comes chest high) So new instructor has us moving all over the pool, no warm up like usual, and our routines were all different. They were good, but not our normal routines, She kept each Rep short, and it got real confusing.

Dad finally said, I cant hear you, and I am not I will do my own thing right here. I was so embarrased, because it LOOKED like it was ME that was saying all that! Dad and I finished our routines just like we always do, and then we left. I was gonna chew him out, but by this time I was in the ladies room, and he disappeared! He was just gone!

I tried to go out to apologize for his behavior, but Katie and the New person were having a pow-wow. (Probably to decide which one of us to ban from the classes. It Better be Dad! It is all his fault!)

AM I really getting old? Am I really getting stuck in that much of a rut? OH GAWD!!!!!!!!

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