Thursday, June 14, 2007


At what point should a Human Mother quit worrying about her Children? Animals quit worrying as soon as they are able to eat, and hunt on their own. My daughter will be 40 this year, and I still worry about her. My son will be 36 this year and I will worry about him until the day I die! He has been after me to get ahold of San Juan County Sherrif and find out where his wallet and watch and clothes were, so he could get his driver’s license back and start driving for the Dept of Natural Resources.

I finally got ahold of the Detective in charge of his case, and man did I get an ear full! He first off admitted that he liked Tim, but he said he was just inches away from being in real serious trouble. (like PRISON isn’t?) He told me that I need to tell Tim to NOT come back to Orcas Island or San Juan County when he gets out, because he will just end up right back in prison. He has never had an inmate get out and go straight! When I told him that he was planning on going to Arkansas to see Sandy, he about flipped out! SANDY? She’s the biggest Meth Head in the county! (SWELL!!) He said that Tim just doesn’t get it. I am sincerely hoping that is just a frustrated policeman talking and not the facts.

Tim’s license has been suspended for failure to appear on a speeding ticket, and has been turned over to collections, so there is no way he can have it reinstated until he pays all of his tickets, for a total of 3500!! Man he is never going to be able to get those all paid off! He cant work with out a car, and he cant drive without a license, and he cant get a pay his fines without a job! Poor kid is stuck between a rock and a hard place. I just know when he hears all this he will be so bummed out, and he has been doing so well, up until now! They sure don’t make it easy for them do they? And maybe they shouldn’t. But I know Tim, and he will definitely drive without his license, and he will get another ticket and when that happens he will end up right back in jail. LORD! PLEASE SHOW HIM the right path to take…and MAKE HIM TAKE IT!!

Meanwhile, This Human Mother will worry about him even more, even though I know there is nothing I can do, and even though I know that I should not! It is born and bred into me to do that, It is my job after all, and I do it so WELL!! (SIGH)

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