Thursday, June 28, 2007

Getting wet again!

Where else can you practice your aquarobics chest deep in 90F water, right on the edge of the pacific ocean,, and look up at the bright blue sky and see fir trees over head, and in one of those fir trees sits a bald eagle! The day was rather cool, and I almost did not go down and practice, but I spent all last night with spasms up and down my spine and hips. I needed to get into that water and work those muscles. There is adult swim from 430 to 530 daily, and I pick out a spot and just hug the edge so the lap swimmers can go right by me. I worked out for an hour, and then just floated, and that is when I looked up at the bluff and saw the eagle sitting on a snag. I asked the guy in the next lane where the nest was and he showed me the tree about 6 trees over. There was another eagle sitting on the nest. COOL!! This is the same eagle that I wrote about a month or so ago…the one who swiped the fish from the great blue heron. The people down there don’t think that there is a chick in the nest, because they have not seen it yet, and it is way past hatching time. Since Eagles mate for life, and both of these eagles were full adults, maybe they were setting up shop for next year. They will return to the same nest, IF they leave it for the winter.

We held auditions for A Chorus Line this weekend, so that is why I have been so silent. I was quite busy. Casting one show, winding down CHARLIE BROWN, and trying to come up with a skit for the banquet in two weeks. UGH! I am not creative. I can never think of a skit, and I have to show 10 minutes of the show that I will be directing in APRIL 2008, Social Security. I don’t even have a cast yet, and I really don’t want to give away the good parts, so I am stuck!! RUSTY HELP ME!!! I am also gearing up to start production on 12 Angry Men for OCTOBER.

My computers are both acting like someone is high jacking them. I connect and then they freeze up and go really slow. Sometimes it will kick me off sometimes just freeze up. If I was wireless I would say someone is piggybacking on my air time. But I am dial up, so I don’t know how that would work. I need a fairy God Mother to come leave me a new Sony Vaio Laptop, and a new Sony Vaio Desk top with wireless capabilities! (Like that is gonna happen!) I can dream can’t I?

We are supposed to have some thunder storms tonight. FUN!! I Love to be all cozy and warm inside and then sit and listen to the rain and the wind, and thunder!! I don’t have any close tall trees, so GO for it!! Well Schroeder is trying to sit on the key board so I had better stop for the night. Have a good one!

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Karen Twitty-Hartlieb said...

ML, I have been on the road a lot, and not keeping up very well. As I watch the fire reports on west coast, I wonder how your son is doing. Is he fighting fires? Hope he's well, and safe.